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Found 150 results

  1. Who else is in this pic?

    I recognize the five oldest girls and Anna. Who's between Jessa and Jinger, and between Jinger and Jill? http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos- ... 9297_n.jpg
  2. I was just channel surfing and came across the episode of 19KAC 'Driving Miss Duggars' where the girls came back home from Little Rock to get some supplies and went to Josh and Anna's place for supper... Anyways I couldn't help but notice when they questioned Anna and Jana about how they get along, neither seemed to know quite what to say! Anna looked at Josh and was all "I think we get along great I hope!?" Very unsure and Jana was all big eyed and slowly said "I think I get along well with her"... Heres a link to a Vid: And also notice the body language on most of them, other than Jill, wasn't overly happy to be seeing Anna etc. Saw Jinger behind her arms cross and looking at her sternly, and yeah just seemed as though none were overly warm or happy to be with eachother etc. Just wondered your thoughts?
  3. By the older Duggar girls saying that they love having new babies around the house because they're like 'real, living dolls to play with?' For one thing, they are children, not toys, though I guess they stop being important by the time they can walk in that house, and furthermore, the girls saying this are in their late teens. They are talking as if they are children. It is not healthy to still be playing with dolls at that age and in beyond unhealthy to see their siblings in that light. I guess they were never allowed dollies as children and, as they have never been allowed to grow up yet curiously have been given adult responsibilities since a ridiculously young age, they see their little sisters as fulfilling that. That, or Jim Bob/Michelle threatened them by saying that they couldn't say anything negative about having to raise their little brothers or sisters and they came out with a poor choice of words. Still, I thought it was very telling.
  4. So I've spent the last 2 days lurking on these boards finally signing up for real:) Last night I saw a pic on here (i think) with pres Clinton and one of the girls. ? Before I could figure out where the pic was taken or why this site went down for update or whatever now I can't find it.... does anyone know what im talking about? Also I often have the show on but I'm rarely PAYING attention.. I tune out alot off it seems because now I also want to know WTH is the pissing preacher? BTW does anyone know if TLC filmed the funeral? The family smiling photo REALLY disturbs me it leaves me feeling sick. The audio of the "letter" made me feel dirty just hearing it, it seems so so wrong (writing it is fine but sharing it umm no.. mostly because was read with no emotion no feeling).
  5. Sean, I hope you lurk here, cause I have a suggestion. It's obvious since the great 'Jubilee' incident that the show is done. Public opion has turned to our way of thinking...nevermind the drooping ratings and trying to bolster that limping show-give us what we want; The J'Slaves freedom show. TLC would see it's best ratings ever! Jana, Jill (if she'll participate) Jessa and Jinger. Rent them a big house, away from the parents compound, help them get jobs and learn to be normal people. One by one the kids can defect. Help them. It's partially TLC's fault things are so fucked up for them. It's your duty.
  6. ... which one would you take? Jill. She deserves her own life. Urgently. I'd get her enrolled in all the necessary pre-requisites to train as a nurse or midwife, find her a proper church with a support network, give her a home and allow her the freedom to discover what she wants - or to do what she believes God wants - from life. And if she wanted it as a job, I'd employ her as an au pair to look after my kiddies whilst I'm at work. If I could take a second, though, I'd take Jennifer. My reluctance is only that I think she'd need more experienced care than I could provide. My daughter is Josie's age and appears at a similar developmental level to Jennifer, and I'm not sure I'd know how to approach that for either of them.
  7. A poster on here a few weeks ago mentioned that they didn't think the youngest children would have been born were it not for the TV show. It's worth noting that the oldest five girls all have lovely personalised beds in their room, which doesn't look like it has a lot of spare room to house any more, particularly considering Jill and Jana were given double beds. Hannie on down allegedly sleep in fold-down cot beds, unless they sleep with their buddies which is also possible. Either way, they don't get a 'proper' bed of their own. The house was built for the family the size it was at the time, which considering they apparently want to extend their family exponentially seems a little odd. I'm sure whoever this was gave more reasons, but since then, I haven't been able to get the idea out of my head...
  8. As a spin off of the worst moment, what moments have you enjoyed from the show? A couple of my favorites are: When Jill went to South America and made a REAL FRIEND! They were holding hands and they cried when she had to go back to America. When asked about boy fans that want to date them, Jana says something negative, and Michelle almost loses it... ahh the flashes of the OLD Michelle™... she must be a force to reckon with! When Jackson started dancing to a toy in a store and Michelle tried to explain away that no he wasn't actually dancing.... Whenever you see actual personality from the kids like Jinger's fear of heights...
  9. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp ... 5#45207374 I was watching the thing about "What The Duggar Kids REALLY think about Baby #20" (by the way, that title is soooo misleading!) Naturally they are all claiming its awesomeness... I thought it was interesting, Jessa and Jinger stood together, but Jessa did almost all the talking. But if you watch Jinger's face, you can see her lips tighten at some of the things Jessa is saying, particularly about how awesome baby 20 will be, and how grateful they all are for their mom, and some other stuff.... Jinger is gorgeous by the way. But I don't think she needs braces. And close up, she and Jessa are more distinguishable... Jessa has a longer face, and Jingers is rounder. Another thing I noted in the video where they announced Baby 20 is that Joy's hair is sooo pretty... I guess she's not into the perming thing? Nor does she wear makeup. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with her age cause Jinger was perming her hair by age 14... I cant remember about makeup though.
  10. Was one of the Duggar girls (Jinger?) wearing a Star of David (a.k.a. Jewish Star) on last night's episode (Habitat for Humanity)? What's up with that? A while back I remember them mentioning they don't eat pork. Now one of the daughters is wearing a Jewish Star? I guess a VSE, where the Duggars go Fake-Jew would buy them another year on TLC.
  11. In dangerous situations, like hiking or a home building site. They need to stop being so indignant and self-righteous about it. It's not cute or funny or clever. If I had been one of the bosses, supervisers, or whatever at Habitat for Humanity, after seeing flip flops, I would have turned them away so quick their heads would have spun. (It's also not cute the way Josh and Jim Bob joke about being fat, yet stuffing food like it's going out of style, but that's a whole 'nother subject).
  12. Something I have always wondered: until I came on here, I totally believed that it was natural because it seems to be done really well and with the four girls and J'Chelle it just looks like they inherited it. It must take a really long time to do so many small curls, and I wonder how they find the time to do that in between all their slave duties.
  13. Michelle has vaguely alluded to the Buddy System on numerous occasions, but has never actually gone into detail about it. Who is buddied with who? Clearly it's Jennifer-Jill and Josie-Jana, but it seems less obvious for the others. I also wonder at what point a child is considered too old to have a dedicated buddy - was Jackson bumped off to make room for Josie or do some of the J'Slaves have more than one? Also, it doesn't seem Joy has a buddy despite being older than the others when they would have started. Can anyone explain this in more detail?
  14. I find the older girls: Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger to be very pretty young women. I know genetics are funny and everything, but does anyone find it odd that none of the older J'slaves look alike? I mean they look similar, but if I didn't watch the show I would never guess that they're sisters.... cousins maybe, but not sisters. For instance, Jill and Jessa don't really look similar. Jill is very light skinned with a longer nose while Jessa is olive-skinned with a tiny, pointed nose. Also, I don't really think any the J'Slaves resemble Jim Bob and Michelle very much either. What do you guys think?
  15. I just thought of this, if you were to meet a Duggar girl and have a conversation, how do you think it would go? The girls and Anna have a knack for being shy, sheltered, and sometimes even snobby (my opinion). What would you have to talk about? Subjects like literature, college, and other things that are normal to us seem like they would be totally foreign to an A.T. I. female.
  16. Real shoes - Duggars

    I never understood the whole "the Duggar girls need to wear real shoes instead of flip-flops" thing until a few days ago when I put on my "real" shoes (Converse knock-offs) after several weeks of wearing flip-flops every day. I swear my feet were singing the Hallelujah Chorus. I was so much more comfortable walking around campus than in flip-flops. That being said, I do know people who insist that flip-flops are the comfiest things ever, and maybe the Duggar girls are in that crowd, but now I have a better idea where the "real shoe" sentiment comes from. I'm ready to put my flip-flops back in the closet until next year.
  17. I don't know if this was posted before, but apparently Jana and Jill went to Peru on an ATI/IBLP mission trip. Anna's older sister Priscilla was also with them and even the master himself Bill Gothard.. Priscilla posted some pictures in her picasa album. Iam really wondering who helped J'chelle to handle the little ones.. Jessa and Jinger don't seem to be really into that little kids stuff and Amy might be too busy posting nonsense on fb and twitter..
  18. Was anyone else surprised by how opinionated Jinger was during the segment? It seemed like several times, when Jill started to answer a question that was contrary to Jinger's opinion, Jinger jumped in and tried to shush or correct Jill. So much for Jinger being one of the first ones to break away. And, so much for Jinger respecting an older sibling. Also, I was surprised to see how loving and caring Jessa appeared when she said how she has 10 brothers and she has kissed all 10 of them. We usually don't see that kind of warmth displayed between the older siblings.
  19. Duggar Girls Pursuing Men?

    I have never been a man before so I don't really know what attracts them and what doesn't. When the four oldest J'girls were talking in their room they said that girls turn the guy off (basically) when they try to initiate the relationship. Is this true for all?
  20. I was looking for a Duggars episode list on Wikipedia (catching up while recovering from my widsom teeth extraction, nothing better to do), and I found this gem about episode 12 of season 7, that will air next Tuesday: "Dan Harris visits the Duggars for a day; the older girls host a dating seminar; Michelle is concerned when Josie becomes sick" What the do they know about DATING ???
  21. I can't imagine having horrible cramps,fatigue etc exacerbated by salty fatty food and no proper rest on that bus,having to walk in crowds and heat .That is torture.I am talking about poor Joy who is at that age now and why i think she looks miserable in so many photos.
  22. I think I figured out the reason they aren't courting(presuming they aren't)(we all know it's also because Michelle can't take care of the younger kids without them but...) is that I think Jim Bob and Michelle don't want any of their kids to beat their 19 kids and to have more notoriety, or to be more famous then they are. Any other reasons you think?
  23. Mom's Island

    My mum and her friends have always talked about opening a "Mom's Island" somewhere. A resort where there are no children and mothers just come to relax, have a few drinks on the beach and visit the spa sans kids. Her stipulation was that no men were allowed other than the ones who walk around serving drinks. If this place actually existed, which of the Sister Moms would you send to get away for some peace and quiet? I think Grandma Duggar should be top of the list.
  24. Perfect song for the Duggar girls

    I listened to this song this morning and was shockecd I thought of the Duggar girls Is There Life Out There (Sung by Reba) She married when she was twenty She thought she was ready Now she's not so sure She thought she'd done some living But now she's just wonderin' What she's living for Now she's feeling that there's something more Chorus: Is there life out there So much she hasn't done Is there life beyond Her family and her home She's done what she should Should she do what she dares She doesn't want to leave She's just wonderin Is there life out there She's always lived for tomorrow She's never learned how To live for today She's dyin' to try something foolish Do something crazy Or just get away Oh, Something for herself for a change Repeat Chorus There's a place in the sun that she's never been Where life is fair and time is a friend Would she do it the same as she did back then oh, She looks out the window and she wonders again
  25. JimBob's big mistake?

    The Duggars have traveled extensively in recent years and I wonder if JimBob erred in this. With all this travel his girls have been exposed to women who have rewarding careers, don't dress to their "standard", don't have piles of children, maybe lived independently, and yet were seemingly nice, happy people. Presumably the older girls might have some cognitive dissonance going on that needs to be extinguished. That being said, what has been seen cannot be unseen. Is the indoctrination enough to combat any cog dis? Are the girls able to brush off what they've seen with "Well, they're going to hell" and that's that?