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  2. They don't care about prisoners as a whole. They didn't even give them a thought until their son became one. It's all about them. Well, maybe not just their son. There are other relatives who have committed crimes & been charged - they've whined about their persecution over the years. So, I suppose, when you come from a family that see's itself as above the law, you start to care about 'prisoners' as a way to convince others to jump on your bandwagon. https://www.facebook.com/groups/111859696090926/?ref=br_rs
  3. Joy and Austin 17: Staying Off the Internet

    One of the comments pisses me off:
  4. Dillards 47: Tweeting twit

    I’m well aware of all that. My point remains that Anne wasn’t a completely helpless victim in all this though - she may not have had a ton of choice in the matter because Henry was King, but she was an ambitious woman who knew her choices were going to have a serious impact on other people and she did them anyways. Henry still bears the vast majority of the blame for everything that happened because he held the most power, but Anne too bears some of the blame for what happened to Katherine and Mary - if for no other reason than encouraging Henry and taking delight in their suffering. Please don’t think I’m unsympathetic to Anne though. I’m absolutely sympathetic to her and the horrible things done to her by Henry and the other powerful men in her life. Anne is one my favorite Tudor figures because she was such a complex woman who was ahead of her time in so many ways, but she was still (in some ways) very much a victim of a patriarchal society. I doubt she had much choice in whether to have a relationship with Henry - he was King, was used to getting what he wanted, and a relationship with him would have advanced her family. I can’t even imagine how horrific it must have been for her to know that the man who had once loved her so passionately and who had a child with her was also the same man who had sentenced her to die for false accusations, simply because she was no longer useful. She did things I consider wrong, but she absolutely did not deserve to die for them. ETA: and I’m pretty sure you meant to write “sons” and not nephews. Edward VI and Henry Fitzroy were Henry VIII’s sons by Jane Seymour and Bessie Blount, not his nephews.
  5. Today
  6. No I didn't, and I didn't save the pictures either
  7. Most recipes advise against freezing pumpkin pie; the filling shrinks back from the crust, and the consistency changes when it thaws so you end up with mush. It will still be edible, but it will look like shit and the texture will be ruined. It’s far better to freeze the pumpkin and make pies as you need/want them. Long hair gets wrapped around the vacuum roller regardless of how often/seldom you operate it. Removing it is a necessary chore for the vacuum to function properly. Logistically, the Rosd would have to do this every few days to keep up.
  8. Spanky Sproul 2: WTF is Happening, In More Ways than One

    It always strikes me how ironic and yet ironically appropriate it is that Mrs Sproul name is Vesta. Vesta was the Roman pagan goddess of hearth and home whose priestesses swore to stay virgin and and to keep her sacred fire always lit.
  9. #2018Resolution I mean, we'll see. But probably not.
  10. The Miller Family: The Rolling Pertussis-Mobile

    My 17-year-old daughter has had a few men in their 20s and 30s act inappropriately with her, including one of her coworkers. Most of these things would not be inappropriate if it was between people closer in age, but there's a huge difference between a 17-year-old and even a 25-year-old. My daughter is a young girl who does NOT look or act any older than her age. She does not seem like an adult in any way. I guess, thinking back, I dealt with a lot of the same shit, but I didn't realize how wrong it was. It just seemed like an expected annoyance. Thankfully, now my daughter is better at recognizing it and standing up for herself. Things have changed for the better, in some ways. Not enough, by any means, but a bit. The age of consent is 16 here anyway, so nobody would be breaking any laws, even if they succeeded in seducing a minor of 16 or 17 (unless it was a teacher or coach or something, because there's an exception for adults in supervisory positions). But it's still really gross and means a much older man is a huge creep. I was 18 when my manager, who was at least 20 years older, constantly acted inappropriately with me. He would ask me things like if I "enjoyed" breastfeeding my baby, he was forever trying to talk about romantic situations with me, and he'd always touch me unnecessarily. I didn't know how to respond assertively, and that wasn't my fault, because I was never taught or shown what to do about that. Now, I couldn't be happier that we are talking about these EXTREMELY common situations. And fuck you, Paul Miller.
  11. She likely froze the pies after they were baked. Or not. Who knows. It's Jill.
  12. Bret disgusts me in so many ways. And so does his son.
  13. Fundy Matching Game: Unmarried Fundies 4

    I didn't know that the Bontrager's and Bateseseses know each other. These two families would at least get along with each other.
  14. Maxwell 16: At least one Maxwell got fed for Thanksgiving...

    Yes! I can't think of what else could possibly be in those decanters. I just hope that when Steve saw that, it didn't cause him to forbid any future B&B "sister trips". These young ladies get so little excitement and time alone in their lives as it is - it would be so sad to see it end completely due to Steve's pathetic controlfreakedness.
  15. Joy and Austin 17: Staying Off the Internet

    I wonder if some of it is perception, or the need to establish a sense of kinship. Entirely anecdotally, when I visited some family in Canada who I hadn't seen since I was a child, they exclaimed at how exactly I took after my maternal grandfather's side. The eyes are exactly the same, they said. Which is weird because my eyes are identical to my dad's - or so I'd always thought.
  16. Vacuum more often. Did NO ONE notice the OPEN CAN OF PIE FILLING that was behind the flour covered young 'uns?? What's up with THAT? Jill, are you lying again?? Telling yourself that 'stretching the truth' doesn't make it any better.
  17. The Russian Connection 2

    This is a blatant call for obstruction of justice. Oh, and it asks you to please give some money. And if you can't, well, please give money anyway... Trump super PAC quietly launches new ad campaign targeting Special Counsel Robert Mueller So his organization says they ran all the ads that got the presidunce elected. I hope some good journalists start looking into their funding because I would not be surprised if it could be traced back to Russian sources.
  18. Joy and Austin 17: Staying Off the Internet

    I've also heard that children resemble their fathers more when they're very young -- this was certainly the case with me. When I was about 1 I looked so much like my father that my mom said she felt like she was just the incubator, and now I'm a carbon copy of her, so much so that her neighbors routinely mistake me for her when I visit her apartment.
  19. But, this sounds insane! Going out is normal, healthy and good. Even if ... you have a very clean house and do alot of cooking .. what? and is this really some biblical thing ... keepers of the home ... all day and night?
  20. Zoey Joy Webster Is on the Way

    Having a bed for Miniway at all has been a total waste of space so far. He turns four i February and has slept in our bed since he was born. In Sweden I don’t know anyone who has their baby in it’s own room. Most people have them in a seperate bed though.
  21. Yep, the Sprouls are pikers compared to other Christianists you've named & we've snarked on. It's hard for me to see the Sprouls, especially RC Sr, as anything but grifters & hucksters. According to his obit, RC Sr thought that "abortion is perhaps the crucial ethical issue of our time." Really? He saw NOTHING else that an ethical Christian might concern herself with, like poverty & hunger or the least of these. Unbelievable but perhaps not surprising.
  22. I mean, okay, but it's all relative. I mean holy cow you should see my SIL's apartment in SF. Almost $5k a month for THAT? Lorken's place isn't really that nice of a house where they live. In most of the country, you could get a house the same size with far more recent updates and way more land for <$400,000. Even where I grew up the same house would be <$500k on a bigger lot with much nicer interiors. Not that I'd buy a house that size, because it's freaking ridiculous for 2 people and yet another sign they loathe one another.
  23. One of my friends had two of her kids nine months apart, but the younger one was born prematurely at 6.5 months gestation. Oh, and the daily sex thing? Jillian will NEVER have periods. Don’t be silly.
  24. lawfulevil

    A couple weeks of sanity before going back to 60hr/weeks. Quarters, man.

    Anything interesting happen while I was bathing in dry erase marker dust like a technicolor chinchilla?

  25. What are you Reading (Part 2)?

    I just checked off the "horror" category on my yearly list with "Final Girls" I actually quite enjoyed it (It reminded me a bit of gone girl but I found it to be less gritty while still dark and twisty) TBH I feel a bit like I'm cheating since I would probably call it thriller BUT GoodReads has it as horror and that's what I'm going on.
  26. Dillards 47: Tweeting twit

    I just spent like 2 days catching up on 30ish pages of thread....The Dillards really are the gift that keeps on giving (if that gift is food poisoning) Soooooooooo if Dwreck quit and took Jillymuffin and the boys with him I would be **really** interested to know how that went over with JB. I think we all know that while JB has the same awful beliefs as Dwreck he's definitely more tuned into what the TLC gravy train requires. I can't see him being overly happy with Dwreck quitting the show ESPECIALLY since he has such a strong focus on fiscal responsibility. Early on JB and Michelle *worked* (the grocery store, car lot etc) and I can't see them throwing money at Dwreck and Jill after Dwreck quit (or even was fired from) TLC. Sure JB totally probably agrees with every hateful stupid thing Dwreck said BUT I can sort of see JB questioning why Dwreck couldn't keep his mouth shut when the rest of the Duggars somehow managed to. I also can't help but consider how hard this could be on Jill, she came of age on that show with that network and from the sounds of it had positive experiences and relationships with the Enlows and other staff. To have it yanked from her? that's gotta sting. And again I'm sure she agreed with everything Dwreck said but every other Duggar including Jill had the exact same beliefs and managed to keep quiet enough not to cause this big of an issue.
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