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Year One- Meet the Edens! (or Honeymoon Baby: How to be favored by God)




Welcome to 66 Goodbook Avenue! Thanks to the power of Jesus the Sims 4 gallery, our newlywed fundie couple is able to use almost allll their money to move into this beautiful "3/2 Starter Home." A few modifications had to be made (like expanding the upstairs bathroom and demolishing a closed-door computer den...the horror) but now it is move-in ready for a young couple and any blessings the Lord may give them. 



And here's our fundie newlyweds. Meet Adam and Eva Eden. Adam's aspiration is have a successful lineage of quivers for the Lord, and he is self-assured, ambitious, and family-oriented. He is also an aspiring businessman for Hobby Lobby and has a very smackable face. Eva Eden's life dream is to have a large happy Christian family, and she is family-oriented, neat, and a music lover. They are both 20 years old and, even though they first spoke 8 months ago, are best friends and soooooooo in love (so much that I set the romantic decay to 20% of normal). They are also starting with a few skills thanks to their years at the SOTDRT (and sister-moming for Eva). Adam is level 2 in guitar, and level 3 in charisma, logic, writing, fitness, and handiness. Eva is level 2 in charisma, and level 3 in violin, logic, writing, cooking, and parenting (and I have also slowed skill acquisition rate 50% to account for longer lifespans). According to my timeline conversion, Adam and Eva have been married for 2 days in the picture below, and they already have the fundie stare down pat. Here, Eva gazes at her husband as he looks off into the distance (and bored). 


And they got right down to it (and hadn't bought a hamper yet oops)!


After sweet fellowship in Sims 4, one can take a pregnancy test to see if one's womb has been opened (also notice the hamper).


Eden may not sleep in a skirt but she is already expecting so take that haters!

The first year of marriage passes peacefully. Adam works his way up from mailroom technician to office assistant, plants fruits and vegetables, and works on his confidence and charisma. Eden cooks, cleans, and Manages Her Home happily. She even finds time to start a blog and publish her first major piece, "Honeymoon Baby - How to be favored by God," which brings in very modest grifting money. Here, Adam works on a speech while a pregnant Eva hand washes clothes on her knees. Hopefully someone will send her a love offering of a washing machine soon. 


But it is not all roses. Oh no! Eva was initially convicted to continue her maiden's work as a barista at her megachurch until the baby came (though the outfit required pants, the apron modestly covered any eye-traps). 5a7fa40dba5d5_02-10-18_12-07-10PM.thumb.png.4dc124420aa26f39814abb3f022a4492.png

But one day, Eva left in a rush and forgot to prepare Adam's breakfast. He had to procure cereal and juice on his own and he was Not. Pleased. At all. 


After this, Eva was convicted to quit her job and stay at home to be a better helpmeet. Eva also learned that her sister-mom cooking skills sadly did not extend to baking prowess. Fortunately the only things hurt were sugar cookies and her pride. 


All in all though, it was a great year. Eva labored lovingly at home (even while in actual labor) until at last...in the bathroom...blessing #1 arrived! Welcome to the world baby girl Genesis!!! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you! (But it's probably sister-moming. Lots of sister-moming)


And so, the Eden's head into their second year of marriage with a precious newborn and many more adventures (and blessings?) to come. Stay tuned!

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    • SorenaJ


       @Carm_88 Can I add where to Joy's birth? - Hospital because she pulled a "Jill" (but hoping entire birth voluntarily in hospital or in alongside birthcentre). Also could I get you to edit the name from Carolina Grace to Caroline Grace? 

      Also I think I have a boys guess for JoKen, but I can't seem to find it in the thread, might have missed my post. I guessed Richard Joseph "RJ" Duggar. When you make a JoKen list can you add that? 



    • SorenaJ


      Maybe Jessa is waiting to announce because she wants to announce the jinder at the same time ala Alyssa Webster? 

    • 3 hours ago, Koala said:

      Some women in the chat room were saying that their mothers were going to see the new Fifty Shades movie. Where are the godly, older women who walk faithfully with the Lord and are teaching the young women biblical womanhood? 

      ONE woman mentioned that her mama was going to the movie. ONE. Lori manufactures so much drama. 

      She is back from her daughters' and really ramping up again her internet presence. She posted a long spiel about what good grandmother she was and how often her daughter told her she was awesome and that she plans to travel to Texas every other month to be the biggest help ever. Yeah, visiting six times a year is really grandmother of the year. I wouldn't write that about anyone else, but when you have oodles of disposable income and sit on your ass in San Diego and blog about what a great grandmother you are...well, talk is cheap. 

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    • Granwych


      3 hours ago, MarblesMom said:

      OK FOLKS......even Google Translate didn't have a better version.  Perhaps there will be weens afterward?



      I am not closed enough, I guess.  And the Great Horned God Rufus has advised me to support the Wych household as its mjissionary travels the 7 miles between the family home and the nearest Walmart.  Gotta keep those weenie culinary delights forthcoming!

    • Marian the Librarian


      I’ve been Dougie-watching long enough to remember when those CD sets were first released, and the :pb_lol: reactions here on FJ to his use of the term “jive talk.” He thought he was being so hip. So cool. 

      Reminds me of Professor Harold Hill in The Music Man: “Are certain words creeping into his language? Words like...SWELL. And SO’S YOUR OLD MAN!”

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