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Found 61 results

  1. Anyone listening to some great music? I am looking for something new. I am a fairly omnivorous music fan. I will listen to pretty much any genre except twangy conservative country stars. But I am happy with most anything else. What's your favorite genre/artist?
  2. One Hit Wonder Day is Sept 25th, yea I'm late posting it, but what are your favorite one hit wonders? How about this one?
  3. We all know how easy it can be to think that song lyrics are something they're not, especially rock songs with lots of distortion and slurred vocal styles! My all time favourites are the following: 1) Idlewild - When I Argue I See Shapes REAL LYRIC: When I argue, sit back it makes me laugh MISINTERPRETATION: When I argue Sid Barrett makes me laugh 2) Manic Street Preachers - The Masses Against the Classes REAL LYRIC: The masses against the classes/I'm tired of giving a reason/When the future is what we believe in MISINTERPRETATION (mine): No more sex against the classes/I'm tired of giving an income/A refridgerator's what we believe in 3) The Who - Boris the Spider REAL LYRIC: Boris the Spider MISINTERPRETATION (mine): Sorry Mr Spider (bit thick of me as this was the title - luckily I noticed it on the back of the CD before I showed my ignorance by singing along to it as that, and having to pretend I was just pissing about). 4) Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK REAL LYRIC: I wanna destroy a passerby MISINTERPRETATION (ex-boyfriend): I wanna destroy a power supply 5) X Ray Spex - I Live Off You REAL LYRIC: See we gotta be exploited MISINTERPRETATION (my brother): See we gotta be a fried egg 6) Green Day - X-Kid REAL LYRIC: Probably would but hardly would instead I'm gone MISINTERPRETATION (mine): Probably would but Hollywood is dead and gone 7) The Damned - Lively Arts REAL LYRIC: It's gonna be a life of style for me MISINTERPRETATION (mine): It's gonna be a life of scaffolding Please contribute your own, the weirder and more hilarious the better!
  4. Another music legend dead, and at a young age as well, Christ Cornell. RIP http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/18/entertainment/chris-cornell-dead/index.html
  5. Sorry folks. I'm having trouble calling President Loudmouth by 45. I just can't. 45 reminds me of a song by Shindown. And I don't want to ruin the reference to 45 in my mind.
  6. And I'm also mentally sizing up things as to where in the house I could put that.
  7. Tonight's song I've been listening to over and over is "I'm Not the Man" by Ben Folds. I am basically trying to find every live version I can on youtube. I have been obsessed with this song since the album came out. It gives me a lump in my throat when I listen to it sometimes. In February, I'll be seeing Ben live with a local orchestra. I have no clue if he'll play this one but I might go a bit crazy if he does. A lovely live version is behind the spoiler tag. In high school, I liked the song "Brick" by Ben Folds Five. But I never really listened to Ben Folds much until around maybe 2010 or so. Since then, I've been kind of obsessed. I listen to him almost every single day. I'm not sure if that's healthy or not...ha! He just has so many great songs. The one I posted above is from his most recent album. I've only seen him perform live once in 2012. We're finally seeing him again next year and I am so freaking excited about it. As dumb and cliche and it sounds....his music has really helped me get through tough times. This won't be the last Ben song I post here.
  8. So I'm the bad Jew that really likes Christmas music.... but I'm the REALLY bad person that watches these videos and fangirls about the performers - impure thoughts and all. These guys are amazing and the acoustics in the church (catholic, clearly) are impressive. I've got it pretty bad for the tenor with the long hair (Mr. Cowboy). Peter Hollens (blue shirt) is totally welcome to come and save me anytime he'd like. Anyone have any others to share?
  9. I've played instruments- not with much skill. I play the piano acceptably as an adult, but my current set of friends are a spontaneous lot with years of choir experience. And gorgeous voices, did I mention that? I sing on key, more or less. It's not perfect, but the pitch isn't the problem. I just want to sing well enough to blend in. Does anyone know how to go about this? An ad saying I want to suck a reasonable amount seems like I'll attract the wrong people. They're proposing a caroling group and it's sort of making me consider flinging myself off a bridge because pianos are heavy and I know they mean well..
  10. Eat your hear out DPIAT. Loads of cellos (and evil guitars) in this. Steve Vai and Apocalyptica performing Kashmir in Moscow with 30 cellos and 50 guitars . (see what I find thanks to Jill Rodriques going to Facebook Live?) I follow Apo on social media so I knew they did this, YouTube finally got around to suggestion the video to me toniht.
  11. Recently I started listening to a band from Canada called Walk off the Earth. A few years ago, they became a bit famous from a video where everyone in the band played 1 guitar for a song. I didn't take much notice of them at the time. But recently someone I know shared a video of them performing Adele's "Hello" using plastic tubes and stuff. It was really good. So I searched out more of their stuff on Youtube. They do a lot of cover songs. But since I don't know much current music, most of the songs are new to me. I think this one may be an original but I've been too lazy to find out. Either way...I love it....(And I have to admit that the guy in the middle is nice eye candy...ha!) And here's that "Hello" cover.....(the plastic tubes are a bit phallic but after a while I stopped noticing.) Here's another version of the "Hello" cover that is also really good.... In case you missed it years ago...here's that guitar song that went viral....
  12. Okay - I am not a baseball fan. But the ongoing story of Rally Mantis - a praying mantis rescued from the trash by a KC Royals player in the dugout a week or so ago that is now a good luck charm/mascot of sorts is amusing me. Rally Mantis is now going on the road with the Royals. Yay Rally Mantis. http://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/for-petes-sake/article95260647.html And yes - I think Praying Mantis are interesting. To this day I feel bad for not pulling over one day and helping one off my car window. The poor thing stayed on my window for a 10 minute trip at 65 to 70 mph for most of that trip. I saw its struggle. It made me feel awful and I have to live with that memory. Now to cats. A Malaysian singer/guitarist was ignored by everyone - but a group of kittens. Someone recorded this. http://www.top13.net/kittens-listen-to-street-singer/?utm_source=rcm&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=cats Video in the spoiler box.
  13. Tonight I have "Superman's Song" by Crash Test Dummies on repeat. Probably an odd choice. I'm sure most people don't even know or remember this song. When I was young, I had the single for "Mmm mmm mmm mmm" and this was the b-side on my cassette. It's been 20+ years and I still truly love this song. The lyrics are a bit sad but as a kid I didn't really notice much.
  14. I will attempt to be brief with this but I've been fairly verbose every time I've told this story so far. Wednesday night I attended the Weird Al concert in Columbus, OH. I drove two days to get there. I was BEYOND excited. Front row seat, meet n greet afterward-- hell yeah. I made my own Jedi costume specifically for the concert. It was made on knitting looms and then I crocheted the ends. It turned out fabulous. The 501st garrison was playing around with me when I was waiting in line at the meet n greet, even. The concert, as always, was AMAZING. Al bonked his head on the microphone stand spinning around at the end of the polka. He laughed it off but that still looked kinda painful. He sang the second line of WBUL to me. The lady next to me got the last bit of WBUL sung to her so I got a REALLY awesome camera angle for that. The whole concert was so much fun and the audience had such great energy it was just fantastic. And then the meet n greet happened and HE REMEMBERED ME. He remembered my name. Like, my meet n greet pass has my last name on it and the date from that show, so I doubt he got my name from THAT I wish I wish so bad that I could've seen the shocked look on my face when he said "Hey! Emmaline! It's so good to see you again!" Because I KNOW it had to be hilarious. I wasn't expecting that. I wasn't allowing myself to expect that or ANYTHING tbh because getting your hopes up is the easiest way to end up having a bad time. I just wanted to hopefully not mushmouth when I asked for the picture the way I wanted it and Suffice it to say, mission accomplished. He signed my lightsaber. WEDNESDAY NIGHT WAS AWESOME.
  15. I had hoped that they would put a video of this up and they did. Apocalyptica 'official' Emil & Dariel (Rockcellos I believe) with their idols Apocalytpica in Tampa performing Hall of the Mountain King. This is the only piece of 'classical' music that Apo performs regularly. Eat your heart out DPIAT.
  16. So I'm spending quality time on my holiday weekend surfing YouTube (don't knock it - it makes me happy). And recently while watching Black N Blue videos I recognized a familiar riff. But the familiarity was not from Black N Blue (from their song Nasty Nasty). Nope, if was from KISS (and the song Domino). I did some googlefu. Because I wondered - did Gene Simmons rip a riff off them? He did per the interview at the link below with Jamie St. James. http://eddietrunk.com/black-n-blue-singer-says-gene-simmoms-admitted-he-ripped-them-off/ History lesson here. Gene produced an album or two of BnB back in the day. And BnB guitarist Tommy Thayer now plays guitar for KISS. And per this article (and one @HerNameIsBuffy) He and Jamie were in a Kiss tribute band back in the day. audio only of BnB's Nasty Nasty because I was looking for something in the 80's and can find lots of more recent concert footage of the song but that's without Thayer. Although if you want concert footage from last August to see that the song holds up (even with 2 different guitarists)... Kiss - Domino (Official Video)
  17. So this crosses my screen this afternoon. And it makes my happy. Foreigner - Hot Blooded. The bass player in this lineup is Jeff Pilson. He used to be in this band (Dokken - Breaking the Chains) The singer of that Foreigner lineup? Kelly Hanson. I've actually seen Kelly sing live before. Back in the 80's with a band called Hurricane. They were on tour with Stryper. (it was at Memorial Hall in KCK, small venue but great place to see music because there weren't bad seats in the place) Hurricane - I'm On To You. Now the bass player is Tony Cavazo and the guitar player is Robert Sarzo. Do those names sound a little familiar? But may they don't sound quite right? It might be because you recognize them from their brothers. Guitarist Carlos Cavazo and bassist Rudy Sarzo from this band Rudy got tired of Kevin Dubrow (or something) and left QR for this band (which I also saw live while he was with it) (and yes, his hair is bleached out here). And Tawney Kitean the car dancing video vixen? She has a prior hair metal association as well. Because those are her legs on Ratt's EP cover. She dated guitarist Robbin Crosby at the time. And since technically the song is on the EP she was on. Ratt - Back for More. I've seen Ratt live as well. They played Starlight Theater in KC as well as Municipal Auditorium with me in attendance. The first of those at Starlight, an outdoor musical theater venue, had Bon Jovi opening for them (yes, I said opening for Ratt). I'll confess that I thought Jon Bon Jovi was a much stronger performer that night. But it might have something to do with Jon's creative use of Starlight's onstage balcony for a song or two (he did get on the balcony to sing for a while) - which Stephen Pearcy did not do. Now I'm off to spend some quality time YouTube Surfing.
  18. I think that we all have music running through our heads at certain times. I had the hardest time getting rid of Lenord Cohen's Sisters of Mercy and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. But lately this tune is stuck. Does anyone else have music stuck in their heads?
  19. I've been surfing Youtube lately. And I encounter music from back in the ay (the 80's) that gives me the happies I need the happies this week. A few times so far this week I have wanted to leave work, go home and revert to sucking my thumb and twirling my hair. Adulting has sucked. Work has sucked. I have another canker sore. But I drag myself through. And music has helped. I had found some Black N Blue videos over the last week or so. I'll be shallow - the bass player was cute. My suggestions get tweeked by things I watch. And last night a song by Jude Cole came up. The name was familiar. I recalled liking something by Jude Cole. The suggested song was not it. So I searched. And when I saw the title Start The Car I said - yep - that's it. So here you go. (and because I can, a video from Black N Blue as well).
  20. Apparently hundreds of Spotify account details were leaked on line; technobuffalo.com/2016/02/19/report-says-hundreds-of-account-details-were-leaked-in-spotify-hack/ I changed my password as soon as I saw this story even though I'm not a premium user.
  21. Sunday the vocalist for my favorite cello band (Apocalyptica) shared a video of Apo with Emil & Dariel (aka RockCellos) in Tampa. Apparently Emil and Dariel were on America's Got Talent (a show I don't watch). And they've caught the attention of Apocalyptica who had them join them onstage over the weekend on their current US tour. Since I have yet to figure out how to link to an Instagram video and I have yet to find someone posting a youtube video of this performance I'm linking to Franky Perez's Instagram (it's that first video on his page as I type this). I suspect he snuck out to the sound board to take this. https://www.instagram.com/frankyperezm Last night I entertained myself by watching videos of Emil & Dariel - specifically the following two songs caught my attention. Because of Apocalytpica. The first is their cover of Nothing Else Matters (Metalica) Apocalytpica's Version of Nothing Else Matters. (early video with the original line up of 4 cellos) And because I can, Metallica But this really made me smile. Path is an Apocalyptica original. Emil & Dariel using electric cellos are covering Apocalyptica's song (shown below with 4 cellos). And to me it looks like they are mimicking some elements of Apo's video. Apo's original Editing to add a photo on Instagram from Emil & Dariel with a shot from the performance and their gushing about the experience.
  22. This song goes out to everyone who ever grew up in any sort of Fundieland. May you see the truth in it, and may this truth set you free!
  23. Oh my! This is Jill Rodriques' fault. I go to YouTube intending to see her latest video. And get all sidetracked by the crazy Fins in my subscription listing. "cover' of Metallica's Battery by Apocalyptica. 4 Cellos. Yes, 4. Because the man of mystery - Antero! - is back for this one.
  24. My brain is prone do taking random trips down memory lane. Specifically, it likes to jump around in music. I can walk around with songs playing in my head - a phenomenon I call the mental jukebox. Sometimes it remembers a song then wonders what the song really was. Meaning, I knew the song but never the name. Or the artist. But my mind remembers fragments of it nonetheless. One such song turns out to be Elevate My Mind by Stereo MC. The song popped into the mental jukebox yesterday and hit at a time where I used my google fu skills to discover said song name and artist. I encountered this song in 1993 (yes, I have reason be this specific) doing step aerobics (which, having found this song I now miss). It wasn't something that was on my usual rock radio stations. And I suspect it didn't get heavy rotation on MTV (back when they really did play music).
  25. yes - both work and music. I may have inherited a tendency from my mother for 'a song for everything.' Although in my it manifests as the mental jukebox. This morning I'm doing audit work (seriously - yay - I'm a freak). This is stuff that landed on my desk yesterday because oops it got messed up at year end and it needs to be done quarterly and to get us off the bad child list we need to comply. Someone asked me what I was doing because eleventy trips to/from the printer. I told said person what I was doing. Response was 'ewww.' I may have skipped - as much as my gimpy foot allows - back to my desk. Because now that I figured out what they want I'm in an odd freaky happy zone. (like I said, freak). Music? yes - there's a song for that.