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  2. I feel compelled to point out that what Lori believes is bastardized dispensationalism. It is beyond the scope of orthodox Christianity. I'm dispensational in my theology. I believe that we have always been saved by faith alone. The content of faith has been progressively revealed throughout time. But the promises of God are best understood reading the entire Bible. All Scripture is pertinent, but must be read in context, accounting for the culture of the original audience in order to arrive at theological truths that are good for all time, and only then applied to one's life. There is no throwing away of the life of Jesus, as Jesus is the object of our faith, and therefore central to our faith.
  3. Call me crazy .... But I'm thinking the PP feud might be over KJV. On the front end of all the Denlinger Cray Cray, KJV only seems to be a major theme. But at some point, I think I heard him say otherwise. He also had KJV written in big letters with black sharpie taped to the front of his bible. And then he didn't. Also a video titled "correcting a teaching error" or something. And whenever he changes his mind and does a 180, the party line is: "We prayed about it." These nitwits give some serious Philosophical Whiplash. So much what the hellery.
  4. No wonder she didn't pass a Psych evaluation!! Loopy. Nuts. Insane. I will not go down that rabbit hole. I will not go down that rabbit hole .................... Thankyou ViolaSebstian. I think?!!!!!
  5. Yeah, if you'd put that quote without context, I would've seriously had to Google if it was a joke or not!
  6. Maybe Jinger tells him to do it, she doesn't want to share her chest playground with anyone else.
  7. As I was reading Sarah's tribute to Mary, I felt like it seemed very familiar. Then it hit me. It was like reading a program for a high school play or honors assembly. Those little papers list the performers or honorees and give a brief description of their interests and future plans. They have no real intimate or personal feel to them because they are not written by loved ones but by administrators or teachers after a student fills out a very vague form or checklist. Of course Sarah can't include Mary's future plans because what you see is what you get (forever and ever) with the Maxwell daughters. It just all seems so impersonal.
  8. Okay - if Ben or Jeremy were wandering around after Jessa or Jinger and saying, "umm, hey, I don't agree with that, I'm sorry for what my wife said and I dealt with her at home." We'd be all "Patriarchy! She's allowed her opinions! She's a grown person and can think for herself and say what she wants!" We didn't jump down Ben's throat for Jessa's Holocast post, for example. That's all on her. I never apologized for my husband going off on someone when he was drunk. I didn't make the scene, and while I might have talked to him about it later at home, I sure wouldn't make that public and it was his issue to deal with, not mine. He was a grown ass adult who could make his own decisions and his own mistakes. I'm seeing a bit of a double standard here. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's the feeling I'm getting. We don't need to know what Viv feels about what Eric said or if she did or didn't confront or agree with him. She was here as herself and not his spokesmouth.
  9. These people are so cray-cray. I did see this in one of the replies to the initial video posted. Please, someone write this person-- <<<Gordon n Tami1 year ago email me and I'll explain the why's of Bryan's wife. [email protected]>>>
  10. #buyusedsavethedifference; oh boy just to prove that they still do it! Anyway, Spurgeon is concentrating!
  11. They did have a TV and speakers for music until John was little, not sure what age. I don't have the energy or the time at work to go back through the blog to find the entry. It's the one about "the beast"
  12. I have done several degrees/ training courses and each one taught me concrete skills that aid my life and work. I would love some concrete examples from Josiah on how he can now do things he could not have done if he had not been to Alert. For all we know he hangs round his brothers flipping cars or something. Could he not have done that without Alert? But if his life has taken an interesting turn, it would be nice if he would enlighten us. As it is, very few people would consider joining Alert because it changed his life, IF they do not know from what to what his life changed. As for the Duggars not being good poster boys for Alert, I think it was Gothard's creepy toes tickling that got the organization in trouble, not so much the Duggar boys. Hope Josiah will find a way to spread his wings. Everybody deserves a personality.
  13. That article is fascinating. So interesting to read how this event touched every aspect of this man's life. There will probably be parallels in the lives of modern children who've had similar religious experiences. It sounds like the coverage of this event was pretty intense in the 1940s, so I can't imagine how much reality TV, social media, the 24h news cycle, etc. amplifies similar stories today.
  14. Who'd've thunk Orrin Hatch would be our best hope.
  15. As Jessa would say, "It could be twins. You never know." It could also be a problem announcing that it is twins because it would be the first grandtwins and if they were born to the Great Sinner and his wife and not one of the Sweet Precious Girls it could be that they couldn't flaunt them as much. If they really were having twins they could say, LOOK! God has forgiven our dear sweet Josh by blessing him with precious twins! That would be the way to get him back on TV
  16. another problem with her wording is that she's assuming all of her readers are regular followers of the blog (and making an idol of it). she's doing absolutely nothing to make new readers feel welcome and included; at the very least, she could have linked a couple favorite entries in case someone was interested, but you're right--a good writer would be able to eloquently summarize Mary's qualities. but poor Sarah has only Teri to follow, and Teri is the one who told readers to google something rather than write an explanation (i don't remember what it was, but i'm pretty sure it had to do with baking...) if Sarah thinks gem is spelled jem, is it possible she watched the Jem cartoon a few times as a child before Steve want all batshit crazy on the family?
  17. Ha Ha I do!!! Two glasses of wine, all common sense flies out the door !!!!!!!!
  18. HarryPotterFan

    The livestream of six rescue kittens that I watch as work breaks/to keep my sanity in this world has ended, the kittens have left for their forever homes. I didn't even get I say goodbye! 

    1. church_of_dog


      I'm sorry!  

      But take heart:  one of the most reliable truths in life is -- there will ALWAYS be more kittens...  


    2. HarryPotterFan


      That is true. There are more livesteams of kittens available on YouTube! But no more of those particular snuggly balls of fluff is a sad thing to learn on a Monday morning. I hope they get enough playtime and snuggles in their new homes. And that their foster grandpa kitty doesn't miss them too much.

    3. church_of_dog


      Aw, I understand.  It would be cool if the new families knew that people online would miss them, and would post photo updates now and then!  I hope the grandpa kitty gets new foster babies to grandpa soon too...

  19. She might as well enjoy the "growing number of nieces and nephews" since she'll never have the chance to have her own kids.
  20. it got clearer after I read up at places like CBE & The Junia Project.
  21. I was high risk having multiple u/s in the first 20 weeks of my last two pregnancies and my dr. took a guess at their sex at my 12 week u/s. He was right both times and claimed a 90% accuracy rate at 12 weeks. My guess is Anna was at least 15 weeks when they publicly announced though, especially since they announced the sec at the same time. I don't know that they would have announced the sec that early without a blood test confirming it and I don't see Anna doing that test. So, my guess is she is 37/38 weeks or so now. I traveled (including a long haul international flight) early in mybthird trimester but not that close to my due date. We have seen Anna travel very late in pregnancy before however so I don't find that too surprising for her.
  22. A great op-ed from the NYT: "Failing All Tests of the Presidency" "...waits for the day when a real president arrives to replace him." Sadly, the men in line behind him are no great shakes.
  23. It says that the husband is the head of the wife, or man is the head of woman. The word for both man and husband is one and the same: aner. Same for wife and woman: gyne. We depend on context and interpretation to understand, and we still don't really know exactly what the passages mean. One thing I know is that, whatever head means, it's "head of" not "head over" and the specific instructions don't include: have authority over her, tell her what to wear, teach her, train her, demand from her, etc... All that stuff is added.
  24. OK I'll play along. The real version: "We are now entering the 22nd year of Mary's captivity. Her brainwashing is complete and she values the existence of embryos more than that of human females, although she is not completely dead behind the eyes, as evidenced by her penning childish signs in fancy letters all over the place. She still worships the cult leaders and enjoys her many nieces and nephews, not realising that her own life is likely to be a barren wasteland of never-ending monotony. We'd have a party in her honour, but we'd rather spend the day sweating on the side of some nearby mountain whilst wearing impractical denim tents. Well, the cult leaders say we do, so it must be true. Look, here are some pretty pictures!"
  25. I'm betting that a staff member used Trump's account to tweet that.
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