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Found 194 results

  1. http://people.com/crime/parents-murder-disabled-teen-son-set-fire-house/ Ernest and Heather Franklin from Guilford, NY have been arrested on suspicion of killing their adopted 16-year-old-son, Jeffrey Franklin, before setting their house on fire to cover it up. Jeffrey was deaf and had many other special needs, and the Franklins had adopted him 6-7 years ago. An autopsy proved he'd been dead before the fire started. With so many discussions of adoption gone wrong, I think this deserves a look.
  2. I was sure that we'd talked about this here but can't find anything. A few years ago a couple decided not to disclose the sex of their child and caught flack for it. They live in my 'hood (well, when they're not off-grid in a straw-bale cabin) and apparently had reporters scouting them out and some nastiness: Nothing to do with the gender neutral idea, but does the mother seem a little self-centred (they aren't the only ones in the world who've done this or who have a child that chooses to dress more like the opposite gender)? The hoopla around this lasted about a week. I'm thinking this update was timed to promote the book. ETA link and to say they seem like a more educated (and more moneyed) version of Sparkling Adventure girl. Or maybe I'm just being a bitch today (or both; could happen). http://www.thestar.com/life/parent/2013 ... utral.html
  3. I am the team manager for my ten year old daughter's soccer team. One of my jobs is to keep parents under control. It sucks that this is even needed. Why do some people think it's okay to argu with a referee? Do you really think it is going to work in your favor? Even if he did make a bad call and they know they did, they won't go back on it. Why? Because if they changed a call because a parent yelled at them, the parents will keep yelling at them. Do you know how obnoxious you sound when you shout "thank you" when a ref calls foul on the opposing team? Do you understand soccer is a contact sport and some pushing is allowed? Do you realize that most of the time when kids raise thier elbows it is not to harm the other player but as a natural defensive response to someone running at them? Do you realize what a hipocritical a-hole you sound like when you laugh when your kid pushes another kid? Here is the thing. If you complain constantly, when something does go wrong, nobody takes you seriously. Guess what, there are bad refs. The problem is, good refs quit because they are sick of your shit. Without refs, we couldn't play at all. So stop making asses out of yourselves.
  4. Poor Michelle, she is going to be PISSED when she reads this. http://www.dawn.com/news/1247261/my-target-is-100-children-says-father-of-35
  5. Anyone else see that a "church elder" decided to advertise his daughter on Christianity Today? He's looking for a husband for her, and of course, didn't need her permission nor opinion to post: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/03/07/dad-advertises-his-virgin-daughter-for-marriage-in-christian-magazine.html?source=TDB&via=FB_Page Here's her cached (is that a word?) blog post about it: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:G3z8YTNXqOkJ:therachelmemoir.blogspot.com/2016/02/son-in-law.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Sadly, her blog requires permission to read, permission I lack. At least she appears to have a college education and a sense of humor, if not reasonable, rational parents.
  6. I saw this posted on Facebook. This is sickening. How about you teach your child appropriate behavior and praise her when she does well. This "intervention" seems destined to fail.
  7. I'm by nature a nurturer, always have been so. Good thing, since I have six daughters. Daughters take a lot of nurturing. Their feelings are easily roused, easily hurt. It's a huge responsibility, to realize this human being gets their view of themselves, and the world, from you, for better or worse. I've made a ton of mistakes, and will continue to do so, but hopefully not the same ones over again (thank you, Anne of Green Gables) because I'm a human with lots left to learn. But I try, almost to a fault, to make my daughters comfortable and happy in a world that isn't their friend. They should always know it's safe at home with Mom. When I was raped, I shielded the girls as best I could from the details. Two of the older girls came with me to the hospital for the rape kit, K even managed to make me laugh once, which was the best thing that could have happened that night: it was a huge relief to know that yes, I'd be able to laugh again some day on a night things seemed pretty damn bleak. When the detective came in to take the statement, I asked K to leave. She was only 18, still a virgin, and though it may seem stupid to anyone else, I really just didn't want her hearing the things I'd been forced to do and ever connecting the act she'd someday share with someone she loved be something she'd ever connect with what happened to me. R stayed with me and was a super help. When my youngest woke up the next morning, she came in to see me and found me bruised, battered, with a broken foot and obviously upset. She was only seven, so we eased her very gradually into what happened. First we just said I'd gotten hurt and that I would be okay, but needed to be quiet and rest for a little while. Eventually after asking to call her Dad and tell him I'd been hurt, we told her that he wouldn't be able to talk to her for a while as he'd had to go away. I think it was about a week from the first morning until she was all filled in on the fact that Dad had gotten mad at Mom and hurt me so was in 'grown up time out' until he learned it was not okay to do that. She knows it all now, but it came out very slowly, and she didn't find out about the rape until last summer. Her therapist agreed with me it was best to ease her into it over time, and I have to say, she seems to take it better than I hoped she would. Once the negotiations for plea bargaining came around, my oldest took the day off so she could be there with me. All the girls were very apprehensive about the upcoming trial, whether they'd be called to testify, having to see him again, listening to the proceedings, etc. I was ready. I wanted my time on the stand. But watching my oldest daughter get physically ill just listening to the prosecutor talk about my testimony made me realize just how badly it was going to go for them all, and question whether it was fair to put them through it all. When a reasonable offer came up, I took it. But honestly? Sometimes I resent it. When I think about having to go to a parole hearing already to ask them not to let him out, I wonder how long he would've been sentenced. Of course, it could have gone badly, they might not have convicted him, but I really don't believe that. So now I've got to deal with this again already. I feel like I'm never out from under it; there's always some new upcoming date I've got to come up against and overcome. Now all the girls want to come to the hearing as well, though I'll be the only one speaking. My daughters are amazing, brilliant, funny, compassionate women with so much heart. But a couple of them are...hmm...how can I put this? They're a little emotional. No, they're very emotional, and a little dramatic. I understand that, the apple didn't fall far from the Mom tree, and only experience has calmed me down. But Parole Board Day is a day I need to be able to take care of me. I need to not be the nurturer, the soother, the reasonable, the calming influence. I need someone to talk me down off the ledge when I start to hyperventilate. I'm just not sure how to tell them that. No, sorry, you can't come, you're too needy, hon. Mmm, thanks for offering, but the role of straight-up-freaked-out-lady has already been filled. I started out asking one of my Dramas to stay and meet the youngest off the bus and hang with her until we got back, but then R pointed out that those two, while loving each other very much, are fire and oil when either are in less than a great mood, and both of them will be anxious. So now we're thinking of keeping both the Dramas home with youngest, and I'm thinking that's gonna be Fire, Oil and Liquid Oxygen thrown together. The question is, how much do I really want to not have to nurture on the way up there and back, vs. how much clean up do I want to do once I get home? All while feeling like a crappy parent the entire time, of course. Luckily I have exactly one calendar month to work it out.
  8. Couple says they named toddler after Egyptian goddess. Funny they mention the old Saturday morning show"Isis". It's sad when a name gets attached to something less than stellar. http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20160202/BLOG58/160209922 What these parents talk about here has already happened to one girl. I cant imagine getting turned down for something because of a name: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/inspired-life/wp/2016/01/20/isis-a-bullied-7th-grader-has-a-strong-message-for-kids-who-share-her-name/
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2015/04/14/anti-vax-mom-changes-her-tune-when-all-7-of-her-children-come-down-with-whooping-cough/ Poor baby, only in isolation for a week with 7 pertussis-infected kids. At least all the kids seem to have come through without permanent damage.
  10. I went duh where it said parent of larger families have less time to invest.Interesting study but is it really the number of kids, parenting style or both that determine how well you raise them? http://www.techtimes.com/articles/121178/20160104/smaller-families-more-beneficial-for-children-study-finds.htm
  11. And only her. Speculate usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/jon-gosselin-seeks-full-custody-daughter-hannah-11-2015145
  12. I was just alerted to this new blog being started by someone I know. I'm pretty sure she's heading towards full Duggar mode. I wouldn't be surprised if the girls don't end up in skirts only soon. She is a homophobe who did something horrible to people I care about very much who gave her the ultimate gift and she spit in their face. It is destined to be filled with snarkworthy material. She's already mentioning her "purpose". I'm sure she'll eventually get to all of the crap she's trying to get her adopted child diagnosed with, which all really boils down to crappy parenting. Most of her kids would put the Howlers to shame. Not only do they walk on tables, they walk on ANTIQUE tables in other peoples' homes and get smart when people tell them to get down. This could get good... hopeforloveministries.org/#!Mommy-Mundane/cq5s/569677280cf2e94e3fb5a44c
  13. Blogger Emma Tapping has been the recipient of some major internet backlash after people caught sight of her tree via her Instagram. The tree is piled high with gifts, and of course, Teh Interwebz are mad about it. When I first read the headline, I thought it was just more judge mental nuttiness. But then I saw the tree- er, the pile of gifts, because you can't really see the tree for the gifts. Apparently the exact number is around 300 presents. I do think it's an inordinate amount of gifts. To each their own, but not something you'd find at my house- in no small part bc I'm too lazy for all that and also because 300 more items around the house sounds like my worst nightmare. She caught shit, and her answer didn't really help her. She tries to justify the pile by saying the gifts are also for herself, her hubby, and her mom...but it doesn't go over well, mostly because that's still about 50 gifts per person. Take a gander for yourself! http://www.someecards.com/parenting/moms/emma-tapping-christmas-tree-presents-shamed/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3352684/Mother-three-spent-1-500-300-Christmas-presents-children-insists-NOT-spoilt.html
  14. From Time From Vanity Fair http://time.com/4130646/baby-names-instagram-2015/ http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2015/12/instagram-filters-baby-names
  15. What could make a 14 yr old want a baby? Something seems amiss here for her to want a baby.I enjoyed being around babies at her age, but I knew one of my own was far, far off in the future, if at all. http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/woman-tries-buy-baby-off-craigslist-for-daughter/
  16. Chelsea, the adopted daughter of Rosie O, according to People, has been waiting for the day she turned 18 to bolt. Just days before she turned 18, she ran away and was found at a 25 yr old heroin addicts home. Now the guy is charged with sending porn to a minor all for a few days before Chelsea turned 18 and she has decided to live with her birth mother. Rosie adopted Chelsea in 1997. Maybe the young woman just wanted out of the spotlight or there was something more. Not breaaking link http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ros ... c094868f89
  17. JB's just put out another unintentionally hilarious blog post. I don't think she wants to annoy feminists (although she certainly wants to do that) as much as she needs MRA/PUA validation so desperately that she just vomits out anything she thinks will please them. http://www.donotlink.com/e2lx UH, JB, who's going to raise and pay for all those children confiscated at birth so that society will "learn to value men"? Is the government going to set up Romanian-style orphanages with taxpayer money? Yep, your conservative friends will certainly approve of that And there are already places where men of are paid to deposit their genetic material, where women can pay a fee to use a man's DNA to make a child without him having to have any financial and emotional commitments to that child. They are called Sperm Banks.
  18. Buzz feed did a great profile on him. He sounds like a gigantic prick. http://www.buzzfeed.com/adamserwer/how- ... fx4K1j3Yry
  19. And once again, my favorite Mommy blog rocks it. Check out the parenting tips (and memes) JB will pass on to Derick. Feel free to add any of your own! http://www.mommyish.com/2015/01/27/jim- ... dillard/2/ Two days in a row of awesome Duggar news, somebody pinch me! Today, People is asking the hard-hitting question of whether Derick Dillard will embrace fatherhood to which I say: 1. Too late to back out now. 2. Um, he married a woman with 18 siblings. I’m pretty sure Derick is more than ready to embrace fatherhood considering his pedigree. This pointless article did get me thinking, though- about the parenting tips Jim Bob Duggar could pass on to his son-in-law before their first baby arrives. He should know, right? 1. How To Negotiate The Best Mate For Your Daughter Jim Bob has now weathered the match-making process for two of his daughters and at least tried to get talks off the ground for Jana and a certain super hot football player. He should have good advice on procuring the ideal suitors for any future daughters Derick and Jill have. 2. How To Make A Denim Diaper You’ve gotta save money somehow and going cloth seems like a sensible move for a family that will likely have 20 kids to re-use them. We all know Jim Bob worships at the altar of Levi so he should have some choice tidbits to pass along. 3. How To Select Your Family’s Name Letter We all know the letter Jim Bob and Michelle arrived on and also, their son Josh and his wife Anna. The jury is still out on whether Derick and Jill will forsake 96% of the alphabet, but if they do, they better make sure to pick a letter with many options. 4. How To Buy Denim (And Everything Else) In Bulk Or used. Whatever. Big families cost a shitload and Derick, although an accountant, will need all the help he can get. Maybe he should consider buying denim by the roll. 5. How To Drive A Bus Jim Bob has driven an out-sized family vehicle for the better part of the last two decades to accommodate his clan. He better teach Derick how to negotiate a behemoth van so he doesn’t derp it up in the church parking lot. 6. How To Fit 10 Bunk Beds In A 9×11 Room Before the Duggars got all that sweet TLC cash, they lived in a rather modest home with only a few bedrooms for their 14 or 15 kids. I’m sure Jim Bob could teach Derick a thing or two about piling kids in a room like sardines. And in learning to live with no personal space whatsoever. 7. How To Stay Trim On A Diet Of Tater Tots And Cream Of Mushroom Soup Again, the budget is a bitch. Unless Jim Bob filters down some of that aforementioned TLC coin, Jill and Derick will need to watch the grocery bill. 8. How To Handle A Dirty Diaper When There Is No Woman Around We all know that baby stuff is the work of women but if the wife ever has to birth another child or take a poop, the menfolk may need to pitch in. Jim Bob can advise Derick on how to keep calm so he can do it without breaking a sweat. 9. How To Stay Cool When The Delivery Room Nurse Wears Pants Seeing that nurse in pants all throughout the labor process might cause lustful thoughts. Jim Bob can teach Derick de-boner-ifying techniques to use for the next 20 years of birthing. I’m thinking a Bible in the lap- that sort of thing. 10. How To De-Clog Shower Drains From All That Hair Because we all know what a hazard Duggar daughters pose to the household plumbing.
  20. I thought about that a lot lately because I think that even the Duggars do have moments of glory as parents. I thought it would be nice for everyone to explain when they thought the Duggars were actually o.k. in their roles as parents, especially Michelle. Of course we'll never know what family life with the Duggars really is like so we need to make do with what we see on the show. For me that would be when she was wedding dress shopping with Jill. After all the years of watching SYTTD and hearing my mother and female relatives and friends talk about different styles (and my mind trying to digest the fact that their idea of awesomeness is not the same as mine), well, after all that I thought especially Michelle had been very kind and positive, making it a great experience for Jill. On SYTTD most mothers are terrible, either they are paying for the dress and demand the dress needs to meet their own taste or they just boldly throw their dissapproval in their daughters' faces. Or both. Throughout the whole thing Michelle was telling Jill that she was looking beautiful and honestly, unless the dress is heavily violating all rules of tastefulness, that's the only thing a mother should say to her daughter (apart from kindly phrased suggestions and ideas). She also knew that Jill was likely to pick something that wasn't entirely meeting her own taste and she was fine with it because it was Jills wedding, not hers. I know people are trying to make Michelle look like she wanted to make Jill's wedding all about herself but actually, I didn't get that vibe at all. Michelle likes attention, that's no question. Sometimes, however, I feel like the attention she's craving is not the same kind Boob is constantly trying to get. ETA: Changed the topic title for better phrasing
  21. I was checking one of my email accounts on Yahoo! and came across this article. I thought it would be really nice article or ideas from Michelle...i was wrong...the amount of shade this article is throwing on the Duggar parenting style is hilarious...i thought y'all might get a couple of giggles out of it http://www.tvguide.com/PhotoGallery/Parenting-Tips-19-Kids-Counting-1088523/1088526 (I didn't break anything because its from a public domain...)
  22. http: // www. duggarfamily.com/content/home/34904/michelle_duggar_s_advice_for_new_moms While there are some valid points in here, how many of them is she actually practicing? I have never seen her go and babysit the M kids.
  23. The DUggars have a whole section in a "Love that Mulipliess' dealing with shyness. I can see encouraging children to look at people who you talk to, but some of us are naturally shy or may have a disorder.
  24. lorialexander.blogspot.com/2014/11/judging-other-mothers-choices.html Now you might be asking yourself where in the Bible it says that Lori is commanded to express her opinion on what she believes is best for children. Good question. Don't hold your breath waiting for Lori to answer it. Selfish she says?!? Lori Alexander: ***It is worth noting that in other places she has claimed it was from 3 weeks on*** Selfish??? How can letting a tiny infant cry all night be selfish? Neurological smurological...mama needs her sleep! This woman is beyond ridiculous. No one cares what YOU think is best for THEIR children Lori.