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Found 80 results

  1. My First Fire

    LOL Obviously no lawyers were involved (or harmed) with the approval, creation, marketing, or sale of this product.
  2. Reverse misogyny

    https://m.facebook.com/MANWHOHASITALL/ This Facebook page is hysterical! The posts are funny but it's the comments that really make it work.
  3. It's always an adventure! I looked across the yard this morning: Knowing that this is NOT a good thing, I went, got the camera, took a picture, and then went to break up the confab. I didn't know *WHO* was in the crab apple tree, but I was sure something had been treed. So I went and spoke to the cats. I told them to move along. It made a big difference: That's correct - all I managed to do was get them to change sides. I was not pleased, but I wasn't totally concerned, because Hunter cat was not with them: Neither was the last feline overlord, who was stalking independently: So I kept one eye on the cats in the distance: Looked at the Hunter cat: And continued to weed. At some point, cat four disappeared . . . . totally. But the stalkers were still in position. Cat four came out of the culvert (what *was* she doing in there?) and I reached the end of my patience. So I walked to the house - went to the front door - and through the screen (different angle, same critters): I tried the "noms" call (shaking the treats while enthusiastically talking about breakfast) and the Demon finally broke her concentration, but white cat was undeterred. Ultimately I had to go out to get her, which lead to a thrilling chase of gray squirrel by white cat, and ended with white cat being taken into custody for violating boundaries. And all this before breakfast.
  4. Sometimes I laugh at inappropriate things. Apparently some of my weird sense of humor has started coming back lately. I harvested all of my beets. Lets not mention the ones that are currently in the back of the fridge. I had plans, but I got a bit sidetracked (actually my plans contained cheese and I'm trying to do a cheese free cooking week) I would like to make some chocolate milk. Currently I'm quite hungry, and chocolate milk sounds good, even if it is currently considered contraband. My garden got plowed (finally). I do have a nice looking tomato plant inside. My squared neighbor has bigger ones. He always does. I'm always jealous. Yeah... about that sense of humor But generally I'm happy at the moment. you know, in between those fits of "stop being a fucken asshole" that I get in. Springtime does that to me. Animals seem to make it better Just going to say: I want a table like that. Actually that isn't completely accurate. My bearish table would look a bit different And today I'll leave you with some more of Tom Lehrer's song:
  5. I am crying now. If this was a post, it would be: The One Where Ken Offers to Coach The Donald. The fist part of the post is a breakdown of all of the things Ken doesn't like about Trump. I'll put the highlights in bold: Now wait for it: Horrible, horrible man- but if it's between a horrible man and a woman, Ken will take the horrible man any day. The solution: Of course he's reading! I am sure The Godly Mentor is at the top of his list. Just think how excited he'll be when he sees that yet another post has been dedicated to NOT complaining (it's satanic you know) about him! This is definitely the funnies thing Ken has ever "helped written" on Lori's blog.
  6. Some are wondering if this story is even real considering the misspellings http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3443674/Mother-complains-Woolworths-refused-exchange-COLES-brand-milk.html
  7. This doesn't involve fundamentalism persay, but I didn't know where else to put it. Tara Wood is a friend of several of my friends (I don't know her), and this popped up on my FB feed. She has seven kids and is everything the Duggars aren't. Thought you guys might enjoy this for a change. http://www.scarymommy.com/big-family/
  8. Trying to figure out the bizarre words under your username? Check our Handy Guide to User Titles. Each Free Jinger member has a User Title that corresponds to how many posts they have made. Here you can see my username (happy atheist) and my user title (Fun Killer). There are 6 retired rank titles: WalMartha, Born to be Plaid, Secretly Bill Gothard, Secretly a Duggar, I AM the Sin in the Camp and I can see Chatter Now! You might see references to those titles in old threads. The user titles we use are references to specific fundies, their beliefs, and board in-jokes. They can be confusing or downright baffling if you aren't familiar with what is being referenced. Here is a list of the current post level and User Titles, along with an explanation of their origins, and links where appropriate. This list has gotten unwieldy, so I'm breaking it into multiple posts. Custom User Titles Helpmeet - this title is used by admins, mods and other members of the behind the scenes team. Fluffy Bunny - this is Curious's somewhat misleading user title. Curious is the board owner and can choose whatever she likes. Several times custom user titles were available as rewards for donations, or for services rendered. If you're wondering what one means, you'll have to ask the user. User Titles 0 - 4950 0 You're All Going To Hell - a typical overreaction to Free Jinger snark. 5 Bathroom Baby - That Wife sleeps her baby in the bathroom. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4371&p=96424#p96424. 10 Tater Tot - a favorite food amongst Quiverfull families with too many mouths to feed is Tater Tot Casserole. 15 Lurking Since Yuku - before moving out on our own, FJ used to be located at Yuku http://freejinger.yuku.com. It's not uncommon for a low-post-count user to say they've been lurking since Yuku as a way of asserting legitimacy. 19 Posts and Counting - obviously a reference to the Duggar's reality show. 20 I'll Be Praying for You - the ultimate fundie put down. 25 Blanket Trained - a reference to the practice of "blanket training" babies, also known as beating the curiosity out of infants. 30 Satan Is My Facebook Friend - 40 Pearl Clutcher - when someone is easily offended they are said to clutch their pearls. Picture an old prude. 50 Kissed Dating Goodbye - courtship is so much better than dating! 60 Holding Out for Hand Sex - Josh and Anna Duggar were allowed to touch but not kiss during their engagement. Their enthusiastic hand-holding looked a lot like sublimation. 70 Speshul Snowflake - someone who perceives themselves as so special that the rules do not pertain to them. See: pretty much everyone discussed here. When you have 75 posts you have access to Quiver Full of Chatter, which makes you just about as special as you can be on FJ. 80 Bong Hits for Jesus - 90 Usurpatious and Proud - 100 Frumper Lover - a frumper is a frumpy jumper, the modest style of dress favored by many fundie women. 125 Yodeling Praises to the Lord - 150 Doula for Destiny - overblown self-appointed title of homebirth hobbyist Teresa Fedosky. Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=25826&hilit=doula+for+destiny&start=180#p933766 175 God Took Me Off the Sex Offender Registry 200 Being Paid in Jellybeans - Erika Shupe has a massively draconian reward system for her children. For every 5 stickers they get, they earn a single jellybean. A. Single. Jellybean. 250 Degreed Law Professional™ - an FJ inside joke based on a poster who trumpeted her status as a Degreed Law Professional™, and explained complex legalities to us. Such as the fact that child porn is illegal. It gets good right around here: viewtopic.php?f=81&t=25395&start=20#p932560 300 Children Stacked Like Cordwood - quiverfull families generally have way more kids than bedrooms, or even beds, and resort to extreme measures. For instance, using industrial shelving as bunkbeds viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1080&hilit=lias+shelving+bed#p22253. 325 Fifty Shades of Jesus 350 In Full-On *beam* Mode - Erika Shupe has an incredibly annoying way of writing *chuckle* -- and a terrifying way of smiling. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=25981&start=240#p942697 375 Cabbage Patch Dolls Are My Birth Control 400 Vigorous Leghumper - named for an unruly dog's favorite behavior, a leghumper is an ardent fan. A vigorous leghumper is an extremely ardent fan. 425 Batshit with a Mahoosive Sense of Paranoia 450 Partaking of Hell's Cocktail - Michael Pearl calls porn "Hell's Cocktail" viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26140 475 Living in Open Fornication 500 Serial Courter - courting is supposed to be better than dating because you only court the person you intend to marry, which is why we find the number of prominent fundies with broken courtships so puzzling. 525 Covered by God's Feathers 550 Bodily Fluid Performance Artist - in honor of everyone's favorite batshit crazy neopagan priestess/sex magician, Ms Graveyard Dirt viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26229 575 Speaks Conversational Christian Conservative 600 Robotkin (used to be Robobotkin) - the Botkin family is very robotic. 625 Nurturing Your Brother's Manhood 650 Not a "Job Type" Person - John Shrader, David Rodrigues, and XGay Greg are all not job-type people. When it comes to working they would prefer not to, so they decide that they have a calling, a mission from God, and it involves sitting on their asses while other people support them. 675 Picking Up Socks unto the Lord 700 Homeskool Hero - homeschooling in the fundie world often contains very little actual education. 725 Doofus Son in Exile 750 Even My Hamster Homeschools - Zsu Zsu Anderson's hamsters had babies (much to her surprise it seems), but no worries! The mama hamster is a homeschooler! viewtopic.php?f=8&t=25081&start=360#p890509 775 Family Values Conspiracy Shouting Nutball 800 Anaconda Hunter - Doug Phillips (is a tool) likes to take men on manly adventures, such as anaconda hunting in the Amazon. Seriously. 825 In a Godly Shoving Match 850 Interviewed by Megyn Kelly - Fair and balanced "reporting" is Ms Kelly's specialty, especially when it comes to coddling the Duggars. 875 A Mild Sinful Past 900 Bought My House in Cash - a debt-free lifestyle is something that many fundies aspire to. 925 Flying a Soap Box Derby Plane 950 Moody Family Fanfic Author - Sarah Maxwell has written numerous achingly wholesome books about the Moody family. 975 Scamvangelist 1000 Vision Forum Intern - Vision Forum has interns who spend time on FJ, presumably collecting intelligence on the heathens to report to Doug the Tool. 1025 Bachelor until the Rapture - What John David said he would be during Joy Anna's wedding episode aired June 12, 2017. 1050 Passed the "Good Person" Test If you've ever acted like a normal human being, you have failed the Good Person Test and will go the Hell. Just thought you'd like to know. 1075 Blackballed by the Duggars 1100 Angling for the Antichrist 1111 Level Eleventy!!1!!11! - when something is so exciting that your finger slips off the shift key and your exclamation points become ones, that something is eleventy!!1! 1125 Having the Dominant Uterus 1150 Downvoted for His Sins 1175 Gracing You with My Presence 1200 Had Green Hair in College - The Bates kids are glad they don't get to go to college, because if they did they might have to sit near a kid with green hair, and we all know that's a one-way ticket to debauchery and sin. 1225 Converting Other Christians 1250 Got A Horse From God - Miss Raquel thinks God gave her a horse http://freejinger.org/forums/viewtopic. ... 25#p105225. 1275 Relaxing at the Pearls 1300 More Modest Than Thou - Modest is hottest!! 1325 Joining the Herd 1350 Certified Expert in Everything - We have some users who are never ever at a loss for facts or personal anecdotes and expertise, no matter the topic under discussion. Ever. 1375 Swift Otter's Chief Synergist 1400 Degreed Medical Professional™ - a subspecies of the Certified Expert in Everything, tangentially related to the Degreed Law Professional™. 1425 We're Talking About Mammaries - what the theme song from UP's Bringing Up Bates "We're Talking about Memories" sounds like they're singing. 1450 There's More Children Where Those Came From - this could apply to so many of the people we discuss, those who see family planning as a competitive sport and are bent on winning. The direct inspiration for this title is John Shrader. 1475 Lurking in the Pantry 1500 At the Creation Museum - the Creation Museum is a real place, believe it or not. You can buy a season pass and everything. 1525 Tossing Washcloths 1550 Homesteader in Training - the Naugler family lived in a lean-to full of goat shit, sleeping their entire 12-member family on a single mattress, eating diseased turtles, and claimed to be "practicing" for homesteading. And then they got mad when their kids were taken away. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=25937 1575 Releasing Idiots into the World 1600 Reversal Baby - since birth control is against the rules, a popular pastime for fundie men is having their vasectomies reversed and making more babies warriors for christ. Steve Maxwell did it, and you should, too. 1625 Fundie on a Retractable Leash 1650 Awaiting the Lord's Pizza Delivery - according to Teri Maxwell, to ask Steve if he remembered to order a pizza when her family was coming over for dinner would not be "reverencing" him sufficiently, and his dick would fall off (or something). As a woman it is her job to let the man be responsible for everything, and he's responsible to god. By not reminding him to order the pizza, or (let's not get crazy!) ordering it herself, she was showing her faith. Her exact quote is "It could have been the Lord’s plan not to have the timing for the pizza arrival be our timing." viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26487 1675 Swooping in with a Long Drive and a Soda 1700 Praying for a GOOD Baby - when RV-dweller Jill Rodrigues was in labor with her 12th, she prayed very specifically for a "good" baby, meaning one that slept a lot and didn't cry. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26333&start=780#p994770 1725 Ministering to Heathen Cats 1750 Made My Blog Private - many fundies become offended when their public blogs are mocked or their beliefs are questioned, and they will make their blogs private in response. 1800 Reverencing My Cheese Paper Sandwich - Remember the hilarious time that Teri Maxwell ate half of her sandwich before realizing that it contained a piece of paper? Oh how we laughed! viewtopic.php?f=96&t=26487&hilit=reverencing&start=80#p982703 1850 Shielded by Schadenfreude - as "Hateful Bitches" we at FJ take great pleasure in the misfortune of others. It makes us nigh-invulnerable to normal human feelings. This reference is from AYTFJ, and only viewable to members with at least 75 posts: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=26418&p=983049&hilit=shielded#p982822 1900 - My Kids Have Never Even Heard of Halloween - the Maxwells yet again. Their kids were scared by trick-or-treaters and the (no doubt grotesque and horrific) decorations at the nursing home. viewtopic.php?f=96&t=26487&start=100#p982864 1950 Tits2 Woman - being a Titus 2 Woman is a fundie badge of honor. It's some sort of mentor thing where self-righteous older women like Teri Maxwell lecture younger women about how they're doing marriage wrong. Somewhere along the line someone (Zsu maybe?) made this amusing typo. 2000 Purity Baller - a Purity Ball is something like the prom, except girls attend with their fathers, and pledge their purity to their fathers. Sometimes there are rings. It is exactly as gross as it sounds. 2050 Elitist About Toilets - the Naugler family sparked a lively discussion about how to do homesteading properly. Some of us are not interested in outhouses or pooping in the woods because we are toilet elitists. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=25937&start=800#p989571 2100 Escaped the Penningtentiary - Lisa and James Pennington treat their adult children like prisoners, and even deny them proper identification such as birth certificates. Their daughter Alecia Faith managed to break away from them and even got Texas to pass a law aimed at preventing such identification abuse. 2150 Taking Porn by the Horn - Lori Alexander's tips for avoiding child molestation include "taking porn by the horn" which certainly sounds like a masturbation euphemism to me. viewtopic.php?f=95&t=21670&p=726263&hilit=porn+by+the+horn#p726263 2200 - A Cheese Plagiarist and a Liar - Erika Shupe claims to make her own macaroni and cheese, but she has boxes of Kraft mac n cheese in her pantry. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26559&start=200#p997348 2250 My Quiver is Fuller Than Yours - Michelle Duggar and Kelly Bates are engaged in a battle to the death to see who can have the most arrows for God, aka children. 2300 Witnessing, Weeping & Wondering - John Shrader is having a difficult go of it in Zambia. No one seems to appreciate the tracts he makes his kids hand out. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=24929&start=860#p997490 2350 - Jesus is My Realtor - Jill Rodrigues would really like her free house, now, please. But make sure it has at least 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a one car garage, a flat yard, and is within 20 minutes of their church. viewtopic.phpf=8&t=25063&start=460#p894562 2400 Converting with Cookies - the African christians that all these noble missionaries are trying to convert to the PROPER form of christianity are onto their game and will often attend prayer meetings simply for the refreshments. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26680&hilit=converting&start=40#p998664 2450 Steely Defender of FJ Purity - some people are sensitive about negative changes to board culture, others wish they would lighten up. 2500 Hits the Pearls with Plumbing Line - Debi and Michael Pearl advocate child abuse, including beating infants with plumbing line. We'd like to show them what it feels like. 2550 Never Had a Goth Phase - someone took to calling longtime member formergothardite "goth," but she (along with so many fundies) never had a goth stage. 2600 Dancing for Jesus - adding "for Jesus" to the end of any activity automatically makes it holy. Just ask Lori Alexander viewtopic.php?f=95&t=25361&p=957547#p957503 2650 In Satan's Hidden Fortress - when Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison accounts were discovered he released a statement that was edited numerous times. The first version included a reference to Satan building a hidden fortress in his heart which apparently caused him to look and porn and cheat on his wife. 2700 Protector of Women's Virtue - apparently this is what Jessa Duggar's husband Ben Seewald sees himself as. 2750 Pepsi is My Idol - Teri Maxwell gave up Pepsi because she liked it too much, and she is not allowed to feel happiness. 2800 Hiding from God - there's no use trying to hide your sins because he can see them all anyway, right? 2850 Biggest Hypocrite Ever - another one from Josh Duggar's "oops I cheated on my wife" statement. 2900 Made From 100% Smugglyester - an FJ user jokingly called Josh Duggar the "half-smug prince", but we all know he's pure smug through and through. 2950 World's Most Inept Missionary - John Shrader dragged his whole family to Zambia to win souls. After a year in the field he has won two. But! He has killed a snake, grifted a full-size freezer, an airplane (that he still has not flown), a big SUV, some kind of amazing $6000 printer, several tons of paper, and materials to build a bible display case. He's also lost his sending church and many of his supporting churches, put out a collection box to beg money from the people he's supposed to be saving, and somehow managed to siphon donations made in the wake of his sister's death away from her husband and young daughter. And we all know that's just what Jesus would do. 3000 Pecan Thief - David Waller (Anna Duggar's brother-in-law) nearly got arrested for "gleaning" pecans. Read all about it here freejinger.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14172&hilit=pecan+thief&start=220#p436672. 3050 Drinking the Tater Tot Kool-Aid - another gem from the Joshley Madison scandal. The Duggars eat a lot of Tater Tots. "Drinking the Kool-Aid" refers to unthinking belief. Tater tot Kool-Aid would be the most repulsive flavor ever. 3100 Sherlock Jesus Holmes - Jill Rodrigues tried very hard to suss out why the employees of the thrift store were rude to her and her children. And they were only sniffing the candy anyway, jeez! viewtopic.php?f=268&t=23546&p=838441&hilit=sherlock+jesus+holmes#p838441 3150 Petting the Mystical Orange Penis Ferret - a very old reference (from Yuku times) to something Miss Raquel wrote. The mentions on this board are in AYTFJ, viewable to any member with at least 75 posts. viewtopic.php?f=10&t=26836&p=1011209p1011229 The yuky thread: http://freejinger.yuku.com/reply/105771 ... eN0rumlFsd 3200 Living the Million Dollar Tropical Fish Lifestyle - a now-flounced FJ member regaled us with tales of her super-expensive constipated fish (yes, you read that right). This is another one from AYTFJ: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=26836&hilit=fish&start=140#p1011643 3250 Savoring 2 Animal Crackers - apparently when Steve Maxwell is on a diet, everyone in the family gets to have 2 whole animal crackers to celebrate his birthday. 3300 Professor of Anal Hurtedness - similar to a Degreed Medical Professionalâ„¢, but specializing in butthurt. 3350 Keeper of Schrödinger's Uterus - one can not be both pregnant and not pregnant at the same time, can one? 3400 I Make Up My Own Words - Erika Shupe is a homeschooler, so she makes up her own words. And apparently she doesn't realize that "decluttering" is a real word. Good thing she's responsible for the education of 9 kids! 3450 Swimming in Essential Oils - many fundies consider essential oils to have, basically, magical powers. If you use enough of the stuff you don't need traditional medicine. 3500 On a Sparkling Adventure - Australian unschooler Lauren Fisher drags her poor daughters around in a bus on a Sparkling Adventure, and blogs endlessly about their neglect. http://www.freejinger.org/forum/404-lauren-fisher-sparkling-adventures-in-child-neglect/ 3550 Radiant Butterfly of Repentance - how Josh will be portrayed when he leaves "sex addiction" "rehab." 3600 In the Hamster Cage of Horrors - aka Erika Shupe's overly scheduled house. 3650 Demon-Possessed Landlord - The Shrader family had a little trouble with their landlord and had to move out of the House on the Hill, which I'm pretty sure Jesus told them was the house he wanted them to live in. But anyway. There is a dearth of beef jerky and ranch-flavored sunflower seeds in Africa and we are sorely tested. Send money, y'all! viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26680&start=180#p1021453 3700 Only Online to Help My Aging Parents - RC Sproul JR had an Ashley Madison account But don't worry! He wasn't using it to fornicate! He's an ancient 50-year-old-man who doesn't understand how the internet works, and was merely doing research. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26915#p1019599 3750 Sleeps With The Purity Bear - "I know she's cuddly. Look at me. I'm cuddly," says the Purity Bear. He's a talking teddy bear here to remind you that premarital sex is evil, unless you're a furry. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7209 3800 Purposing the Lesbian Agenda - Michelle Duggar blamed the FOIA release of Josh's police report on some sort of mysterious lesbian cabal. Because, sure, why not. I'm not saying it was lesbians, but... it was lesbians. 3850 Wearing Pink to the Parking Lot Pickle Orgy - 3900 Could Lead to Hand-Holding & Fornication - According to Steve Maxwell's line of thinking, everything is evil, even Sunday school. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=27025&start=160#p1034084 3950 Winning the Zambian Print Ministry Wars - John Shrader and his former Team Zambia teammate Stephen Rea are competing for the lucrative "handing out tracts in Africa" market. Rea has the advantage because he has the keys to the plane. 4000 Fundie Wedding Crasher - When you post an open invitation to your wedding on the internet, there's no telling who might show up. These days a lot of fundies are considerate enough to livestream the blessed event so we can all crash from the comfort of our living rooms. 4050 SEVERELY Addicted to Green Eyeliner - Jill Rodrigues never does things halfway. She has SEVERE miscarriages, not the regular gentle kind. Her sister Amy had a SEVERELY broken neck, not just a boring old broken neck. Jill also gives makeup tutorials where she advises caking on the green eyeliner. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26654&p=1003475&hilit#p1003460 4100 Wears Only "Eye Traps" - In Gothardism, an eye trap is any article of clothing that draws men's eyes to a woman's boobs or crotch. Like pants. 4150 Fearmongering with a Christ-like Spirit - There was this one time when Jill Rodrigues saw a trans woman in the bathroom at IHOP, and it was, like, the scariest thing ever. When the IHOP manager didn't react suitably, Jill and David flagged down a passing policeman (seriously), and when he didn't arrest anyone over this, they made some calls. But of course, all of this was done "to exercise a Christ-like spirit and love." viewtopic.php?f=268&t=25888&p=943161&hilit=trans#p943141 original post: rodriguesfamilyministries.com/main/?p=2009 4200 Bringing Froot Loops for Dessert - Erika Shupe, who blogs about her mad homemaking skillz, says of Froot Loops "It's a fun dessert to bring to a friend's house when we've volunteered to bring dessert!" viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26559&p=1037787&hilit#p1037787 4250 Waiting for Prince Charming - The practice of sitting around the house, praying for Daddy to find the perfect man for you to marry. Leads to unrealistic expectations, and a whole lot of infantilized SAHDs in their 20s and 30s. See: Sarah Maxwell, Sarah Mally, the Botkinettes. 4300 If You Disagree With Me, You Disagree With GOD! - The best way to shut down any argument. See Erika Shupe, Zsu Zsu Anderson. 4350 Still Smug, Still Pregnant - ie Jessa Duggar Seewald. viewtopic.php?f=87&t=27162 4400 *not associated with the International Mission Board - Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick like to pretend that they're missionaries so that leghumpers will give them money. But they're not actually qualified. viewtopic.php?f=87&t=27177#p1042739 4450 Ogling the Big White Baby - Jill again. Apparently everyone is Guatemala is enraptured by little Izzy. Mission work accomplished! 4500 Got Engaged at Arby's - Only the most romantic setting will do when it's time for a young man and a woman's father to let her know she'll be getting married http://freejinger.yuku.com/topic/629/They-Make-the-Duggars-look-Dirty#.USuE_6UWn-l. 4550 Visiting Vine Valley - Vine Valley is the title of the Arndt family's movie project, years and years in the making. 4600 Babysitting My Own Kid - When moms take care of their children it's called parenting. When sisters take care of their siblings it's called buddy duty. When dads take care of their own kids it's called babysitting. Especially true of the Duggar family. 4650 Getting a Mid-Labor Pedi - When Jill Dillard was in labor with first son Israel, she made sure to get in a little pampering. In the form of husband-and-wife pedicures. While in labor. 4700 Dusting the Ceiling Fans - One of Teri Maxwell's favorite activities. 4750 Awkward Virgin Honeymoon - Can you imagine the discomfort and cognitive dissonance of going from a no-touch courtship and engagement to losing your virginity to a virtual stranger in the space of a few hours? After being told sex is "like legos." We can't either. 4800 Bonding with My Replacement Daughter - Lisa Pennington's daughter Alecia Faith escaped, but fear not! She has found a replacement. Let the bonding commence. http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24283-lisa-pennington-has-found-a-replacement-daughter/ 4850 Ministering to the Unlovely & the Smelly - Jill Rodrigues is quite the martyr for her faith. She will even deign to hug you at church if you are unlovely. Even if you maybe smell funny! http://www.freejinger.org/topic/22586-rving-rodrigueses-part-4-nobodys-fooled-jill-merge/?do=findComment&comment=876124 4900 Multi-Level Marketing for Jesus - If you're a woman you're not supposed to work. But there's a loophole! Whether you're selling essential oils or super feminine hair accessories, if you're doing it for Jesus it's allowed. 4950 Enjoying Post-Vomit Cleanup Day! - Erika Shupe cares more about deep cleaning the house after her kids have been sick than she does about the kids themselves. This link is from fjshelter. http://www.fjshelter.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=67#p486
  9. Planetmommyhood - Quiverfull comedy?

    Has anybody heard of them? I found their videos and have to say that they are pretty entertaining :-) I dont know if they are part of the quiverfull movement but one of them has 5 kids the other one 7, I think, and they are still pretty young (mid-thirties??). And they seem to be fundies, from what they say in their videos. What do you think? Edit: Posting this I'm probably helping them to become famous now See that Jill, Jessa and Anna. You can link those two. If the Duggars do that we have proof they are reading here :-P, I guess?
  10. So funny and so true. http://www.alternet.org/culture/12-thin ... ly-gave-us On the 1st Day of Christmas, Michelle Duggar sent to me … an Arkansas anti-gay travesty. (Duggar joined the effort to overturn [a non-discrimination] law in late summer, recording robocalls that went out to every phone in Fayetteville in which she described LGBT people as a threat to the community.) On the 2nd Day of Christmas, Jill and Jessa sent to me … 2 feuding sisters double-dating. (Maybe Jill is jealous that she’s no longer the only Duggar girl who’s allowed to kiss boys.) On the 3rd Day of Christmas, People Magazine sent to me … 3 Surprising Things NOT at Jessa Duggar’s Wedding. (No white dress, no wedding cake, and no first kiss for the crowd.) On the 4th Day of Christmas, Josh & Anna Duggar sent to me … 4 babies in 6 years! (With number four on the way, many are wondering if the D.C. Duggars are planning on having a double-digit clan of their own.) On the 5th Day of Christmas, the Duggar girls sent to me … FIVE P-U-R-I-T-Y Rings! (The Duggar daughters are doing their darndest to make “courtship†culture cool.) On the 6th Day of Christmas, Jessa Duggar sent to me … 6 million Jewish Holocaust victims compared to abortion on Instagram. (Regardless of how one feels about the morality of abortion though, comparing it to one of the greatest horrors in modern history is insensitive and clueless, to say the least.) On the 7th Day of Christmas, Michelle Duggar sent to me … 7 Basic Needs of a Husband. (No. 1 secret? “Say yes to sex, even when you’re tired.â€) On the 8th Day of Christmas, the Duggars sent to me … 8 bible-approved spousal abuse tactics. (When the very definition of perfect love is sacrificing your children and martyring yourself, there is no place for emotionally healthy concepts like boundaries, consent, equality, and mutuality.) On the 9th Day of Christmas, the Duggar Family sent to me … 9 submissive helpmeets. (Girls are born for one and only one reason: to serve a husband.) On the 10th Day of Christmas, the Duggar Family sent to me … 10 patriarchs-in-training. (“The Tenets of Biblical Patriarch,â€... asserts that God is male, and explicitly not female; that the human male is the “image and glory of God in terms of authority, while the woman is the glory of man.â€) On the 11th Day of Christmas, JimBob sent to me … an unwelcomed baby. (“She broke away from everything his family represents, so viewers shouldn’t expect any televised trips to visit this in-law.â€) On the 12th Day of Christmas, Jana Duggar sent to me … the Stay-At-Home-Daughter
  11. Drinking Duggars

    I thought the Duggar's abstained from alcohol??? Am I wrong? I googled it and got lots of hits on the subject, so what is going on here? Maybe our "cameras off" thread isn't far off!
  12. - your first thought on getting a side-hug from someone you find attractive is to ask if it means you're courting. (I was sure there was already a thread for this, but couldn't find one by searching or going back into posts from May, so I hope this is okay.)
  13. Misheard lyrics

    We all know how easy it can be to think that song lyrics are something they're not, especially rock songs with lots of distortion and slurred vocal styles! My all time favourites are the following: 1) Idlewild - When I Argue I See Shapes REAL LYRIC: When I argue, sit back it makes me laugh MISINTERPRETATION: When I argue Sid Barrett makes me laugh 2) Manic Street Preachers - The Masses Against the Classes REAL LYRIC: The masses against the classes/I'm tired of giving a reason/When the future is what we believe in MISINTERPRETATION (mine): No more sex against the classes/I'm tired of giving an income/A refridgerator's what we believe in 3) The Who - Boris the Spider REAL LYRIC: Boris the Spider MISINTERPRETATION (mine): Sorry Mr Spider (bit thick of me as this was the title - luckily I noticed it on the back of the CD before I showed my ignorance by singing along to it as that, and having to pretend I was just pissing about). 4) Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK REAL LYRIC: I wanna destroy a passerby MISINTERPRETATION (ex-boyfriend): I wanna destroy a power supply 5) X Ray Spex - I Live Off You REAL LYRIC: See we gotta be exploited MISINTERPRETATION (my brother): See we gotta be a fried egg 6) Green Day - X-Kid REAL LYRIC: Probably would but hardly would instead I'm gone MISINTERPRETATION (mine): Probably would but Hollywood is dead and gone 7) The Damned - Lively Arts REAL LYRIC: It's gonna be a life of style for me MISINTERPRETATION (mine): It's gonna be a life of scaffolding Please contribute your own, the weirder and more hilarious the better!
  14. Is Jill becoming Michelle?? Is Jessa becoming Jim Bob
  15. http://zedicy542.blogspot.ca/ so I would say this an F U to JB - HOT DAMN thank you for sharing and
  16. Duggar costumes!

    Ok so I decided to do a quick Michelle duggar costume, complete with my breast friend pillow, dangling baby legs and crazy eyes!
  17. Bible based Halloween article on FA

    Tracey Moody wrote an article about a Bible based Hallowen party she threw. It is on friendly atheist's site . http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyat ... w-it-went/
  18. This is so funny. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/10/its- ... jesus-buy/
  19. The last time I tried to compose a drinking game for my friends at FJ, I went a little overboard. (Alcohol poisoning in the first ten minutes of the episode...) It's two hours of fun for all tonight as we watch Jilly Dilly tie the knot with her one true love (who impregnated her at the speed of light, but that's another drinking game...) so we'll pace ourselves. One sip Every mention of "chaperones" Every mention of Jill's "very first kiss" Every mention of "purity" Every mention of "courtship" "Season of life" Jim Boob fights to hold back his man tears. MEchelle's inability to find a MOB dress that's modest enough Two sips MEchelle mentioning Jim Boob's man tears Any mention of "trashing their ride" "Purposing" Any talking heads stating that one or more Duggars will be "next" Any mention that Jana was the seamstress for MEchelle's "modesty panel" Jim Boob whining about how much all of this is "costing him" Okay, ladies and gentlemen -- I know you'll want to add to the drinking game. After all, I only have one liver to sacrifice in the name of Gothardism and the fame-whoring that is the Duggar family. Suggestions? Comments? The floor is open!
  20. The Duggar pumpkin

    sorry could not resist
  21. The Holy Bible, Mark Driscoll Version

    Some of you may have already seen this (in fact, from the fabulous snark, it's likely someone on FJ has contributed at some point) but it's good enough to share again. I present the Bible, translated into "proper, manly form": http://bible-mdv.tumblr.com/ (Not breaking the link because I figure the blog owner would love us. Also, I'd love to see more contributions if any of you brilliant FJers can come up with some.)
  22. Taking the Bible too seriously

    I saw this article on the Huffington Post and immediately throught of FJ. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/pete-enns ... lp00000592 Link not broken because it's a public news/blog site.
  23. My apologies if this topic has already been brought up before (I did a search and nothing came up), but I was watching a documentary on naked mole rats online and I couldn't help but notice the similarities between them and our favorite reality TV family... -one female naked mole rat is the "queen" whose only job is to mate with 1-3 breeding males to produce pups -the queen is tended to by her temporarily sterile daughters who also care for the pups once they're weaned -the daughters also dig the tunnels, forage for food, find bedding, etc. -it is typically more advantageous for the queen to birth female offspring since they're better to keep around as workers (the male naked mole rat's sperm ratio fluctuates depending on the colony's need for males or females). Information can be found here: /www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/animal-guides/animal-guide-queen-naked-mole-rat/473/ /www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/02/090224133328.htm /www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life/Naked_mole_rat
  24. Hi. Thanks for activating my account. I had somethings I wanted to share the night I requested to join and my browser closed out. Today I found this post which is hilarious. They mention you all. I do think the blogger has the wrong term for Michelle Duggar. Baby Fever? Baby Hunger? Also, I like how Michelle Duggar never really answered the question here. http://www.realitytvscandals.com/2014/0 ... onference/