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  1. Understanding about letters and numbers is very important for your children's life. Parents can teach their kids about numbers very early by playing games and daily activities, In order to teach your child to learn and count numbers, you should encourage them to associate numbers with what they see and do every day. However you should not be rushed, because this is a long-term process and you should not expect to see results after a short time. 1. Practice speaking and counting numbers - As soon as the babies start to talk, parents can teach them about the numbers. Simple sentences like "a tree" or "two cats" ... can help your baby connect figures with pictures in the real life. Teaching your baby to sing song that have many numbers such as "Counting stars", "Five finger" and many more, this is also a way to help children recognize the numbers. After 24 months, the baby may count to ten; however, they only imitate and don't really know and understand all the numbers. - At this stage, it is necessary to take advantage of every available opportunity to bring the numbers into the daily life and everything you do: two pairs of shoes, one dog, three apples.... It's frustrating to get messages, but using these images will help children understand the meaning of numbers, not just the sounds. From 3 to 4 years old, you can go a step further than start adding and subtracting the actual number of images you have used. You can do examples for the baby such as; three bananas, and then discard one will be left two. You can also use counters to teach plus and minus. The little children can’t understand the principles of mathematics, but they will continue to link the numbers to objects in daily life. 2. Teach children learn number: Through the games every day - Find the numbers around Simply looking for all the numbers that appear in and around the neighborhood: from bus to house numbers to advertising posters ... Read aloud to all of them and show them to know these numbers. - Learn how to count numbers. Teach your kids count to all their toys, or a group of toys you have set before. You can also let your baby pick up 2 toys or take a toy to check their progress. - Teach your baby about your phone number Teaching your baby to remember your phone number is also helpful in teaching numbers and in the case of straying. You can also turn the numbers into a song, a rhyme or more for baby remember easily. - Draw and color Numbers Coloring Pages Bring numbers to life by encouraging your child to paint and color them in bright colors. This is one of the best ways to interact with the learning process and ensure that your child is inspired to develop important knowledge. All people, adults and kids love color by numbers. Numbers Coloring Pages are the perfect educational tools for children. Number coloring sheets bring much fun for young children. Through these coloring sheets, they can identify different numbers, learn the basic math principles and practice counting and writing numbers. Both coloring and learning are the fun way for educating. We offer free printable number coloring pages with the eyes-catching pictures for each number that attract children's attention. Numbering and counting are quite difficult to learn for little children. But when it is adapted by the different ways of teaching such as coloring pages, kids will understand and remember it better. Because kids like to color and develop their imagination through using colors, thus coloring and learning are combined together, the result is fantastic. Find the perfect number coloring pages for your children and class. There are numbers coloring pages for children, preschoolers and adults on Coloringpagesonly.Com, enjoy!
  2. Mother's day is a special day for mothers; it is a celebration honoring the mother of the family. Many places of the world will celebrate this day on various days, March or May. Children and fathers around the world will mark this special day by offering flowers, cards, presents, chocolates and many more to their mothers and wives. The handmade presents are the most significant gifts for moms. They will let children and fathers express their creativity and love for Mom and wife. Help children make mother feel special with a creative and unique present from the heart. Welcome to this post and supplies you with some handmade ideas for Mother's Day. 1. Mother's Day Cards Make your mom smile and happy with homemade cards that are easy to make and create fun for children to color. You can make a card with a boy with a big heart, a girl with flowers and many more. This is a nice idea and an intelligent way for kids to make beautiful pictures for their moms. What to do: Just simply choose your favorite pictures, download, print out Free Printable Coloring Pages and then using crayons, colored pencils, markers or more to color for these coloring sheets. Fold it in half, write words inside. Are they beautiful presents for your moms? You will try it. 2. Beautiful Bouquet All women love flowers and giving a beautiful bouquet is a lovely idea for kids. And to make this presents more unique, kids like to use bubble wrap to wrap their gifts. Fresh blooms will look lovelier when wrapped in this paper. The things you need to prepare to make a bouquet wrap: bubble wrap, tape, flowers, ribbon, acrylic paint. Apply paint to bubble wrap, place flowers on a diagonal and then fold bubble wrap, using ribbon to tie the bottom of the bouquet. 3. Heart Cookie Box It is sweeter with a heart cookie box for mothers. The kids can decorate cookie box with contact-paper cutouts and paint. 4. Handprint Heart Your children give a handprint heart for you, it will be yours forever! Handprint heart is a super quick craft gift for Mother’s Day and makes a lovely keepsake. Preparing: Paper and Pink and purple paint Instructions: Place fingers together on a purple paint, print it on the centre of the paper. And then adding a handprint of pink paint overlapping on the purple handprint. 5. I Love My Mum Flower This craft present will encourage kids to think about the most characteristics about their mom. This is a treasured possession for moms. Preparation: Pens, scissors, glue, colored card and printable coloring sheets Instructions: Draw a circle and some petals on the card, writing I love my Mum because in the middle of the circle or you can find and print out templates of Coloring Sheets to the card. Cut out flower parts; write a reason why you love your mom on each of petals. Using glue to stick the petals. Glue your flower to a card or tapes a straw. 6. Family Meal Make a delicious meal for moms; give her a voucher for a meal together as a family. It is more precious time spent together. Will you be celebrating Mother's Day this year? Will you make handmade presents for your mom? I do hope. Happy Mother's Day!
  3. This is the place for random chit chat. Would you prefer to use the forum and gallery for showing your work or would you like a blog in the club? Either/or or both is fine. I just don't want to make a blog if no one is going to use it, essentially
  4. Post your favorite supplies and questions about coloring supplies here.
  5. Ship - from Lost Ocean

    So here's a ship I did from Lost Ocean. My usual Cra-Z Art colored pencils (72 count) (because twistables has a horrible selection of blue). If you look REALLY closely you'll see that I'm not in the lines sometimes in the small places. Which became more or less an artistic choice. I posted the skull that was on the opposite page in the new coloring club.
  6. Mystic Mandalas 29 and 30

    Behold, the final 2 mystic mandalas. This completes this.book. my usual cheap colored pencils.
  7. Colorists and aspiring colorists chat here.
  8. Mystic Mandala 28

    Crayz art colored pencils
  9. Mystic Mandals 26 & 27

    The first one was done with CraZ Art colored pencils. The second was done with crayola twistables. Personally, the first look like their on something.
  10. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39514166 Becuase most parents want their kids coloring Hitler.
  11. secret garden flowers

    And I just finished another since I'm still abiding my the no tv portion of my self imposed media deprivation madness. Secret Garden coloring book. I used Prismacolor scholars 60 count on this for the first time. And note that I intentionally did not use green in this. which is rare for me since green pops into everything.
  12. Mystic Mandala 24

    Started this last Friday at work. And without the internet to surf during lunch finished it. Using my trusty CraZ art 72 pack colored pencils.
  13. Secret Garden Well

    From The Secret Garden. Using Frixion markers. They're good for the little tight places, not good for the wider areas. I finished this during my 3 day media deprivation exercise (on Sunday). (ignore dirt please). There are a couple of smudged spots (dumb hand)
  14. Pond Scene

    From Enchanted Forest using prisma scholars
  15. Mystic Mandala 20something

    I've lost track of which one this is. My usual craz art colored pencils. I did the middle in yellow. what can in say, I'm missing the sun. Then I felt purple and we'll you know me, purple means green.
  16. Mystic Mandala 21

    From mystic mandalas. done with craz art colored pencils.
  17. A Note From the Universe

    Pages from the notes of the universe coloring book. Crayola Twistables were in use.
  18. Johanna Basford gets OBE

    So, Johanna Basford got an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for her services to art and entrepreneurship. While giving her the award Prince William told her that Kate likes coloring in Secret Garden. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/prince-william-reveals-princess-kates-secret-hobby-coloring/story?id=43900448
  19. Christmas Ornaments

    I follow Johanna Basford on Facebook, and she posted these free downloadables! You can find them here https://www.johannabasford.com/blog/; I would love to see what other FJ colorists come up with! As always, I used my Prismacolor scholar pencils. I also decided to cut out the ornaments and hang them on my wall as some decoration. Ho ho ho
  20. Crazy Cat Lady coloring book page

    Hey everyone! I was recently gifted a new coloring book called "Crazy Cat Lady"!!! It is very cute and snarky. The book is quite short, and the drawings are simple and easy to color, which might be nice when I am tired of the little details in some of my other books. There is actually a story that runs through the book, so that you can flip through it and it tells you how a regular lady eventually becomes a crazy cat lady (TM) hehe. I colored the first page (the cover page?) using my trusty Prisma scholars. PS the cats are totally blank canvasses, so you can give them any kind of fur you desire!
  21. Birds

    I have one more crappy tablet picture that I decided I might as well post. This is the same as the last few. Color Super Cute Animals and sharpies. Super washed out again. tans=oranges. Edit to add: Oh I didn't save the cropped version, apparently. For those of you that were wondering about the slotted boxes you can get a pretty good idea from this pic. I have various misc small sets and sharpies in one and my "artist grade" and bic mark its in the other. Gel pens and markers too tall for these type boxes are still a jumbled mess in a regular tub. I haven't figured out a good option for them yet
  22. Mystic Mandala 20 or something

    I'm feeling a bit ambivalent ambivboit this one. I started it, got side tracked for a while and came back but It felt forced.
  23. Orchid Bunny

    I love this Color Super Cute Animals book. Most of what I've colored recently has been out of it. This is the Orchid Bunny. My husband suggested I used orchid since I spent so much time looking for that marker. The colors are *really* washed out because shitty tablet picture in low light. To give you an idea, the places you see really light brown/tan color....that's all orange. This was done mostly with sharpies since I'm currently on a sharpie kick. The main body is orchid and the flowers on the right of the bunny's body are prismacolor parma violet
  24. Bunny in a cup

    I did it! I am caught up! Now to stay that way. In celebration, here is a page I did recently. It's from the book Color Super Cute Animals by Jane Maday. The quality is not great, as I snapped it with my tablet in less than optimal light, but I didn't want to wait for my husband to get around to scanning it. This was done mostly with Sharpies. The greens in the tea cup are prismacolor markers.
  25. Halloween Skull (and a cute cat)

    From Enchanted Forest and heres Murphy's Halloween costume!