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    • Maggie Mae

      Maggie Mae

      I've had enough of being an adult today. 
      · 0 replies
    • MargaretElliott


      Hey FJ. Just broke up with my SO. We'd been together for over five years. I could use some love from strangers on the internet right about now. I have tea and chocolate to help me, too.
      · 15 replies
    • Mrs Ms

      Mrs Ms

      Just got a phone call from my sister to say that our other sister is probably joining the 25 weeker premie club as we speak. It's after 10pm local time, so I probably won't get any more news until tomorrow.
      If that didn't already suck so bad, I'm 11weeks myself and was planing on telling my sisters about the pregnancy next week. No matter what happens with my nephew, no way will my news be good for either of them. (The other one has been TTC for over a year) Any good thoughts for my nephew and sister much appreciated!
      · 7 replies
    • CrazyLurkerLady


      Today I am participating in my favorite activity - online mockery of MRAs, wage gape denialists, and other blithering idiots.
      · 2 replies
    • louisa05


      Looked at another house...it was nearly perfect. But the imperfect part was a teeny tiny master bedroom that barely held the double bed, nightstand and dresser in it. Other bedroom was practically an oversized closet. We're trying not to be too picky, but we have to live in whatever we buy. And after a huge flood of houses last fall when we were not quite ready to buy, there is nothing much on the market. Hoping listings pick up as we get closer to summer. 
      · 4 replies