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Found 87 results

  1. Last thread here: Jana's still doing everything for her parents at the TTH. As far as we know, she's not gone a-courtin' yet, and her excitement about new babies brought discussion of how many cousins we on FJ do (or don't have). Till the newest Jana news...
  2. Previously, we talked a lot about one of my favourite topics, WINE! We also discussed Rufus (PRAISE HIM!). There might have been something about the duggars too, but who really cares about that?
  3. I haven't seen this picture discussed in any other threads, but if it has been forgive me... https://picasaweb.google.com/1015321704 ... 0826702514 Which Duggar girl is this? Her hair looks FRIED. Not a surprise considering what they do to it everyday, but I don't remember seeing any of the older girls with straight hair in years. I wonder if her hair is naturally straight?
  4. This film is called paradise and the main character looks like Jana Duggar. It's actually a good movie.
  5. I've seen this floating around on a couple threads. How did this get found and are how legit is it? It seems to go against the whole Duggar girls not getting social media until married. Sorry if I'm just being nosy... I think it's a big peek inside. It's very telling what a person pins. (and Jana has great taste in menswear and children's clothes if it is her). Link is: http://www.pinterest.com/jannynal/ [Edit to fix spelling and to add link.]
  6. The resemblance is completely UNREAL! Talk about uncanny! It's Fox News but one can dream that Jana would have a career like this someday right? I almost thought it was Jana until I saw her name. Being a conservative Fox News host wouldn't be a bad gig for Jana IMO. If Elisabeth Hasselbeck was able to swing her Survivor episode appearance into a job on The View and eventually Fox & Friends, I'm sure Fox would consider Jana for a gig if JB would allow her (and if Jana wanted it, of course). Also, I could definitely see Jana in a suit tackling corporate America!
  7. So, do you think by being out of the limelight for a while will offer Jana the opportunity to go to college and lead a Fundi-lite life style? (Is this ok to post here? )
  8. People started talking about Jana possibly courting when they released the promo for Counting On. Now, every day there's a couple magazine articles that speculate that she may be courting. http://www.mnrdaily.com/article/jana-duggar-news-jana-hangs-out-with-new-guy/9047.htm I think it's just hype. She didn't look particularly happy (imo) when she said "I totally didn't see this coming!"
  9. May your year give you some form of freedom and hope for escape
  10. I guess Jim Bob and Michelle are going to be making Jana and Jinger do all of the speaking engagements now? The Commit Conference is Aug 19-22. They have Jana and Jinger's photo listed first with the other for speakers but then under details it says, "2015 Conference Speakers Include: Jana & Jinger Duggar, Kathryn Ritchie, Janny Moore, Michelle Duggar, Jenny Speed, Laura Oliverio, Becky Keilen, Laura DeMasie, and more!" so I guess Michelle will make an appearance. I believe it is IBLP affiliated. This is the bio on the site for Jana & Jinger. Most of it is word for word what they said for Jim Bob and Michelle's bio on a speaking appearance a couple of months ago except they swiped out Jim bob & Michelle for Jana & Jinger, "Jana and Jinger Duggar have been an inspiration to millions of people through the ministry God has opened up for them through their television reality series aired on Discovery Health and TLC. As they have simply tried to live out the truths of God’s Word with their family, their faithful witness has given them ministry opportunities all around the world. In 2014 Jana and Jinger authored a best-selling book, along with sisters Jill and Jessa, titled Growing up Duggar: It’s All About Relationships. The Duggar girls will share from their hearts about their relationship as sisters in a family of 19 children, the importance of communication and openness with their parents, and about their most impor­tant relationship of all—their relationship with Jesus." I bolded the part of the bio that concerns me. I hope they aren't being forced to talk about the scandal. commitconferences.com/
  11. I had this thought today, who on earth would meet my fellow FJ'ers standards for Jana to court? I think it's pretty universal here that people like her and feel she has been put upon/taken advantage of ....so my fellow FJ'ers...who would get the least snark, if she courted him? My initial thought was followed by imagine how this site would have imploded if Ben had been introduced as courting Jana.... and yes I'm ready
  12. According to OK magazine online, sweet Jana is demanding a car of her own from JB and Michelle. It seems Jana is tired of carpooling with her siblings and tired of having to wait for one of the family SUV's to free up. She wants a car of her own and I say it is high time she gets it!
  13. A few discussions in other threads have sparked some questions for me (and if it seems like this discussion is too tightly linked to another thread, feel free to merge). What is the deal with Jana and John David? This first set of twins appear to be some of the quietest in the family, and obviously their love lives (or lack thereof) have been the topic of much discussion. What are your theories? Personally, I'm leaning toward a combination of naturally shy personalities mixed with early and ferocious "training" in the way of Gothard. With their advancing age (by fundie standards), they are already naturally limiting the size of their families, without having to indulge in "sinful" birth control. I suspect this is due to the extreme conditions of their childhood. Michelle's three course rice meals may have sounded funny to some, but I bet her children were anxious and food insecure (see also: Josh's ever-increasing waistline). Jana sticking around the TTH has the added benefit of ensuring that some younger siblings are still cared for, despite Michelle's lunacy. Gotta be honest, though -- the longer she waits around, the more frightened I'd imagine she'd be of her wedding night. Zero to sixty (sexty?) is quite the accelerated learning curve -- I'd be terrified if it were me, to be honest. John-David can also ensure that his siblings are doing at least okay, if not well. [Don't know the details, but wasn't there also a hard working Bates son who served as a kind of lending center for his siblings? Could be wrong, but JD strikes me as a similar sturdy, reliable figure, if not the most mature amongst men.] I'd really love to hear your favorite theories about the twins.
  14. It's been out, what around a year? As authors, the profits "should have" been divided by 4. (Who knows if they actually were, or if Boob kept it all.) Now that 2 girls are married, they should have been given their share. I don't know anything about publishing and what it takes for a book to be profitable.
  15. Hi y'all, Longtime reader, new poster. If you were to play matchmaker, what are some of your favorite potential courtships? I want to see: Jana and Tim Tebow Jinger and Skylar Weiss Joy Anna and Lawson Bates Or, Jana with Skylar and Jinger with Lawson, but ... I just really want Jana with Tim, even if unrealistic (or is it!?). I think she deserves to "win" the "best" husband. Besides, the ages work better this way, since I'm pretty sure Skylar is only 23ish. Plus, I think Joy Anna and Lawson would actually be a super cute match. John David is a stumper for me. I'd love to see Jana, Jinger, and Joy Anna married soon, for their sake, and to see what the family dynamics would be like re: Michelle managing. With Joseph at college, Josiah likely getting married, and John David essentially doing his own thing, it'd leave her with 6 teenage/pre-teen boys and 4 girls/little girls. Still quite the handful, especially when juggling relationships with adult children and grandchildren.
  16. Apparently Jim Bob is trying to set Jana up with Tim Tebow via Tebow's mother. I'm not sure how true this is but I have mixed feelings about this. http://jezebel.com/the-duggars-are-tryi ... 1663485260 http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/ ... mlinks.com
  17. Just curious--has Jana performed publicly as a so-called "concert pianist'? Even at a church?? Our will her supposed debut as a professional be on this season's show? EDITED to add this: I assume she attended this program when we were wondering where she was? http://ati.iblp.org/ati/students/opportunities/music/
  18. Have you seen Ruth Dunley's youtube video entitled Growing Up Duggar? It's a hangout with Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger to answer fan questions and promote their book. Jill and Jessa dominate the conversation of course. At the 14:54 mark, Jessa was supposed to be answering a question about going to college, but steers the conversation to boast about being a missionary and doing the work of Jesus. Then Jill interrupts with "yeahhh, not go out there and just be Career Women." (Followed by a sourpuss face.) I really think they've been brainwashed into thinking that learning a profession or trade and becoming self sufficient precludes being able to "help" others, (although I think proselytizing is offensive and not helpful.) Like having a job is selfish because you are earning money for yourself and every moment should be about others or Jesus. I mean do they really think that missionary work can support their family? Delusional.
  19. Is there any truth behind the article I read that Jana was forced to attend Weight Watchers?
  20. I was certain that I had seen exactly the opposite of what many had been stating- that Jill wanted to be a midwife and had dragged an uninterested Jana along as a chaperone. Actually Jana expressed an interest in midwifery before Jill ever did! Jill is at 4:55 and Jana at 5:03.
  21. Zach Bates is supposed to have asked to court Jana prior to meeting his wife, Whitney. I'm guessing this was after his first courtship ended. Radar says Jana and Zach went on some chaperoned outings and he asked JB for permission to court Jana. Jana, however, was not interested in Zach and told her father no. Zach must have met Whitney soon after this. Jana still has not found a man who interests her. I keep wondering if she actually does want to marry, or if she really is fine with staying single. Remaining single means her days of rearing children are numbered. Josie is five now, so in another few years Jana will be done. I recall JB and Michelle saying that by age 12 their children should be "finished" and able to act responsibly on their own. Of course, that still doesn't mean any of the children are ever treated as adults, no matter their ages, but by 12 the work of instilling values in the children should be done.
  22. Starcasm today had an article about the Duggars and noted that Jana apparently went along on Josh and Anna's road trip but appeared to be edited out, with Josh noting that it was his and Anna's first trip on their own. Does anyone know anything about this? " In tonight’s show, Josh Duggar continues his family road-trip as questions come up about whether Anna Duggar is pregnant. The actual purpose of the trip is to attend Anna’s sister Priscilla Waller’s gender reveal party. Spoiler alert: It’s a girl! Priscilla and husband David Waller welcomed baby Davia Lynn Waller on Nov. 12. They are also parents to 20-month-old Paul.Interestingly, Jana Duggar went along for the road trip, but was edited out of last week’s episode… Josh even made a big deal about it being his family’s first cross-country trip on their own." http://starcasm.net/archives/296475 Some of the comments seem to be speculation that Jana might have had an indiscretion with a boy and that's why she's not courting etc. I don't think so, but who knows? The article also talks about the Duggars visiting College of the Ozarks near Branson, Missouri. I quote: “Every student gets work experience as part of their education and they even have their own dairy farm, bakery and restaurant,†they said on Facebook. The kids even got to learn about weaving and dairy-farming. (Wouldn’t it be great if Jim Bob and Michelle were so impressed they actually allow a few of their kids to go there?)" One can only hope! I find it strange that the Duggars won't even consider a Christian college? Even the Bates allowed some of their kids to attend one for music. Does anyone know why the Duggars are so against higher education?
  23. Don't know if it's posted yet, but just read that today is Jana and John David 25th birthday. Wonder how they're celebrating.