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  2. What is sad and ironic to me is the way that in the True Believer families, the men control the information. I remember when the thing came out with Jen's Gems. I asked the wife of a rabid VF supporter about it, because I figured they'd be closer to the situation, and she gave me a blank stare. Later, when DPIAT stepped down in scandal, she (as well as others) brought up the "King David" defense, following the lead of the VF-infused church elders. I don't know what they'd be thinking now, or if they ever rue sending their sons to be VF interns, but I'd be willing to bet that not a whiff of this information and these kinds of photos would be anywhere that any of those women would see them. (For one thing, Covenant Eyes would probably never let them get through.)
  3. For some reason, I have Rachel's baby marked as going to be a girl. I wonder why. Anyways, does anyone have an exact birthdate for little Levi?
  4. "Senate Intelligence Committee to start Russia probe interviews next week"
  5. There are 8 Republicans, 1 Independent and 7 Democrats on the Senate committee. The 1 Independent sided with the Democrats, and then one Republican (Susan Collins, who is one of the last remaining moderate Republicans in the Senate) joined the Democrats. So the Democrats + Susan Collins have control over the Senate committee. Which is why it appears to not be the total clusterfuck the House committee is. I'm sure if the other Republicans had complete control over the committee, it would probably be a complete mess now too.
  6. Clementine and Viola. Thank you so much. Right you both are. This contrast is the real observation. Would that a good journalist would take heed.
  7. Let's not forget that DOUG is the one who set up the culture. He was the driving force in all that went on. It was HIS teachings and HIS thoughts that set the tone. Not excusing his followers but in the grand scheme of things, this steaming pile of wreckage is due to the work of DPIAT.
  8. This is a good, if lengthy, analysis: "Is Paul Ryan a policy guy, or does he just play one on TV?"
  9. Looks like we'll soon see if the the 27% crazification theory still holds.
  10. Thank you! There is now a not so small group of young women out there who have no education because of Doug's teachings. They have very small possibilities of supporting themselves and they may or may not live in poverty because they were taught that they shouldn't work at all. They, and their kids, are more or less stuck in a misogynistic lifestyle. Doug should be tarred and feathered for what he has done, but instead he has just shrugged everything off and is prancing around Europe and hobnobbing with burlesque dancers half his age. It looks like he has a very comfortable life. I wish I could say the same for a certain former golden couple that he continued to hold up as an example, but who now are living on separate coasts. Six kids will grow up without their father and their mother, who has no education and has never worked at all, has had to move in with her parents again. But what does DW Cinematograper care? He is busy filming rhinestone nipple pasties and dining in Paris. Fuck him!
  11. No mention of the Duggars in this TLC press release either: https://press.discovery.com/us/tlc/programs/tlc-upfront-2017-18/ "TLC Upfront 2017-18 TLC Announces an Aggressive Upfront Slate with 120 More Hours of Original Programming Including the Return of TRADING SPACES... TLC has long been the home for loveable families. Fan favorites returning to share more life changes and milestones are THE LITTLE COUPLE, KATE PLUS 8, the Busbys of OUTDAUGHTERED, LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD, SISTER WIVES and many more. The network welcomes to the family HAIR GODDESS (working title), a show about a working-class family in Staten Island who are building an empire. A BABY STORY LIVE will return for its second year, following expecting mothers through their final weeks of pregnancy culminating with a broadcast of the births on Facebook Live... "
  12. Is anyone else bored by the Duggars lately? I guess because it's one courtship/engagement/quicky wedding/birth announcement after the next. No one is ever leaving. No one even goes to Clown College. Bored now.
  13. @ActualReality Yep. She's due later this year and they already know it's a boy
  14. She's older than Austin. I believe Austin is around 22 and his sister is a few years older. Katrina Britton had her 4th boy Silas Andrew on March 22nd.
  15. I think then you would have to go in the prayer closet with the sound guy and he would give you the right answers
  16. Do you know how old she is and how old her brother is.
  17. First 1 and counting. She just got married last year.
  18. From DFO Facebook...Jinjer with the Seewald spawn. They do look happy. Jeremy looks so weird without facial hair!
  19. Sometimes reading political news makes me feel like my head is going to explode. This is one of those moments. http://www.rawstory.com/2017/03/iowa-gop-abortion-bill-will-grant-parents-of-unmarried-women-rights-to-control-adult-daughters-bodies/ WTF? Parents now have legal rights over the bodies of their ADULT unmarried daughters. Has Bill Gothard taken over the Iowa state senate?
  20. Am I reading this correctly? Is Anna pregnant again?
  21. I'd be interested to hear this too. I keep hearing people say that there's too much hyperbole and certain people had to "wait out" Obama, but I really feel that's offensive to say when people's lives are literally on the line. I'll use whatever fucking profanity I want against people who are literally endangering the lives of so many I hold dear. It's easy to say be nice when you think things don't effect you.
  22. Secondary math is typically ability tracked. College bound kids are encouraged to get through to at least trigonometry and pre-calculus now. Science is generally an introductory physical science course, biology and chemistry. Students with an aptitude or interest can later choose from advanced chem and bio courses, anatomy and physiology, or physics. Everyone in most secondary schools has a chance to focus on advanced coursework in most subject areas but still has to do a minimum in every area.
  23. Yes, He did. Matthew 6:1-4: “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven." “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you." Fu*k these bunch of holier-than-thou hypocrites.
  24. Another male follower has the following to say. Emphasis mine. Wifey.... that says it all. Jerk.
  25. Could the Senate be anxious to more forward with their hearings to forestall an independent commission?
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