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  2. Anyone think they're trying to debut this as a modern version of the Duggars? I hope they make this reason wreck into a series because I'm Satan. Sent from my HTCD100LVWPP using Tapatalk
  3. From what I gather (can I have missed something?) this family isn't poor and doesn't have any particular insight to offer humanity. Why are they on TV? Does the American public need additional exposure to large, dysfunctional families with potty mouths? I just don't see the appeal at all. They're excellent snarking material, though.
  4. I never understood Federal Vision to start out with, but that's probably because I take the position that the Calvin-following Reformers and their descendants have basically pulled most of their theology out of their (or Calvin's) ass.
  5. Clara was a joy and an inspiration as well as a good cook. Have tissues ready to watch this tribute from her grandson. Also take his advice and sit down with an older person and just listen. I've learned so much from listening to much older people (or the elderly, as Steve Maxwell would say). RIP Clara. And thanks.
  6. He posted yesterday on Instagram about racism on MLK day. I doubt he's taking classes this semester. Remember, he also took the semester off when Jessa had Spurge. More time for him to film with Flame, I guess.
  7. No, she means of you claim to be a Christian, but you're a racist, then you are wrong. She's calling out self-proclaimed Christians.
  8. If things have gotten to the point where they're using a guy vomiting as a teaser, then what's next? Oh yeah...the Putmans.
  9. I think TLC and Discovery use Counting On as a sort of loss leader. They can give up advertising revenue for a show because they will get viewers for their other shows. Their type of programming is not geared for highly informed viewers, so people that will tune in for Counting On will stay with them for the Putnams with more paid advertising. Thanks to Free Jinger for letting people lurk and read! I never watched the show, and found the site while following the Josh molestation story.
  10. Why would you need to sign up to fast, anyway? Can't they just, you know, fast? Do the Maxwell's hand out awards later, like a virtual 5K?
  11. Multiple miles? He's 17 or 18. One (very slow) mile on a mountain bike is around 6 minutes of biking. I think he can handle more than a mile.
  12. No. Discovery Communications owns TLC and no doubt controls who is running TLC. Discovery Communications is a publicly held corporation with according to Wikipedia the largest shareholder being a Jewish family.
  13. I'll have to show my mom! She would love this! She always enjoyed my great grandma's cooking. She was the best baker I've ever met.
  14. This thread needs to be blessed by Black Jesus and Ben Carson. The dent in Jesus' head shows that Carson is his personal brain surgeon. snopes link
  15. I have the impression that Doug Wilson and CREC are a bolt-hole for pastors who have screwed up majorly elsewhere. Spanky Sproul, for example.
  16. Probably because they think men and women have separate issues? Men need to be the spiritual leaders of the home and women need to have babies? They probably think letting everyone know is OK because they want prayer requests. They want to know who to "cry out" for. Praying for an end to abortion or for the unsaved to convert is all well and good (in their mind anyway) but maybe having a specific request in mind might help them feel more connected to their leghumpers? Idk. The Maxwells are weird.
  17. Child support payments in my state end when the child turns 18, even if the child is in college. (It is possible that individual arrangements for certain contributions toward college expenses may be worked out by the parties' attorneys on an individual case-by-case basis, but that is not child support).
  18. The use of acronyms is increasing. Perhaps we should use the words so everyone can know what is being said without resorting to Mr. Google? He thinks CBD is related to cannabis by the way. Commercial business district?
  19. Maybe she is able to write things other than search for romance stuff while she has a romance but once they break up it starts afresh.
  20. Today
  21. I'm going to need some of that stuff as well after those light switches.
  22. I always thought Marla was getting alimony, and that's why she never remarried. Being a spinster myself, I have no experience with alimony. But I do remember how, on Two and a Half Men, Alan was overjoyed when his ex remarried, and he didn't have to pay alimony anymore.
  23. The photo -- Because he's in deep clover? These people are so weird. And he is insanely so in a world of insanely so's. It will be interesting to see how many comment, question, pontificate and agonize. I have never gotten the sense that he's theologically influential except among a relatively small group of mostly ineffectual disciples.
  24. Those have to be deliberate, surely? You'd have to be a real dumbass to not realise... If you google "homunculus" you get some very freaky images.
  25. In her defense, if she was contemplating an updo, hairstylists often ask that you don't have freshly washed (and dried) hair because it is too slippery to get it to stay in the pins.
  26. Usually we put a picnic rug down first and then the food (and even a plate); different strokes for different folks I guess... In terms of the bugs, the further from the CBD you get, the more flies (rural and country areas). Although at the moment we are having a huge problem with Spiders. They are everywhere and the cobwebs are so bad. You clean them away and less than 24 hours later they're back!!!
  27. At least these boys get to have sex, unlike the Safe at Home freaks.
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