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  • Summary provided by:klf7412



    Kendal is married to Daniel, and together they have 4 children; Evie (7 or 8), Brinley (5), Kapri (3), and Sebastian 'Sebi' (almost 2).

    Kendal wrote a blog titled "The Father knows Best" and she became famous on FJ after writing a blog post where she wrote about a day of "hard discipline" and how her oldest daughter, Evie, thanked her Father for spanking her. This post caused an uproar on FJ and eventually, Kendal removed the post. However, a few FJ members have a screen cap of the post and it is frequently posted on Kendal-related threads.


    Kendal has visited FJ once and skirted around questions about that famous post. During this visit she also mentioned that she "likes to be around spanked children". Shortly after coming here to "answer questions", she flounced.


    Kendal has been the subject of many FJ threads for crazy views. She has written that she and Daniel will not be sending the girls to college, and that they are preparing them to be homemakers. Daniel likes to call the girls "future homemakers" and Kendal says that she would consider herself a failure as a Mother if her daughters wish to work outside of the home. Kendal thinks that every child should be homeschooled, period.


    Kendal made FJ "headlines" again when she announced that her children were too holy for Christmas gifts and that instead, they would give gifts and a meal to the less fortunate. A day after Christmas, Kendal wrote a vague paragraph about the gift exchange that led many to believe that Kendal didn't get to go over to a strangers home with presents and a meal like she had wished.


    Sometime in 2012, Kendal and Daniel began the process to adopt a child. This led to a very long FJ thread, and eventually a FJ member was able to find out that Kendal was pursuing a domestic adoption of an infant male.


    Kendal once again became the subject of a long thread when she blogged about not making her children wear helmets when biking, because protecting their hearts was more important. After Daniel made multiple comments on the post defending Kendal's and his stance, he came home and announced that he would make the children wear helmets from then on. Within a few days of the post, Kendal announced she would be closing the blog. This "good bye" post was left up for a grand total of 2 hours before the whole blog disappeared, and only a few FJ members were able to see it. Many have speculated as to why she closed the blog, but most think that Daniel realized that Kendal's controversial topics and the presence of FJ could sabotage their adoption.


    Here are some tid bits of info about Kendal/Kendal's blog:

    Kendal & family attend Soverign Grace Ministries

    Kendal was trained as a nurse

    Kendal coined the term "riffles" after she misspelled "rifle" in a post about political-correctness.

    Kendal was nicknamed "Kendull" on Free Jinger due to her boring and dull blog posts.


    Free Jinger's Kendall Discussions

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    • johnhugh



      The Lord laid it on my heart the end of February to attend this conference

      Lol, this is quite old-school Maxwell, or at least if they do use the phrase to each other, it's not the type of 'modern' image they have being trying to portray in the last few years since the various businesses failed and the conferences went tits2-up.

      Re Stud John's absence. I'm hoping that Stevie has given him more freedom so that the family don't loose him. Letting him go to John-Marie's wedding, the California trip, the trip to the unknown country abroad etc... of course we will never know.

    • SportsgalAnnie


      Austin looks creepy in all the pictures I am seeing on here. 

      They both look robotic, :( 

    • Suz8710


      Agree @JabberJabber! I'm very interested in seeing how headship Joe will make a living...all they seem to show (exception of JD perhaps) is dabbling construction type projects masterminded by JB.

    • Lurky


      @Four is Enough I think they're more likely to park in church car parks and in the driveways of friends' homes than in paid-for campsites.  I have no idea how they manage their waste/water, but then again, I can't imagine how they can all fit, especially as the kids keep growing!

    • Blahblah


      This whole thing has been a good example of how difficult it is to reconcile two opposing views of the same person. Even our media are arguing over it.

      This is an Aussie sporting legend (60+ Grand Slam titles) who is now 74 years old,  and who was raised in a generation where to be gay was to be vilified. She is also now a pastor.

      If we value free speech, she needs to be allowed to have her own opinion. Her entire upbringing and belief system is reflected in her opinion. Yet her sporting achievements are in no way diminished because of her views are they? She wasn't a drug cheat. She played fairly and well, and earned her titles.

      The consensus in Aus is that gay marriage is inevitable. I'm glad to say that most, if not all, people I know, even my 94 year old grandmother,  can't understand why it hasn't happened yet. 

      But I don't want to re-name a sports arena because the old lady who it is named after opposes it.