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Found 54 results

  1. There's this documentary series on Barcroft TV (YouTube) where this guy goes around the world looking to meet people of "human extreme". In this episode, he simply set out to find people who've had lots and lots of children (10+), but quickly found himself in over his head when he uncovered their motivations. Most of them are the epitome of quiverfull with a capital "Q", and what's striking is that it proves to be an international phenomenon. For fair warning, it gets kinda sad/creepy. Watch the above or go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6Fm2WGL4bo
  2. Beautiful Tragedy

    Has anyone seen the documentary "A Beautiful Tragedy?" Its on youtube, and although it has nothing to do with Fundamentalism, it is a great watch. It is basically about a Russian Teenager who is going through a very rigorous ballet program and goes through her depression, loneliness, anorexia, etc. I Suggest y'all watch it
  3. I thought this was going to be a Civil War documentary - instead, I am watching a frustrated filmmaker with hopes of hooking up with every woman he encounters, a la 1986. It's comical and sad, and really riveting in a train wreck sort of way.
  4. We get to hear Miriam speak! And it doesn't surprise me that John's the one who's super gung-ho about his dad. (The interviewer asks the kids at around 26:49 about what they think of the death threats PP gets.) Juan Payan is the dude who was also interviewed in the West of Westboro article. I hope PP is paying him (lololol) for being such a shill.
  5. The mention of documentaries in the No Place Like Home thread got me wondering if anyone would share their favorite cult/fundie documentary recommendations. Bonus if they are on Netflix! When I was in college i watched Jesus Camp and found it fascinating. I would like to watch it again. My roommate had an upbringing similar...lots of social pressure, even for kids, to speak in tongues and faint and all that. She found it very stressful to watch. There were some interesting scenes involving a liberal Christian radio station out of the Midwest somewhere and I remember wanting to research it. Anyone?
  6. This new release documents the lives of a fundie family who lives in total isolation in NYC projects. The children are homeschooled, and their only exposure to the outside world is through secular movies. The father forbids the wife & children to leave the tiny apartment. The Patriarch's form of rebellion against the government is to not work.
  7. Christmas Appalachia 1965

    I ran ran across that documentary on youtube and it really moved me and brought fundies to mind, even though it's not what it was about. From 1965 which is only a couple of years before I was born - such a stark contrast in how the media presents things then compared to know. Frank statements about their abject poverty and no softening of the message. people featured talking about how their kids aren't in school due to lack of proper clothing, concern over what their lives will be without an education, families having child after child while expressing fear of the kids they have not having enough to eat or basic necessities. But no mention of the elephant in the room...why are you having more when you cannot care for those you already have? i wonder what these people would think of some of the fundies we talk about. Not the Bates or the Duggars with their money - but like the Nauglers...choosing to deny their children an education, choosing to raise them without running water or a decent home. Would they understand why anyone would chose to underecuate and deprive their children when they are alternatives? anyway..just made me sad. And extremely grateful for my life. I don't wallow but there are times I feel bad for not being able to give my kids all I wanted to give them in life...sometimes resent life not being as easy as I would like. Then I watch something like this that happened in my lifetime (as I doubt all their problems vanished in the following couple years before I showed up) and I think I need to eat a big bowl of stfu because I clearly have no concept of living life of this kind of hardship.
  8. Films about fundamentalism

    I am wondering what films are out there on the topic, be they documentaries, completely fiction or the based on a true story variety.
  9. Did anyone else watch this? It's about two of Warren's kids who left the FLDS. They both say they were victims of child sexual abuse by Warren.
  10. A two hour documentary on Tuesday 12/30 at 9pm on lifetime movie network. Saw a commercial for it tonight. Three sisters from the Kingston Clan (a very private and abusive sect) who left and are trying to help others leave. mylifetime.com/movies/escaping-polygamy
  11. Hey Guys! I have a fun obsession with North Korea and I enjoy learning about it as much as I can. I've seen all the docs available on Netflix: Crossing the Line National Geographic: Inside North Korea Kimjongilia Seoul Train I was wondering if anyone could recommend some more documentaries, books, tv episodes, etc? Thanks in advance!
  12. Documentary about Quiverful

    It's here : Sorry if we previously speak about it.
  13. Tonight, Bridegroom is premiering on OWN. It tells the story of Shane Bitney Crone who was banned from the funeral of his partner Tom Bridegroom by Tom's family. The documentary is going to focus on gay rights, domestic partnerships, and gay marriage. It will be premiering at 10 pm eastern time. I believe it will be released on Netflix today too.
  14. Hello my Jingerites. I just posted a review for a fun, guilty pleasure flick "The Boys and Girls' Guide to Getting Down." It's definitely not a movie for the fundie crowd. http://blog.freejinger.org/movie-review ... ting-down/
  15. Movie Review: Girls Rock

    Hello y'all. I just posted my review of the documentary "Girls Rock" at our humble blog. I chose to provide the link here because it really doesn't snark on fundies. However, it's a great movie, and I think a lot of my Jingerites will like it. http://blog.freejinger.org/movie-review-girls-rock/
  16. Central Park Five on PBS

    I am curious did anyone watch the Ken Burn's Central Park Five documentary last night on PBS. I have to say while well done it was disturbing on many levels. The one I found most disturbing was the media not digging into the story and just contributing to the feeding frenzy. There was no looking into the facts or thinking something here doesn't add up. Instead it was a common case of the easy sensational story with little questioning or fact checking.
  17. I was flipping through the channels and came across this new HBO Documentary - American Winter. http://www.americanwinterfilm.com/ I was bawling within minutes of watching this. I started about 20 minutes into the program, and the scene was the mother and son going to the Panera 'pay what you can' cafe for dinner - but its closed. And the mother has no food for her 11 year old son, and she loses it and is so distraught... and the boy tries to comfort her. It hit a little too close to home. My dh and I have had some rough times.... and I did when I was a kid, too. This movie was filmed in my city and reminded me of people I see every day. By the time it was over, I was so angry at all the assholes out there that try to take away social services, and say that people who need help are lazy. Its such BULLSHIT. The woman I mentioned above was poor and broke because her husband died. Not because she was lazy. Everyone should have to watch this movie, especially the fundies and hard core right-wing 'anti social services' types.
  18. This coming Sunday, Bio Channel is premiering a new documentary series called Escaping Evil:My Life In A Cult. Well known FLDS escapee and activist Flora Jessop will be the focus of the first episode. ETA: The air time is 10 pm eastern and here is a link to a video clip http://www.biography.com/tv/escaping-ev ... 9542083630
  19. Queen of Versailles

    Has anyone seen this documentary. It was terrible in the way a car accident is and you can't help but watch. (the film making is amazing work)
  20. Episode One: Trapped, hulu.com/watch/433191#i0,p0,d0 Episode Two: Escape, hulu.com/watch/433192#i0,p0,d0
  21. Miss Navajo

    This is a documentary on Netflix. Despite the streaming issues (curse you interwebs) this is a fascinating look at contemporary Navajo culture through the window of this one contest, which includes butchering a sheep as one of the skills that has to be mastered! Plus snippets of religion, daily life on some reservations (I am sure some have running water) as well as the history of the contest and its importance. (totally off topic, but I am slayed that Aidan Turner is now secretly Bill Gothard.)
  22. I have not watched the episode yet. I saw the episode on Reddit Documentaries and thought FJ may enjoy the video. I plan on watching it tonight. Mods, please feel free to move to chatter if necessary.
  23. CTV is right now airing an episode of W5 that covers a polygamist cult in Ontario, near Owen Sound. I can't watch it all right now but I'm recording it for later, just wanted to give a heads up for others. Does anyone already know anything about Mormons in the area? ETA: Found this on their web site. http://www.ctvnews.ca/w5/allegations-of ... -1.1041913 Insane. This is right in my backyard, I would have never ever guessed.
  24. I am saying alleged until I can confirm it, but this was posted on reddit and the consensus seems to be that it is real. I have a lot of thoughts on this, I need to make them come out in a way that makes sense, but having been raised in various denominations of evangelical christianity, the things we were taught about the LDS church were not positive. This video does nothing to dispel that, in fact I think this is probably one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. This is a shortened clip, but that youtube account also has one that is listed to be the entire ceremony, it is about 1:15 long. http://youtu.be/6udew9axmdM
  25. Call the Midwife (on PBS in the US)

    I'm just curious if anyone watched a show "Call the Midwife"? The first episode aired on PBS in the US tonight, it's about a midwife in the East End of London in the 1950s. In the first episode one of the clients is having her 25th kid, I couldn't help but think "take THAT Michelle!!!"