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Found 150 results

  1. Many people on here say that JB will never let any of his daughters leave as he is addicted to having a personal harem waiting on him. However, I think that he is also addicted to the fame, validation and attention that comes through having his own TV show. The show is dying, we all know that. One of the few things that might 'save' it for a season or two is if one of the J'Slaves, who are reaching the age when people start asking questions, gets married and has some sort of 'life' of her own. The fact that JB has sent Jana to intern at ATI, which is a notorious way of honourably husband-hunting, tells me that he is at least thinking about letting one of the girls go. Joy is old enough to 'take over' at 15. The question is, does JB love his Harem or his TLC contract more?
  2. http://chzparentingfails.files.wordpres ... y-moms.gif Perhaps they should have added 'refuses to educate her children, tells her daughters they are nothing but servants and baby makers for men."
  3. Jana & Jessa

    I was just thinking about the fact that many of the Duggars, especially Jana and Jessa (and even Anna sometimes) are nice-looking. If the picture below isn't airbrushed, I would even call Jana beautiful. She has great skin, a nice smile, and pretty hazel eyes. It seems like such a waste, though. Some of these people could work as models. Maybe that's why Jana hasn't found a husband yet...Jim Bob knows she's very attractive and doesn't think any potential suitors deserve her. [attachment=0]Jana.jpg[/attachment]
  4. I have been really wondering when one of the kids will finally get fed up of being on a bus and caring for their brothers and sisters. How much longer do you all think?
  5. I know this topic has been covered a bit before, but I don't believe it's had its own thread... Why do the Duggars (especially the older daughters) say "uuummm" and "aaaaand" so much? Anna and Jill do it especially (or, as they like to say, "eck-specially") often, and I was wondering what others' theories on it were. Is it a lack of exposure to vocabulary, a sense of immaturity, or both? Or is it perhaps something else? Some time during middle school, I trained myself to stop saying "um" and "like" as spacers/fillers. I used to think that pausing (instead of using fillers) made me seem stupid, but now I realize that the opposite is true. The "uuummm" and "aaaaand" phenomenon makes me feel like Anna Duggar is a 7-year-old instead of a woman three months older than I, married with two children (and possibly a third on the way).
  6. Joy D?

    not sure if this will show up here... I was on a friend's facebook and looking through all of the pics that people have tagged of her over the years and this one was on there... it's only tagged with her name, but doesn't it look like Joy D?
  7. The FlyLady, AKA organizational system guru Marla Cilley, has started a minor controversy on her FB page by posting several photos of her with Michelle Duggar and JB from the recent Hearts at Home conference, stating that Michelle is a "flybaby", the term those of us who follow FlyLady's home organizational system use to describe ourselves. Comments on the photos that are critical of Michelle generally are what FJ'ers would expect about it really being the older girls being the ones who would have to be flybabies, etc. What struck me was the vitriol of the pro-Duggar crowd, including several comments about it being laughable that blanket training could be described as abusive. FlyLady has always been a proponent of the woman of the house, because it is usually the woman who seeks out her system, doing it for herself and not counting on others, i.e. being self sufficient in running the house, paying bills, ensuring minor house repair is completed, etc. She left an abusive marriage and is very pro woman-power. I don't agree with all of her thinking, but I do like that about her. I am disappointed to see her give so much space to a family that does not recognize the equality of all persons, including women and girls.
  8. They aren't all needed to do all the chores and schooling, and the show has been dragging for a while with only the odd pregnancy as a decent storyline. If one of the girls were to get married and set up home, that would be a major story arc that could sustain the show for at least a season. The girls are attractive and accomplished, and would (at least at the beginning of the show) surely been accepted into almost any fundy royalty family, as well as lesser known ones. We know that at heart JB is a business man, and that TLC would have no qualms telling him what they think should be done to increase ratings. Whilst JB may love his daughters, the stints at reprogramming camp along with the continued lack of education indicate he loves his 'religion' as well. I just can't figure out why none of them are married or have had a serious enough courtship to come to our attention. Especially since some posters are now suggesting proper political office may be JB's ambition, the strangeness of the situation is becoming more blatant. Thoughts?
  9. The 4 eldest daughters sat out at space camp, on the nature hike, and a few other activities. What gives? Isn't their big thing to do activities as a family?
  10. Jessa = Jana 2.0?

    There is some speculation on TWOP and DWOP that Jessa has been banished, a la Jana, from being too visible on the show. Just last season she and Jinger were giggling in TH's about Josh's weight gain and about milking the cow on the trip to Europe. Now Jinger is smiling blandly and parroting whatever new TH partner Jill is saying, and Jessa is relegated to background shots. Some posters on the other boards are wondering if she will be sent off to re-conditioning camp soon. Notice Jana is now back on the show, keeping sweet and even accompanying JB and OfJB on a campaign trip to Michigan. Interesting. Josh was their crown prince and he was sent off to be re-programmed (and had his head shaved in the process). Jana is JB's favorite girl and she was shipped off to repent of her "pride". Wonder how they deal with the child they both have said is their "most willful". Poor Jessa Blessa.
  11. These are some questions I wanna know about the duggar girls like Jana,Jill,Jessa,Jinger can the eat like hotdogs or not cause it might cause sexual thoughts lol sorry I was just wondering and also do they know about Justin Bieber idk I'm just wondering I guess
  12. Duggar website pic

    So this may be old news, but I was cruising the Duggar website photos and came across one in the "Journey to the heart" album of all of the girls eating the large cucumber sized pickles. Maybe I have a dirty mind, but I am truly surprised this on the website... Am I the only person who thinks the pic of girls shoving pickles in their mouths is, um, *suggestive*?
  13. Poor Anna Duggar

    She doesn't have J'slaves to help her! tlc.discovery.com/videos/19-kids-and-counting-super-mom-anna.html#mkcpgn=fbtlc1
  14. The girls 18 and older, what do they do all day? I mean, they're presumably finished with their homeschool studies, they aren't in college, they don't have jobs. Do they just take care of the babies and wait around for a husband? I just don't understand. They must be going crazy.
  15. ...and there was a thread going about the older girls taking care of the younger ones. Someone remarked that the girls were brainwashed and another poster said that you could only brainwash the willing. What do you think of this? Then, another poster said she found it offensive that brainwashing=willingness, because she had a close friend that was in an abusive relationship and didn't feel that she chose that life. The same poster who said that only the willing could be brainwashed brought up her own past abuse and said that staying in that type of relationship is a choice, no matter how many excuses you make. I don't know how I feel about that. What about you?
  16. Michelle's latest blog entry, about how she and JimBob celebrate Valentine's Day. http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/se ... pgn=fbtlc1 Translation: Please stop asking us why we don't have a garden. To borrow from Passover, why is this night different from all other nights?
  17. from the ATI Regional Conferences pamphlet: http://ati.iblp.org/ati/events/regional ... ?show=true Experiencing the Power of Faith With nineteen children and no fixed income for many years, Gil Bates has experienced the supernatural provision of God by applying five essential character qualities. The Bates continue to be a testimony to the world through their new show, similar to the Duggars’. You will be encouraged by this family’s excitement about a living God. (Speaking live in Big Sandy and Nashville!) Vital Questions Girls Ask Because of the international attention that is being given to the Duggar family, the four oldest daughters receive thousands of questions from girls who have serious problems and want practical answers. Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger will select key questions and give precise Biblical principles. It doesn't give dates for Duggar girls so they may be going to all sessions: Big Sandy Apr 24-27, Nashville May 29 - Jun 1, Sacramento Jun 26 - 29, Indianapolis Jul 29 - Aug 3. Edited to add: maybe theirs will just be videotaped or something since it does not say speaking live. Don't know. ETA: I'll throw this in here, kind of like a bonus! Jana Duggar's badly written thoughts on God http://www.livingthejourney.com/2012/01/26/all-things/
  18. If/when TLC cancels 19K&C, maybe the Duggars, or at least J'Uterus and the J'Slaves, can move to VH1. VH1 is seeking pregnant women who have daughters who are also expecting -- at the same time. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/01/31/vh1-show-seeks-moms-and-daughters-who-are-pregnant-at-same-time/?intcmp=features#ixzz1l3rJpctU “TV producers look for ever-more salacious and twisted reality plot lines. Reality TV is cheap to make and producers battle to find the most bizarre plot line that appeals to devils of our nature." A woman with 21 kids and counting (19 of whom they've had the pleasure of raising), plus a few pregnant daughters and a pregnant daughter-in-law or two seems quite twisted and salacious. Throw in her "best friend" Kelly Bates, together with a few pregnant daughters, and they can stop looking for cast members.
  19. The Duggars in Israel

    Okay, well, I just got back from a free trip to Israel, so I was curious about the Duggar’s free trip to Israel and how it compared to mind (other than the fact that I didn’t have to sell my privacy for it). I am super jet lagged right now, so I’m sorry if this is rambly, but I just miss FJ and wanted to post about this. Tiberias is trashy and touristy so it makes sense that the Duggars would like it. The funny thing is that apparently different groups of Christians argue about where Jesus was actually baptized, as well as where the Mount of the Beatitudes is, and where Jesus was crucified and buried and resurrected etc. I'm sure the Duggars don't have a clue. Also, if you riding camels and going to the Dead Sea, you aren't exactly exploring Jerusalem. Just saying. I do not understand what is wrong with Jim Bob. What kind of fucking moron wears jeans in the Dead Sea? I was wearing a bathing suit and I felt disgusting enough as it was. On the other hand, I wouldn't have minded the Duggars' swim burkas when I went to the Dead Sea, because it was really freaking cold. The Israelis who were there with us thought we were crazy. Also, wtf was with Grandma Duggar just bagging up mud to bring back stateside? That was so fucking weird. But I did think those Israeli guys kind of, sort of, not really flirting with the J'slaves was hilarious and Jim Bob's possessive way of trying to protect was delightful in the sense that is showed what a patriarchal dick he is that he has to protect daughters that 3/4 were over the age of 18 at the time and the last was very close to turning 18. Dude, what the fuck. "We're getting ready to see the old city of Jerusalem with the old wall around it and all the old buildings?" Get a fucking grip and at least try not to sound like the idiot that you are, The old city is holy for about 4 billion people on this planet, including, supposedly yourself, try and actually understand that instead of being like "LOL THIS SHIT IS OLD" (okay, I know that he would never say the word shit, but I am paraphrasing). Jim Bob, trying to figure out shekels and the exchange rate is also utterly hilarious. You are an adult human being who has traveled to several countries as has been repeatedly broadcast on TV, figuring out how currencies match up against each other is NOT a difficult concept. BTW, I love 10 shekel coins. I mean, you hand somebody a coin and it actually buys you something, it is amazing. Yo, most people don't give a shit about your show, especially not random vendors who work in the old city. But I'm jealous that they probably went to quarter in the old city other than the Jewish one, which I've never been allowed to do as yet. I thought it was really weird that they didn’t see anything Jewish. I mean, I didn’t see anything Christian (but my tour guide who was fricking awesome talked about it a fair amount), but like it’s a Jewish state, even if you aren’t Jewish you should try and understand it as that. Even if you disagree with it being a Jewish state, which I’m sure the Duggars do not. Ugh. These people ruin everything. But maybe I’m being extra bitter because I am jet lagged and therefore don’t feel well (also, probably due to getting dehydrated after an epic hike in the Negev about two days ago). Also, it made me miss Israel. Oh well, there are also lots of reasons I’m happy to be back home.
  20. I did a search but couldn't find a similar thread if there is, feel free to merge mods. After hearing that horrid music I thought about some worthy tunes with messages I'd like the duggars to sing and play. I've heard this one a few times and sometimes accompanied by some off key fiddle playing. I'd certainly like the kids to learn it and then perhaps add it as a segment to the SODRT history/civics component of their education. Tfe7VxyIfTY
  21. This has been bothering me for a while now. The Duggars now have four daughters who are legal adults. In the earlier seasons of the show, it was my understanding that none of the Duggar children were allowed outside the home without chaperones. They always had to go in pairs. However, this is no longer the case. Since John David started his towing business, we have seen him out and about on his own, with no chaperone. But I have not seen Jana, Jill, Jessa or Jinger out alone. Has anyone else? Is Jana allowed to make a quick trip to Walmart? Can Jill drive to Starbucks without one of her sisters or the camera crew in tow? I suspect it not permitted, and I find that highly disturbing. Not that John David has it so great, but at least he's allowed to leave the compound without being watched.
  22. What's up with Jana?

    I know that there's been mention here about Jana and her sisters' relationship with Anna. Maybe Jana is just shy, reserved, or they just aren't very close. What do you guys think?
  23. Things of note about Joy

    Joy is almost 15. When Jessa and Jinger were fifteen, they were wearing makeup and perming their hair. Jana and Jill were at least fixing their hair at that age... I dont remember very well lol. Joy however, seems to have no interest in makeup or her hair. She seems perfectly content to pull it back into a ponytail, and judging by the way it looks by the middle or end of the day, she doesnt really give a damn if its neat and pretty all the time or not. For the past few years, the J'Slaves skirts have been getting shorter and shorter. Jill even defrauded us by wearing one ABOVE her knees (although she was wearing tights so maybe that was okay) Joy however keeps on with the long skirt. Is Joy simply not interested in wearing a shorter skirt? Is she not allowed because she still does things like play basketball with dad and the boys thus possibly defrauding someone? Or is she getting her sisters hand me downs, and when they were her size all they had was the long skirts? Does she not get new clothes, or does she not care as much about fashion as her sisters do? I cant decide if all of these things make her the perfect quiverful wife someday, or if it means she's so far away from it that someday she will rebel?
  24. Or is it just that they don't get them on camera?