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Found 98 results

  1. Previous thread here: Title is a reference to the Arndt parents thinking that being 30 and living at home with your parents is being "safe". From what I can tell, the Arndts still like filming and softball, and there's now some added weight-lifting. I'm not a Arndt devotee, so I trust that others can add what I've missed. Carry on, folks!
  2. Couldn't pass up this gem on Dad's Diary: Those poor man-boys will be preparing until they reach their graves! Don't know if anyone else here reads the Dad's Diary, most posts consist of the following: Daddy talking about the weather and what scene they are filming for Vine Valley; Daddy mentioning which fastfood/chain restaurant any combination of him, Cathy, or the kids ate at; Daddy mentioning where any combination of the kids are at and what they are doing (including the ones who are in his presence at the time); Daddy spending time one on one with one of the kids and having meaningful discussions on "very important or pressing topics"; imo the diary is sort of creepy, the man-boys and Mary-Elizabeth will never have a life of their own because Daddy Arndt has to know where each and everyone of them is at all times and exactly what they're doing. WTF???
  3. From Daddy Arndt's Diary on their anniversary day (April 28): Just reading this makes me so angry. We all pretty much can guess how their "unique stories" will unfold no thanks to Mommy and Daddy Arndt.
  4. Since they don't really post much publicly any more, here's part of Dad's diary entry for today. Still filming and no distribution plans provided by God yet. Brilliant observation about the internet! Perhaps by 2020 we can look forward to a streaming pay-per-view 10 hour extravaganza of hills and valleys and rivers and Daddy Arndt at assorted ages stumbling around in the snow. And things are moving more rapidly in their lives! Although how can one tell how fast a glacier is moving? I wonder which two are getting antsy?
  5. I'm not sure what to make of this post on famteam.com. Is he hinting at a courtship for one of the boys? Or suggesting that god can't find a suitable mate for any of them?
  6. My gateway fundie family were the Duggars, which led me into learning about Gothardism and the IFB. That was a deep and twisted rabbit hole! I have taken sideways glances at a few other families of a different ilk. One of which is the Arndts'. I've attempted to search the world wide web for some type of clue as to what their distorted worldview is and how that would make it feel natural to (a) continue living at home into your 30's; (b) have what appears to be an unnatural lack of sexual desire or curiosity; and © shout to the world all of this strangeness in the name of the lord. I don't find much else besides their own published videos and information about the businesses they have. I have read many of the threads we have here about them, but am really curious as to what happened to these men and why they don't feel a need or have a desire to seperate from mom and dad. Can anyone point me to that information or thread where this is covered? Or, does anyone know the why, what, how? Thanks. p.s. I know. My grammar stinks. Apologies.
  7. Couldn't let opening day of the new forum end without christening the Arndt thread. Did id anyone hear how the classic went?
  8. I thought I'd open a thread specifically for the Ardnt's YouTube video programs as I can't find one and I know a few of us have been watching them even though they are a bit old. I thought I watched them all, but I came across the episode where they go to the Zoo and found it very snark-worthy. Some highlights: 1. Cathy is quite over-the-top manic in this one. Usually she's pretty sedate in these vids, but she really shines. As they go from exhibit to exhibit she just about squeals with delight when they see/find an animal. She channels J'Chelle frequently, using the outing as a home-skooling opportunity. The shocker is she's wearing black shorts!! They are the customary very short length however. 2. The youngest got confused between a giraffe and a zebra (on a previous visit).... At first I thought it was cute and just a minor mistake a kid would make, but of course they played the whole thing again later in the vid and I really think the child seriously had no clue. I'm imaging his only exposure to zoo animals prior to this was a page in his school "manual". 3. Rick was pretty much the bumbling idiot throughout the day as usual. Cracking bad jokes and and trying to impart "wisdom" to the brood. We was complimented once for is keen sense of direction navigating the zoo, (Cathy seems a bit map-challenged). At one point she seemed to be over him "Next time we'll leave daddy at home" after one of his corny jokes. 4. The youngest was all excited to see a big catfish and the entire episode centered around the search for where it was located. Turns out the fish died the previous year and the boy was pretty much crushed. Cathy tries to console him by pointing out the other big fish, but it doesn't seem to work. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for a big long spiritual speech about life and death, but they all pretty much laughed it off and decided the kid would get over it. Pretty secular and passive way of handling it, I thought. 5. The highlight of the trip was seeing the penguins and seeing them be fed. Big surprise. 6. Lastly, it seemed like only a fraction of the family was on this outing. I tend to get confused between some of the middle/older JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidts, but it's possible that about 5 of them were doing the filming with 8 different cameras, as usual.
  9. Turn right on to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams and then a quick left on to Isolation Road. Has a sort of creepy Christina's World vibe.
  10. From a recent Dad's Diary... Who wants to attend?
  11. Or so says Daddy I'm very sure it was fascinating and unique. How many men on the cusp of middle age can say they had a "wonderful birthday experience" singing and dancing in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom and then embarking on an "adventure" that consisted of lunch at a burger joint with his parents and siblings?
  12. Didn't the Ardnts usually talk about prepping for the Softball Classic about midsummer each year? This year, nothing. 4 (I think) of the manboys are off on a wilderness adventure, Dad's corner (or whatever it is called) talks about softball games in general, and his near daily drives with one kid or another, and the constant editing of vine valley....and it looks like this summer the family has season passes to Six Flags in St. Louis. And their wedding photo / video (They prefer cinema) site actually looks decent. The softball classic, on the other hand, looks abandoned and neglected. famteam.com/softballclassic/ says Except October 5th is a Monday this year. Do we think it died from lack of interest?
  13. From Dad's Diary (this is just so WTF, I think Rick & Cathy have brainwashed their offspring)??
  14. Says Daddy, "I feel the same distress today that I have felt in the years since abortion was legalized. (It happened in January of 1973, during my juinor year in high school.)" (Note the need to always insert some detail about himself no matter the topic.) But the Softball Classic (Brought to us directly by Jesus!) will serve as a healing balm. "We are convinced that the FamTeam Day retreats and Softball Classic events have also been brought to birth by Him. We continue to sense that we are called to stand firnly and calmly, that we are to remain on 'offense'(in the sense that Jesus did in His earthly ministry), and that we are (as the saying goes) to 'light one candle rather than curse the darkness.'" I think the Manboys are scared they will be asked by a gay couple to photograph their wedding and they'll get sent to prison if they refuse.
  15. I can only imagine what Mary-Elizabeth dreams of when imagining her future. She has limited outside of the family experiences, she sees all of her older siblings not getting married, not starting families of their own or moving out of the family home. Even if the rest of the family tells her that one day her prince charming will come and sweep her off her feet, how can she believe it when there are no examples of it at home. Just wondering.
  16. Enjoy your cake in your parents' bedroom! The Arndt's now have only 3 teenagers and one tween at home.
  17. and they want to shop it to Christian networks. From Dad's Diary: December 10, 2014 Wednesday evening, December 10 (9:36 PM) Several of us (about 10 or so) gathered at 12:30 for a time of prayer and encouragement. We stayed together for a short time (maybe a half-hour), but a lot was accomplished during the meeting. As we talked with each other, I became more convinced than ever that this family will be given new opportunities to reach out in the year 2015. After the meeting, a few of us (Paul, Mark, Jude, Philip, and I) drove down to the Y center. During our workout, we gave ourselves a good “beating,†torturing ourselves on several different machines. On our way home, Paul and I talked about a few things that have been on our minds. He and I are enthusiastic about the new FamTeam show, and he is eager to share it with one or more Christian TV networks. Cathy just dropped into my office room. While here, she showed me the finished version of our 2014 latest family Christmas photo. The image will be placed onto the Christmas cards that we will soon be sending out to our clients. We are about to gather for our evening prayer and conversation time. If everything goes well, we will find a way to gain some extra sleep tonight. A few of us have been run down physically, and we need to be replenished! In other news, photos show Luke is looking pretty darn tasty.
  18. http://fox2now.com/2014/01/03/meet-the- ... -daughter/
  19. Those poor souls in Uganda...
  20. This year it will be held at the "family homestead". Any FJers living in the area should attend. What's up w/Mommy Arndt? She can't wear a t-shirt like the rest? She has to wear one of her blouses over the t-shirt, and why only sleeveless for Mary-Elizabeth?
  21. So I wandered over to the Arndt blog/epileptic seizure trigger and found a posting about the big party they are throwing for their parents' upcoming 35th wedding anniversary. Here's the invitation: http://www.famteam.com/today/images/ful ... 090219.jpg They talk about how they are having a bunch of family AND friends over. Who are these friends of which they speak? Is anyone else waiting in breathless anticipation of the pictures? Also: Meatball may have a relapse of Bumblefoot!
  22. How could we have missed this: What, no duck-food birthday cake in the bedroom with Mommy & Daddy Arndt? Luke Arndt: Seth Arndt: Jacob Arndt: