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Found 196 results

  1. She is pregnant again........ Poor other kids, and in a way, poor Zsu as well, she is overwhelmed as it is!
  2. There's an insane Steven Anderson church member commenting on one of Matt Walsh's recent posts. We butted heads. She gave me this gem.
  3. Last thread here: Props to Zsu for saying her newest "blessing" is "like a baby doll". Pro-tip, ZsuZsu: if it cries, has feelings, AND needs tongue-tie surgery, it's a real person, not one of those Baby Borns every girl and her motherless cat in my area wanted for Christmas. I don't have much to say about these poor kids except that I hope they eventually leave and have much better lives, despite their beginnings in life.
  4. (Starting a new thread to bring awareness since this sub has had less activity of late and the discussion has shifted away from general Chloe and the kids. Mods, feel free to combine or make this the general Anderson thread.) Baby #10 is due in January. In creepy Anderson news, the timing is such that it is very likely Zsu conceived during the Maine trip where she brought Miriam along to watch Chloe while her and PP had "alone time". Zsu is hoping for a girl to be a sister to Chloe. She also says "little girls are just the sweetest!" which I am assuming is something she remembers from Anna, since Chloe basically got dumped on sister-mom Miriam. Chloe already HAS sisters, Zsu. Maybe you should think of letting her have a REAL mother.
  5. So, LOL. I was scrolling tumblr, as one does, and came across this run of the mill conspiracy theory post, then did a double take. Wait just a cotton pickin' minute. Not familiar with Victor Thorn, but...that's not him. Who did this? Even snopes doesn't bother to not that this isn't even a picture of Victor Thorn when they debunked it. http://www.snopes.com/2016/08/10/4th-mysterious-death-connected-to-the-dnc/
  6. Continued from here: Let's raise the level of discourse please. I'm disappointed by the last page. :/
  7. In the last two blog posts, there are pictures of Solomon sitting next to a very pretty brown haired girl. One is of them sitting together at Thanksgiving, one on a bus and a third she's sitting at the same table while all the kids are eating ice cream (there's a post in the way, but you can see her face a bit). Is.....could Solomon being courting? I hope I'm wrong, because he's only 15, but I could see PP pushing a courtship really young so Solomon would get out of the house and no longer costing money to feed and clothe.
  8. Picked this up off of Facebook. I thought it was interesting that he recorded this today, and zeroed in on George Michael, even though Carrie Fisher had died yesterday and she certainly had more cultural impact than George Michael (don't shoot me, please!). The comments on the post were basically of the "closeted homophobe" variety. Yeah, people are on to you, Steve. I put on some George Michael as I wrote this post: George Michael is a heck of a lot more valuable to the world than PP.
  9. http://homophobes.allout.org/?currency=USD&email=mimirockel%40yahoo.com&firstname=Mimi&utm_campaign=homophobe&utm_medium=email&utm_source=actionsuite Hopefully the link will work it is for homophobe of the year Dumbass is a semi finalist-Mike Pence, Donald and his bestie Putin. Dumbass must be getting a hard on. I am not voting for him because I don't want him to get any media, the less is the better. FYI I am NOT a member nor have every attended the HCofSC. I will not disclose how I get my information. So deal with it.
  10. It is quite possible we will have a woman president. PP does not believe women should even vote. How do you think he will respond if a woman is elected?
  11. Well, Zsu successfully had another home birth and posted on Facebook. Another A-slave for the Andersons.
  12. He threw himself a birthday party and of course recorded some of it. Gotta' get that 'air time' to keep relevant somewhere, to someone. He is also starting another cult recruiting station on another side of Phoenix with some of his buddies 'preaching'. I guess one church of the holy strip mall isn't enough for his big head. He reeks of desperation.
  13. Just when you thought he couldn't find one more thing to hate, the PP is back. This time, with a truly disturbing anti-Semitic rant. What a disgusting little man. It's not the Jews' fault you're a complete waste of humanity, Steve.
  14. Of course, he starts his Sunday posting a disgusting (yet totally 'him') video about Orlando. If there is a god, the pisser will get his. My only regret is I won't get to see it.
  15. PP Goes on a rant against Ravi zacharias and turns into an anti mormon rant
  16. There's a new post up, where Zsu talks about the death trap of a swing bassinette she got and the stenciling she did on the wall in her bedroom. This isn't about either of those things, but something she says one of the older boys said. Now, I know Zsu likes to exagerate, but it's odd to me that 1) One of her sons would say such a thing. It's very disrespectful and maybe even passive aggressive, as the boy had to know his Zsu would find out. Seems like the type of thing they'd punish a kid for. 2) She would post such a thing on her blog. Why bother talking about it unless she's trying to get more compliments on her work? What does this say about how the boys see her and treat her? Did they learn that from PP? Or, if Zsu is exaggerting, why would she throw her son under the bus like that? Just thought this brought interesting insight into relationships in that household.
  17. On PP facebook page, it is public, he put a video about people think that 30% of people are gay. A commenter writes "When people spew that 30% or even 20% or even 10% common taught nonsense I'm like "do you really think that every 1 out of 10 people walking by you in the general public are a homosexual?????/ When they think about it that way they often realize they are way off. I think half those idiots don't even realize that 30%= 1 in 3, or 20%= 1 in 2, etc." He's calling people idiots for not realizing that 20% is 1 in 2?? I think the idiot is himself and didn't learn about fractions
  18. Zsu's 553rd preganancy continues here. Part 2:
  19. So i imagine most of you have heard about Target letting Transgender use the bathroom of your choice and of course theres protests and boycott theres a boycott group on FB against target and urging members not to shop there and the admin just happens to be a fan of Steven Anderson aka PP so for every post someone makes the admin posts one of PP's sermons which he feels relates to this heres the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/856073327854766/ I Wouldve put this in the Steven anderson forum but since this topic is a worldly topic i put it here, if someone would like to put in the PP forum feel free to do so
  20. PP has made a 8 minute rant on how Prince is now in Hell.
  21. Zsu's 553rd preganancy continues here. Part 1: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24678-zsu-is-pregnant/?page=1
  22. youtube.com/watch?v=DKMMD0myn_c (I can't post the whole link, since somehow is automatically posts the whole video in here, and that looks really big). So, the police called PP because appearently, someone complained to them that they were harassed by his cult members despite the fact that the property owners put signs against trespassing. PP also thinks that his "freedom of religion" trumps the rights of property owners and state laws in general. PP is clearly mentally deranged.
  23. Just spotted this on RawStory; not sure if it's been posted already; it's dated 9 April 2016 IIRC. http://www.rawstory.com/2016/04/anti-gay-pastor-goes-on-arm-flailing-us-flag-rant-i-refuse-to-pledge-allegiance-to-sodomy-and-abortion/
  24. So PP Has declared War on American Girl Magazine