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  2. I normally just read Jill's shit but she's pissing me off lately. 12 living kids and one in utero that she doesn't give a shit about. Meanwhile, my Facebook has three young ladies who desperately wanted their babies and two miscarried and one had a stillbirth. It pisses me off to no end.
  3. Zach and Whitney Bates - part 4

    My sister still calls me sissy to this day. My niece also calls me aunt sissy, I don’t think she actually knows my real name.
  4. This is the only scenario that would lead to Katie divorcing him and his siblings turning against him that I can think of.
  5. Jana 6: What's in Store for 2018?

    right Jana's garden and what are the boys at home doing were both regulated to webisodes instead of making the show. what should have really been a webisode was Jessa cutting Spurg's hair and Joe and Kendra looking for groomsman ties. well that's because everything that is on the current season is from May-September it picks up with Joy's Honey moon end of May and end with Joe's wedding beginning of September. this show is sooo far behind it's not even funny
  6. Zach and Whitney Bates - part 4

    I like open floor plans myself and love the kitchen. probably has to do with the fact that well I grew up in both open and non open floor plan houses the house with the best memories for me was a very open floor plan.
  7. Lori Alexander 41: The Uninformed Wife

    IME it's a Southern thing. I have lived in TN, KY and TX and it is completely common in all three. My mom has directed the children's choir at her church for over 20 years and to all her students past and present, she is "Miss X".
  8. Jana 6: What's in Store for 2018?

    That garden is amazing, IMO. Too bad it wasn't shown on Counting On. I hope she is happy with her life.
  9. Facebook memes you hate

    My step grandma posts these all the time. I'm always tempted to respond with "I AM the 99%."
  10. I agree that with exposure to the non-fundie types, there wouldn't probably be a desire to go for a fundie... though they are looking for someone just like their mom of course! The penguin thing - I think it's cute until you realize how old the kids are. During that prank there were a couple of kids that bawled and if I'm not mistaken they were 10/11 and 13/14 years old... not exactly a "typical" age for crying over a stuffed animal. Yet sometimes you see Mary like, seemingly very mature and sort of being a mini-mom... I find myself conflicted over my thoughts with this family.... Although their home/living situation is very strange, I feel like they're raised to be on a much more equal level to the rest of society compared to the duggars, and (according to their YouTube videos) they seem to actually be very loved and appreciated by their parents and family and I don't know that I always feel that from the duggars because they're always like "god loves your soul, god thinks you're lovely". Like yes, cool. Can't you just show genuine love to your kid without bringing up Jesus for 5 entire seconds? Good lord. Anyway, this is random and on a tangent now. AND it seems like in the Arndt family, the parents do the parenting... however they treat their 35 year old the same way as their 15 year old....
  11. Zach and Whitney Bates - part 4

    I didn't like the barn door either. I'm more of a will it last person over the latest fad or "updated" version. Frankly if I never hear updated related to a house again, I won't mind.
  12. Jana 6: What's in Store for 2018?

    I am glad she has some things that are just hers. She is my favorite Duggar daughter.
  13. Thank you. Becky HAS A NURSING LICENSE and is CHOOSING to sell poppetrocksy. This is not your average fundie woman trapped with no marketable skills. She probably has more career flexibility and earning potential than a lot of us, frankly. And yet she’s choosing to try and sell cheap jewelry so her and Mr HAYMAYUN can drive around and yell at people incoherently...which, by the way, is ALSO the reason she regularly forfeits much of the limited time she is allowed to see her own children. Can you imagine how that must feel to her kids? To be abandoned FOR THAT?!?
  14. Zach and Whitney Bates - part 4

    I think some people are already going away from the complete open concept because of noise and being able to see every mess. I think most people want something in between. Like a semi open concept where a couple rooms are open and that's it. I also hate the barn door that they did. That will be so dated 10 years from now.
  15. Fundie logic, Frozen is the Devil's work. Jebus will keep the baby and Jill safe.
  16. Lori Alexander 41: The Uninformed Wife

    Today I learned that there are people dumb enough to eat Tide Pods. I have no words.
  17. Jana 6: What's in Store for 2018?

    Whether Jana wants to get married or not, I think there may be something to the idea that she isn't ready to leave the younger kids who look up to her as a mother figure. I keep thinking back to Joy's tearful reaction to Jill's marriage -- and Joy was a bit older than the youngest Duggar girls. Seeing the reaction of Jordyn, Jenni and maybe even Johanna if Jana did the whole "leave and cleave" thing would be absolutely heart-breaking. Really, I suspect Jana is happy where she is.... and frankly I hope she never gets married because if she does, she'll get a twitter account, tweet about the vile things she (and her family) believe, and destroy any hope that there is still a spark inside her.
  18. I have nothing against movies or tv. My kids watch stuff all the time. I just think Jill doesn't really care about Frozen being evil if it keeps her kids quiet. Because she is a hypocrite.
  19. Zach and Whitney Bates - part 4

    I think the style is great. However, I'm not a huge fan of the black/ white contrast. Maybe she will have colorful dishes in the cabinets with the windows and a bowl of colorful fruit on the island or something. The lighting in combination of the black and white is too much sensory wise. I try to utilize natural light as much as I can. It's just now occurring to me that white cabinets may get dirty very fast.
  20. Jana 6: What's in Store for 2018?

    As someone who is 32 and single, I find this to be true as well. As soon as people find out I've never been married, they try to scan for "what's wrong" with me. And often they settle on "you must have never put yourself out there." If I explain that for the past eight years I've done three online dating services, gone to countless singles events, deep dove with my therapist, and read every relationship book out there, they most often get almost angry or upset. I was puzzled for a while as to why they reacted that way. But I now think it's because this challenges their belief of the world being just, or that hard work always pays off. I understand ; it's been hard for me to accept as well, tbh. I also think that some people just click with others really easily and are always in a relationship without even trying, and it's difficult for them to conceive of how it is for those of us who have been single for long stretches against our wishes.
  21. Today
  22. Jana 6: What's in Store for 2018?

    We finally got a good view of Jana's garden, although, weirdly, the footage is all from last summer despite being released now. That's an outfit she wore in a lot of THs from a season or two ago, no less.
  23. But she won't stop allowing her kids to watch. Because I bet it keeps them quiet and clean.
  24. Being single and not having kids I'm not sure how applicable this question is, but I do have to wonder, could Josh actually have been thinking of wanting a bubble bath for two WITHOUT kids around, and feeling like his kids were always there and more of the center of Anna's attention, regardless of how much he may or may not love them? So he really just wanted some attention specifically for HIM and another adult female? Not to say that I'm condoning Josh's cheating on Anna in the slightest, but he may not have felt he could ask Anna for that, particularly given the fairly toxic conception of masculinity IBLP promotes (even though he should have been able and willing to talk to his wife about it if my speculation of his wants were the case)? Ugh. Now I feel vaguely like I'm defending Josh. Shower time. Final thought, he should never have lied to Anna about anything to do with their relationship!
  25. Crap! I was watching figure skating and kitten cams and forgot all about this. Not sure if I should be glad or sad I missed it.
  26. That's exactly what I was thinking! And FFS, Becky, there is no "L" in the word "drawing". ("Drawling", if you didn't watch. She said it several times.) Oh, and here's you guys' periodic reminder that Becky fucking sucks too. She's not a good person. Don't feel sorry for her.
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