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  1. Josh: Get more exercise and stop feeling like you need to be cool - it works to your disadvantage. Despite my opposing views to your politics, seems like you've landed a good job and your wife and kids appear to be happy. JD: lose the good ole boy persona or play it to the hilt and get your own show or do a stint over with the Duck Dynasty crowd - and figure out a way to get your own bank account and lose the belly. Jana: Get a spot on Project Runway and then never go home to live. Or get a sweet job being a spokesperson for a lobby like Josh did and then go travel and earn your own money. Jill: relax a little. Have the baby and then write a book and keep the money. Jessa: try to get in on Jill's book deal and then go on long book tours. Figure out how to not have a baby for at least 3 or 4 years. Jinger: Start taking photos for pay and get your own bank account. Josiah: hire a lawyer and be the representative for all the kids to sue your parents to get some of the TLC money into bank accounts for each of the kids and to have independent financial guardians for the kids' bank accounts. Then write a tell all book about your last year. The middle boys: sit tight and fly under the radar for a few more years - chances are that when you all get to courtship age things in the family will get different and hopefully more relaxed. The younger girls: don't let them crush your independent spirits. Go live with a favorite older sibling under the guise of wanting to help them out and then get the heck out of fundie land.
  2. http://www.ibtimes.com/jana-duggars-feu ... ng-1711400 I feel so bad for Jana.
  3. Who are the buddy teams?

    Can someone remind me whose buddies are whose? (really, who are jana's children?)
  4. . . . will be courting, married, or parents by November of next year? I get married a year and 6 days after Jessa and I'm curious how many of them will hit major milestones before then. My guesses: Courting - Jana and one of the older boys (possibly JD or Joseph) Married - Just Josh, Jill, and Jessa Parents - See above And as a bonus: I think Michelle is most likely to go completely crazy in the next year. She'll snap once Jill has Baby Dilly and start carrying around a loaf of bread wrapped in a blanket, while cooing and calling it her "Precious" little blessing.
  5. Okay, so having established by popular vote, the most deserving Duggar would-be-escapees are Jana, Josiah, Jinger, JoyAnna and Jennifer. Here's what I want to know next: FJers are from all over the place. Would your home town/city be a good place for an elder Duggar (maybe with a Jenny-buddy) to land? Why or why not?
  6. The wedding ties

    I try to watch the show with some objectivity, and not everything bothers me, but some things get to me really bad. When Jill asked Jana to alter the dresses, Jana looked genuinely disappointed. There's no doubt in my mind that she worked her fingers to the bone to get her job done, plus she had to make the ties? I understand altering the bridesmaids dresses. That's not abnormal, in my opinion, if it's not your style, to try to make it more your style. (Making one person do all of those dresses, though, was very selfish). But I'm wondering why Jana had to make the ties for the men, too. I don't sew, so I'm curious - is it that much cheaper to make them by hand, rather than buy them (or order online)? I was spit-fire pissed watching the lazy sisters just sit on their beds while Jana worked. I loved it when Anna said she would have helped if she lived closer. I thought that was really sweet of her, and totally genuine. I hope the lazy sisters were embarrassed.
  7. cblpi.org/calendar/ ...I wonder how much they cashed in for this! it is getting ridiculous, really. Whoever the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute is, they list Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin as great inspirations. Retch.
  8. With all the attention focused on their faces, hair etc. and the amounts of time and products they use, fake tanners included, they must be great friends with their mirrors.
  9. You would think that after Michelle herself experienced a breakdown and anger issues when her kids were little and she actually had to look after them herself, she might be inclined to talk to her daughters and advise them about how difficult it is to have so many kids so close together, especially when you don't have live-in helpers to do it for you. They make it look easy on tv but that's because she was lucky enough to have all these girls early on who grew up enough to start taking care of their siblings and as they grew, so did their responsibilities and Michelle's life got easier and easier. But what if her daughters don't have a ton of girls first? What if they have like 8 boys in a row? Does she not worry about them emotionally breaking down? Or maybe she thinks if that she can just send Jana or Jinger or whoever over to help them out...problem solved! It just surprises me that having gone through what many believe was a nervous breakdown herself from being overwhelmed, not to mention anger problems when interacting with the kids, she isn't more compassionate with her daughters. Do you think they really have true relationships with her where they can express their fears and worries and dreams? Is Michelle even capable of that with any of her kids? In many ways they seem to have such superficial relationships.
  10. My daughter likes to watch the Duggars. She also likes the Manzos and Long Island Medium and that Kim/Kroy show. Oh yeah Kardashians too. She's 14 and yeah I'm that terrible mother that lets her watch almost anything she wants. Yeah we watched Orange is the New Black together. Anyway, last night I had to watch/listen to those episodes again. This blessing thing from Michelle creeps me out the more I hear it. First of all, Michelle is relying on her smartphone to get through this. Really? I guess I could see wanting to use something to make sure all salient points got said, but after 20 something years of loving and living with your kid, you can't do it without reading right off your phone? Just SMACKS of insincerity. "Daddy and I have begun to trust your heart and your prayers to another man besides your father." Okay. I am really creeped out about this statement. Are fathers supposed to have their daughters hearts and prayers? Then we get to the part where Michelle would like us to believe she's holding back tears but let me tell you, I am positive that Michelle is trying to push some out. Jinger has tears freely flowing. It's obvious JoyAnna is feeling emotional. Jessa and Jana, nah, not so much. But the tears of her sisters seems sincere while her mother is just FAKE. Also, it annoys me how Marcus is at Michelle's knees and she is oblivious to him. Or pointedly making him understand that he is not the center of the universe. If I was Anna I would be kinda pissed at Michelle ignoring Marcus for so long. This whole concept of transferring your daughter from her father to her husband is just.. yuck. I guess this is how SAHD happens. Like there is nothing else in life than your father or your husband. Become a real nurse and go on mission trips around the world and do some actual needed work that is a blessing to the truly suffering, not just hang around the house kowtowing to Mommy and Daddy.
  11. What Would the Duggars Do?

    With their extreme views on abortion, what do you think would happen if one of the Duggar girls ended up with a life-threatening tubal/ectopic pregnancy, or some other life threatening (to the mother) condition where she could die unless the baby was aborted? Do you think they would simply pray that it'll resolve itself at the risk of their daughter's life? Even if the dr recommends abortion?
  12. An article in US Weekly quotes the Jslaves book: "G-d has created us to have natural physical desires towards men. We thank G-d for making us normal." - Jill. Or maybe Jessa. It's unspecified. Not that this is any kind of shocker, but I threw up a little in my mouth nonetheless. (Note about the dash: it's a thing some Jews do. I'm one of them. It's about sacred names, etc. More about it if you ask.)
  13. I'm watching the episode from season one, where the girls and boys trade jobs for the day. In it it they describe that Michelle used to tow cars, has her real estate license, so on and so forth. She wasn't held back nearly so much by her family. I feel like she didn't give her girls nearly the same opportunities that she was provided. It also seems as though they've gotten much more conservative in later years with the older girls, whereas much more liberal with the younger ones. It also seems like things would've been different if the consecutive boys and girls had been swapped; had the majority of boys been older, they probably would've been more adept in terms of cooking and cleaning. Other highlights of the episode include: -The girls wearing tennis shoes. -Michelle actually parenting. -Smugger and John-David either already know how the kitchen works or it's beneath them. Both of them have definitely gotten less attractive as they age. -ACTUAL PARENTING! I can't help but wonder how much TLC has changed their lives for the negative.
  14. As an English major (well, to become one in three weeks) I probably judge people too much by their reading habits. I was rather horrified watching the episode where J'chelle and Jill went to a school to talk about reading and the only book Jill could think of to mention to the kids was Sarah Maxwell's courtship book. Others can worry about the lack of science education in SOTDRT, but I am most disturbed by the lack of literature. (Interestingly, lots of SAHDS are into classics and write their own novels, but none of the Duggar girls are allowed that individuality.) Full disclosure: growing up conservative SDA my biggest act of rebellion was reading Shakespeare. So, here's an old Barnes and Noble piece in which J'chelle claims they read a lot. (Almost typed "breed a lot"). But there's a conspicuous lack of works for the older "children" that would be anything but instruction on how to live a perfect fundie life -- nothing that could introduce ambiguity or require interpretation. Per the course with them, I know, but still makes me mad. http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/ ... a-p/364748
  15. I'm disappointed because what I really wanted was a "tell-all". Lol. Anyway, I'm three chapters in and it's very boring. Very boring and kind of repetitive. The first chapter is all about how you should accept yourself as who you are and not compare yourself to other girls and know that God made you beautiful the way you are. That part is fine. But there's a lot of back and forth with "don't feel like your appearance should matter too much" quickly followed by "we are super careful with what we eat because we don't want to gain any weight and we feel like we are struggling with becoming fat" etc Not in those words. Mention of how Josh gained twenty pounds and is now trying to lose it. Also mentioned how Michelle joined weight watchers and because of that became an "inspiration" to the girls. Mention of how Michelle makes "nutritious" meals. No mention of tater tot casserole or how the girls do much of the cooking. They didn't even get thru one whole chapter before we heard the phrase "buy used and save the difference". Lol We hear about how the girls don't care about labels on clothes because they want their label to say God or something like that so they don't worry about labels. They say they don't want clothes to be formless or frumpy (YES THEY DID USE THE WORD FRUMPY HAHA) but they also don't want clothes to be tight in the wrong places. They make a habit of placing their hand on their collarbone when bending over so they won't accidentally let someone see down their shirt. We find out that the first thing they do when they travel to a new city is look for clothing thrift shops so they can buy more clothes. Mention that the first thing josh does in a new city is look up all the local pawnshops. Talks about how hair should be styled and pretty because it frames the countenance and because God said hair is your crowning glory so it should be long and carefully styled but that "you shouldn't spend two hours doing your hair, though". Story of how Jill decided she didn't look nice enough to go to church one day because she was comparing herself to Jessa, and almost made everyone late for church because she changed her clothes so many times in order to try to look as cute as Jessa. She actually mentions, that she had to run to different bathrooms trying to find hairspray that morning because they were all out of it! LOL We hear some stories of the past like Jana out peroxide in her hair to do a cheap highlight job, and she thought it didn't work because nothing happened, so she went outside to work in the flower bed, but the sunlight made it work so when she came into the house her twin brother John David said "wow Jana did you dye your hair orange?!" Jana got upset and wished she had sought her mom's advice before messing with her hair, and JimBob told her she should have asked mom first because peroxide is nothing to play around with. Then Jana tried to fix it herself by buying dark hair dye that turned her hair black. Again she wished she had asked mom first. A quick mention of how they sleep. Jana and another girl maybe Jill I forget sleep in double beds with Josie and Jordyn Grace in the beds with them, and the rest have single beds. I wouldn't like being 24 and having to sleep next to a kicking toddler or little kid. But that's just me. I'm sure Jana loves it. Lol. Another story was that Jana unwound all the toilet paper off the roll as a toddler and then cried because she didn't know how to put it back on. Also a quick story about how Johanna wanted to try on one of the older girls retainers but was told no of course. The older girl, I forget which one, said that thinking about the retainer fitting only her and not hannie, made her think about how each of us is made individually and cannot fit another persons mold. A story that really surprised me was that Jessa talked about when she went to a friends birthday party when she was twelve or thirteen. No mention of who the friend is or how they knew each other. No mention of any of Jessa's sisters or brothers going, it sounded like an actual girls party with just all girls the same age, not one of these family-friend things. So anyway all the girls at the party were talking about the latest movies and Jessa felt left out because she hadn't seen any of the movies, and decided she wasn't as cool as the other girls and felt bad about herself. She also felt ugly because she didn't like her hair and thought the other girls thought her clothes were uncool. Poor Jessa also thought her eyes weren't pretty and her nose wasn't cute, or something like that. Mom and dad reminded Jessa that she is her own self and she is just how. God made her and she shouldn't compare herself to the other girls. Maybe this is why they're not allowed to have friends anymore?! Edited in to add that the beginning of the book says that their parents told them they want each of them to follow god individually, meaning listen to what he is saying and telling you thru the scriptures and do what he says to do. They actually saify that god may tell people different things and what god tells you to do may be different than what he tells someone else to do. And yet, they all seem to somehow have the exact same convictions and follow god exactly the same, despite this. Oh another thing to add: in the "thanks" part at the beginning they thank their parents and say they have spent so much individual one on one time with each of the nineteen children and they claim that their parents spend more one on one time with them than parents do who only have one or two kids. Oh and a mention of how Michelle says that she wouldn't walk down the street in a bra and panties (pass the brain bleach please) and so she doesn't think you should walk around in a two piece or even a one piece bathing suit because "it's the same thing". I'm not too far into the book yet but I'll post more if anyone wants to hear it but doesn't want to read the whole book themselves.
  16. Forgive me if there is another thread on this, but does any one know what prompted the speculation on the duggar daughters dislike of Anna? They put on quite the show for the cameras if this is the case. I'm so very curious.
  17. All Duggar humpers say it's wonderful the Duggar daughters help and they should help since they are part of the family. To top it off, they say the older daughters want to do it and it creates sibling bonds. These young women do more than help. It has already been mentioned elsewhere on the forum Jordyn and Josie sleep with Jana and one other older daughter. That isn't just helping. If they are part of the family, what about sons and husbands? I have read comments on other forums on this same subject. Most of them aren't' even Fundie and put way too much on their older kids. It makes me wonder where the fathers are. Then younger kids can do some things for themselves as they get older. Changing an occasional diaper isn't the same as being constant caretaker. I could see if it became necessary like for sick parents etc, but not full time. I guess some of them do enjoy it , but many more likely don't. The parents are the ones who had the kids. I'm not against helping, but in this case, the rigid gender roles can make slaves out of females in Patriarchy.
  18. J'Slaves on CBN.com

    not sure if posted: http://youtu.be/vr0dXfQQfNU http://youtu.be/kvgLaujchzk contains your usual parroted answers, while j'chelle looks on nervously thinking "stay on script, jinger" bonus j'chelle house tour from 2011:
  19. Reprogramming camps for the kids?

    So I'm sorry if its been discussed..... but I've seen things here am there through the years that a few of the Duggar kids have been sent to reprogramming camps.... can anyone elaborate? Who had to go, when and why? What camps were they? I think I heard 2 girls and a boy have gone througj the years.... any info? I'd love to read more.... I've read about these programming camps being downright abusive, either mentally or physically and often both! Thanks for any info
  20. Duggars are Flagging

    I wonder if they know what they're doing when they paint their nails like that.... duggars.tumblr.com/post/89299282145/everyone-got-their-nails-done-for-the-wedding-on Flagging refers to a way queer people let each other know "We're here" It started with men wearing handkerchiefs in their pocket, but women have started to paint their ring nail to symbolize the same thing. Different colours mean you're 'into' different things, and the side left or right means top/giver or bottom/recipient... Recently it's become more of a trendy thing to do, but it still originated in the LGBT community.
  21. Kate's Book & The Duggars

    I'm not even half way done with the Kate Goselin book but, it has me thinking about the duggars. TLC planned everything on that show and then had an excuse for how it just "happened". Jill and Jessa courting and their book coming out at the same time did not happen by chance. I wonder if TLC started Jill & Derricks courtship. It sure made for good tv.
  22. boy I am surprised this never happened. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-hig ... s-27954358 Tourist in flip-flops rescued from Aonach Mor mountain Man being rescued The Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team helped the injured man off the mountain A tourist had to be stretchered off one of Scotland's highest mountains after hurting his ankle while climbing - in flip-flops. The man and two friends were exploring Aonach Mor near Fort William when he slipped. Lochaber Mountain Rescue team were called out. A message on the team's Facebook page said: "Well he had never seen snow before so why not give it a go in yer bare feet and sandals!!!" It is understood the men took the gondola up the mountain - a sister peak of the UK's highest mountain, Ben Nevis - on Wednesday and set off to reach a snow patch. One of the injured man's companions was bare-foot when the rescue team reached them, and the other was wearing trainers.
  23. Happy Fathers Day to Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger Duggar, and Esther Shrader. Fuck you Boob and John.
  24. In case any of you are looking for your daily Dugger fix, the four oldest girls are featured in an interview on the Christianity Today website today: christianitytoday.com/women/2014/may/duggar-girls-talk-dating-big-families-and-reality-tv.html?start=2 Among other things, they respond to accusations that they are being forced to parent their younger siblings and that they're stuck in the house. Their parents are actually parenting and they are allowed to have jobs and do community service and even go to college, according to the interview.