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  • Summary provided by: twin2


    Executive Summary

    Doug Phillips is the President is Vision Forum Ministries, founder of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, a leader of hazardous journeys, a defender of the Christian doctrine of women and children first, a fashionista historian seeking to glorify the providence of God, and a TOOL.


    A Brief History of Dougie

    Doug Phillips is the son of Howard and Peggy Phillips. Papa Phillips was Jewish and converted to evangelical Christianity later in life. He ran three times for the US presidency as a member of the Constitution Party. Doug has five siblings, including a sister Alexandra who is an unmarried opera singer (clearly she has no clue about being a Titus2 woman). Despite now being against college, Doug went to not only receive an undergraduate degree, but also a JD from George Mason.


    Doug met his future wife Beall in college. He ran the college Christian newspaper, she ran a ministry to unwed mothers (Alternatives to Abortion). It was a love of convenience at first sight A transfer of authority occurred and Doug and Beall went on to have eight blessings: Joshua Titus (known around these parts as JT), Justice, Liberty, Jubilee, Faith, Honor, Providence and Virginia Hope (no joke, that is what they named their children). Most don't realize he has 8 children as he seems to be very partial to his bookends JT and Virginia. Doug identifies as a Calvanist. Politically he claims to be a libertarian, however, he is only a libertarian as it applies in allowing him to do whatever he wants. Doug worked as an attorney and director at the National Center for Home Education for six years.


    Vision Forum and its Plethora of Off-shoots

    In the year of our Lord 1998, Doug founded Vision Forum Ministries (VF). VF exists to make Doug Phillips money. VF makes Doug Phillips money by selling over-priced crap to good Christian homeschooling families. They sell toys that will "equip boys for manhood" including a rather scary amount of toy weapons, camping/navigational gear, chemistry kits and lot of books about knights in shining armor. Additionally they sell toys that will "equip girls for womanhood" including lots of dolls and doll accessories, tea sets, gardening kits, and lots of books on preparing to meet your prince charming. In addition they also sell Christian homeschooling curricula, which is basically books on creationism, re-defining history with a Christian spin, and videos of Doug and his ilk on special adventures (more on that later).


    Every year VF selects an elite group of Godly, Christian, homeschooled men under the age of 24 to partake in their internship program (don't forgot to include a recent photo in the application!!). They bask in Doug's everlasting glow and learn how to become True Christian Leaders. A special group of interns partake in a media immersion internship learning filmmaking, photography, editing, sound effects. Duties also include trolling FJ keeping Dougie aware of our shenanigans (Hi Interns!!). The VF Interns hold a special place in Dougie's heart. He often officiates at their marriage ceremonies. Some he even forges life-long friendships with such as Peter Bradrick whom Doug considers a bosom friend.


    Doug is also founder of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. Doug has proclaimed it the "Oscars of Christian Films." Winners take home the "Jubilee" statue or as Thoughtful has dubbed it, "The Pedo" (for reasons which are obvious once you see it). The grand prize winner also receives $101,000. Past winners have included "Fireproof" (aka the best film ever according to the Duggars), "Courageous" and a bunch of anti-abortion films.


    VF Ministries also hosts Christian based travel tours throughout the year. Basically, they serve as an excuse for Dougie to travel the world and play dress-up. Most are under the guise of being historical travel journeys and thus Dougie can film them and sell them as home school curricula. Past trips have included travel to Normandy to celebrate the anniversary of D-day, a trip to Italy and a "Celebration of the 100 Year Anniversary of the Sinking of the Titanic." All of these adventure involve dressing up in historical costumes, an Edwardian tea for the women, singing and of course Dougie opining about how it all fulfills some providence of God.


    Hazardous Journeys. Vision Forum also offers a series of trips, for the mens only called hazardous journeys (because nothing exemplifies the Christian doctrine of women and children first as leaving the women alone to care for the children while the men go on a camping trip). The most recent hazardous journey was this past summer. It was at a 4-star Colorado retreat complete fully furnished cabins, a pool and a hot tub. The most famous of the hazardous jorneys was the trip to the Amazon. All good Christian Men were asked to come and partake in a "refreshingly vigorous, sometimes wet, sometimes sweaty, manly romp into a mysterious and unusual world." This was no trip for women! It involved anaconda hunting!


    Free Jinger and Dougie

    Free Jinger has done much to ire Dougie. Here are a few examples:


    1) LOLDOUG: Fantaboulous thread where pics of Doug and other patriarchal assholes get the LOL treatment.



    2) Doug Phillips is a Tool Campaign: The Doug Phillips is a tool campaign started, well because Doug Phillips is a Tool and it just cannot be said enough!! To find out how it all started:





    The goal of Doug Phillips is a tool campaign is simple. To get the google[bot] to recognize and inform the world that Doug Phillips is a Tool!


    3) The poll bomb. Ok, to be fair we had a whole lot of help from the fine folks over at reddit for this. Basically Dougie put up a poll on his blog asking if folks agreed with President Obama's stance and gay marriage. HeHeHe. The temper tantrum Dougie though afterward was EPIC! Unfortunately, Dougie scrubbed the internets of this poll's existence, but that's OK, FJ lives forever!!



    4) Miscellaneous: Other stuff I cannot find the links for.

    A) FJ taking over the google image search for vision forum interns. Buzzard had an awesome pic up there for a while. Other avatars of FJers also graced its presence.

    B) At various times, FJer have been known to go into Dougie's wikipedia page (which you so know he put up there himself) and do a little editing. I do believe someone got "tool" in there 9 times.

    C) Buzzard filing out a VF application, in crayon non-the-less.


    Question of the year: Does Doug Phillips know about FJ. I think so. Turns out the Interns are crappy proofreades and thus lots of mistakes get put up on posts. Of course, we catch them and snark on it and shortly they are fixed. He has never officially acknowledged our presence, though there is this one gem on the VF Ministries facebook page:





    **Doug Phillips Is a Tool!**


    Free JInger's Doug Phillips Discussion

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    • SoybeanQueen


      On 3/27/2017 at 0:37 PM, Loveday said:

       I will say that I liked the few MK products I bought, though.

      I have liked almost everything purchased from MK, too. The cream eyeshadows are perfect for me. They stay on all day but don't feel dry like some other brands. I like their newest mascara for everyday, and I had a sample of the Lash Love waterproof kind that I happened to use recently on a day that I went to a water park. It, and the cream eyeshadow, stayed on all day. It looked like I had just applied it.

      For the record, I don't normally wear eyeshadow and mascara to go to a waterpark. I needed to put on makeup for work earlier in the day, and just didn't take it off. I expected to have it all over my face, and was pleasantly surprised. Not an MK sales person, or any kind of salesperson. I just like things that work! :562479514c500_32(1):

    • GreyhoundFan


      This is an interesting point of view: "Trump is throwing himself into the Democrats’ trap"


      President Trump's biggest weakness is that he doesn't know how to make deals.

      That, as Business Insider's Josh Barro points out, seems to suggest a deep unfamiliarity with the urtext of the subject, “The Art of the Deal.” Trump should know that “the worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it.” But that's precisely what he has done, first with health care and now with infrastructure.

      Indeed, the latest reports are that Trump is hoping to use the prospect of a big infrastructure package to woo Democrats to his side on tax reform, and, in the process, cut the recalcitrantly right-wing House Freedom Caucus out of any negotiations. He apparently doesn't want to deal with them anymore after they played a leading role in scuttling Trumpcare.

      There's only one flaw in this plan. It's called reality.

      First off, Trump has lost whatever leverage he might have once had over Democrats. If he'd started his term by telling them that he was going to do infrastructure, and it was up to them whether that was on some of their terms or all the GOP's, there's at least a chance that he could have pried a few Democratic votes loose. But, as you may have noticed, that's not how he started his term.

      Instead, he did just about everything he could to alienate Democrats, from his, in their view, discriminatory travel ban to his attempt to undo their greatest legislative achievement of the last 40 years in Obamacare. More than that, though, Trump's inability to unite Republicans behind his health-care bill showed Democrats that they don't have to make a deal with him out of fear of him making an extremely conservative deal with the House Freedom Caucus. It turns out he can't make a deal with them at all. Kind of makes it hard to play the two sides off against each other.

      If Trump wants Democratic votes, then, it's going to have to be entirely on Democratic terms, which, whether he realizes it or not, are quite different even when it comes to infrastructure. How is that possible? After all, aren't we just talking about building roads and bridges and airports and water systems and electrical grids? Well, yes. But the question is how to pay for it. Republicans want to give private-sector companies tax credits for building approved projects, which they then could charge people to use. Think toll roads, except for everything. Democrats, meanwhile, want the government to take advantage of its still historically low borrowing costs to build whatever we need itself. They're afraid that tax credits would only fund the most profitable projects, not the most necessary ones; that they'd mostly be a windfall for projects that were already going to happen, not promote new ones; and that the money would go to people close to Trump, not the ones who need it most.

      The problem is Trump might lose one Republican vote for every Democratic one he gains if he does infrastructure the way they want.

      Not that Trump has to worry about this. It probably won't even get that far. That's because Democrats have no incentive to help Trump pass popular legislation when his unpopularity helps them. Why turn him into the winning winner he ran as, who alone possesses the ability to break through the gridlock of Washington, when they can keep him as the losing loser he's governed as, who can't even get a bill through one chamber of Congress his party controls? They won't, at least not on terms that are remotely acceptable to Republicans.

      That's what happens when everyone knows you can't afford to walk away from the negotiating table, say, because you have a 36 percent approval rating. Nobody will be afraid of your threats, everybody will call your bluff, and you will cave to whatever they want. That would at least get some deal done if you were only giving in to one set of demands, but when you're trying to give in to two or three mutually exclusive ones, you won't even get that.

      You'll get nothing.



    • Gillyweed


      23 minutes ago, HereticHick said:

      A BABY STORY LIVE will return for its second year, following expecting mothers through their final weeks of pregnancy culminating with a broadcast of the births on Facebook Live... "

      If I was on facebook and saw one of my friends giving birth.... um, no. Wtf tlc

    • SweetFellowshipper

      Posted (edited)

      7 hours ago, toosweet said:

      I agree that meds may be necessary for treating mental illness.  I was on meds for anxiety and depression for 15 years.  However, when my husband died, I went off the meds (I had missed several doses due to caring for him, anyway) for two reasons:  1 - I lost his insurance and my doc did not accept my future insurance and 2. I wanted to be sure that when I 'made it to the other side' of the grieving process and was OK, the healing was not masked by meds.  I am a conservative Christian with an open mind (pro choice, etc) and waded through grief counseling (at a Baptist church) believing and KNOWING that God is in control and carries me through good and bad situations. I used scripture, education, and experienced guidance to muddle through the grieving process. ( Xanax did help me sleep)

      My husband died of brain cancer and I believe that God knew when He would take him from us and praying for healing was not going  to change that but praying kept us faithful of his healing power and grace that carried him miraculously through 20 years of diagnoses and treatments. And I am still a believer in miracles.  My God does not punish... He allows things to happen and does not tell us nor owe us the reasons.  I am writing this to hopefully relay the message that whether or not I was a good little Christian did not determine the outcome of my husband's life.  When my church prayed for his healing, they also prayed for the strength of us and our daughters to handle whatever happened.  They did not tell us to 'pray harder' or 'study God's word' more.  

      When I wanted to have children, I put it in God's hands...but He allowed me to use modern science of fertility drugs (some experimental!) to produce those children.  He was still in control of my childbearing.  And then I used birth control to make sure I didn't have anymore because two was enough for us to love and raise responsibly.

      The Duggars would not like me to socialize with their children.  I would encourage education, vocation, hobbies, friends who aren't family, dating to figure out what you like and don't like in a person (a Godly person is not enough --- even Godly people can be jerks and hard to live with if personalities clash) , and being independent. If I were not a strong, independent woman with a career, I would not be able to support my children (who are both now in college), own my home, or live a happy, content life.  I thank my Christian, Godly parents for raising me to do just that.  They raised me to 'not need them or a man' to take care of me.  I married my husband to be with him, not led by him.  We were a team.

      And finally, I am saddened that people on this forum feel it necessary to be so hateful (using vulgar expletives or acronyms for them) about the fundies.  People want to be free to voice their opinions and lifestyles without hatred but yet I see so much hatred spewed at the far right.  They voice their opinions without using vulgarity. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  I disagree with most everything the Duggars teach/preach but I don't wish ill will or hatred on them.  And I certainly don't think anyone who voted for Hillary is an idiot.  When given two choices, we choose what we think is best.  After my child voted (her first election) she texted me writing that "our family voted wrong!" (I, too, saw on FB a cousin had voted and added #I'mwithher).  I told her she didn't vote wrong, she voted how she felt.  Well, my child proudly posted on her FB that she, too, had voted for the first time and  added "#trump".  There were no negative comments...just respectful opinions shared through a hashtag.  I did not vote for Obama but I didn't think anyone who voted for him was stupid or worthy of slanderous accusations.  I put my big girl panties on and waited it out. 

      "They voice their opinion without using vulgarity?" So you don't think mocking disabled people was vulgar? You don't think KKK demonstrations are vulgar?  You don't think the mock slave auctions, scores of mock lynchings, racial slurs and many, many burnings in effigy at churches and protests of Obama were vulgar? 

      Also, it's nice that you are so deeply privileged that you were able to put on your "big girl panties" and wait out a presidency you didn't like. Tell that to the disabled people who will die, the trans people who will be assaulted, the women who will be denied health care because of "pro life" policies, the Muslims and POC who have already been harassed, the mentally ill people who will continue to be incarcerated, and the families of Americans who will continue to experience police brutality if Trump's policies are successful. 

      Edited by SweetFellowshipper
    • AlwaysDiscerning




      I would love all preschools to go out of business. This is what would be best for the children.

      Wow, there you have it.