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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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Song of the day 2/9/18

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There's a flaw in the system
And the fly in the ointment's gonna bring the whole thing down.....

Disorder in the house
There's a flaw in the system
And the fly in the ointment's gonna bring the whole thing down


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  • Posts

    • Carm_88



      Eating For Two: Forsyth Baby One



      Abigail- Gillyweed

      Abigail Faith- nastyhobbitses

      Abigail Joy- Seren Ann

      Autumn Hope- Keyleigh

      Autumn Joy- Million Children For Jesus

      Ava Joy- Jatalie1996

      Bryndle- Yaoichan12

      Carolina Grace- Sorena

      Charlotte Rose- JoyJoy

      Cheyenne- Yaoichan12

      Daisey- Yaoichan

      Elizabeth- KelseyAnn

      Emily Anne- BlondeIdol

      Emma Faith- TheLambBeforeTime

      Eve- adidas

      Faith Jillian- TuringMachine

      Gabrielle Christian- albireo

      Grace Faith- Marly

      Hannah- CarrotCake

      Hannah Grace- AtlanticTug

      Harper Michelle- manda b

      Isabella- Nefernandes15

      Isabella Joy- VBOY9977

      Jackson Yuanita- nst

      Julie Faith- misandry

      Leah Joy- JoylessAnna

      Lillian Aurora- AstroNot

      Lily Anna- singsingsing, meee

      Mariah Michelle- bananabread

      Olivia- Gillyweed

      Rachel- aprilx

      Roxanna Faith- KeepingChrysanthemum

      Ruth Carolina- Scrabblemaster

      Sage Anne- Chewing Gum

      Samantha- Fullfrontalhugs

      Sarah Anna- JordynDarby5

      Sarah Joy- meee

      Savannah Michelle- VBOY9977

      Swoosie Faith- nst

      Tabitha Michelle- IReallyAmHopewell

      Valarie- Fullfrontalhugs

      Willow Anne- Chewing Gum

      Winter Taylor- Nice Pair



      Aaron Elijah- Scrabblemaster

      Aaron Wyatt- Mayluka

      Adam- eveandadam

      Adam Austin- JordynDarby5

      Adam Martyn- JPickleDuggar

      Adam Valentino- Markie

      Andrew- brogue

      Archer Austin- Keyleigh

      Asher Martyn- Million Children For Jesus

      Austin James – ophelia (“AJ”), Dandruff (“Jamie”)

      Austin Jr- Satan’sFortress, HuggleMonster, HarleyQuinn

      Austin Martyn Jr- Seculardaisy

      Austin Luke- victoriasponge

      Austin Patrick- tabitha2

      Beau Harrison- Yaoichan12

      Canaan Zurich- bekkah

      Charles- Nefernandes15

      Clay Robert- Still have a free arm

      Cole Austin- yeahtotally

      Colton or River- SportsgalAnnie

      Colton Austin- Nashville92

      Colton Avery- VeryNikeSeamstress

      Colton Elijah-AtlanticTug

      Connor Austin- TheLambBeforeTime

      Dallas- SeekingAdventure

      Dallas Martyn- AstroNot

      Daniel Austin- The Wanderer

      Denver- Kelsey

      Elijah- GuineaPigCourtship

      Elijah Robert- HRM1216

      Elijah Tristan- GoddessOfVictory

      Forrest Harrison- Yaoichan12

      Fred- Jinder Roles

      Gabriel Christian- Albireo

      Gage Harrison- Yaoichan12

      Grayson- HermioneSparrow

      Gunner/Hunter/River Robert- Chewing Gum (Those are all dog names in my family)

      Hunter Austin- ihaveanexamintwodays

      Hunter Martyn- Daisy0322,  KeepingChrysanthemum

      Isaac Daniel- nastyhobbitses

      James Austin- IReallyAmHopewell( Jamie), meee

      James Martyn- meee

      Jameson Austin- JermajestyDuggar

      John Blake Carrington- Markie

      Jonah Robert- manda b

      Joseph Austin- JMO

      Kevin Matthew- nst

      Lucas Martyn- HRM1216

      Martyn Ezra- JoylessAnna

      Matthew- Sky with diamonds

      Matthew James- JMO

      Noah Austin- Fluffypaws

      Peter Austin- Gillyweed

      Pike Switzerland Galilee- SapphireSlytherin

      Remington James- GreatScott

      Reuben- aprilx

      Richard Charles- new espadrille

      Richard Martyn- mizandry

      River (Or some other outdoorsy name)- CoveredInBees

      River Austin/Martyn- TheMustardCardigan

      Rhett- Gillyweed

      Sawyer Austin- TheLambBeforeTime

      Solomon Austin- viii

      Steve Austin- WiseGirl

      Terrance James- Carm_88

      Timothy Austin- Kangaroo

      Wesley Austin- Greendoor

      William- Gillyweed

      William Austin- Caskett4ever

      Woody or Wayne- SportsgalAnnie

      Wyatt Abraham- TuringMachine

      Wyatt Austin- singsingsing

      Wyatt James- SorenaJ, freshlemonade

      Some Boring Name- AlternativeVoice

      Super Traditional Name- sorchah

      No Name Guess- Jenn The Heathen, surgicalmusicalchairs, albanuadh_1



      Aspen, Lake, Hunter, Remington, River, Willow- SportsGalAnnie



      February 1st- CoveredInBees

      February 12th- adidas

      February 14th- Markie, freshlemonade

      February 16th- Kangaroo, new espadrille

      February 17th- SeekingAdventure, CarrotCake, new espardrille (early)

      February 18th- Million Children For Jesus, KeepingChrysanthemum

      February 20th- Jenn the Heathen

      February 21st- JMO

      February 22nd- AtlanticTug, GoddessOfVictory

      February 23rd- manda b

      February 25th- AlternativeVoice, JPickleDuggar (6:45am) viii

      February 27th- Gillyweed, Daisy0322, Fluffypaws

      February 28th- Nice Pair, bananabread, Nefernandes15, Kelsey, TheMustardCardigan, SapphireSlytherin, Albireo, victoriasponge, AstroNot, WiseGirl

      March 1st- VBOY9977, GuineaPigCourtship, Markie, eveandadam, Yaoichan1, VBOY9977, Scrabblemaster, JoylessAnna, HarleyQuinn

      March 2nd- AtlanticTug, Jatalie1996, Seren Ann, Nashville92, ihaveanexamintwodays, surgicalmusicalchairs, albanuadh_1

      March 3rd- Gillyweed, Still have a free arm, Satan’sFortress, ophelia, yeahtotally

      March 4th- Marly, singsingsing

      March 5th- VeryNikeSeamstress, HRM1216, Caskett4ever, bekkah

      March 6th- Chewing Gum, JordynDarby5

      March 7th- neurogirl, GreatScott, JoyJoy, Jinder Roles, The Wanderer, anaandrade, sorchah

      March 8th- HermioneSparrow, brogue, Carm_88

      March 9th- Greendoor, BlondeIdol

      March 10th- nst

      March 12th- SorenaJ

      March 15th- tabitha2

      March 17th- frugalitymom

      March 20th- Seculardaisy

      March 31st- Markie

      February- nst

      Mid to late January- Sky with diamonds

      March- Sportsgal Annie



      7lbs 1oz- Million Children For Jesus

      7lbs 3oz- viii

      7lbs 11oz- Still have a free arm

      7lb 15 oz- Greendoor

      8lbs 4oz- Jatalie1996, ophelia, HuggleMonster

      8lbs 5oz- GreatScott

      8lbs 8oz- surgicalmusicalchairs (3985g)

      8lbs 10oz- Yaoichan12, sorchah

      8lbs 11oz- JPickleDuggar

      8lbs 14oz- Satan’sFortress

      9lbs- GuineaPigCourtship, Seculardaisy, HarleyQuinn

      9lbs 1oz- SorenaJ, tabitha2

      9lbs 2oz- SeekingAdventure

      9lbs 3oz- The Wanderer

      9lbs 4oz- Atlantic Tug, VBOY9977, Jenn The Heathen

      9lbs 5oz- Markie, brogue

      9lbs 6oz- Albireo, Carm_88

      9lbs 7oz- Caskett4ever, Nashville92

      9lbs 8oz- Daisy0322, adidas

      9lbs 9oz- HRM1216, JermajestyDuggar, Fluffypaws

      9llbs 10oz- Markie

      9lbs 11oz- singsingsing, nst

      9lbs 15oz- JMO

      10lbs- Kangaroo

      10lbs 1oz- VeryNikeSeamstress

      10lbs 4oz- JoylessAnna

      10lbs 5oz- bekkah

      10lbs 13oz- GoddessOfVictory

      11lbs 11oz- SapphireSlytherin



      19 inches- Still have a free arm, VeryNikeSeamstress, Million Children For Jesus

      20 inches- singsingsing, VBOY9977, JPickleDuggar

      20.5 inches- SeekingAdventure, Seculardaisy, sorchah

      21 inches- nst, JMO

      21.5 inches- AtlanticTug, HRM1216

      23 inches- bekah, Nashville92



      Home Birth with Jill, Jana, and Michelle- Markie, ihaveanexamintwodays

      Home Birth with Jill- JMO, HarleyQuinn (Jill the moronic attendant!), new espadrille

      At Home- HRM1216, Albireo, Carm_88, Nashville92

      Hospital because she pulled a “Jill”- Ophelia

      Hospital but not a c-section- Kangaroo

      Birth Centre or Hospital- Seren Ann

      @SeekingAdventure, @new espadrille, and @CarrotCake (You do share a birthday with my brother! :) )"Was that your final answer?" I'm sorry, that was not the right answer. 


    • laPapessaGiovanna


      On 16/2/2018 at 10:11 PM, nausicaa said:

      Sorry for the novel, but after a discussion with a French friend recently I've been thinking about this a lot. I sort of organized all my thoughts below. 

      I can tell you that at least the gun confiscations that happened in Australia will never happen here.

      Australia did not have a gun lobby as powerful and wealthy as the NRA (in fact Australia's very weak gun lobby had the NRA come in to advise them on messaging and mobilization). It also didn't have the right to bear arms ingrained in its constitution. And there were only six Australian states that needed to come to a consensus. We have fifty, plus a constitution that clearly delineates state versus Federal powers. There is also a gun culture that is so deeply ingrained here, I think it's hard to convey to non-Americans who haven't grown up with it. 

      Australia essentially had a forcible buy back program and the number of gun owning households was cut in half (the equivalent of 53 million households in the United States). The logistics of implementing something similar in the United States is impossible for political, social, and logistical reasons. The country is too large, there are too many guns, and the dynamics are too different. I have yet to hear a plausible plan for how this could be done.

      Any politician, even a Democrat, who supported such a scheme would be committing political suicide (and we have to be honest, at the end of the day, what any politician wants is to be reelected). It could easily be deemed unconstitutional due to search and seizure laws. And the only organizations I would think who could be deployed to do such extensive checks would be the military or law enforcement, both of which are made up predominately of conservatives who staunchly support the Second Amendment and likely privately own many guns themselves. Most would probably flat out refuse to listen to orders, go on strike, or at the very least do a wink wink nudge nudge to the homeowner with nine semis displayed above his fireplace telling them there are no firearms in his household.  

      The way forward for U.S. gun control has to be implementing and expanding waiting periods, stricter background checks, and banning the purchase of semi-automatics. The focus has to be on future gun purchases and manufacture.

      All of this to say, the 350 million guns (including 2.5 million AR-15s) currently in the United States? Those aren't going anywhere anytime soon. 

      I too think forcibly removing arms would be a very bad idea. You need to make it the American way, leaving people "choice". You can buy back arms in a way that makes it more convenient selling them to the government instead of keeping them. Heavily tax ammunitions. Institute registries, make it easy and free to register weapons, people who are found with unregistered firearms ie during normal traffic checks get fined and the arms seized. Ban assault weapons. Make clear and easy to follow laws, possibly uniformly among the states (this may be the most difficult part)

      You have to start somewhere or things will just keep getting worse. Firearms sales seem to have been increasing in the last years and it's not like many of those arms will soon be dumped for wear and tear, they will stay around for a long time and newer sales will keep adding on.

    • Dr. Fundie Stalker


      On 2018-02-16 at 5:03 PM, Crazy Enough to Join said:

      Yeah hanging out at the Duggars' house is still probably a break even without them being helpful just b/c there are new toys and kids to play with and some adult conversation. I'm sure it is harder for the duggar kids who aren't close to home.

      I want to snark but that is just out of jealousy. I am an only child who would love to have a few siblings with their kids dropping in and out of the family home. 

      It would be a nice break and like a playdate. It is comfortable and relaxed and you don't have to drag a tone of stuff with you.

      the Duggar kids go home and don't really worry about diapers, or wipes, or sippy cups or (Rufus help me) pregnancy tests. :pb_rollseyes: 

    • JordynDarby5


      4 minutes ago, Audrey2 said:

      That is exactly why I prefer the winter Olympics to the summer games. The US does so well in the summer games that our television coverage is basically showing the US winning medals. The winter games are more about the world. I enjoy watching the skiing and shooting, ski jumping, sliding (luge/skeleton/bobsled), speed skating, and hockey. I celebrate Norwegian, Dutch, German, Canadian, Austrian, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, and Danish medals with those on Free Jinger from those countries. 

      I love both Olympics and watched them obsessively. I've currently DVRing everything and watching every game. I'll probably be done a week after the Olympics but I don't want to miss any thing. But I agree that it sucks that summer games only show US winning medals. I want to watch everyone. I want to watch all of the games. Like with gymnastics I want to watch everyone who is competing. The Rio Olympics there was the app that you can download and watch every game. It was so awesome and so fun. I watched all of the gymnastics. It was so much fun seeing all of the routines. The Dutch ones were really cool. It was fun to watch all of archery. I really wish they'd put it all on TV.

    • Carm_88


      I keep thinking that something has to happen...at some point!