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Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults

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The Most Interesting Information About Easter day

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Organize an Easter celebration

Have you ever organized an Easter party by yourself? If you do not have the opportunity to attend Easter, organize at your home. First of all, decorating your house with colorful egg pictures. I suggest an idea for you. You print out Easter Eggs Coloring Pages, color them and stick them on the doors, tables, windows or anywhere you like. Invite some friends to go home, play and enjoy a delicious meal. Do not forget to go online to find some Easter eggs and recipes for meal.

Many games about Easter eggs have published with many kinds of categories such as: coloring, hunts, puzzle ... All of them are fun holiday activities for kids of all ages. If you like Easter, play coloring pages or games. We are happy to bring a new coloring page and game from Easter Eggs category for you. The colorful and catching-eyes eggs are attracted you. We bring many kinds of pattern of these Easter eggs for your choice.

Now come and create with coloring sheets for kids. Play more free games with Easter Eggs Coloring Games. Print out or color online and then use colored pencils, crayons ... to make nice pictures. Or you can refer 6 unique Easter party ideas at here

Information about Easter Day

There are many festivals in the year. Easter day is one of the most important holidays in the spring. There are billion people celebrate this holiday all over the world. It is the most important holiday for Christianity. Not the same other holidays Easter can be movable as it doesn't fall on an inflexible date every year. In the West, Christian churches celebrate Easter on the first Sunday on March 21. Thus, Easter will be celebrated from March 22 to April 25 every year.

This is an opportunity for families to gather and a lot of interesting parties for children are also taking place. Easter is widely known in English-speaking countries. Originated by Europe, customs gradually spread throughout the world.

Easter Eggs - Traditional Symbol


When it comes to Easter customs, it is impossible to think of colorful eggs with patterns and designs that are the symbol of vitality and rebirth in the spring. Chocolate eggs and dyed eggs are always at the Easter table. The days before Easter, people look for colored boxes to paint and color Easter eggs in the shop, in the market and so on. People have much free time and patience can dye eggs with the colors of natural plants, as green of vegetables, red of strawberries, yellow of pollen. Kids like to grab markers or brushes. The eggs are embellished with watercolors or markers and will be adorned with beautiful ribbons to decorate the Easter wreaths at home. Coloring and painting for eggs also bring good meaning. Red is for lucky, blue is for hope and youthfulness, yellow is for wisdom, orange is for strength.

In general, eggs were a traditional symbol of rebirth and fertility. On the springtime celebration or occasion of Easter, people decorated eggs as presents that are for their beloved friends. These decorated eggs called Easter eggs. Thus, in the Easter season, these eggs are common and popular. In the past, the chicken eggs were dyed and painted, however, now people substitute chicken eggs into chocolate eggs that are wrapped in colorful foil, papers, or the eggs are made from plastic with lots of chocolate, sweets ... Kids are really eager to open these eggs.

People use these eggs for decoration. Chicken eggs are boiled and designed by painting or dye and used them for decorating the house in some Mediterranean countries. In Germany, people make Easter egg trees with eggs.

People also think of some games that related eggs. At the Easter day, children will be led to gardens or forests where are organized for the festival. Eggs are hidden in the bushes, under the grass ... for children to find. In addition, on the table, people display dishes that related eggs.

Alright. Easter is just around the corner. Right now, outline your plans for Easter day. Happy Easter Day!

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    • 3 hours ago, feministxtian said:

      For baby showers (which I no longer have to worry about), I always gave the same gift...diapers and wipes. For "new baby" gifts I usually give a "pamper mom" basket. Everybody buys a shit ton of stuff for the baby and sorta leaves mom out of it. 

      The next wedding I'll have to buy something for is my daughter's...probably just a gift card worth some decent coin. They close on their new house in 26 days and the wedding will be sometime later this year. Something about the house and her last semester of school...I just need to mention...this was the child who ended up in prison for doing some really stupid illegal shit. She's clean and sober and has been for quite a while, has 3 associates degrees, is finishing a bachelor's in Computer Science and is debating grad school...I'm just a wee bit proud of her. 

      I don't know her and I'm more than a wee bit proud too, what an amazing achievement!

      I'm the eldest child and I've sort of adopted the maternal role since my mum died. One of the youngest had mental health issues, disappeared for a while, was emotionally abusive for a long time. She has turned everything around, she has a job, she's married, she's pregnant, she has her own home and she worked through her demons. I am more proud of her than anything I've ever achieved myself.

    • Hisey

      Posted (edited)

      ZZ Anderson is not a fan of Lori's (from ZZ's public facebook):


      Carolyn Paul Weber   What are your thoughts on Lori Alexander who has a Facebook page and blog under the name " The Transformed Wife"? She is a big advocate of the Pearls.


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       · Reply · 2d · Edited

      Are They All Yours? I'm not interested in anything she has to say, nor do I read her blog. She believes in sinless perfection. She has entire blog posts dedicated to Pearl's Roman series detailing why she agrees with it.


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       · Reply · 2d


      Although the salad photo seemed weird to me, I have to cut her some slack. People do strange things when their loved ones are dying. Lori sounds like she gets pleasure from making a salad for her mom. I"m sure it provides some comfort for her to do so. Without question, though, Lori has an abnormal, bizarre relationship with food.

      Edited by Hisey
    • onemama


      5 hours ago, usmcmom said:

      Lori's post just feels so...I don't know...mocking, cruel, ugly.  She thinks it's all a beautiful journey because she is a "christian."  My in-laws were/are faithful conservative Christians.  In fact, my father-in-law is always telling his doctors "I'm scheduled to preach Sunday; I gotta go home," and it was true. He was always preaching or teaching a Bible class.  

      Christians get to be sad.  Christians get to grieve and be overhelmed.  Christians get to miss their loved ones regardless of their certainty of salvation.  

      This. I wonder how many of her fans are feeling inadequate after reading that.  I don't want to judge Lori because I don't know her personally, but I do want anyone reading this who feels inadequate to know that you aren't faulty and less of a Christian.  

      I wasn't there to say goodbye to any of my grandparents but I treasure my last memories with them. Both of my grandmothers liked food and showed their love with food.  My maternal grandmother passed 9 years ago and my parents cared for her that last year.  Both my mom and dad didn't get to say goodbye to their fathers because they passed before they could hop on a plane and fly out to where they lived.  Both had a much harder time with that loss than with the loss of their mothers for that reason. My mother was there, holding her hand, when her mother passed.  My maternal grandmother loved chocolate ice cream and requested it every day until she died, and why not? She should enjoy her life until the very end!!!   My grandmother wrote wonderful letters that I still treasure. I received her last one, with a birthday card for my 19th birthday, a few days after she died.   I had been looking forward to seeing her in December that year but she died in August.  I'm glad my mother, her baby, got to be there to say goodbye. 

    • J'Lurker


      I think Hannie looks like Joy, who looks like Jana... and apparently Jed. First time I've seen that resemblance!

    • onemama


      9 hours ago, Frog99 said:

      I don’t understand the whole focus on submission. I can’t wrap my brain around it. DH and I both make decisions as needed- I don’t wait for him and I surely don’t harass the heck out of him, and vice versa. 

      I don’t tell him what to do, he doesn’t tell me what to do. 

      to ask permission for a girls night or something is weird. Just like I would be weirded out if he asked permission to do something. 

      We don’t have chaos and disorder in our home. No one is fighting for control. We do things to help the other and we do nice things for each other- because we love each other.


      From the conversation with Ken on 2.0 (and via pm), I've come to the conclusion that a wife taking a subordinate position in marriage and doing everything her husband wants is at the heart of their doctrine.  Women have "needs" while men have needs that they can expect to have met by their wives.  They take the "woman was made for man" verse very seriously, without looking into what that might mean.  She was made for me, she must submit to me, otherwise she's not in the will of God.

      Like you, I have a hard time wrapping my brain around what submission means.  I only tell my husband that he has to do x, y or z if it's something that he has to do and seems to be forgetting to do.  I guess I'd be labeled unsubmissive and controlling for trying to keep us out of disaster zone. 

      Asking permission is for children, not adults.  We will ask each other if it's ok to do something or another out of consideration, not obedience or something like that. 

      Chaos reigns in our home, but not because of control issues. We're chaotic!  Like you, we are together because we love each other. It's a journey that has its ups and downs, but I'd rather live like this than play the "submission game".