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  • Summary provided by:klf7412



    Kendal is married to Daniel, and together they have 4 children; Evie (7 or 8), Brinley (5), Kapri (3), and Sebastian 'Sebi' (almost 2).

    Kendal wrote a blog titled "The Father knows Best" and she became famous on FJ after writing a blog post where she wrote about a day of "hard discipline" and how her oldest daughter, Evie, thanked her Father for spanking her. This post caused an uproar on FJ and eventually, Kendal removed the post. However, a few FJ members have a screen cap of the post and it is frequently posted on Kendal-related threads.


    Kendal has visited FJ once and skirted around questions about that famous post. During this visit she also mentioned that she "likes to be around spanked children". Shortly after coming here to "answer questions", she flounced.


    Kendal has been the subject of many FJ threads for crazy views. She has written that she and Daniel will not be sending the girls to college, and that they are preparing them to be homemakers. Daniel likes to call the girls "future homemakers" and Kendal says that she would consider herself a failure as a Mother if her daughters wish to work outside of the home. Kendal thinks that every child should be homeschooled, period.


    Kendal made FJ "headlines" again when she announced that her children were too holy for Christmas gifts and that instead, they would give gifts and a meal to the less fortunate. A day after Christmas, Kendal wrote a vague paragraph about the gift exchange that led many to believe that Kendal didn't get to go over to a strangers home with presents and a meal like she had wished.


    Sometime in 2012, Kendal and Daniel began the process to adopt a child. This led to a very long FJ thread, and eventually a FJ member was able to find out that Kendal was pursuing a domestic adoption of an infant male.


    Kendal once again became the subject of a long thread when she blogged about not making her children wear helmets when biking, because protecting their hearts was more important. After Daniel made multiple comments on the post defending Kendal's and his stance, he came home and announced that he would make the children wear helmets from then on. Within a few days of the post, Kendal announced she would be closing the blog. This "good bye" post was left up for a grand total of 2 hours before the whole blog disappeared, and only a few FJ members were able to see it. Many have speculated as to why she closed the blog, but most think that Daniel realized that Kendal's controversial topics and the presence of FJ could sabotage their adoption.


    Here are some tid bits of info about Kendal/Kendal's blog:

    Kendal & family attend Soverign Grace Ministries

    Kendal was trained as a nurse

    Kendal coined the term "riffles" after she misspelled "rifle" in a post about political-correctness.

    Kendal was nicknamed "Kendull" on Free Jinger due to her boring and dull blog posts.


    Free Jinger's Kendall Discussions

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    • llucie

      Posted (edited)

      2 hours ago, VBOY9977 said:

      So I didn’t watch the episode tonight but based on Lily and Ellie’s blog Chad, Erin and Carson went to an ultrasound appointment. No Brooklyn mentioned yet again. I’m starting to feel bad for her :my_cry:.

      Maybe because she is too young to understand yet an ultrasound? the Bates did a live facebook today and they were in a car travelling to somewhere and Erin was with Brooklyn and Everly only. They said Whitney and Zach were taking care of the rest of the kids, so i guess Carson was with them.

      Edited by llucie
    • nastyhobbitses


      2 hours ago, Glasgowghirl said:

      When he went to work everyday his mother in law would come over to look after Andrea and the kids, as doctors warned him about leaving her alone but on the day of the death's he told her to wait and hour or half an hour before going over as he felt Andrea needed to learn to look after them on her own. He decided he knew better than the medical professionals and it cost those innocent kids their lives.

      And he didn't go to jail for setting the stage in every way possible for his children's deaths...why? 

      I know that there may not have been anything they could have pinned onto him criminally, but surely it would be considered negligent to willfully ignore and flout repeated warnings from doctors not to do a thing that could result in your vulnerable wife's/children's deaths. Maybe if this happened after the recent Michelle Carter inducement to suicide case we'd have a case to say that his actions and influence caused Andrea to get worse and he was complicit in the deaths, but I'm not a lawyer (but I play one on TV). 

      Anyhoo, Rusty Yates is a piece of shit and I don't feel one bit sorry for him. 

    • 4 hours ago, Palimpsest said:


      I couldn't place Levi in a line-up.  What birthday bash?   Can you point to a photo of him in the last 12 months in the same room as our wilting jessica flower? 

      Here is the link for that birthday bash, or ball I should say, that I was thinking of... http://boyersisters.com/2017/03/birthday-ball-recap/

      I’m not quite sure how to post individual pics from that, but there are at least a couple there. I noticed this was from last March. I hope for Jessica’s sake there wasn’t a repeat ball with him there...or any other function he may have attended. I myself would be absolutely miserable having to see my ex...even if it was once a year. 

    • nvmbr02


      @Ivycoveredtower Thanks for sharing that article. I didn't realize their oldest was 25 already, in my head he was closer to 20. So, maybe their baby days are coming to an end, if mom is in her 40's. 


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    • Bad Wolf


      I love Call the Midwife. Yes, I know it's fiction, but they always explain to patients that they are nurses with additional training in midwifery. I find it strange that some of the states have so little regulation. By the way, I was born at home 70 years ago with a midwife and a doctor. Fairly common in England at that time.

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