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Found 267 results

  1. The Midterm Elections

    Although the 2018 elections are still a little over 6 months away, I thought a separate thread would be helpful to post all things related to them. There is still much to be done about Election Security in all 50 states. The article in this tweet is quite long, but very informative. I really don't understand why there isn't a sense of urgency about electoral security in every single state. The above results are simply unacceptable for a country that calls itself a democracy.
  2. The Iowa Caucuses are being held this evening. Of course the national media doesn't care because we don't have about a dozen idiots wanting to out Nazi each other like we did on the GOP side back in 2016, or the good people on the Democrats side who were running then. They're still on, even though the weather is supposed to be bad this evening. They're good to go to if for no other reason than to hang out with other Iowans who do not think that fuck face is the Lord Jesus Christ Park 2 and that Steve King and Rod Blum are not the greatest things since sliced bread. But still I'm not risking my life to go to one if the weather is bad. It'd be different if I lived in town and was within walking distance but since I don't it's not worth the risk. In a Presidential year I might be more willing to attend even if the weather's bad but this isn't one. We have a primary later this year but I wish we'd have that here for the Presidential as well because having the caucus the weather doesn't always cooperate and people who have to work can't go.
  3. So if you are like me, you may not have watched the State of the Union, but you probably heard about this couple. They were guests of Trump, a cop and his wife who adopted the baby of a homeless heroin addict. The initial press about them was all positive, but later some of the more liberal media outlets began pointing out how creepy this story is. A few things about this couple set off my fundie radar. They are 27 and already have 4 kids. They said that adoption was "on their hearts". I did a little more digging and found that Ryan Holets is one of 9 and he said "children are a blessing" when talking about the size of his family. So, fundies, baby collectors, both? links http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/01/health/police-officer-adopts-homeless-opioid-newborn-btc-beyond-the-call-of-duty/index.html https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/01/trumps-cop-takes-homeless-fetus-anecdote-handily-synthesizes-the-gop-stance-on-women-and-babies.html https://www.abqjournal.com/1105379/apd-officer-honored-for-adopting-addicts-baby.html https://splinternews.com/everyone-loved-trumps-horrifying-story-about-the-nice-w-1822576173
  4. Executive Departments Part 2

    Continued from here:
  5. The guy who is running against Claire McCaskill shared this special photo on the Facebooks the other day Jesus, what a fornicating douche.
  6. Continued from here: By the way, Trump's "button" is a thing I don't want to think about ever, but if it will keep him from trying to start a nuclear war on Twitter, I'm willing to measure both of them, assuming the American people are willing to contribute to a GoFundMe for my ongoing therapy.
  7. President Oprah Winfrey

    So apparently there's some chatter about whether Oprah will run for President. I haven't watched her speech yet, but I've heard it was great. Um... I mean, she'd be light years better than Donald, so sure, why not? (Just to be clear, I would love for someone who actually has, you know, political, policy, governing experience to become President. But if it really came down to a choice between the Donald and Oprah... OPRAH, TAKE MY ENERGY. Or take my American family members' energy, 'cause I can't really do shit.) My mum and I were texting about it today, trying to decide on her running mate: "Joe Biden!" "I'm worried he's going to get accused of groping." "True, she needs a female running mate. Elizabeth Warren." "No, I don't like her." "Who's that one who's always in the news?" "Kirsten Gillibrand." "Yes. She needs someone with political experience." "Barack Obama." "Can he do that?!" "This is the age of Trump. Anyone can do anything."
  8. Merry whatever you celebrate friends. Here’s to next year being an Orange Menace free year, and less of a shitshow than 2017! continued from here:
  9. This article in the New Yorker poses that question And to be honest, I hope it doesn't. It would make me so happy to see the downfall of the Orange Fart Cloud and Moore, particularly if said downfall takes all these reich wing churches with them.
  10. Raw Story has their list of people who have the most punchable faces on Earth I mostly agree with this list, but I think instead of Michael Tracey there are far worthier ones than him.
  11. The lawmaker wife of former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price asked this week whether the government could quarantine people with HIV to limit transmission of the virus that causes AIDS. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/20/tom-betty-price-quarantine-hiv-people-244003?lo=ap_f1 Why are people this stupid?!
  12. In shocking news, our president still doesn't know what the fuck words mean, and golfs all the time. Bright side, he's not twe ... oh. Wait. Fuck. Continued from here:
  13. Political Cartoons Part 2

    Carrying on from here http://www.freejinger.org/topic/28842-political-cartoons/?do=findComment&comment=1464444
  14. Continued from here: Sorry this one is a bit late, I've been distracted by Puerto Rico, and not sleeping much.
  15. I have to do this, so here it is. Let's talk about our most confusing First Lady. Last night as I was going to bed, I was very depressed about the Republicans' latest attempt to kill Americans and wondered if I would have trouble sleeping. But then appeared on my TV the Flotus making a speech while wearing a hot pink pool float! I laughed myself to sleep. There's so much to ponder about her. The marital handshake. What she does all day. Why she's even here. But the thing that really confounds me is how a woman of her means can continually miss the mark fashion-wise. She either looks like she's auditioning for the Top Gun remake or heading out for a formal soirée with some Manhattan high society muckety-mucks. She likes to hide her hands and only has flats or stilettos, there's no in between. She also seems to have some weird fetish about changing clothes on airplanes. Someone help her!
  16. The Obama Foundation

    With all that is going on with the current administration, most of us are nostalgically looking back to when there was still a classy, intelligent and dignified president in office. I've decided to start this thread for those moments when we all could use something uplifting for a change. Here's a tweet he sent out today that made me feel hopeful.
  17. American History X

    I'm starting this thread because of all the controversy about American history the last couple of weeks and the presidunce's thinly veiled endorsement for fascists, racists and bigots. His tweets about condeming the removal of Confederate statues, claiming it would be doing history a disservice, has only poured oil onto the flames. We've been talking about it in the other threads, but i think this subject deserves a thread of its own. Anyone who has seen the movie, knows the reasoning behind the name of the thread. Today, I found this jaw-dropping article: Ex-Trump Spokeswoman Tells Fox News That Slavery Is ‘Good’ History To think that this piece of work voted for Obama in 2008 just boggles the mind.
  18. I struggled with what to name this thread, cos to be frank, I'm out of snark. I'm just back to the staring at CNN for as long as I can stomach before I have to turn it off to cry. All I have to say is this: love your neighbor, and for fucking fuck's sake, speak out when you see hate. We have to be better for our kids, and this past week is definitely not our best. Also, fuck the Orange Menace. No one who carries a torch and nazi flag and chants what they chanted is a good person. Continued from here:
  19. Ok. So, here is the URL to the crowdfunding campaign: https://rootbocks.com/home/projects/unite-right-legal-defense-fund/ Warning: the rhetoric on here is gross, and for the love of the gods, don't read the comments. From reading RootBocks' site, they don't appear to give any fucks about this gross on their services: https://rootbocks.com/community-guidelines/ but it couldn't hurt to contact them: https://rootbocks.com/home/contact-us/ Edit: They have doubled down on the gross on their twitter account, linked below. Contacting them isn't gonna do anything I'm afraid. The more likely path is contacting their payment processors, PayPal and Stripe. (https://rootbocks.com/home/getting-started/) Paypal has specific verbiage in their AUP that racist, hateful bullshit isn't ok: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/acceptableuse-full You can report violations of their AUP here: [email protected] Stripe, I’m less sure about. Their list of prohibited businesses does not include hate sites, but given that they won’t allow porn, it can’t hurt to contact them, especially if we can get enough people contacting them to have them think it might have an impact on their bottom line. https://stripe.com/us/prohibited-businesses / contact info [email protected] However, it appears that Stripe is a business arm of Wells Fargo, so I plan to also contact Wells Fargo and ask them what the actual fuck they are thinking, if I can figure out how the heck to do it, that is. Their site is a bloody maze. Edit: try these: Twitter: Twitter https://twitter.com/messages/compose?recipient_id=23002858 or tag @Ask_WellsFargo on twitter. Facebook: https://www.messenger.com/login.php?next=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.messenger.com%2Ft%2F152789358067261%2F%3Fmessaging_source%3Dsource%3Apages%3Amessage_shortlink or https://www.facebook.com/wellsfargo Note: this rootbocks site is really slow right now.
  20. I have been struggling on how to handle recent events with my daughter. She is going into second grade and is extremely sensitive. I don't want to tell her too much, but I know I can't shelter her. School will be starting soon and I think it is extremely likely some parents are raising their children to be racist bigots. I am assuming I am not alone in wondering how to handle raising children in a country headed in a hateful direction. She knows about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement. I am planning on looking for age appropriate books that might be helpful. She is too young in my opinion to learn about Nazis and White Supremacists. I am thinking more in the direction of books about minorities. If we read a book about Frederick Douglass, it would allow her to know more than the buffoon about Black history in the United States. Any other ideas? Anyone else struggling with this?