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Found 54 results

  1. In this video, Michelle, with blindingly white teeth and hair in terrible need of a hot oil treatment, reflects on losing Jubilee. I was actually impressed with her in this video, as she actually brings up getting counseling if necessary. Granted, she probably means faith-based counseling, but still, it's a start. I'd never heard that she lost a grand-nephew to suicide, which is terribly sad. Highlights: After losing Jubilee, she spent three days in the prayer closet. A "sweet" friend from a crisis pregnancy center brought them literature about babies the size of Jubilee and gave them the model of a fetus at the same stage of development. They have a photograph of Jubilee on their 'baby wall' along with photographs of the other children when they were babies. She was buried in a box from Hobby Lobby. Jordyn was so excited to have another little sister. She talks about Jubilee the most and every time she sees a butterfly, Jordyn brings her up. (This just broke my heart). She talks about J'Caleb, and claims that the children were the ones that gave him a name, years later. Jim Bob makes an appearance in the last 5 minutes or so. It seems like he was genuinely affected by Jubilee's passing. He states that he thinks losing Jubilee at half-term was more difficult for Michelle than losing a full-term baby. [bBvideo 560,340:1plze7yq] [/bBvideo]
  2. Jubilee's Birthday

    Did you know today is Jubilee's 3rd birthday? I thought Jubilee was miscarried. Since when does a miscarried fetus have a birthday? She was never even born.
  3. J'Caleb and Jubilee

    This is bothering me. When they talk about kids they have 19 but we all know about J'Caleb and Jubilee. Why don't they say they have 21 kids? They claim that the first miscarriage made them change their stance on bc and the camera's were there for Jubilee's funeral. I am not trying to minimize the miscarriages but why aren't they counted? I think it bothers me because they are prolife and if the babies had been terminated the Duggars would have protested it. Can someone help me understand? I know I sound flippant and I don't mean to be. This just really bothers me.
  4. That is to say, do you think their fame and social acceptance has an expiration date? I'm sure that this has been talked about in various threads, but I'm really interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on this one. Think Duck Dynasty homophobia hysteria...which admittedly hasn't killed their brand, but it's not the same now. Or Paula Deen and the N-word, which obviously did permanent damage. It's no secret that the Duggars have some seriously controversial beliefs, and with Jessa and Ben spouting off on IG, it seems like it's only a matter of time 'til there's a serious backlash. But then again, Jubilee's death caused some friction and bad press, but here they are, more popular than ever. Do you think it will ever get ugly and come to an end? And if so, why/how? Or what the hell is making them so immune to things that Duck Dynasty is not?
  5. There are so many Duggar moments that I scratched my head while watching. So many things that they chose to show on national television should've been kept private. I'll start the list... 1. Jubilee's funeral. (Exploiting their still-born daughter. Real nice. And Famy leaking the pics was no better). 2. Josie's NICU experience. 3. The moments of the kids sick and vomiting. No one wants to see that.
  6. http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/fa ... ed-tv.html What is this, I don't even? "Fuck you, Kate." There are no words.
  7. I'm watching the episode about Michelle's miscarriage, and I have a question: Does Michelle have more than one "copy" of that blue top, or does she just wear it over and over again?
  8. This may have been covered before - if so, please merge or delete. I've been thinking about the Duggars reaction to Jubilee and how it relates to their belief system. If they believe Jubilee (and Caleb) are safe and pure, back in the arms of Jesus, without ever having to live in this world of pain and sin, then isn't that a good thing? And since they believe life begins at conception, wouldn't miscarriage and even abortion be a good, even sought after, end to a pregnancy, because it sends the untainted soul back to heaven? Or if they believe humans are inherently sinful, either through the manner of their creation or their sinful nature, then how can they be sure Jubilee is in heaven? She never had a chance to believe in Jesus or repent. They believe she was a fully conscious being, she could have had dishonoring thoughts towards her mother and father, or coveted a name that didn't begin with J or some other sin. I know this is all silly, but the Duggars believe this stuff, they base everything in their life around it. I don't know how they can reconcile both points - babies are safe in the arms of Jesus after miscarriage, but we must prevent miscarriage at all cost because they are little people, but people are automatically sinful by nature and must believe in Jesus to be saved, yet babies are pure and with Jesus.
  9. If you missed it, the Jubilee Fiasco is coming on here at 7 pm tonight (Tuesday).
  10. Ugh, this always makes me so mad that we are never to question God, the bible or pastors. Example taken from the 19 kids and counting fan page. Why is is so damn important to never question? I was taught by ministers to always question and ask questions and to study the word of God. When you are "moved by the spirit" you are always to ask if this is of the Lord because satan wants to lead us astray and can come in the form of Jesus. Instead of giving gentle advice or comforting words, these shrews jump down this person's throat and scream how dare you look behind the curtain!!! Why is it so hard to remember what Jesus said how to treat one another? And yes, I did like Diane's one comment because we are human and we do ask why when someone we love dies or during some other tragedy. So, yes, I'm a rotton Christian because I always question and wonder why and rail against what seems wrong. I will always question and will keep questioning until I get answers or take my last breath. And I will encourage others to do the same.
  11. With the Jubilee miscarriage, it has been speculated that she won't be able to have anymore kids. what's the verdict here, is she incapable of carrying, is there a possibility for another micro preemie?
  12. http://www.facebook.com/pages/In-Gods-H ... 1136177308 Really?? Who in the hell does something like that and most likely for a miscarriage that they were not related to?
  13. http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2 ... ting-video I am not sure how to embed this, so I will just provide the link. It is a short clip of Jim Bob and Michelle beginning to tell the kids about the miscarriage.
  14. the duggars say 'good bye'

    I missed the rest... WHAT DID I MISS... something about 'next week'... shoot...
  15. Michelle Admits it!

    Go to the duggarsblog.blogspot.com and listen to the newest podcast that is up of Jim-Bob, Michelle, and Jana. Around 9:55 Michelle finally LEARNS to admit that Jubilee is really baby number 21. Haha, I guess they wised up and are trying to save face with their hypocrisy.
  16. This article on the current two episodes hits on all the snark we spew on FJ/TWOP. Crushable.com must troll here! http://crushable.com/entertainment/mich ... nting-181/
  17. http://www.forbes.com/sites/juliabrickl ... -counting/ Glad to see Forbes post a somewhat critical article that at least acknowledges J'Caleb's existence.
  18. What exactly did Josiah do?

    I didn't see or hear what it was that Josiah did when Michelle announced #20. Is there a video or pics?
  19. Michelle just recently wrote a blog about "the importance of grieving after a miscarriage." She explains that she has spent the past couple months grieving and and feeling her "sadness"......Umm no the hell you haven't...you have spent the past couple months parading around and touring all over the damn place promoting Santorum. Something is seriously not right about this woman...I'm noticing that even the fans on the TLC forum are starting to notice the dark side of this family...this is definitely going to be their last season! http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/se ... grief.html
  20. "After these messages, the parents of 19 children endure a painful loss." Oh, please! The Duggars ain't Hollywood. They're barely Springdale. Fayetteville is too sophisticated for them. How ever do the producers of AH qualify the Duggars -- aka the Newborn Collectors/Baby Hand-off'ers -- as an entertainment story? Perhaps ABC is affiliated with TLC? Yeuchk.
  21. In the recent Today interview, Michelle said "We have heard so many things about being a grandparent and now we know why it is so great. You get the joy of playing and spending time with them but you don't have all the responsibility." Michelle, In your letter to Jubilee I thought you said that it was a shame that people in society see babies as being a "responsiblity." Interesting! Maybe you can go back and RE-RECORD that part over too. Also, they keep going on and on about the loss of Jubilee...what about the loss of Caleb (their first miscarriage?) Oh I forgot, he does not matter because that happened before you were on tv and the public don't know about him. These people are fake! I remember on the episode where she announced she was pregnant with the 20th, she said that she did not mind laying down her life to have another child. Does this woman have a brain....to willingly risk your life and leave 18 dependent children (excluding Josh) behind with no mother?! How irresponsible! This is about what you want...this is not about God! Stop the foolishness already!
  22. http://moms.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2 ... -pregnancy It seems that Jim Boob and Michelle would be happy to accept another "blessing". The comments section are interesting, to say the least. Defenders have gone from the stereotypical comments of "they're raising the kids to be polite members of society," to "who cares what they're doing? Leave them alone!" Most of the commenters finally seem to realize that the Duggars are crazy, though. If this report has already been discussed on here, please feel free to delete it.
  23. Just saw that the Duggars will be on Today this morning "talking for the first time about their loss." I almost lost my breakfast.
  24. Unfortunately, NBC was not nice enough to tell me which day. It's being touted as the first time the family speaks about "THE TRAGEDY". Anyone know what day?
  25. I use to LOVE the duggars. I tuned in to every episode and really felt that the family, especially Michelle, were both pure and inspirational. However, I was SHOCKED at how their true colors were shown during this miscarriage fiasco. Now I understand that broadcasting the miscarriage on the new season can provide a sense of comfort for some women who have had a miscarriage because miscarriages can be taboo, causing some to feel they cannot talk about it. HOWEVER, now I feel like nothing is really authentic about this family, even Michelle. Releasing that video to Jubilee for the public to hear was a disgrace. Is anything sacred for this family....at all? That video should have been kept private between the family. Also, I could NOT believe that she re-edited the video to include Caleb (her first miscarriage)! That really proves to me that this video is not authentic. OH, so now you remember him? This video was for the public, not for the baby. I also feel that it is a shame that they do not encourage their children to go to college (not even a local one)! When you go to college, you learn so much about your true self...it's a beautiful thing. Instead, they want to keep them safe and in the house to help with the children...who knows if those Duggar girls will ever get married. Had to get that out lol I am not watching this season because I no longer support them or feel that they are real. By the way, I really like this forum..there's no censorship and everyone says how they feel! Pretty neat!