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Edens Year 9 Part 1: Elsie's Wedding!



Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! It was the start of 2018 and year 8 had ended with some truly shocking events. Baby Judges (#7) was born in October, and in December dear Elsie got engaged! Which of course means a wedding in March 2018! 

But first..


Wow they really waste no time, do they?

Ok so baby #8 is on its way, and Genesis, all of 7 years old, is the one comforting her siblings in the middle of the night because her parents are more worried about Counting On. What a great wife and mother she'll make one day.


Clearly Cale thought that about Elsie, because they're getting married!! Welcome to True Believer's Baptist Church. Their slogan is "Others will burn in Hell, but we won't!" and the Johnsons and Edens have been attending for decades.


(Notice the church coffee shop that both Eva and Elsie have worked at! :)

Cale may have been a little nervous


but the wedding went perfectly and was such a God-honoring event! Here, Elsie and Cale share their very first kiss, one at the altar of Christ. Kissing for Jesus sure is neat!


Close-up of the new Mrs. Cale Tobias in her bridal gown (shirt/skirt combo). Sadly, their town is full of sluttish women, and there is no Miss Renee, so Elsie's dress has a few more eye-traps than the Lord may have liked, but Cale sure wasn't complaining. 



And yes, that is a new home they're standing in! Cale and Elsie ran out of the church immediately following the ceremony, as you do, and went to the home Cale had purchased Debt Free on his part-time landscaping income. Since Cale and Elsie are both huge foodies, and have celebrated many precious moments at Chez Llama, the house is right next door in the restaurant district! In fact, they are even both starting jobs in the restaurant industry! Elsie would like to take her skills into a professional kitchen, and Cale likes complaining about food other people made so he will start as a food critic. What a match made in Heaven y'all!

Their place is a cozy 2Bed/1Bath home with space to expand if the Lord should bless them and open Elsie's womb! But...I have a feeling the Lord may not have unlimited access to Elsie's womb. I don't intend to play Cale and Elsie very much, so we will have to see what their family is up to together, and how fundie they stay! Tobiaseses out! 


But let's check back in with the Edens for one moment. Reality comes crashing down after the wedding as Eva sits at home, pregnant, with 3 children, 3 toddlers, and 1 baby, all under the age of 8. And I just turned free will back on. Please send Eva your thoughts and prayers -  she's gonna need 'em!


P.S. My future MIL is visiting this weekend so while I will be discussing another wedding (that is hopefully much much different than above), the next blog post may be delayed. The Edens and I will return soon though. Thanks for tuning in! :) Free Elsie!


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Love the Edens! Congratulations and enjoy your weekend :)

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I expect your wedding gown to look exactly like that monstrosity god-fearing fabric (minus the shoulder bones, you can't go showing those)

Have fun!

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Welcome to True Believer's Baptist Church. Their slogan is "Others will burn in Hell, but we won't!" and the Johnsons and Edens have been attending for decades.

You're killing me here! :laughing-rolling: 

I hope the visit with your future MIL goes well and that your wedding planning goes smoothly. :)

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  • Posts

    • Gobsmacked


      Pleeeeeeeeeeeese can a kind Sis post the video later?????????

      Im away from home and having to find free wi-fi connections to catch up.

      (A big shout out to Starbucks!!!!!!! For their Wi-fi.)

    • Carol


      I learned the hard way about boundaries a few weeks into my counseling career.  One of my group therapy patients told me he'd like to get together with me after he got out of treatment if I were ever visiting the town in which he lived.  I knew this wasn't possible but I was new on the job and didn't want to hurt his feelings.  Plus, if I'm being completely honest, I wanted him to like me.  Instead of being kind and direct I was noncommittal.    

      After our conversation ended, about 2 minutes later(I kid you not), I was paged to the Treatment Directors office.   He told me in no uncertain terms I had to be very clear about my boundaries with every patient.  A staff member had overheard our conversation and turned my in for my own good.  I felt betrayed and angry because I was hired over a lot of other people and in my eyes I was Queen Bee.  Shit!  I ate humble pie after that humiliating and well deserved lesson.

      I was always clear after that.  

    • Jessesgirl


      6 hours ago, nausicaa said:

      Just to put some things in perspective. In Ireland in the 1970s, not only were abortions illegal, so was contraception. This woman really had no choice in the matter of bringing this child into the world. So basically you are arguing that anyone who has ever had sex has a responsibility for a child. Also, we don't know the circumstances under which this child was conceived, how much coercion happened, and how old the parties were. You are really painting people you've never met with a very broad, very severe, anti-woman, anti-sex brush.

      And...way to completely turn off new posters from FJ. 

      I appreciate you putting things into perspective and explaining the climate of 1970’s Ireland better than I could have. My mom was raised in a strict Irish Catholic household and was made to feel incredibly ashamed after she became pregnant. I know this because When I first found out about my brother and my sis and I asked her about it, she admitted it was true and exclaimed, “I’m so ashamed!” I think she carried those feelings of shame with her for her entire life. It’s amazing how different Ireland is today. Many of my cousins live with their significant others and have babies without being married and now it seems to be much more accepted. It’s amazing how much attitudes can change in just a couple of generations. 

    • luv2laugh

      Posted (edited)

      I think at this point, JB & Michelle have allowed Jana to call these places “her own”. I think she’s given a lot of independence. I believe Jana is happy living at home and it’s a simple case of no one coming along that made her want to leave “her kids”. None of the Duggar daughters have even married real “winners”.

       In addition, JB & Michelle have given her a built-in buddy with Laura. She has her needs being met in this living situation. I’m pretty sure she wants to wait for Josie, Jordyn, Jennifer, Jackson, and Johanna get into the young teen years before taking off. This is not a sister relationship, it’s a mother and her children situation basically. Jana remaining in the home, given the fundamentalist Christian quiverfull context, is interesting but it really demonstrates that Michelle wasn’t a “mother figure” to the youngest kids, in my opinion.

      On another note, I hope JB & Michelle leave the bulk of their inheritance to Jana. I believe Michelle only truly raised the first 7 with Grandma Duggar’s help. Jana was the 24/7 on-call nanny for years and deserves to be compensated for that. I think the whole family is very generous to her for this reason as well.

      Edited by luv2laugh
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    • JillyO


      33 minutes ago, Carm_88 said:

      @singsingsing David's grandfather who passed away in October had the surname Blom, which sounds like it could be Dutch. I would think that they have some Dutch roots. 

      Either Dutch or Scandinavian, which both fits with their looks as well. ;)