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  • Welcome to Who's Who: Fundamentalist Family and Organization Summaries! This is a bit of a work in progress section of the forum. Some of our members have graciously volunteered to share their expansive knowledge on the various families and organizations that we talk about here on Free Jinger.

    We have more summaries planned and will be adding to this section as folks get time to write them up.

    We appreciate the time our members have taken to share their obsessions knowledge with us :)

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    • llg1234


      A beardless Jason turns 18 today. Another vague post from Michelle. 

      It's so weird to think about how kids born in 2000 will turn 18 this year...:character-oldtimer:

    • clueliss


      And because I’m formerly from the area I’m snort laughing at this one.  (The check point was just to the east of the Johnson/Douglas county line, so between suburban Kansas side of Kansas City and Lawrence). 


      Motorist blows through K-10 checkpoint, later arrested on foot


      [email protected]







      April 21, 2018 10:26 AM

      Updated 4 hours 11 minutes ago 

      An overnight search in Johnson County for a man who drove through a sobriety checkpoint led to his arrest Saturday after he fled his vehicle.

      The Johnson County Sheriff's Office said a motorist "driving in an aggressive manner" ignored orders to stop in a check lane at K-10 highway and Evening Star Road. He drove over a device to deflate his tires and sped east toward Cedar Creek Parkway.

      At that location the motorist stopped his vehicle and fled on foot.

      Sheriff's deputies and Kansas state troopers searched the area with the assistance of area police officers, including a helicopter unit of the Kansas City Police Department. A tipster who spotted someone walking down a road notified authorities and he was taken into custody.

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      As of 9 a.m., no charges had been filed. Lt. Paul Nonnast of the sheriff's department said the man could be charged with aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer due to his threatening use of the vehicle, though no officers were injured.

      Out of 777 vehicles stopped at the sobriety checkpoint at K-10, three motorists were arrested on drug-related charges and two were charged with driving under the influence.

      Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article209522639.html#storylink=cpy

    • singsingsing


      40 minutes ago, Mudgie said:

      Lawson's instagram doesn't seem any different to me than most people his age. Posed, superficial and self promoting. The majority of my 20-something co-workers have exactly that type of insta. I think in many ways he's the norm, not the exception.

      Just to add my own anecdata, I just turned 30 and the vast majority of people I know (in their 20s and early 30s) do not have a social media presence like this, at all. The few who do stick out like sore thumbs - to me, anyway. It really depends on who you're following and what's the 'norm' for your own circle, I guess.

    • ladyamylynn


      That's funny, I think that dress is really cute and about 100 times more flattering than what she usually wears.

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    • AmazonGrace