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Found 55 results

  1. What is going on at the Maxwells?

    Early Mother's Day celebration and...a trip for Teri to a conference - all by herself! What is going on over there? http://blog.titus2.com/2016/04/17/happy-mothers-day-5/
  2. Anti-fast takes its toll, so many leftovers, and since our favourite fundie planner doesn't seem to know what to do with them, put into my mind this idea of a recipe, NOT. My leftovers were some chicken breast and ham. I defrosted some puff pastrytook some shallots and some radicchio that in this season abounds here. I sauteed the shallots with extra virgin olive oil and then added the radicchio cut in little pieces and cooked for 10 minutes with homemade bouillon, a little bit of water and half a glass of red wine (I used cabernet sauvignon), when all the liquid evaporates the radicchio is ready. Then I flattened the puff pastry, put some bread crumbs in the middle to absorb humidity during the cooking and distributed the radicchio, the chicken and the ham in this way. Closed the package in semi-fancy way and put into the oven at 180ºC for 40 minutes. And this time I even remembered to take a pic of the dish I can assure it was delicious and I'm nearly sure Stevhovah wouldn't approve
  3. No thank you Teri. I don't need any advice from you on how to handle depression, which I don't have.
  4. Teri says "Go make your bed"

    It's a good habit, ya know. blog.titus2.com/2015/07/15/making-a-habit-work-for-you/ (I never make my bed - why bother when no one else sees it but me.)
  5. Mothers Day post for Teri Maxwell

    Sounds just like a birthday post. And I thought everyday was Mothers Day in Maxhell. They made Mary's graduation party all about Teri. And they took Teri to the zoo in honor of her "retirement". I'm sure Sarah had to do the brunt of the work during Teri's depressive moods when she was growing up. Fuck you Teri.
  6. http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/monster-is-the-devil
  7. {Yawn} nothing new.... T&S celebrate their 40th.... I believe Mary's 18th is in a day or two, so we shall see a "special" post all about her...
  8. I listened so you don't have to: Teri Maxwell

    Teri Maxwell's Lecture "Loving Your Husband" Part I Teri asked the Lord how does loving her husband (from Titus 2:3-5) practically work out in her life. She feels like a big part of it is learning how to be a wife who does not try to control her husband. She says this can mean very small things, and her example is correcting Steve in something as simple as him misspeaking during a conference, saying that she was going to do a combined session when in fact she wasn’t. She thinks this would have looked terribly disrespectful to the audience and says “What does it matter?†if he makes a mistake. Another example is Steve saying to friends “We did such and such on Monday nightâ€, when it was actually Tuesday night. Teri says that her correcting this in a sweet tone, not nagging, is not reverencing her husband and therefore she no longer does it. She then tells a story of being at a conference where she was sitting in the top row of the balcony with Steve. She sees a family come in and start to sit a couple of rows in front of them; the wife says to the husband no, I don’t think we’ll be able to see from there, let’s go down further, so the husband backs out and they go further. Then when they get to their row and go in, the wife asks the husband to back up so that a couple of their daughters can go in first, then the parents, then the other daughters. Teri sees this as, and I quote, “VERY DISHONORING to her husband, instead of following his leadership.†Steve has told Teri that for years he was afraid to lead family Bible Time because he felt Teri would do a better job, and when he tried, she would be there “helping†him (read: nagging and correcting). Her trying to get the children to be quiet and pay attention made a mess of family Bible Time and ruined it. Teri learned some things about reverencing her husband and not being controlling when Sarah became a woman. Steve would get a phone call and Teri would ply him with questions: who was on the phone? What did they say? Sarah would do the same thing to Teri, Teri would get a little irritated, then realize that was what she did to Steve and feel guilty. Teri felt that when she asked Steve little things it was just normal, but Steve informed her that he received it as nagging. She recalls a time over ten years ago when Steve informed her he wanted to have family Bible time all together in the evening, rather than the way they had been doing it, with him having it with the older children before he went to work then the younger children in the evening. Teri raised a mild objection, then the older children chimed in and agreed with her. Teri felt terrible about this and went to Steve in repentance.
  9. Teri Mawell's post about shopping

    They need stuff to make their Christmas outfits "sparkle". At least they got to go out for lunch. maybe they even had a pepsi! Wow, blogs by Joe, Anna, and now Teri. I wonder what Sarah is up to. Maybe she's courting.....
  10. Teri Maxwell embarrasses/insults me

    She wanted a new cell phone case. Had a long talk with herself about how to delay her desire by prayer. Presto oopsie, Sarah finds a case that will fit and give it to her mom, as Sarah "is not going to use it." (Teri will not put up with contractions in her home.) Then she wrote about how if we just pray enough, eventually God will be trained to answer our prayers. Ok, ok, she doesn't say that exactly. But she's teaching that an answered prayer is a granted prayer. That's not true, as any Christian knows - or should have been taught. Infuriated. Embarassed. Frustrated that her and Steve's fans are lapping up this confusion as gospel [sic] truth.
  11. I was just reading the Homeschoolers Anonymous blog, and ran across this post: http://homeschoolersanonymous.wordpress ... o-control/ It was horrifying, and sounded exactly like Steve Maxwell's advice.
  12. J.Maxwell rents home to parents?

    I'm confounded. The entire clan traveled after dark to "wipe down" surfaces in Joseph's house, which "Mom and Dad are going to be writing in, soon" (paraphrased). Is "writing" code for another verb? There isn't enough room in the mothership for those two (evil) geniuses to write, already? Also - looks like Joseph just let progress stop when Elizabeth M. said, "Not just no but heavens no!" before the skunked wedding. Maxwells got me sayin' "huh????" ETA: Joseph let progress on the remodel stop when Elilzabeth bolted. I should've been specific. We know the poor kid let progress on, er, other things stop, way before now.
  13. I'm quite surprised that she is a year behind. Most 17yo's are starting their Senior year. I guess I shouldn't be, all that traveling for the family "business" must keep her away from her studies. Oh, yeah, Teri posted a blog about not taking 1st school day pictures over the past few years....
  14. Making Great Conversationalists

    Here it is FJ friends - my book review of MGC. The book arrived with a pretty bookmark with a bible verse and a heap of advertising for all the other Maxwell books. The positives first: It is well laid out, simple and easy to read. Each chapter has a lesson and examples and a set of exercises for a parent to do with their child. Ok, now content ... Preface We have trouble talking to others and realised this is because others lack conversation skills. Our children have to be able to talk to non-Christians in order to preach at them. Sarah spent hours proof reading the book. Anna transferred the book from word to publisher. Joseph chose the fonts, did the layout and designed the cover. Aren't they amazing! Chapter 1: Good or Bad Conversations We start with some examples of bad conversationalists: a five year old girl who refuses to speak to an unknown lady in a grocery store, a teenage boy who only gives minimal answers to a doctor, a young man who has trouble asking a girls father for permission to court and a young wife and mother who, when her husband arrives home from work, tells him about her day was instead of listening to him and serving him a nice dinner. THESE PEOPLE ARE BAD. Steve tells us what each of them should have said. The five year old, on being complemented on her hair by a stranger, should have said "Thank you. My mommy likes to sometimes make pigtails for me. My name is Cynthia. What's your name?" The Practical Side Steve gives us lessons at the end of each chapter called "The Practical Side". In this chapter we should (1) read the chapter (2) sit down alone with each of our children and have a conversation (3) evaluate the conversation using the eight questions Steve provides.
  15. Sarah posted an entire Mom's Corner in the blog. It's about siblings (pt 7). {{yawnnn}} I just skimmed it. Guess even the FREE corners are lacking in traffic.
  16. Terified Again Defined By Steveus

    blog.titus2.com/2013/08/17/happy-birthday-mom-4/ Sure enough, Sarah puts up Teri's birthday post and all the things she loves about her mom have to do either with STEVE or children, except for the inevitable ministry shilling. I could write a more personal tribute to my neighbor's cat.
  17. It has been layed on Teri's hart to tell us how Stevie converted a microwave cart (whatever one of those is) into a book case as an "homeschool material organization help" solution. Teri has given us a little gem in this otherwise snoozefest of a post: The recovering Pepsiaholic wrote: But she is making an idol of this cart:
  18. Stop the presses!!! Maxwell's washed windows!!

    Wow! What servant's hearts they have! They washed windows for the "wives"...
  19. Alert the media: a new Maxwell product!

    From their blog (titus2.com) (bolding mine): Oh, Stevehovah, you big tease, please don't keep us guessing! Courtship is, after all, working so well in your family.
  20. Sweet Journey

    As an Amazon Prime member, I've been able to borrow (for free) the Maxwell books that have been made into e-books. I've borrowed Summer With the Moodys, Preparing Sons, and Sweet Journey. IMO, the worst of these has been Sweet Journey. They really have a nerve charging for this book. Teri spends the first four chapters talking about being "in the word" (aka, reading your bible) everyday. Four chapters. Seriously. Really, are her readers so dense that they need someone to go over with them the best time of day (an entire chapter) for being "in the word"? Mornings are preferred, of course, but Teri's willing to let them move it to afternoon if they've been up with babies and young children all night. How sweet of her. Each chapter is about 50% bible verses. She'll write one or two sentences, then throw in a verse. Of course these verses supposedly back up what Teri is writing about. Then at the end of each (very short) chapter there are very superficial questions that the readers can use on their own or for a bible study. The questions are like, "Why is it important to be in the word everyday?", "What does the above verse tell you about why it is important to be in the word everyday". No deep questions whatsoever. The book was such a snooze fest I just skimmed it. I'm hoping no woman who really couldn't afford the $10 for this book was duped into buying it. There is absolutely nothing in it that you can't find on their web site, or a thousand other web sites that we talk about here. Plus, she really pours on the guilt about women, who are probably overwhelmed with kids, babies, homeschooling, to find time to read their bible, pray, start a prayer journal, write in the prayer journal, blah, blah, blah, every day. She has a smug, if I could do it you can do it attitude. In fact I think she actually says, if I could do it you can do it, at one point in the book. She fails to mention she had a mother's helper (Sarah) when the reversals were small. Many of her readers don't have an 8 year age difference in their children. Has any one else read this book?
  21. Maxwell's pray away credit card issues

    Helpie folk please merge if this is off. Did not see any recent Maxwell road trip snark. Not posting a link, cos you know. Hello? Highlights. Ladies love Teri. The 'Lord' gives his holiness Steve the words. Always good to blame a third party when you are liable for twattery. Declaring Jesus. I declare excess baggage or duty free. Never Jesus though. Will try that next time. May save me. (money) Fellowshipping. Fellowshipped. Fellowship. Shipping to me is probably very different. Fanfic makes me think naughty things every time a fundie uses that term. Chick Fil A is a Christian chicken restaurant. Who knew? I thought there was a Simon and Garfunkel reference. Silly me. Uriah likes to plug in. He is quite ok who he plugs into. Free seems to excite him. The miracle... Love it. Way to make we were crapping ourselves that we would make no money but that would be really crass to say. So we made up this wee story instead. Steve can hopefully pray away third world debt the same way. OH wait he won't make anything out of that.
  22. Maxwell Announcement/Snow blessing

    The latest post on their blog is up, called 'Snow Blessing'.God decided to give them snow and it was :roll: However, The term "stay tuned" Stevie, comes from the radio and is also used by the BEAST :naughty: I would imagine that this is just another one of their books which has been converted to ebook format. I am loosing interest in them these days. Most posts recently seem to be about that bloody Aunties Park, the 'elderly' home or a resource advert. They seem a lot more secretive post engagement split and the famous conference visit :clap: .
  23. I found this blog in a google search, Raising Servants of Christ. This woman, the married mother of two teens, seems to have become more fundy in the last couple of years. Apparently this came about from watching the Duggar show on TLC. She then read their book, which led her to MOTH, which led her to the Maxwells. My guess is she'll become more and more fundy as she gets deeper and deeper into the Maxwell books and tapes. She has bought several, and is saving her money for more. She seems very easily led. http:// raisingservantsofchrist.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/the-inspring-steve-and-teri-maxwell-and-why-we-love-their-books/ ETA: She had her tubes tied after her second child was born, and of course became "convicted" of not being able to have more children. They decided to become foster parents after realizing a reversal would be too expensive. I'll give them credit for being foster parents. Not an easy decision to make. Edited by SouthCarolinaGirl79 to break link.
  24. Their most recent Mom's Corner is typical Maxwellian. Their kids get along sooooo great. The girls and boys spend hours and hours together and still find stuff to talk about at night! And since the siblings get along so well, they WANT to all share bedrooms. What's interesting is this: My heart rejoices with these kinds of interactions between the girls because it proves that they enjoy each other, they choose to be together, and they will maintain those relationships throughout their lives even when they are married with families of their own. Are the Maxwell parents so naive to think that just because their kids "get along" now, that this guarantees they will hold this closeness through marriages, kids, and (possibly) long distance? I had this type of magic thinking when I was little when I swore BFF on kids moving to another school. Having endured multiple moves now, I know that my relationship can and will change with each new development in my life. School, work, marriage. All of these things will redefine my relationships. Some will drift away, others I will maintain. But I rarely maintain the same type of intimacy when separated from people through time and distance. Honestly, I feel the Maxwell parents maintain their lifestyle because they want to keep their kids in perpetual infantile state. The thing is, it's normal for kids to leave the nest, and part of life is knowing sibling relationships will change, maybe even turn sour. That's just life. Even in the Maxwell kids limited lives, if the daughters marry someone in another state, they may end up with close girl friends, or become closer to their own family. It's interesting that despite their harping about sibling relationships, Steve and Teri themselves don't seem to enjoy the "same" type of closeness with their immediate family members. Does Teri keep in daily contact with her sister? Does Steve keep in close contact with his mother living in another state or the sibling that cares for mom? You'd think they understand that the nature progression of life is people's lives are constantly changing. You cannot expect the same family dynamic once your children move out. Siblings will marry and have kids. Some will pull apart, others will maintain closeness. I don't think sharing all this togetherness is healthy or guarantees that the Maxwell children will not gravitate towards future spouses or children. It just amazes me how naive the parents are to think their kids will continue in this state once they marry and have their own children to tend to. When families write us about problems their children have gotten into concerning the Internet, their phones, outside relationships, music, and more, those children often had their own bedrooms. They had the privacy to give in to temptation when they were faced with it. Having one's own bedroom does not, in of itself, bring horrible things into children's lives. Instead of talking about "accountability" (code word for having a perpetual spy), how about personal responsibility? Here again, the Maxwell parents have this weird, child-like perspective of the world. Things are either black or white. People share bedrooms and stay pure or have their own bedroom and end up doing heroin. Teens can either stay Christian and at home or go to college and become feminist abortionists. There's no middle ground with them. No understanding of the complexity of the world. I think fundies in general have this issue. It's why they observe such a literal interpretation of the Bible. A more nuanced perspective would require a higher level thinking that they avoid in general. For the Maxwells, this type of simplistic thinking bleeds into every aspect of their lives. They can't fathom their family dynamic shifting. They try to walk through the basic milestones of life by letting married sons out of the house, but their psychological hold maintains. Even married sons still come back to Casa Maxwell regularly. The weird thing for me is the Maxwell parents should know better. Steve and Teri talk about being each others' best (and only) friends because that's supposedly what married people do. Steve appears to have distance from his parents, especially his father. Both write of shutting out family members who expose their children to nonMaxwell approved beliefs. Yet, they turn around and proclaim that their own children would never separate from each other, that they will always be so close, and maintain the same belief system. As I grow older, I come to realize I do not have control over everything. My carefully laid plans has veered off course on many occasions. The relationships I cultivate change as I change. I learn that life can provide surprises whether I welcome them or not. Yet, the Maxwells seem so smug in their magical thinking that they will never change, that this carefully controlled environment will never get disrupted, that everyone will live close by and raise their children to fall under the thralls of the Almighty Steve. I guess they believe their controlled lives inoculates them against outside influences. Is this arrogance or just naivety to think they can control their life like that?
  25. Steve and Teri's Marriage and Jealousy

    Does anyone else love Carolyn Hax as much as I do? I thought of Steve Maxwell when I was reading her column today. A woman wrote in saying she gets super jealous when her boyfriend gets work communications from female coworkers. Steve (and, god, especially Teri) would've done well to internalize Carolyn's advice: Maxwells in a nutshell, right? Teri was too depressed to ever realize he needed to be told no and to work his shit out himself, until it was too late for everyone.