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Found 76 results

  1. My sister sent this along of her little man Marvel, being all sleepy after a long day of troublemaking.
  2. Down in St. Louis now, visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and two of my favorite felines - Maggie and Marvel! They're both doing ok but Marvel's a little stressed over the fireworks everyone is shooting off now.
  3. Meow! huffingtonpost.com/entry/cat-wine-apollo-peak_us_57631e82e4b015db1bc8c911?section=weird-news As for their first question, nope. They don't care about drinking wine. Now knocking over glasses of wine when they're set down on a solid surface, that's a different story.
  4. Today is my feline niece TK's third birthday. My sister-in-law decided June 1st was her b-day based on the age she was when she found TK in mid June 2013 - about two to three weeks of age. That way we'd have a day to tell her Happy Birthday, give her presents, and try to give belly rubs without getting our hands taken off at the wrist. Happy Birthday TK!
  5. My sister shared this of her little man Marvel. He appears to be up to something once again...
  6. My sister shared this of her little man caught being up to no good.
  7. My sister and brother in law are down in Orlando for a few days. My sister's friend is being Auntie Dena, checking on Maggie and Marvel regularly. She found them like this today. I think there is trouble brewing.
  8. I'd like to wish Happy National Pet Day to all the FJ pets out there. And also to my feline nieces and nephew Maggie, TK, and Marvel!
  9. An Ames, Iowa cat was a bat little kitty - they received a 911 call but only had silence... kwqc.com/2016/02/29/cops-respond-after-iowa-cat-calls-911/ And the pet hospital took a mug shot of their wayward feline...
  10. There's a video out on Huffington Post of cats vs. cucumbers where unsuspecting cats get startled by cucumbers; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/sneaky-cucumbers-startle-unsuspecting-cats_56465306e4b0603773490b54 I informed my sister of this video. She asked her husband if he could pick them up a cucumber on his way home. We'll have to see how their two felines, particularly the younger boy cat, react to the cucumber.
  11. I've recently been playing around with watercolors a lot (mostly because I wanted to paint something nice for my bestie for her birthday) and I just kinda wanted to show off some of the things I've done recently. So this post now exists. Most of these are from my #drawweirdaleveryday project (which I gave up for a long while but am now doing again) but the cat is my friend's cat Khéops. I painted that for her birthday. I've got one more I could show, but it's not quite done (it's also meant to be a surprise yet and its recipient hasn't seen it yet). ART!
  12. This is Nova. She's 5 months old, and is establishing her purpose in life at our house. She's going to be getting a through vet check tomorrow, but at the moment, she's in the office, and the resident dog and cat are sitting at the office door, wondering WTF we've done, bringing another something into their home.
  13. Anybody here a TinyKittens fan? SO. MUCH. CUTE. Former ferals being socialized. Formerly feral kittens learning to be lap fungus. The shenanigans of Cassidy (Cass, Casserole, Cassaroo, Muzzlepuffs, Puffy Puffs, Puffs) the two-legged MiracleKitten. Join me and we will squee about Skye the Sink Cat, Starling's Darlings, the Hayloft Flyers, and the Metrics. =^..^= tinykittens.com facebook.com/tinykittens Shelly Roche's purrsonal cats: facebook.com/tinytuxies The gross-tastic side of rescue: facebook.com/tinytapeworms
  14. I think I know what Marvel the Kitty wants for Christmas now...
  15. My sister in law put her Christmas tree up the other day. Which of course means TK has a new favorite spot now in the house. Didn't even want to come out to greet me when I stopped by this evening....
  16. Crazy Cat Lady coloring book page

    Hey everyone! I was recently gifted a new coloring book called "Crazy Cat Lady"!!! It is very cute and snarky. The book is quite short, and the drawings are simple and easy to color, which might be nice when I am tired of the little details in some of my other books. There is actually a story that runs through the book, so that you can flip through it and it tells you how a regular lady eventually becomes a crazy cat lady (TM) hehe. I colored the first page (the cover page?) using my trusty Prisma scholars. PS the cats are totally blank canvasses, so you can give them any kind of fur you desire!
  17. We found out a few weeks ago that our beloved 14 year old cat has mammary cancer. Apparently this type of cancer is really bad in cats. It's almost always highly malignant and will likely come back even after aggressive surgery and chemo. We are "lucky" in that it has not metastasized yet, so she is a candidate for surgery. We won't know her personal prognosis until afterwards when they do pathology on the tumor, but based on the tumor size she could still have 1-2 more good years with treatment. Since she is otherwise acting totally normal and healthy and does not seem to be experiencing any ill effects, we've decided to go ahead with the mastectomy. We feel like a few weeks of recovery is worth it for 1-2 more years with a good quality of life. We're not ready to give up on her, and I don't think she's ready either. Anyway, the surgery is Wednesday. We live in a big city near a well-regarded teaching animal hospital so I trust them to do a good job and take care of her. I'm still a little nervous, but frankly, she does better under stress than I do. Has anyone else gone through this with their cat? Any words of wisdom? Finally, IMPORTANT PSA: Check your cat's belly for lumps every few weeks and if you notice any unusual lumps, take the cat to the vet IMMEDIATELY. Early detection is so, so important for mammary cancer in cats because it spreads so fast. If you catch it when the tumor is still 1 cm or smaller, you can buy your cat another 4-5 years. Pictures below. I'm gonna miss her fuzzy tummy when they shave it all off for the surgery.
  18. Kitty manicure time...

    Two of the kitties were due for a mani-pedi today. This was Griffin's response - as always. and Sham-Wow's - as always if he'd just cooperate we'd be done by now. And I wouldn't have a cat scratch dead center in my top pinky knuckle which hurts way more than you'd think. . Why won't he just...
  19. I decided to start a blog to share pictures of my furry babies, past and present. First, the newest member of the family - Rerun! For those who are curious, he got his name from Peanuts. Linus and Lucy's little brother was called Rerun. My dad adopted him this week after putting Milo, our 20 year old cat, down two weeks ago. I can't wait to go home and meet him. My dad reports he's playful and wild and loves milk and cheese. He's just about six months old.
  20. This is my little squeaker, Josie. I found her living in my dad's garage the year I moved to Michigan. She was so tiny and scrawny but so sweet and affectionate that one night I couldn't take it any more, so I scooped her up, tossed her in my car, and took her home. Best decision I ever made. She never got much bigger - she's a runt. Even at going on six years old, she only weights five and a half pounds, but is the happiest and sweetest kitty. She purrs constantly, loves to be hugged and held, and has the tiniest little trilling chirp that you've ever heard. We think she sounds like a fax machine and not a cat. Oh, and she likes being a parrot.... Here she is with my MIL, and snuggling with Santino "Sonny" Corelone, her baby brother. And yes - she's wearing a Christmas sweater. And one with our other kitty, Lily.
  21. Gilda is our 2nd oldest female, after Lily. Gilda's loves are cardboard boxes, straws, plastic spoons, and potato chips. Fluffybutt loves her some potato chips. That's about the only people food she's ever touched. You could set a steak dinner in front of her and she would just look confused. Like Josie, she has her own language of sorts. She has a very soft and delicate meow that we only hear once in a while. She sort of grunts and gurgles in response to us - like she says 'err! err .' She also has a penchant for wanting to play with my nail art supplies and polish whenever it's out.
  22. So my grandmother died on Tuesday. It was very sudden, and I wouldn't be on FJ right now if I didn't have something that I felt I could ask here. It was a major topic of discussion in my house last night, and it's on my mind and I can't sleep, so I figured I'd post now. Grandma had a cat. We aren't sure how old she is because they adopted her after she was abandoned. My mom decided that the cat will come live with us. Miss Kitty has never lived with another cat before. She's a bit neurotic for a cat. She has to have the basement door open or she freaks out; when left alone for long periods of time, she sometimes resorts to peeing everywhere. To the best of our knowledge, she's never lived with other cats before. (If she did wherever she was before the person who my grandparents adopted her from got her, we're unaware.) Grandma used to let a neighbor's outdoor cat in to eat, and she would merely hiss at him and then go hide. Usually the outdoor cat would just come, eat, and leave but sometimes he would stay for a few hours and sleep in the house. This wasn't my favorite thing in the world because he was pretty dirty, but Grandma loved that cat like Mr. Big Boy - actual name - was her own. Anyway, I'm not sure how well Miss Kitty will take to living with my 3 cats, Whiskers, Midnight, and Shadow. Miss Kitty has claws on all her feet, whereas all my cats were declawed in the front paws when they were kittens. (I know that this is a very hot button issue. I'm asking for mercy this one time, FJ. Grandma just died, and it was not my decision to have them declawed.) I'm worried that she may attack the other cats. Though I do think my cats will quickly learn not to fuck with Miss Kitty, and she's a very gentle cat to people, but I'm concerned that there may be frequent attacks just because it'll all be so new. My mom doesn't want to leave her in my grandmother's house alone. Even though someone will have to go every day to feed her and can spend time with her, she feels it's best to bring her here as soon as possible. I think we need to work slowly. With the others, we kind of just let them loose and they did fine. I feel like it may not go so smoothly for Miss Kitty given her age and how long she's lived without another cat consistently in her life. Any advice at all on what might be the best possible course of action would be so appreciated.
  23. I am a pretty experienced cat mom, I've fostered kittens for my local rescue for a few years (GREAT experience, I encourage all who are able to try it!). I've been through some digestive problems, eye infections etc but for the most part, mine have enjoyed really good health. My oldest litter is now 5 months (where are all the adopters??) and very active, happy and healthy. BUT I have one male in this group that sneezes a lot. I've never had this before. He just sneezes and sneezes. It wakes him up from his many naps. It hasn't slowed him any. Any ideas?
  24. Ok then...

    So I finally caved in after struggling with combs and bristle brushes and bought a Furminator at the recommendation of a couple of websites and the woman at the Pet Barn (who clearly had no ulterior motive in selling me a stupidly expensive cat grooming item). I was skeptical and for $Aus56 I was crossing my fingers (and everything else) that it would be worth it. And then this happened....... This is thing is FREAKING AMAZING. Both of them sat for ages purring away and loving every second of it. Oh, and that bottom photo? That all came out of Alfie's tail. However I am feeling like a bad cat parent because I clearly haven't been doing much good with my previous combs and brushes