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  2. Thank you. I'm gonna try this as I got a horrific rash from the Batiste product. They were great with it initially (except claiming that no-one could be allergic to it, which is downright nuts). They sent a very detailed questionnaire, let me email photos, and sent proper sample bags etc for the product. They also promised my money back. I never heard any more.
  3. See, that's what happens when the rags don't do their homework. A list popped up, then someone (I want to say Austin? - but I'm not sure) came out and said the damn thing insisted on a date so they just fed it her birthday and that wasn't their date. Several weeks later one of the rags had a slow 'news' week and created a feature on how they were vetting married on her birthday yada yada yawn.
  4. Of course - how silly of me! ...straight to the prayer closet & I shall write 100 lines: I will not apply regular people logic to the Dillards. You're right - I forgot that part (my littlest survivor is eleven this year and all of mine were preemies). I suppose we ought to be glad she's not doing that around supermarkets looking for free groceries...
  5. Were they menacing pirates? Or Johnny Depo types? its 3 am and I'm wide awake. I prefer insomnia to the prospect of dreaming about Teri & Steve again.
  6. There, @GreyhoundFan, FTFY! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that all politics are bought and paid for in the current American system. Here's Al Franken weighing in on the Kill-Bill:
  7. From facebook: I can't believe people actually think that's true. The men I know want women to be strong, and those QF-P women are 20x stronger than their "headships". Look at all they have to do!
  8. I do while I'm in the house. I'm always cold (yay thyroid disease!) and we have wood floors. Plus, we are in the Pacific Northwest, so it's never really hot hot. My feet not feeling like ice is worth being called basic.
  9. Today
  10. Seriously - hier often can you go to this place without it getting boring?
  11. I see what you are saying, but the whole set up of their courtship made it near impossible to truly get to know each other. I question how much they can really claim to know each other when they were not even allowed to be alone until they were married, or able to have an uncensored/monitored conversation with one another. I don't think Jill was really able to make an informed decision. She can leave him now, but the family pressure put on her by the cult will stop her. I find the whole situation incredibly sad.
  12. Man if I were Lori I wouldn't be posting pictures of my luggage on Instagram, the code for her security system has to be pretty damn easy to guess... I'd try 3110 (Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies) or 3126 (She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness). I mean obviously you can skip all the bits about doing actual work or honoring your husband, she doesn't REALLY believe those.
  13. But not having sex in a marriage (yet) is natural as well. The push-ups scene was weird...
  14. I was thinking about that as well . Erin had trouble staying pregnant , not getting pregnant , and they sought treatment . If Michael and Brandon both have medical issues preventing conception they still could try IVF and ICSI . So maybe it's ok for them to save a life (the already conceived embryo because life begins at conception) but it would be playing god to create a life in a petri dish (sorry to be so blunt) .
  15. It was very honest. She admitted she was losing her trust in God and how hard it was for her to see other people having kids. Michael really wants to be a mother. I hope she gets peace. Infertility sounds so painful.
  16. I honestly find Jorge much more annoying than Anfisa. At least she is being honest about what she wants and about what he wants; she is in love with his money, he with her body. He is always whining and playing the victim card.
  17. No I mean the relative on the right, Tori looks just like that sister! In the picture in which a young Kelly Jo is on the left and their dad in the middle.
  18. @Imrlgoddess You've done an amazing job with Thor! It's so hard to believe that he's almost a year old. You should really be proud of yourself for how well he's doing.
  19. I feel torn on this. One the one hand I am relieved that no baby/child will be brought up by them in their cult on the other hand I feel deeply sorry for them as they suffer. I hope they find a way to deal with the situation and can be happy again. I liked that they don't seem to blame themselves anymore!
  20. Honest question: how do you homeschoolers make it work to teach over ten subjects? How do you prepare that much materials in different ways so when you find out one doesn't work you can skip to the next? How do you teach two more languages (besides English) with proper pronunciation and grammar? I can absolutely see teaching primary school subjects (about 6) with the help of a co-ed group. But what then? I graduated with a Bachelor of Education (History and Philosophy) (for secondary school: age 10 to A-levels) so I have a good idea how to prepare material but I would be lost if my child would not respond good to how I prepare math or science stuff. And I have now idea how to start children in things like writing and math. Homeschooling is illegal where I live, so I have no real life experience with homeschool children. I am sure some will come out of it well equipped. Maybe even many, but I could not see them meeting the standard for German University. Me and my husband sometimes argue about it. He did his A-Levels in England and couldn't study at a regular university here. The only option were universities of applied sciences. I can totally understand why: in his last years of school he only had like 5 subjects! German A-Level equipp you for everything. You can go and pursue every career you want. Medicine- go for it, law- go for it, IT/Education/business administration.... don't want to study but start job training- a lot of people do that. I am very grateful for our system in this regard. Some subjects only became interesting in the last years, some I hated passionately till the end. I still think I have a solid basic general know even in fields I am not particularly interested in. There a still big downfalls in our public school system that need work. And it sucks if you and your teacher don't connect (well, nobody can meet 30 individual needs at the same time) or you get bullied by peers or teachers. Some children struggle with the strict timetable. There are lots of options of private but licensed schools. So that might be the route to go.
  21. Control, money and pride. If just one female gets away it all comes tumbling down. Then the others will see it's possible. If Anna gets away then it shows the others that there are some things that are just not acceptable and they don't have to tolerate it. That's a real danger. He has arranged at least a couple out of balance marriages already. Statistically there is at least one, possibly two LGBTQ kids in that batch. If they see Anna get away they will know they can too. The last thing he needs is someone deciding to go gay it up in he big city. Once the first one breaks away and others follow the whole brand falls apart. Everything they have been selling is proven wrong. They are already teetering in that edge. If divorces start happening then they loose their core. No more show. No more money. And of course all this would happen in public. Jim Bob is proven wrong, wrong, wrong. Their cult doesn't work. They are just as messed up and sinful as the rest of us. I suspect JB wants to avoid that at all costs. He has to keep control to keep the money and to keep his pride.
  22. I know some members don't like the downvoting system and I understand that. However, I think it has done a pretty good job of stopping 10 pages of "I'm rubber and you're glue" that we used to have when people disagreed about something. Now a few people comment, but the majority downvote and move along. I much prefer that to slogging through pages and pages of stuff that we have to closely monitor, but I admit that is a selfish reason (for our all volunteer moderation staff)
  23. To derail the discussion... There were some missionaries at my church last night. They are in El Salvador...now, BEFORE they went, they spent a year on deputation and another YEAR in language school so when they got there, they'd be about fluent in Spanish. They've been there a few years now (I forget the name of the city though)...and, with other missionaries, they have built a school (K-12), a medical clinic that is staffed by another missionary and his wife (who specifically chose to serve a medical mission...he's an MD, she's an RN). and are involved in building/rebuilding houses. DerJill never bothered to put any effort into doing something worthwhile...
  24. Even though it must be a SOTDRT composition fail, it is nonetheless totally fitting that the SoundCloud title of Alan's song is Lord I will Follow Bret Only. BTW, Bret's rendition of this song is as horrendous as the rest of his music. Good on the children for pushing back.
  25. I was quite surprised to read this, I had not expected her to address this topic so directly. I just felt so bad for her reading it and I hope she really is finding some comfort in her faith. (I say that as an atheist) I would not wish this pain on anyone. I hope they get one miracle child that they will so love and adore they can't bear to hurt them in any way.
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