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Found 160 results

  1. Hello all! I've noticed a lot of new posters on the site recently - I'm assuming we have Josh Duggar (who is a waste) to thank - and I got the idea of writing up summaries of the Bateses to help out. Summaries start with the parents and then go by birth age of the child. Admins, feel free to merge if you need to. ETA: All summaries are available now. Click on each Spoiler to view them.
  2. Not sure if this was posted before, but Big Sandy is scheduled for April. I was just browsing the offerings and mugshots of our usual suspects (Gil and OfGil Bates, Jim Bob and OfJimBob Duggar, the incomparable Davy Waller, and little Gabe Cleaver Cleator) when who should pop up but Steve and OfSteve Maxwell! I don't remember them being on the schedule before: http://familyconferences.org/events/family-conference/big-sandy/
  3. So we've played the game multiple times with the Duggars. What will the future of this family in 5/10/20 years? I predict that the quick marriages will continue. Another 2-3 married in the next 5 years, including Nathan and Tori, maybe Lawson as well. In 10 years there will only be 8-9 kids left at home. In 20, maybe 1-3 kids. I think Zach and Whitney will have a larger family. 8-10 kids. Some more drifting towards fundie lite. Will probably never know for sure. I think Erin will slow down. Maybe 1-2 more kids over the next 10 years but that's it. They will stay fundie except for limiting family size. Michael and Brandon will actively pursue blessings but time will tell. They will stay fundie, although I do think the Institute will die out and he will need another job. Alyssa and Jon will have 6 kids in 10-15 years but then be done. She'll stay off the internet. Nathan will marry quickly after finding a sweet Southern fundie gal. Lawson will fall hard for a girl, probably another musician. Tori will marry Bobby. I'm not sure if any of them will approach 19 kids, but I'm better at least one will have 12. I'm not sure yet who that will be though. The littles will be much more independent as young adults. 10-15 years from now when the boys are teens and the girls are in their late teens/early 20's they will be left alone for long periods of time while their parents travel/enjoy retirement. Erin or Zach will be called on to check on them while their parents are away but they will enjoy a lot more freedom and I'd expect at least one of them go away from fundie life. Maybe a real college degree by then. Guesses, anyone else?
  4. I was watching Netflix the other day as I unpacked moving boxes and I got to the episode where we first meet the Bates family. They come to stay with the Duggars. Their very close friends who they hadn't seen in seven years And they jump out of planes, etc (which was actually kind of hip for the Duggars!) They went on the outing with Amy making fun of it the whole time and the Bates girls were all dressed in matching little girl outfits, even though a number of them were over 18. And they talked about it for a while, about all the girls, toddlers and up, liking to wear matching outfits. I was sort of stunned. Here we are years later and Erin and Alyssa are both married. And Jill. And almost Jessa. And I'm staring at them. Granted they were younger. But are we to believe that Alyssa, who met her now husband when she was 16, attracted him in those outfits? And Erin with her pink master bedroom. I guess my statement/question is this, even for Fundie men, what is the appeal of this child brides dressed like dolls? Do they really want to go for the rest of their lives with women who know very little about the world? Jill has at least travelled and worked, sort of, as a midwife. Anyone else have any thoughts? I mean the contrast between seeing them as married women and the dressed in matching outfits...
  5. So I dug through the Wayback machine and finally found the old Bates blog. We have looked before and I'm not sure why we weren't able to find it. Wow, what a difference! One of the biggest things that stands out is that in the picture on top, Kelly is never holding a baby or even standing near a baby. They also bring up ATI and IBLP a lot. Here are some of the Bates going to Romania with Gothard to try to save Gypsies. And there are some super awkward Zack's courtship pictures. Poor girl was clearly never really into him. https://web.archive.org/web/20111206095054/http://gilbatesfamily.com/blog This link tells how they gave Judson that name because they want him to be a soldier for Christ. The link also tells how the older partners(that was their word for buddy) were busy now, so she, at 10, "volunteered" to bathe, dress, and care for the small children. Here are the Bates "recipes" that make Tater Tot Casserole sound good. Pour canned beans over bread, put a sliced hot-dog on it and sprinkle on some cheese. Put a scoop of mashed potatoes on a slice of bologna and sprinkle on some cheese. https://web.archive.org/web/20101112160342/http://gilbatesfamily.com/blog Zach goes to give a talk for IBLP and then Gil preaches about how rejection is conquered by realizing you have gifts. https://web.archive.org/web/20101221071610/http://gilbatesfamily.com/blog/ Gil teaching at ATI's yearly conference. They don't even try to call it a "Family Conference". https://web.archive.org/web/20110620171906/http://gilbatesfamily.com/blog Zach proposing a courtship. https://web.archive.org/web/20110710082032/http://gilbatesfamily.com/blog Gil and Kelly drag a baby around the Grand Canyon with no hat and in only a onesie. Their poor parenting skills were discussed by Free Jinger at the time. https://web.archive.org/web/20110721000848/http://gilbatesfamily.com/blog/ Carlin Josie and Katie doubt their salvation and get saved again. https://web.archive.org/web/20110817061300/http://gilbatesfamily.com/blog/ They spend Valentine's day at IBLP headquarters. https://web.archive.org/web/20110220203649/http://gilbatesfamily.com/blog Trace gets convicted of sin and is saved https://web.archive.org/web/20110220203649/http://gilbatesfamily.com/blog They campaign for Rick Santorum.
  6. I searched but didn't see where this movie had been discussed. It is a documentary about IBLP. I can't wait to see it. The movie comes out in 2017.
  7. Carry on from here:
  8. I had some time to kill today, and I made these charts comparing how the Duggar Kidults and Bates Kidults compare to their moms when it comes to making babies. I think it's actually pretty interesting, and fj is the only place in the world I can imagine where anyone might even find it remotely interesting as I do. In any case, it's mostly just for my enjoyment and reference (I'm a fundie and math junkie I guess lmao) but I thought I might share it just in case any of you all were interested in it. If you're wondering why I didn't do anything more productive with my time today, don't worry I am too. Anyway, here it is
  9. One Bates new baby. One pregnancy soon to end. Endless discussion about the 2nd generation.
  10. Kelly has posted some photos from a hike the family took in 2008. They are interesting, but what I find fascinating is seeing Allyssa in her frumper - she's almost unrecognisable! More on the blog....
  11. They haven't updated their blog in about a week....I suppose it could be something simple like internet is down . There's been a lot of "fellowshippin'" going on with other ATI high profile families......
  12. So, watching the Duggars and Bates (and then Anna and Ashley, I don't count Whitney because she wasn't Fundie heavy before she got married) I'm wondering about how these girls keep themselves up. I haven't seen a girl who wouldn't be considered to be pretty in the bunch. (Even if the girl wouldn't be everyone's type, she's attractive.) Is this a Fundie thing? What do they do if the girl isn't pretty? Does Gothard give the girls dressing and primping lessons?
  13. http://defamer.gawker.com/the-bates-fam ... 8Gawker%29 Read it and weep.
  14. Just wondering if anyone could help me find the posts by the user who said they knew the Bates family? I'd love to read what they wrote again.
  15. Duggars Vs. Bates

    People love to speculate about a competition between the Duggars and the Bateses. I tend not to believe that they actually feel like they're in a competition with each other, but it got me thinking: what if it actually were a competition? Who would be winning? And then I made a spreadsheet. Because I'm home sick and I'm insane. This is how I calculate it: -Lose one point for each child 18+ who is single. -Lose 5 points for each child 25+ who is single. -Lose 15 points for each child 30+ who is single. -Lose 50 points if any immediate family member has a scandal (immediate family = the parents and children, grandchildren and sons/daughters-in-law and scandal = anything majorlike adultery, divorce, leaving fundamentalism completely and obviously, that would be a scandal to fundies not necessarily to us, and that isn't criminal - wearing pants or kissing before marriage doesn't cut it). -Lose 100 points if any immediate family member does something criminal (and gets caught, obviously). -Gain one point for each child. -Gain 5 points for each set of twins. -If Michelle or Kelly ever manage to produce #20 that's an automatic 100 points. -Gain 1 point for each child courting. -Gain 5 points for each child engaged. -Gain 10 points for each married daughter. -Gain 15 points for each married son (because they carry on the name). -Gain 1 point for each maternal grandchild (i.e. the child of a daughter) -Gain 2 points for each paternal grandchild (i.e. the child of a son, because they bear the family name) -Gain 5 points for each set of grandtwins. The results so far: the Duggars are winning by a small margin. The Duggars and the Bateses each have three single children over 18 (but under 25). The Duggars have 2 single children 25+. Each family has 19 kids apiece, but the Duggars have two sets of twins whereas the Bateses have none. The Duggars and the Bateses each have one married son and two married daughters, however the Bateses also have one daughter courting. The Bateses have one grandchild (paternal) to the Duggars' 3 (also paternal). Total points for the Duggars: 57 Total points for the Bateses: 54 Jill and Alyssa's upcoming babies won't make a difference because they will both be maternal grandchildren, thus taking each family to 58 points and 55 points respectively. It's Anna's baby that will make a difference, pushing the Duggars a little further ahead. But if Michael gets married this year and no other Duggar does, the Bateses will probably take the lead. It's based almost purely on childbirth and marriage, because those are the main things they're evaluated on by themselves and others. I decided not to give points for pregnancy because it's too iffy and the added points for children who have been born, or the lack of points for fewer children make up for it. This actually took me only a few minutes to put together and is going to consume very little time to keep updated, so I plan to continue the game indefinitely.
  16. Bates Family Part 11

    Two babies in the works, and no Michaela pregnancy announcement yet. Continued from Part: 10:
  17. Politicking Tweeting and Fundies

    I think I skeered/annoyed poor Lawson Bates tonight on the twitters. He was tweeting some nonsense about God bless Oklahoma all the states that vile creature Cruz won. On the OK I replayed to him #feelthebern he replied a bit later with something about burning a hole in your pocket. I give him props for that come back it is pretty good. I tweeted back to him Better a hole in my pocket than my soul.Is easier 4 a camel 2 pass through eye of a needle than a rich man to get 2 heaven. He deleted the convo. I don't know all the very strict rules for starting new threads but I was amused by our little exchange, and had to share. TPTB can delete if they wish, and I will take my spanks.
  18. Bates Family Part 10

    STILL talking about maxi skirts, two babies in the works, and no Michaela pregnancy announcement yet. Continued from Part: 9:
  19. The discussion left off with maxi skirts, Michaela's wedding episode just airing, and the Superbowl halftime show aiding in digestion. Part 8 is here: