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Found 220 results

  1. Kenneth Copeland - he of the too good to even fly first class set - is all happy that his suckers followers and Jesus bought him a new jet. And of course now Jesus and his followers need to give Kenny 2.5 mil to upgrade the jet.
  2. Just saw this article discussing the trauma that some religions can cause;
  3. Here's Pat Robertson, being the second biggest douche nozzle in America to a grieving mother. Pat. Go fuck yourself. Then eat a bag of dicks.
  4. Israel Wayne is having a Pity Party

    Has anyone else been watching Israel Wayne whine about how he feels like he doesn't belong because he hasn't rejected fundamentalism? Apparently he's getting all judgey on twitter. "Never judge a system by its abuses. Judge it by its tenets and core values." One wonders why his is protesting so much now. . . http://www.familyrenewal.org/i-apologize/
  5. Pope Francis Normalizing

    Some Catholic fundies had to display their butt hurt over Francis by sending him a letter accusing him of being a heretic. If I was Francis I'd tell these idiots to go perform intimate acts upon themselves in traffic.
  6. This happened in Australia The couple fortunately was able to locate an alternative venue and another minister for their November nuptials. As for North, he should go perform an intimate act upon himself in traffic.
  7. "In the past three years, alarm bells have begun to ring about the role religion may play in fostering, or concealing abuse. There have been two substantial inquiries into domestic violence in Australia in recent years. Both have identified religion as a significant, under-reported problem." http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-07-18/domestic-violence-church-submit-to-husbands/8652028?WT IMO very interesting article about how churches fail abused women and how toxic and dangerous the doctrine of "male headship" is.
  8. More here: www.rawstory.com/2017/05/study-finds-link-between-brain-damage-and-religious-fundamentalism/
  9. Can we talk about Fundies and food?

    I just wanted to start an open thread on how much fundies screw up with feeding their kids. If I were a fundie kid, you bet your butt I'd be always sneaking food. Who do you think, among fundies, is best or worse regarding food?
  10. I just saw this on my Facebook feed, and I didn't see this mentioned yet. http://www.ocregister.com/2017/05/03/trinity-broadcasting-network-trial-did-1st-family-of-christian-broadcasting-cover-up-13-year-old-granddaughters-alleged-rape/
  11. John Oliver on grifting fundies

    Yeah I know this is from 2015, but I just came across this today. Among other things it talks about fundies and their love of private jets....
  12. So I think there is an FLDS family in my area. I have to say I am surprised since I don't live in Utah. Does anyone know much about smaller sects or singular families going off on their own?
  13. The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu

    So Hulu will be producing a TV series based off the 1985 novel The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood. There was a movie made in 1990 that was kind of a flop and deviated pretty far from the plot, and oddly enough, a Danish minimalist opera in the early 2000s. Considering the nature of this site, I figured that a lot of people would be interested, because it handles Christian fundamentalism pretty literally. The whole women's subjugation theme is especially pertinent to American women, considering our new overlord- I mean demagogue- I mean president It will premiere April 26, 2017. There's a short preview out already, and I am wicked excited, because it is my all-time favorite book. It looks a lot better than the 1990 movie. I can already see a few differences. Hopefully someone out there is just as excited for this show as I am!
  14. Spotted this. Sounds like not only were the staff at the schools encouraged to spank the kids but most of the staff weren't even qualified. The students got a SOTDRT type education with a healthy dose of prejudice thrown in there for good measure. It's crazy to think that stuff like this has been going on for almost 3 decades without anyone asking any questions. I think this is the reason I'm not a big fan of the idea of faith schools. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/accelerated-christian-education-europe-ofsted-dfe-inspection-report-a7502616.html
  15. Lately I have fallen down the wormhole of Zero Waste and Minimalism and homesteading on the internet and I am hooked! Some of it, such as making your own laundry soap and buying second hand seems similar to the Duggar family pre-fame when they shopped at garage sales and squirreled away money. With this mindset if they gardened with all those hands they could can, raise their own meat, and grow food too which would save money. Also seems oddly "Un Duggery" to waste money on disposables if they're so obsessed with money. Plus if they are so worried about their bodies being temples why wouldn't they obsess about nutrition vs gorging on tater tots? I knew a Mormon family who was 110% essential oils and organic food in addition to modesty because of how they interpreted the Bible. And wouldn't all the liter from the disposable plates/napkins in landfills make them feel guilty about polluting God's earth? Food scraps alone for all those people would compost into a lot of top soil. And vegetables are so much cheaper than meat/tater tots too, why don't they eat more of that? So confusing!
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/dec/02/fgm-happened-to-me-in-white-midwest-america
  17. I didn't see anything about this here, but Jack Chick, the person who started Chick Tracts died yesterday at the age of 92. http://boingboing.net/2016/10/24/rip-jack-chick-father-of-the.html
  18. I generally have that fascinated-horror, looking at Fundy women, but I've been wondering about the whole "women shouldn't work, but be SAHMs" thing - and how massively hypocritical the average Fundy shilling this is. I know there are the ones who believe it's ok for women to work inside the home under their headship's stewarding, BUT I wanted to collect a list of jobs that "non-working" women are allowed to do - can you help? And for FJers who've got experience in the Fundy lifestyle, how is this justified? So, jobs "non working women" can do. Teaching other women - public speaking at conferences and such, running courses etc (for filthy lucre) - eg the Duggar women Writing for money - eg Lori Alexander, the Duggar girls, Sarah Maxwell, Marjorie etc Blogging for money - Sweet Modesty etc - with cash for adverts, product placement etc Appearing on TV (even though TV is sinful) - Bateseseses, Duggars, everyone else aspires to this Singing in public for cash - the Boyers, Rodriguii etc Selling CDS - and presumably concerts too? How does Erin Bates sell her stuff? Photography - so many of them Illustration, graphic design (presumably they have to meet clients??) Web design and media work - the Smiths etc Working as a tutor for families that believe women shouldn't work (Tabitha Paine) Un-licensed midwifery (Jill Duggar), Doula etc Selling fashion items on Etsy - and other online shops (thinking of Fresh Modesty and others) Flipping houses and selling cars in a car lot - Duggars - can't work out if doing it or pretending to do it is more hypocritical The weird "live like us" lifestyle promotion for money Working in one's father's business What am I missing? And what's the difference between, eg, web-building at home and, I don't know, copy-editing?
  19. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/uncovering-problem-forced-marriage-u-s/ I got this link in my facebook feed a few days ago. It was harrowing to watch. Ms. Van Harn mentions growing up in a fundie sect in Michigan, but the name of it is never mentioned. Anyone know what particular branch it is? It also mentions ultra-orthodox Jews.
  20. I have no idea what's going on but I walked in to a rousing cat fight complete with screen caps. If you don't know what's happening either, you should go check it out. Carrying on from here!
  21. Fundie Speak

    I have noticed that fundies speak differently in casual conversations. Instead of talking about going out for a walk, they will say things like "It was such a privilege to spend time outside in the Lord's creation". They also tend to say things like "such a blessing" "joy" "pleasure" a lot. Let's keep a running list going of this "Fundie Language"! What do you usually hear them say?
  22. https://biblescienceforum.com/2016/08/23/world-not-yet-6000-years-old/ Apparently because of a misinterpretation of how long the Israelites spent in Egypt, the Earth is maybe only 5975 years old. I.e. we have 25 more years until a round 6000. Who knew?
  23. Starting this thread at the request of a new member, @true believer so as not to disrupt another thread.
  24. On Tuesday, July 26, the Moultrie, GA newspaper reported: http://www.moultrieobserver.com/news/local_news/man-accused-of-incest-other-sex-crimes/article_2319ac58-5388-11e6-bae2-57376db5cc29.html Smith is part of the infamous S'morton families - which have a complicated interweaving of marriages, beliefs, and general WTF'ery. Family archive here: http://www.freejinger.org/forum/307-smortons-smiths-mortons-and-sanders/ Previous thread here: