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About This Club

Show us your creative side here.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Coloring

    I love the mandalas as well. I just saw a flip through of a new Christmas book coming called Christmas Circles. I'm normally not very into holiday specific coloring books, though I do have a couple Christmas and Halloween ones from some of the artists that I really like. There seems to be a somewhat new trend where artists are giving 2 copies of each design, one with a white background and one with a black background. I really like that. This is one I recently did from one of those books: This was done with Feela colored pencils. They are a marvelous alternative to prismacolors. The 150 set of prismacolors runs between $78 and $95 on amazon. The Feela 152 set is $25.99. I wanted to fill out my prismacolor set as I have the 72 and was missing some necessary colors now that I'm shading, particularly flesh tons and neutrals. I had saved up enough for the 150 set at $78 (where it sat for literally months) and right before I was ready to order the price jumped up to $95 (frustrating). So I looked around for alternatives and the Feela set had good reviews. I figured for $26 I would give it a go. I LOVE them. They blend beautifully with prismas. I just did a page using both, but don't have a picture of it yet. I'll post it when my husband gets home and can take a pic for me.
  3. Coloring Chit Chat

    Yes, we will transfer to here. I'm hoping to be able to integrate the blog into here. It's supposedly possible, but I haven't figured out how yet.
  4. Coloring Chit Chat

    I'm fine with either. Does this mean that we'll cease using the current coloring blog?
  5. Coloring

    I haven't seen her newest. I still drift more toward mandalas and Celtic knotwork where I don't have to think about things quite as much.
  6. Coloring

    This is beautiful! The polychromos give a sharper look vs. the Prismas, which is perfect for this picture.
  7. Coloring

    Here is one of my newest. I have never colored a greyscale page before, but so many books I love are greyscale I decided I better figure it out. I also just got the wildly expensive polychromos colored pencils as a special treat to myself after saving some $$ for them. This was my first time using them as well. They are much harder than prismacolors and will take some getting used to, but I am happy with my first attempt with a double learning curve. This is from Adorable Animals by Jane Maday.
  8. This is the place for random chit chat. Would you prefer to use the forum and gallery for showing your work or would you like a blog in the club? Either/or or both is fine. I just don't want to make a blog if no one is going to use it, essentially
  9. Post your favorite supplies and questions about coloring supplies here.
  10. Coloring

    lovely as always. I found my twistables recently and can't wait to start using them again I love Johanna's books, but they are very intricate. Have you seen her new one? I have it on my wishlist, but I'm not sure I will get it. I've seen quite a few people coloring in it and their pages look nice, but I'm not really feeling it. Other than one page which has a lovely butterfly on it. I'm not buying the book just for that though. There are hundreds of books full of butterflies.
  11. Coloring

    Last week's project. Which consider Johanna Brasford went faster than I thought. From Lost Ocean. And at this point, nope, not doing the background because I seem to like white space (and I'm a bit afraid of screwing it up if I go further). Crayola Twistables because I wanted to try them in the tiny little spots in this book. (she still makes me cross-eyed and hand crampy)
  12. Colorists and aspiring colorists chat here.