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  2. Maybe it is time for the officiants to do away with "you may not kiss the bride" and substitute You may now kiss your new spouse.
  3. I hear Kelly is disgusted with fuck face
  4. I grew up in Manhattan. Almost everyone I knew Catholic, and your home parish was defined by your address. My parents had friends that were of other religions.
  5. I'd also watch an actual documentary about these people. And I'd love a birth announcement where the couple announces they're not going to find out the sex ahead of time, and requests gender neutral clothes. And then they announce that the mom will have regularly scheduled GYNO appointments and go to a birthing center to deliver the baby.
  6. Someone wanna tweet that to Derrick?
  7. "Trump suggests FBI may have ‘paid for’ dossier alleging Russia ties"
  8. Bowers and Bontragers Engaged

    They look so awkward standing together wanting to touch but not. I think that says something about the photographer as much as the courtship thing. If I hadn't seen the photos on the Bontragers blog I would have a completely different feel and opinion about their relationship.
  9. Maxwell 13: And Another One Bites the Dust - John is Engaged

    Taboooooooooo............Yeah; makes me wonder if the daughters learned about it the old-fashioned way, by wondering if they're dying, and before Teri takes them aside to show them how to handle it and buy them pads, he's gotta milk it for all it's worth. We know how Steve loves talking about death.
  10. Updated Cherin’s photo. Also updated their summary to reflect the future addition of Everly Hope. I also updated ZachNey’s summary. Whitney's new job and Beagle Bates were added.
  11. Maxwell 13: And Another One Bites the Dust - John is Engaged

    Re: being edited by the Great God Stevehovah - I commented on a Sarah's birthday post a few years ago, wishing her "a year of freedom and happiness." The words "freedom and" were removed.
  12. Maxwell 13: And Another One Bites the Dust - John is Engaged

    Does Steve think children don't walk down the pad and tampon aisle at the grocery store? If they are old enough to read the word menstrual, they are old enough to know about monthly cycles.
  13. Erin and Chad Paine 2: The higher the hair...

    It's because another child is going to be raised in this evil cult. No child deserves that.
  14. Maxwell 13: And Another One Bites the Dust - John is Engaged

    I'm surprised their blog is still public, actually. They must think all this is "being persecuted for righteousness sake" taking so much criticism. And "closing comments". Oh yeah, I can tell you about a time he "edited" my comment. It was in response to packing OCC boxes, and I mentioned the companies that make reuseable menstrual products and fund companies in 3rd world countries to do so, so girls won't miss a week of school every month. He included the praise of the daughters doing this and thinking of others and God loves them, but edited THAT part out. He actually emailed me saying "I didn't know what to do with that comment because many children read our blog". There are no "children" living in that home. Does he just mean his grandchildren or their "clients'" children? And they read the comments too? HELLO! Aren't they supposed to be too sheltered for that? Poor Steve. (singing) Poor unfortunate Steve.......in pain, in need, for he lost all of control thanks to his rebel son, is he happy? No he's not.......
  15. I think you'll enjoy Tony's site, @PennySycamore. He's a past editor of The Village Voice and has been writing about Co$ since 1995, but has never been a Scientologist himself. He does blog about the latest in Co$ on an almost daily basis.
  16. Bro Gary Part 2: Saved and Eating Weens, Like a MAN!

    Ok folks Bro Gary is doing this backwards according to the KJB (lol): "Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth" (Ephesians 4:28) and also "Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness" (2 Corinthians 9:10) In other words, Bro Ween, God asks that those that serve him and are able work to the best of their ability so they can help those who are genuinely in need (the widows, the disabled, those who fall on hard times). I know the BWV of the Bible says it's okay for you to mooch off hard working people because you think God made you speshul but... once again, that's not how it works. For someone called by God, you sure are ignorant of his word. Sis "Learn Your Damn Scripture" JFH
  17. Obama Begins Calling American People to Console Them About Trump Being President Andy Borowitz
  18. Maxwell 13: And Another One Bites the Dust - John is Engaged

    I guess it does seem like some sort of weird turning point for Maxhell. I doubt we would see an implosion first hand. It would just be some passive aggressive statement about shutting down titus2 and then reading between the lines of Chelsy's blog.
  19. Maxwell 13: And Another One Bites the Dust - John is Engaged

    I fear for the future of MaxHell. Either something will explode and the whole family will suffer the consequences, or Jesse will marry in two/three years and the girls will be left at home forever and ever.
  20. For a reality show, there's not much real about it.
  21. Today
  22. I think the real test for Whitney will be once the Bates are out of the spotlight (whenever that is). She is eating up her fame with a giant spoon. Girl looks great (won't deny that), but she also has the money and means to keep up with appearances. If the TV show was gone, and the Bates were a faded memory, and all she had was the Bate's family to hold on to....what would she do? Right now she has lots of fans, and new found friends. I think this has given her a GIANT confidence boost. If she were not famous, and all she did was hangout at the Bate's compound, struggling to make ends meat...what would the outcome be then? Personally I think she would be clinging on to the Bates and their ideals as a way to stay sane and keep her head above water. This TV has actually been the turning point for all of the Bates family. I remember (very clearly) their early days in hand-sewn dresses, as well as their house before it was remodeled. The Bates used to have before and after pictures of their remodel of their house waaaaay back when. Sadly, even WayBack Machine doesn't have them, because they were gold and a HUGE indicator of how some of there fundies live. It's easy now for them to spout their ideals, because they all live nicely and comfortably, in large homes. Their children wear fashionable, brand name clothing. Their living situation is good (meaning square foot per person in the home). These guys are smart. They know how to market themselves as being more mainstream and appealing. However, I think this is backfiring on Gil and Kelly, as some of the kids are wavering more off of the path (probably something that would not have happened if they remained out of the public eye----because they wouldn't have to hide their crazy from the public. They could be hardcore with their kids 24/7). I still stand firm that the reason Bobby is moving to Tori (instead of the other way around), is so that G and K can help make sure that Tori doesn't pull an Alyssa on them. But now with Whitney's shenanigans, who knows.
  23. O'Reilly out at FOX!

    "After Bill O’Reilly’s taunt, Jake Tapper reminds him he was ‘humiliated in front of the world’'
  24. Maxwell 13: And Another One Bites the Dust - John is Engaged

    They edited out that she's fun-loving? They looked at that list of qualities and deliberately deleted fun-loving? Whichever Maxwell was approving comments read that list of compliments to the woman their son/brother loves and said, "Nope! We have to keep it a secret from blog readers that she's fun!" WHY? WHY, MAXWELLS, WHY.
  25. Joy & Austin 15: Standing for the Fetus

    @MargaretElliott it probably depends on the brand- I would just google it to be sure. I have a couple that do no require any UV light. They last about 5 days before chipping. I do put just a basic clear top coat on though.
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