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Found 149 results

  1. Previously, these two got engaged and we talked about it then had pages of WTF.
  2. I haven't seen this picture discussed in any other threads, but if it has been forgive me... https://picasaweb.google.com/1015321704 ... 0826702514 Which Duggar girl is this? Her hair looks FRIED. Not a surprise considering what they do to it everyday, but I don't remember seeing any of the older girls with straight hair in years. I wonder if her hair is naturally straight?
  3. Carry on from here: Last post from previous thread, by @VelociRapture
  4. Continue from here: Last post in the previous thread: From @Chickenbutt P.S.: Sorry, I'm still stuck on Dusty. P.P.s: I changed the title from Dusty to Sonny & Cher to be even more annoying in the ear-worm department. With my apologies. Know that I suffer with you, okay?!?
  5. (The Devil made me use the title. Maybe it was a demon.) We think Jinger might have met the folks. At least, they were eating in Pennsylvania. Photos, buffets, diets - it's a Duggar smorgasbord! Last page of part four: Onward, posters, onward! Edited: So it wasn't the Devil, @Bad Wolf made me do it!!!
  6. Yes, I am mixing my sports metaphors. Everything I considered in soccer came back to !! Scoooooooooooreeee!!! and that just didn't seem appropriate. Jinger Duggar has announced she is courting with former soccer player Jeremy Vuolo, now a pastor in Laredo, Texas. But I think the thread has gone to salaries, Olympics, and sports in general . . . it seems as if we've covered the courtship pretty thoroughly . . . . . Part three is here:
  7. Kennedy Morton just had her first baby...after 62 hours of labor (followed of course by medical intervention). What is going on with this crazy pattern for first time births with the fundies lately? When I read about Jill's labor I was shocked; I was dumbfounded to see Jessa follow in her footsteps a few months later. And now this?! (Wasnt Katie Mortons first labor also ridiculously long?) so to those who have had babies...is this in any way normal? Or safe? I'm having a hard time believing any midwife or Doctor would condone two-day-plus labors!
  8. Well, FJ has officially reached the 20th thread...Michelle and Kelly must be fuming. Carrying on from here:
  9. Continued from here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/27281-jinger-is-courting/ TL; DR: Jinger is courting. He's a soccer player. And a pastor. And GO
  10. So, watching the Duggars and Bates (and then Anna and Ashley, I don't count Whitney because she wasn't Fundie heavy before she got married) I'm wondering about how these girls keep themselves up. I haven't seen a girl who wouldn't be considered to be pretty in the bunch. (Even if the girl wouldn't be everyone's type, she's attractive.) Is this a Fundie thing? What do they do if the girl isn't pretty? Does Gothard give the girls dressing and primping lessons?
  11. If You Could Take One Dugger Out for a Fun Day /Off Day what would you do? I would LOVE to take Jinger around Nashville for a Photography Day ending in attending an Opry Performance ( My Home Away from Home)
  12. Why do the girls wear such loose clothing to cover up their figures and the moment they get pregnant they are wearing tight shirts to make sure everyone knows they are 14 hours pregnant? It doesn't make sense to hide every curve or indent and then flaunt your baby belly. (Sorry - but shirts tight enough to show your new outie belly button just isn't attractive to me)
  13. Jessa said (just before getting married) on the show: “I guess I’m ready for it: I mean, I don’t think I’d be getting married if I wasn’t ready to start a family.†This is the problem with the whole attitude of the Duggars about marriage, no birth control and babies. They aren't allowed to grow up and be independant and leave home to live on their own and have a career (the girls at least). And if they meet someone and want to marry, they have to be ready for children because no birth control is acceptable. Well, what about being ready for marriage but not yet ready for children? There's nothing wrong with wanting to be childless for a while after you marry to enjoy being together as a couple. I wish I'd had that but we got pregnant two weeks after the wedding (and yes, we were using birth control, but sometimes things happen). Suddenly being pregnant, and if it's a difficult pregnancy and/or delivery (which mine was), it completely becomes the focus of everything and takes over your lfe. Then you have a child that is the center of your life, which is great, but lost along the way is enjoying your coupledom, especially if you hadn't been together long before you married. But I digress (just thinkingt of Derick and Jill)... It's like the Duggars equate sex only with procreation because without birth control you have to be prepared for a pregnancy. Where is the emphasis on just enjoying the person you love, being a couple, learning to live together and get to know each other and have fun (with sex as well as each other)? They are so young, that is what they should be focusing on! Once you have kids I don't think you are ever as carefree because you are not only tied down, but you worry about them all the time, even once they are adults themselves. But for the Duggars ...wasn't it even when they were doing some wedding stuff (Jessa trying on wedding dress? I'm blanking) that Michelle made a comment to Ben's mom about how they'll probably be grandparents soon and his mom made the statement about just through the wedding. It's like the Duggars are so focused on babies that even the marriages of their daughters become all about having grandbabies right away. What about just enjoying the wedding for itself? Being happy they have found, in each other, someone they love and enjoy. Wishing them the fun of learning more about each other and deepening their own relationship and growing together, getting out and doing things alone together that normal people might do while dating?! And Jessa's comment above...it's sad that she feels she has to be ready for children if she's getting married otherwise she better not be marrying. I'm not sure she's really ready for marriage either, but I think she (and a lot of the kids) ARE ready to get away from JB and M and get out on their own and have some freedom. Doing it through marriage with a guy she is attracted to, if that's the only way they are allowed, okay...but it's a shame they have to be ready for be parents at the same time. They go from being treated like little children who aren't allowed to do barely anything on their own, to suddenly being getting married which means moving out along with a boy and having sex and possibly being pregnant within a month. That's an awful lot to get used to with little preparation beyond being cleaning and babysitter slaves for their parents.
  14. Anybody else think that the Bates girls have picked better husbands than the duggar girls?
  15. I'm new to FJ, but I have been lurking for about a month. I hope there is not another topic that is already like this. Anyway, I was wondering who you all think will be the next Duggar(s) to start courting and why? I personally think that Jana and John David will start courting in 2015. The only real reason I think this is because they're the oldest two not married, and I think their parents will basically make them find someone.
  16. Has anyone ever noticed if the girl duggars exercise or play sports or work out? I know about their strange aversion to all forms of dance, but what about healthy, strenuous activities to keep them fit? Does their homeschooling include a physical education component? I think I recall them once hiking (in flipflops and skirts, of course). I wonder if they just don't like working out or if Gothard has somehow convinced them that fitness activities are not for girls.
  17. I have a question. Why do some of you insist that the adult girls (specifically Jana Duggar and Sarah Maxwell) NEED to be rescued by men in order to be happy? Whether most want to accept it or not, Jana Duggar (24 years old) and Sarah Maxwell(30 something) ARE adult women living in America. Jana Duggar,24, is far less isolated than Sarah Maxwell and Jana has regular contact with Amy. If Jana was so unhappy and really wanted to leave, she would. It also is bothersome that some people here insist that these adult women NEED to be rescued by men marrying them. I think it is very ironic that FreeJinger is against what some, claim are backward ideals of the Duggars that pose a threat to feminism yet insist that the only way these adult women can escape is by having men marry them. Isn't that the same backwards thinking that some of you are so against? Look at Jana Duggar. Some of you insist the only way that she can leave is by having a man marry her. This has gone to the extent of people starting a huge false rumor, "Tim Tebow and Jana are courting! Now she will finally be able to escape!" http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-new ... ys-2014612 . These rumors are harmful to Jana and I wish they would stop.
  18. So I just saw on the duggar/bates confession tumblr that someone had a mutual friend who knew the director/producer and he said that dimbulb and J'chelle are paying one of the older girls to stay on the show because they don't want to be a part of it anymore. I'm pretty cynical by nature but this did catch my eye. It makes sense regarding Janas lack of appearance in the road trip if she doesn't want to be part of the show, just seeing Her friend for her baby shower and her niece/nephews Thoughts?
  19. Which Duggar daughter are you? Take the quiz to find out! http://ow.ly/Eai3y
  20. Josh: Get more exercise and stop feeling like you need to be cool - it works to your disadvantage. Despite my opposing views to your politics, seems like you've landed a good job and your wife and kids appear to be happy. JD: lose the good ole boy persona or play it to the hilt and get your own show or do a stint over with the Duck Dynasty crowd - and figure out a way to get your own bank account and lose the belly. Jana: Get a spot on Project Runway and then never go home to live. Or get a sweet job being a spokesperson for a lobby like Josh did and then go travel and earn your own money. Jill: relax a little. Have the baby and then write a book and keep the money. Jessa: try to get in on Jill's book deal and then go on long book tours. Figure out how to not have a baby for at least 3 or 4 years. Jinger: Start taking photos for pay and get your own bank account. Josiah: hire a lawyer and be the representative for all the kids to sue your parents to get some of the TLC money into bank accounts for each of the kids and to have independent financial guardians for the kids' bank accounts. Then write a tell all book about your last year. The middle boys: sit tight and fly under the radar for a few more years - chances are that when you all get to courtship age things in the family will get different and hopefully more relaxed. The younger girls: don't let them crush your independent spirits. Go live with a favorite older sibling under the guise of wanting to help them out and then get the heck out of fundie land.
  21. http://www.ibtimes.com/jana-duggars-feu ... ng-1711400 I feel so bad for Jana.