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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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  • Posts

    • Carol


      Couple of things.  

      Raising children would be the most difficult and most challenging thing in the world for me.  I'm happy to read that some people come by it naturally.

      I've always had friends but the constant in my life for the most part was my animals.  I loved them like children.  That said, as much as I grieved their loss and how devastated I felt, I can't imagine comparing the loss of an animal to the loss of a child.


    • Red Hair, Black Dress

      Posted (edited)

      14 hours ago, EowynW said:

      while my mom went back to school and started her own business.

      So ... if your mom did this why were you not allowed to further your education/ have a career?  Seems very hypocritical to me.

      Was it because your mother was already married with children and you were supposed to be waiting in limbo for Mr. Right to show up?

      In your case Mr Right was right there all along, but what was wrong with getting higher education and then working while "waiting."*

      *Not that I think women should wait to start their lives when Mr. Right shows up.  Life is going on no matter what and there should not be the magic trigger moment when you get to start it. Magic trigger= being married.

      The oldest Maxwell daughter is 36-37, still waiting in Maxhell for Mr. Right so she can begin her life.  I really hate to believe she will wait forever. because the stupid SAHD "rules" say she can't have her own life unless she's married.

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    • JordynDarby5


      33 minutes ago, Chewing Gum said:

      How cool strangers do that. I have yet to visit the biggest tourist places myself (Anne Frank house for example) though :my_angel: . I really love my country. (well besides the Sinterklaas blackface thing, which would drive my family apart of I ever mentioned my stance on it (against)). Proud Dutchie over here for basically everything else. Right now, especially loving the olympics with the Dutch ice speed skaters, they rocked!

      They are doing awesome!  

    • Audrey2


      33 minutes ago, Chewing Gum said:

       Proud Dutchie over here for basically everything else. Right now, especially loving the olympics with the Dutch ice speed skaters, they rocked!

      That is exactly why I prefer the winter Olympics to the summer games. The US does so well in the summer games that our television coverage is basically showing the US winning medals. The winter games are more about the world. I enjoy watching the skiing and shooting, ski jumping, sliding (luge/skeleton/bobsled), speed skating, and hockey. I celebrate Norwegian, Dutch, German, Canadian, Austrian, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, and Danish medals with those on Free Jinger from those countries. 

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    • CarrotCake

      Posted (edited)

      Damn, my date is over so I lose that one.

      Well, it does mean that I still not share a birthday with a Duggar so actually it is a win.


      (Carm, looks like I do share a birthday with your brother ;-) )

      Edited by CarrotCake