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Found 81 results

  1. Someone created an image that has gone viral and it is greatly upsetting my Orthodox friends. Some background: Orthodox Jewish women are expected to cover their hair after marriage. Head coverings tend to fall into two categories: Tichel--A scarf, hat, or turban Sheitel--A wig The style of a woman's head covering and how much hair they allow to show varies depending on a combination of personal choice and what branch of Orthodoxy a woman belongs to. The image that is causing outrage is a collage that someone created out of Instagram pictures of women wearing sheitels. Specifically, all of the women are wearing wigs that have the appearance of long, flowing hair. Underneath the collage is a rant about how these women look like sluts and prostitutes, and they are bringing shame on their people. (I am not linking to the image because the images are used without the women's consent, and their faces are not blurred out.) My friends are outraged at the idea that women are being judged about this. They object to the idea of modesty being entirely about dress codes. Now that their kids are approaching school age, they are finding that people are making assumptions about where they will send their kids to school based on their style of head covering. They don't want their character to be judged by their attire. They consider their choice of head coverings to be theirs alone.
  2. Modest is Hottest?

    I'll confess I grew up in the 1970s and 80s, and so I have found the recent skittering from low-cut jeans that show more panty than line to a sort of puritanical view of fashion I see lately to be exhausting and annoying. By the standards of the people we discuss here, I am not a moderate dresser. I wear spaghetti strap sundresses all summer long, and don't go in much for sleeves in the winter. When I was a teen and young adult, I loved loved low cut backs, or back cut-outs, and now as a middle-aged person, I'm a little disappointed cleavage is not currently in style. It's my main asset these days. ;-) However, I really don't care how anyone else dresses—aside from jeans that always looked on the verge of leaving their owner—as long as they make some effort to clean their shoes, and recognize that some situations call for a bit more effort than others. Extreme reasons for their choices, though, tend to bum me out. https://medium.com/@joelherbert/modest-is-hottest-is-not-in-the-bible-49b58ed1fdf6 I just realized that my sort of wishing for cleavage baring could be seen as a specific desire to look, well, desirable. And then I realized it was ridiculous of me to worry about whether someone else thought that. I just like certain kinds of clothing balance, both formal and informal in the artistic sense, and also I am uncomfortable being too covered up for too long. I'd never enjoy being a nudist, but would fit happily in the land of short, light, loose freedom of dress all year round. I would do well on an island that Joel McCrea found himself stranded on after a boat accident.
  3. Lady Lydia designing clothes for Trumps

    Trump-loving Lydia of homeliving.blogspot.com has done some quick sketches of outfits she thinks would be nice for the women of the first family and also the veep's family to wear for the inauguration. She has requested submissions from her readers. For anyone who wants to submit their ideas, I offer here, as a kind of a template, some pictures of the next FLOTUS that you can add clothes to. On second thought, no. We are all sufficiently tech-savvy that we can download our own photos.
  4. I saw this story yesterday. A woman was made to buy something to cover up because Jetblue employees felt her shorts would "offend families" on the plane. This is getting ridiculous. Why is everyone in this country policing everything women wear? I wouldn't wear these shorts outside my house (and definitely not on a plane as I am always freezing on planes), but as the woman points out herself--everything is covered. Story with video: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/jetblue-passenger-stopped-from-boarding-plane-because-shorts-were-too-short/
  5. Modest mom blog

    http://www.themodestmomblog.com/ Have we discussed her before? I fell down a rabbit hole after someone posted (on the library thread) a link about keeping girls innocent. I've just fallen down the rabbit hole, but I'm kinda ashamed that her name is Caroline.
  6. Over the weekend, KTLA weather reporter Liberté Chan was given a sweater on-camera from a male colleague and told to cover up because they were getting a lot of emails apparently complaining about the sleek cocktail dress she was wearing. http://www.rawstory.com/2016/05/male-ktla-anchor-forces-meteorologist-to-cover-her-dress-were-getting-a-lot-of-emails/ When I first saw this come across my FB newsfeed, I was thinking, "Utah is at it again." But this is Los Angeles. Seriously--who the fuck is complaining about something like this in LA? Personally, I see nothing wrong with what she was wearing. What does it matter?!? The station needs to grow a pair of balls and tell those people who emailed that her attire was completely fine. If we keep letting people like this pick away at women's attire (and some of the other things we discuss on this forum), where will it end? ETA: OK, I've just found a clarification. The station didn't require her to put on the sweater. There *were*, however, emails about her dress being in appropriate, but her male colleague gave her the sweater as a way to poke fun at the pearl-clutchers. Still, to know that there are people trying to police these things is frustrating. http://lifeofliberte.com/personal-thoughts-on-the-sweater-incident-that-went-viral/
  7. This poster was put up in the library at Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, Arizona. The writing at the bottom was done by a student. Reads like one of Lori Alexander's flow charts.
  8. This just came across my newsfeed, and I'm absolutely livid: http://www.seventeen.com/life/school/news/a39626/high-school-puts-out-disturbing-body-shaming-video-to-outline-prom-dress-code/ Make sure you view the video. This video makes it look like even *completely covered* body parts are criminal and unacceptable. Really? The false riot and outrage, and the one "judge" gagging like what she had seen was completely disgusting? And the males being the "authorities" on what is acceptable and not acceptable? These people need to be shouted down wherever we encounter them in our schools. The teenage female body should not be criminalized in this way.
  9. well the US is not the only place were stupidity reins. can't believe they said staff. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/apr/11/schoolgirls-in-new-zealand-told-to-lower-skirts-to-stop-distracting-male-staff-and-pupils?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link
  10. "Look Away My Son"

    Yet another conservative teaching sons women's bodies are shameful. It gets me when they say 'when their sons start looking for spouses' as they all wish to marry. http://entrustedministries.com/blog/look-away-my-son
  11. thesaltcollective.org/modesty-whensuitsbecomestumblingblock/ This popped up on my Facebook feed this morning and I thought it was a pretty spot-on piece of satire (and I appreciated the pictures that went with it!). A few of my favorite quotes: The comments to the article are also great. Mostly it's other women commending the author for pointing out the hypocrisy but there are also gems like this: and and But this comment was my favorite:
  12. It is a book, you can buy it on Amazon, it outlines and lists the names of Preachers caught up in sex scandals child explotation and MANY are still involved in churches. Someone please explain to me how Religion(s) who spend so much time making sure that their children are kept pure and safe from anything harmful (like say a woman's knees) are allowing people like this to still be involved in their spiritual community. Why no outrage, where are the pitchforks to run these monsters out of town. "Thanks to Jeri Massi for this powerful contribution to documenting Baptists' unholy patterns of do-nothingness with respect to child-molesting ministers. Sadly, the stories in Massi's book are not outliers or "bad apples." With its methodical organization, Massi's book unites the stories so as to illuminate the institutionally entrenched denial that allows clergy child molesters to move so easily through the porous sieve of Baptist churches. And lest you delude yourself into thinking the kids are safe now that the perpetrators are named in a book, realize that, although it's a "big book," it presents only a small time-slice of cases that, for the most part, involved criminal charges and convictions. Since experts generally agree that less than ten percent of child molesters wind up in the criminal justice system, this means that the stories in Massi's book are just the tip of the iceberg. But unlike other major faith groups, most Baptist groups have shown themselves content to simply ignore the rest of the iceberg because, as Massi points out, they have refused to keep any sort of systematic denominational records on abuse reports against Baptist clergy. Since Southern Baptists are the largest Protestant denomination in the land, this institutional failure leaves many thousands of kids at undue risk for the soul-searing harm of clergy sex abuse." Another good write up about it here: http://brucegerencser.net/2015/12/the-big-book-of-bad-baptist-preachers-by-jeri-massi/ The book is here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Big-Book-Baptist-Preachers/dp/1518883664/ref=cm_cr_pr_pdt_img_top?ie=UTF8
  13. This opinion may not be popular, but I feel there's double standard here. IIt reminds me of how certain Fundies' are oh so cautious about their modesty before being pregnant, then start wearing tighter clothes after the baby bump. Why is it ok after pregnancy to wear skin tight clothes and pop out a boob in public, but yet you 'slut- shaming' as a non-pregnant women? It also says she's anti-vax. http://www.tampabay.com/news/humaninterest/zephyrhills-mom-goes-viral-after-posting-breastfeeding-photo-on-facebook/2256503
  14. ~extreme selfishness (putting the needs of yourself BEFORE the needs of your infants/children) ~grandiose view of one's own talents (thinking you've saved thousands of marriages) ~craving for admiration (constantly reminding people you are a "Godly" older woman and therefore have a say in their life. Editing comments to reflect praise that has not been given) Yep, you totally nailed it Lori. You are a classic narcissist! Well done.
  15. Why do the girls wear such loose clothing to cover up their figures and the moment they get pregnant they are wearing tight shirts to make sure everyone knows they are 14 hours pregnant? It doesn't make sense to hide every curve or indent and then flaunt your baby belly. (Sorry - but shirts tight enough to show your new outie belly button just isn't attractive to me)
  16. Jessa in Snowpants for Sledding!

    With the recent snowfall in NW Arkansas, the family's been playing in the Snow. However, Blessa has been doing so in PANTS people, according to the Duggar Family Blog. While I completely understand why one (including myself as well as many other women) would want the added layers and the functionality of pants in said weather, and we've seen them in pants for Skydiving as well as EMT activities, I thought they could do EVERYTHING in Skirts. Meanwhile, I think she looks lovely in pants! (images taken from Duggar Family Blog) [thumbnail=center]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-u21oQzzvAbI/VOKUa6L5kHI/AAAAAAAAQy4/BBhPGNHkUhk/s1600/jessa%2Band%2Bben%2Bsledding%2B2-16-15.jpg[/thumbnail] [thumbnail=center]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-u21oQzzvAbI/VOKUa6L5kHI/AAAAAAAAQy4/BBhPGNHkUhk/s1600/jessa%2Band%2Bben%2Bsledding%2B2-16-15.jpg[/thumbnail]
  17. So I have read Michelle's story on this several times. Obviously there is some reason she wants everyone to know about it. She doesn't really seem to care much for being overly open and honest, so why even mention it unless there is way more than she's telling and she's afraid the neighbor will talk some day? She claims she destroyed their marriage. Most people seem to think she's just a bit crazy for thinking that. I, on the other hand, have always assumed she was sleeping with him, thus destroying his marriage. It would all make sense and also help explain how it was so easy for awkward Jim Bob to not only snag, but also control, the pretty cheerleader. She would have been viewed as damaged goods.
  18. The Duggars claim they got the personal convictions of modest dress and no birth control by reading the Bible.I think they confuse the two. When you make personal preferences or conviction it isnt necessarily Biblical based on you interpretations and you dont sin when you break them.For eg "Wear modest apparel" can be interpreted many different ways. To most people it would mean to dress in a respectful way, not wear skirts only.If you want to do that fine, but dont use ti as a measuring stick for another person's righteousness.This is what causes legalism.
  19. It seems in every article about courtship/purity/modesty only Duggar daughter views are given. I know the males would likely say the same thing, but we still never hear what they want in a wife/partner or just general thoughts on purity/modesty from male prospectives -except Josh.
  20. Jill's NIKE top!

    I wish i had some clue how to post a pic, but anyway... On Jill's instagram there is a pic of her and Derrick having peanut butter banana shakes before going to see God is not Dead. She is wearing a low cut v neck top with no undershirt! There is no way this is Duggar approved apparel. I know the pic was taken at home with just her husband but she posted it for everyone to see. I love seeing the girls at least slightly enjoying their new found freedom!
  21. Did she say he left his wife and got a divorce because he lusted after her. What an ego that women must have. And now, she is competing with her daughters...................
  22. Jinger in sweatpants

    Hi. So I saw a while ago on duggars and bates confession tumblr a picture of Jinger sitting on a couch wearing sweatpants? Anybody know what the deal with that was? Why was she allowed to wear those?
  23. just been on lawson's instagram and there is video that shows josie in a onsie - not sure if i have correct term - it has legs!! and she is playing football with the boys
  24. I've noticed lately that Ben Seewalds hair has quickly become a replica of Jim Bob's. Why this bothered me so much I'll never know...but I googled it and this is what came up. wtf? specifically check out phase 3. these people are beyond bizarre. in fairness, this is from 2005 and may have changed since, but i seriously doubt it. The sit is xatiguy.blogspotdot.com Hair Design the IBLP Way (and God's way, of course) ATI's newest exciting program... Godly young ladies attending the Hair Design Workshop can become competent and experienced in the skill of enhancing the outward appearance to the glory of God. This ministry may be used in the home to meet the needs of family members, friends, church members, and the elderly. Young ladies must be careful to not cut hair outside this sphere of influence, as such a practice might lead to a profession outside the home, causing satanic darts to pierces through the "umbrella of protection." As we know, this umbrella is only available to a woman while inside her home, provided her father or husband is at home. Also, since accepting others outside your sphere of influence may actually lead to you being paid for your services, this would no longer be a ministry and therefore the Lord will remove His blessing from your work. Lastly, by only making your ministry available to family members, friends (fellow ATI grads), church members and the elderly, you will lessen the attacks of the Devil. Since you may get tempted by a woman of ill repute who may bring a worldly magazine to your home to show you how she would like to have her hair styled -- not to lift her countenance, but rather to draw attention to her . . . womanly attributes, so she can be flirtatious and cause little boys to have lascivious thoughts that could lead to the sin of Onan. So please, keep it in the home, don't make any money off it, and whatever you do, don't do anything that will pop even the tiniest hole in your umbrella of protection. Warning!!! Keep that "Umbrella of Protection" away from the "Hedge of Thorns!!!" These are two very different universal non-optional principals and they cannot be intertwined!!! Phase One of the Hair Design Workshop will include two days of instruction on the attributes of hair! This includes never before heard of insights to the characteristic of human hair that were recently discerned by Bill Gothard himself after he memorized and mediated on the only four hair passages that are found in the Bible. You won't believe what hidden truth he discovered when meditating on Judges 16:17. Blunts and under cuts, advanced techniques in layers, tapers, stacking, male clipper cuts, and much more will be included in the seminar. Instruction will also be given on the only haircut ordained by God for men. Well, most men, that is--those "Queer Eye for the Straight Guys" types are hopelessly lost since they have gone all the way down the reprobation chart and have almost no hope of even climbing their way back. Using the male clipper cut principal, you will be taught how to never leave any hair over the ear or have it touch the white shirt collar or heaven forbid the blue suit collar! Phase Two (advanced) is designed to further equip you in cosmetology skills for your ministry. This course includes advanced techniques in haircutting, hair design, perm wrapping, manicures, pedicures, skin care, make-up, protocol, hospitality, etiquette, and building your ministry. Prerequisite is Phase One completion. Special attention will be paid to hair colors and making sure you understand Godly hair colors as found only in His creation (no hot pinks, greens, blues or other colors found only in the false god worshiping Canaanite culture). Also, while manicures and pedicures are covered (how to trim your nails and clean your hands so they are wholly acceptable to Him), applying any type of color to the nail is not covered, since this is one of the 5 signs of a harlot. Only five to ten minutes is given to make-up, just to reiterate that it is forbidden, and is counter productive to countenance enhancement since it draws the attention of men to your face, and you know first the face, next the bosom and then the . . . aahhh don't you just hate those slippery slopes. Finally, material from the Song of Solomon is not covered until Phase Three! Phase Three is currently under development but can only be attended by pastors wives who have had a hair design ministry in their home for at least 7 years, 7 months and 7 days and have had at least 8 offspring, and have never used any form of birth control (this is includes the rhythm method). Complete memorization of the Song of Solomon required. The main topic covered will be Hair Design and talking to the folks in your ministry about God's heavenly design for conjugal relations. For you Growing Kids Gods Wayer's out there, Gary Ezzo has granted special dispensation to Bill who will explain this to you with a "chalk talk." This features a diagram of a flower with a extremely explicit close up of both the stamen and pistil, all while rapidly repeating I Cor. 6:18.
  25. don't they realize people can still think perverted thoughts about them even if they don't "show off" their bodies....it's kinda useless imo to even bother to be "modest " because you can't control other people's minds on how they think about you and don't they realize that anyway?