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  2. This CPAC speech is just idiotic. Has anyone told Trump we know he won the election? He is so obsessed with himself!
  3. Yes I'm sorry I did not mean that at all! I thought when the dust convo originally occurred BEFORE SES was born, meaning she was home all day, NO children, meant to just be a "good homewife" and not cleaning. But again, I don't care about dust bunnies. I was more trying to see where the people criticizing the dust bunnies were coming from. I"M SO SORRRRYYYY to all the SAHM I've offended with that comment. That was truly not my intention at all to indicate SAHM are lazy or that it's easy
  4. I can see that in extended family, among cousins. My elder son's first name is the same as my cousin's younger son's middle name. But it's odd in siblings. Plus, there are a lot more saints!
  5. Wait, what? Not that it's unexpected from Trump, it's just very fast. Makes you wonder, how it's gonna be in a year. Of four years. Get rid of him, USA. Before it's too late.
  6. Ah, Intercourse! Blue Ball is nearby and I think there are couple more suggestively named villages in Amish Country. The souvenir shops around there have signs reading Intercourse, PA on them. I don't know if they have as much trouble with people stealing the street signs as Fucking, Austria or not.
  7. More details are coming in, but considering the Orange Jerk was going on and on about the media being the opposition party just this morning at the CPAC, there is no doubt in my mind that Spicer and the rest of the Trump minions did this on purpose. No doubt.
  8. It's interesting how the "We love our guns!!1111!!" crowd is using the fear of getting shot as an excuse to not meet with their constituents.
  9. I'm going to assume that comment came out wrong. At least I hope it did. I'm a SAHM and its the toughest job I've ever personally had. Best job too because I have the cutest boss. But it can be really tough at times.
  10. Please don't jump down my throat but I thought they posted a while ago about leaving IBLP/ATI and Gothard even though their families are still in it and their fathers are both on the board of directors. Didn't Erin post about speaking for herself and Chad in that regards? There was a bit of a hubbub going around months ago. Forgive me if I am mistaken or taking anything out of context.
  11. Yes. Even beyond the hypocrisy, Lori regular demonstrates cognitive lapses.
  12. I got mine @ 11 in Florida. It was the worst. I was always one of the youngest kids in my class (August birthday) but was one of the first to develope & get my period.
  13. Catholic here too. To quote Kathleen Madigan, I was given a laundry list of people to pray to before I bothered Jesus. Personal relationships & imaginary slumber parties with my personal lord and saviour weren't part of the equation.
  14. Any news tRump does not like - true or not = fake news. Anyone who does not agree with him = fake opposition - the libtards! Any news media that dares to criticise - ban them. (See above). Any opposition from established govmt = the swamp! Make no mistake. we are moving towards fascism. I wrote my Uni thesis on Hitler's rise - pre 1933 - and the parallels are there, and terrifying. Discredit genuine criticism, blacken the names of those who oppose you, and get your agenda through when people are distracted by balloons you fly that mean nothing. I don't live in the US, but what he does affects the world. I can't protest - I am not a US voter - but those of you who can - PLEASE protest, scream, shout, attend town halls, everything you can - for your sake, and for the rest of the world. I have never, in my more than 60 years on this planet, seen a more self interested government in what is supposed to be a democracy. And, unfortunately, this is the most powerful and influential 'democracy' in the world, and affects us all. Shit. We are moving to a fascist autocracy - these are not outlier media, they are CENTRAL media - and the present WH bans them? The first step to an autocracy is gagging the media. He's doing it. Any reaction from The House? Does Ryan think this is OK? Does McConnell think this acceptable? There has to be pushback if the checks and balances are to work - but the Founding Fathers never envisaged such an entitled, self interested House. tRump is censoring the information that the average joe receives - only if it has his spin is it acceptable. He bans CNN? That would be like banning the BBC in the UK - and should be greeted with massive anger and demonstrations. He IS a fascist , and controlling the media is just step one.....
  15. I was hoping the same thing. That he was providing humanitarian assistance and not spewing any religion.
  16. Her house tour on YouTube is really something to behold...make sure you watch until the very end.
  17. Wow. Trump blocked CNN, NY Times, LA Times and Politico from White House Media Briefing. So much for those conservatives clinging to the Constitution.
  18. I got my period in 6th grade when I was over at my aunt's house. I'll take that any day over what happened to my best friend. We were at summer band practice (think we were in beginner band where we both played the flute) and Laura was wearing a dress with a white or light tan skirt. She got up from her chair at the end of practice and had this huge red stain in the back of her dress. She was totally unaware, of course. We girls walked right behind her because we all understood. I went through junior high mortified that that this hot guy in my math class would grab my purse, rifle through it and discover my stash of equipment.
  19. Don't Michael (la etc.) and Brandon have the 10 commandments in theirs? #11. Thou shalt not leave empty toilet roll. ill back away now so no one else gets struck by the lightning ⚡️
  20. I cringe just thinking about it!
  21. @weirdemmaline Oh yes - the terror of the black blood. I well remember that. And the giant blood clots, and heavy, almost pyroclastic, flows... so not described in any of my sex ed classes! When the teachers talked about 2 - 3 tablespoons of blood over 3 - 5 days I was thinking it would bleed lightly and bright red, like a superficial cut and then just stop... I was so not imagining the daily scenes of carnage in my underwear for 10+ days a month. I get they didn't want to scare kids, but it would have been nice to know about the range of experiences.
  22. Trump's federal hiring freeze is affecting daycare centers on military bases: http://www.rawstory.com/2017/02/military-bases-forced-to-cancel-child-care-programs-due-to-trump-hiring-freeze/ Hmm . . . it's as if making rash, poorly thought out decisions that are based on political posturing is a bad idea. Crazy.
  23. Truth, J-Rod's bathrooms make my inner germophobe recoil in horror. The carpet, the dried flowers, the folksy word plaques...all just a magnet for filth. And with so many little boys...eww.
  24. Haha maybe that's why she's my favorite! We have weirdness in common!
  25. More Pennsylvania; thesmokinggun.com/buster/indecent-exposure/indecent-intercourse-incident-246918
  26. So, everyone. How does your history make you feel? *Totally legit psycho... I mean psychologist.
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