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Found 151 results

  1. Continued from here We were talking about small changes in RCC liturgical prayers, baby names, Jared Padalecki, teen crushes and everything but that &#@£##& of the father of the poor five Ms.
  2. Josh, Anna, M-Squad Pt 13: Awaiting M5

    Still waiting on the appearance of Josh and Anna's 5th child. Anna is using social media again. Prep for a Joshley comeback? Who knows...
  3. Previous thread here: Most of the last thread was spent discussing the value of genetic testing, with the occasional picture of Josh, Anna and the kids. We also talked about the benefits of flannel sheets. Y'all can have my share of that LOL! I need to be cold when I sleep. We're still waiting on the birth of M5, which is happening..."later this year"? Guess we'll be waiting a while.
  4. More on Anna and the kids and the possibility of M5. Part 4 is here: www.freejinger.org/topic/25422-anna-duggar-and-the-m-kids-part-4/?page=1
  5. The discussion of the Anna and the four M children continues here. Part 3 is here http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24834-anna-duggar-and-the-m-kids-part-3/
  6. Discussion here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/25098-jill-jessa-special-sunday-december-20/
  7. Discuss the shit-spewing here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/25017-jill-and-jessa-duggar-special-sunday-dec-13-merge/?page=1
  8. Josh and Anna Renew Vows

    Really???? http://getreallol.com/josh-and-anna-duggar-renew-wedding-vows/
  9. Previously: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/23918-free-anna-duggar-and-the-m-kids-part-2-merge/?page=1 Anna puts in an appearance in the promos for TLC's new specials, so it seems that she, Mack, Mike, Marcus, and wee Meredith are sticking it out in Duggarland, at least for now. Whether that's by choice on Anna's part, or due to pressure or lack of support and options is anyone's guess.
  10. If you could say anything to Anna right now as Joshgate #2 unfolds, what would you say to her?
  11. Now that July is here, I'm starting the Anna Duggar baby watch. Post away!
  12. Why do they clearly still want to be in the spotlight after all of this? Just why? Also, at the end Anna says, "Thank you for raising such an awesome husband." and kisses him. Blech. That was definitely done as a slap in the face to the media slaughtering him and claiming Anna's preparing to divorce him. [bBvideo 560,340:3b2n90lf] [/bBvideo]
  13. Anna Duggar - Part 2

    She's due sometime next month, right? I don't envy her situation at all. Part 1: viewtopic.php?f=87&t=25320
  14. Is this old news? Sorry if it is, I have a newborn on my hands. I promise I did search first… Josh and Anna's website is down (the ja20 one). Makes you wonder if there is some sort of PR team working on a new one. I know initially they just took down links to IBLP (at least that's what people here said), but now the whole thing is gone. They sure are laying low, aside from Michael's birthday.
  15. Are they still in their DC house? They must have a lease, probably yearly. I worry about the kids. It's not good for them to be stuck in a house all the time.
  16. I've just read a post on Lily & Ellie's site with Anna talking about date night. Apparently baby sitters are expensive in D.C. (Who would have guessed that when you pay someone rather than use family, things get expensive.) so they sometimes have dates at home after the kids are in bed and other times take the kids with them. My question is: Is it a date if you take your kids? We use to eat out once a fortnight with our kids. It was a treat for us and them and a chance to put into practice what they learned at home in the way of manners, conversation, etc. I would never call it a date though. I'm all for having a romantic meal together at home after the kids are in bed and calling it a date. Eating out with the kids? That's a family dinner to me.