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  • Summary provided by: thoughtful


    The basics:


    Michael and Debi Pearl run a ministry called No Greater Joy. Their beliefs seem to be their own brand of Christianity, and their life is one of rigid gender roles and extreme suspicion of The World (basically, anyone outside of their own group). They are KJV only. Women and girls wear skirts, but do not cover their heads.


    The façade they present is that of down-home country folk, valuing the disappearing arts of living off the land. However, they make extensive use of the Internet, including Youtube videos and a website: NoGreaterJoy.com.


    No Greater Joy (NJG) turns out new materials several times a year, lists over 300 products on the website, and is estimated to bring in 1.5-1.7 million dollars yearly, in contributions and sales. NGJ is registered as a 501©(3) non-profit organization, and the Pearls claim that all money goes back into the ministry.


    They urge men to stay at home, as well as women, fully approving only of home businesses. The Pearls warn that "authority figures" (government, media, mainstream churches, medicine, education) are to be rejected and reviled, then set themselves up as the experts to be believed on any subject. As part of this paranoia, they seem to want children to think that pedophiles lurk around every corner.


    They decry pornography, but Michael's writing often comes off as salacious, including his descriptions of children being whipped, observations of his own daughter's weddings, and his glee at reminding everyone around him that he and Debi are still sexually active.


    They are perhaps best-known for their book To Train Up a Child (TTUAC), which appears to have been mostly written by Michael, with a few sections credited to Debi.


    TTUAC encourages parents to apply pain in "training" children, starting in infancy, using various objects. It was found in the homes of Sean Paddock, Lydia Schatz, and Hana Williams, children who died due to abuse from their parents that critics feel could easily have resulted from following Pearl's advice to the letter.


    The Pearls adamantly deny that they are advising hitting – for some reason, "hitting" is a horrible word, while spanking, whipping, belting, switching and chastisement are all Pearl-approved. They insist that their way is the only path to keep children from the fires of Hell.


    These whippings are to be administered with a calm, cool manner, and much of their advice involves baiting children into making mistakes that will give parents an excuse to whip them.


    The Pearls feel that only home-schooling is appropriate, and that the same parents who are tricking children into getting whipped should be warm, loving and totally involved with them before and after. In other words, for a child in the Pearls' world, the only source of shelter, love, comfort, food, entertainment and education is also an unpredictable source of pain.


    The entire text of To Train Up a Child can be read here for free (this is maintained by someone who is not a Pearl supporter, so please don't send her hate mail!):



  • In more detail


    Michael and Debi Pearl were both raised in Memphis, Tennessee. The Pearls have been married since 1971, and have 5 children and 19 grandchildren.


    Michael graduated from Mid-South Bible College in Memphis (now Victory University). He worked with Union Mission in Memphis for 25 years. They moved to rural Tennessee where they held Bible studies in local homes, and in prison.


    Their children are:


    Rebekah Anast – her partner is Gabe Anast, a web designer who decided to stop working altogether, and just run a now-defunct website, 7XSunday.. They have six children, Joseph Courage, Ryshoni Joy, Hannah Sunshine, Elijah Music, Chaiyah Eve and Alitsia Rin, and live, generally in abject poverty, in New Mexico.


    They were sued by the Zuni Tribe, Navajo Nation, over water rights.



    Rebekah had a blog, Dreaming Awake, on which she detailed bizarre and paranoid dreams that she felt were prophetic. She has written a book called The DaVinci Road. It is unclear what Gabe Anast is doing with his time.


    Gabriel Pearl – his partner is Lori, and they are the parents of Jocelyn, Laife and Joshua Gabriel. The NGJ site describes him as a builder, and someone who employs and teaches many men, but is not clear about what he actually does. He does appear to own a business called "That BBQ Man."


    Nathan Pearl – his partner is Zephyr, and they have four children. They own Cane Creek Coffee, but appear to be taking a break from that business, when last checked. He seems to be working for his parents a great deal: nogreaterjoy.org/author/nathan-pearl/


    Shalom Brand – her partner is Justin Brand, who is described on NGJ as an auto mechanic and metal artist – they also appear to do a lot of work for the Pearls. In fact, when Justin had a sudden urge to pack up and move, the Pearls were miraculously moved to offer him and Shalom more work, so he would at least be wandering for them:




    Their children are Gracie, Laila Truth, Parker Ford and Roland.




    Shoshanna Easling ~ her partner is James Easling, who is described on NGJ as an inventor and builder. They are the owners of The Bulk Herb Store, Shoshanna Gardens, and Well Tell Me. Their children are Jeremiah James and Penelope Jane.


    Other info:

    NGJ Youtube channel:



    Bekah and Gabe's Youtube channel:



    Debi's best-known work is Created to Be His Helpmeet – an excerpt can be read here:

    http://www.amazon.com/Created-Be-His-He ... hael+pearl


    Debi's works also include books intended to teach children about "stranger danger" –


    Don't miss the coloring pages!

    Mike may have been the illustrator for these, going by this video:



    Michael is a champion knife-thrower – apparently, there is no dress code for the sport:



    Amazon reviews of TTUAC -- whenever the controversy flares up, Mike sends followers there to write positive reviews – many of the positive reviewers have no other review history on Amazon, and are very vague about what they like within the book – only detractors seem compelled to post actual excerpts. Feel free to add your thoughts, if you've read the book:


    http://www.amazon.com/Train-Up-Child-Mi ... Descending



    Wikipedia on Michael Pearl:



    Full list of products from NGJ:



    Sites critical of the Pearls:


    http://www.tulipgirl.com/index.php/cate ... debipearl/



    http://debrasrandomthoughts.blogspot.co ... e%20Pearls


    Mudbrooker videos:

    http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMudbrook ... hael+pearl


    Anderson Cooper videos:

    http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2011/08/15/v ... the-child/



    The Pearls on various subjects that have been discussed on FJ:


    The NGJ article in which Michael recommends using flexible plumbing supply line to whip children:



    Sitting still in church:



    The Pearls advise others that social security numbers are not needed (pg. 12, after lots of discipline and herb talk):



    NGJ post in which Pearl says adopted children from Liberia were "well-versed in all the dark arts of eroticism and ghastly perversion":



    Pearl claiming his children will be successful, and the bosses of those who are not raised by his methods:



    Why their children are not legally married, and a creep-tastic description of one of their weddings:




    The Angry Child:



    Michael Pearl is as nasty about animals as he is about children:



    The “Fruit of Child Training†Webinar that the Pearls did:


    A book of Debi's, that was illustrated by Michael – the cover may give some insight into why he changed his major from art to religion:



    A search of Shoshanna's Well Tell Me forum for references to TTUAC, that includes a post from Rebekah Anast about the Pearls having no particular opinion about birth control:



    And, just because, a pic of the Pearls as a young couple, in matching bathing suits:



    Other snarkees who recommend or defend the Pearls:

    Lori Alexander:



    tolovehonorandvacuum.com/2013/11/weekend-links-winners-cool-stuff/ (Lori went to bat for the Pearls in the comments – Ken joins in, too!)


    Duggars recommending Pearl materials:


    http://astore.amazon.com/duggarfamily-2 ... 1892112000

    http://astore.amazon.com/duggarfamily-2 ... F8&node=89

    http://astore.amazon.com/duggarfamily-2 ... 1616440368

    http://astore.amazon.com/duggarfamily-2 ... 1892112019


    The Rodrigues family (this link has some pictures of the NGJ warehouse and large house Michael has been building):



    Cheryl Long:







    David and Tim Bayly:



    Sarah at Hearts Desire:



    Christian Hskubes:



    Tabby, of plaintorahkeeper – she took her blog post down, but here is the FJ thread about it:



    Tait and Lauren Zimmerman:



    Brenda at The Family Revised:



    The Pearls on other snarkees:

    Michael on patriarchy, Vision Form and Bill Gothard:




    Debi on the Bill Gothard scandal:


    Free Jinger's Michael and Debi Pearl Discussions

  • Posts

    • Jeronimo


      I totally agree about the girls being incredibly self centred- hardly surprising given their cloistered and stifling upbringing. It has made them so fearful and judgemental about anything or anyone that is different to them.

      The girls are each so talented, it's just a shame mama and papa Boyer haven't been able to encourage them to get out of the house and interact with the world.

    • Hashtag Blessed


      1 minute ago, Carm_88 said:

      Well Joe is never going to job or parent his children. He's going to spend his time screaming about persecution and be a lazy ass. 

      True. But he's also never going to hold down a job with his poor hygiene and obvious personality disorders, but even if he could it would likely be minimum wage and thus not really worth it. This would be the path of least resistance, if he could be bothered to try. 

    • SweetLaurel

      Posted (edited)

      Okay  - I  understand your point,  @Hashtag Blessed but disagree. One, the kids are basically home alone most days anyway according to what Nicole posts.  The older kids would all be in school  so couldn't parent full time, and the younger would probably be in a subsidized day care learning about real life.   Or he could work nights, or her days off.  Another regular income would take a lot of load off her.  OMG who has to go back to work two weeks after giving birth, which was their plan all along, much less a week after almost dying giving birth while in deep grief?   He sucks.   Period. 

      EDTA   CPS would probably be thrilled with him having a job.   Would see it as a positive. 

      Edited by SweetLaurel
    • HumbleJillyMuffin


      I don't mean to sound like the medical dork here, but I keep seeing Jill's C-sections referred to as "emergency", which the first one was not, and in all likelihood the second one wasn't either. Her section with Iz-ruul was "unplanned", but by no means was it considered "emergency". A true "emergency C-section" involves medical staff hauling ass down the hall with the mother on the bed to get to the OR, and general anesthesia. It's literally a life or death situation; every second truly counts. 

      An unplanned C-section is what happens when mom has been in labor and things aren't progressing as they should or mom is exhausted or whatever. Yes, it is a priority to get the baby delivered as soon as possible, but they usually don't use general anesthesia and it's far less frantic and chaotic. 

      And count me among the folks who wouldn't wish a hysterectomy on any woman, regardless of her personal views or baby-making expectations. Rather I would pray that God would impart wisdom on the woman (and her partner and support system) that pregnancy and childbirth can be fatal, women have sadly been dying since the beginning of time attempting to bear children, and that God DOES give us medical professionals to help us, not hurt us. We should listen to the wisdom He has given them.  



    • ThunderRolls


      Jill is so histrionic and so dependent on external validation - everything is surface with her, and even the slightest criticism is absolutely brutal. Yet, she seems like she just loves the chaos and the drama that these little internet altercations bring - just like she loves living a chaotic and hectic lifestyle when she doesn't have to. I don't believe Jill is even capable of digesting constructive criticism. She has no insight into her self, and criticism will just make her cling to her unhealthy ways even more. 

      As others have noted, Kaylie's behavior in that video is very strange - and very pitiful. I would not be surprised if those tears were based in fear.  I bet Jill is one of those parents who flies into rages when she doesn't get her way. I'm not saying she's physically abusive, but a screaming and yelling parent is just as terrifying IMO. Having a parent like that is like walking on eggshells all the time. It seems like every video I've seen where the kids are "testifying" for something, they're so rehearsed and awkward - like they're afraid to go off script. Hence all the "um's." And there's Jill, looming over them with her camera phone. The way Jill constantly stresses how "obedient" her kids are is just sick. The way she kept emphasizing that what her kids were saying in that video was their *own* thoughts leads me to believe they weren't.

      I personally think Jill is beyond any sort of help since I highly doubt she'd ever take true responsibility for herself. When I first started reading about Jill, she seemed like a kooky attention-seeker, but the more I've seen, the more it's clear she's very unwell. Seeing how thin and sallow her children are - especially the youngest ones - is honestly scary. I just wonder if any of those kids has a healthy and stable person in their life who they can rely on.