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Buffy's Commentary

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Who doesn't worry about a giant despondent lumberjack?



I was home sick today (cough cough) but braved the world to run out when one of the boys needed a ride home.

I'm awesome like that.  

Bonus I got to see my buddy the giant despondent lumberjack.  We've been trying to figure out what's got him so down.


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Posted (edited)

Now I'm jealous! ;) No giant statues around here. :( We had a gas station with a giant guy called "Big John" when I was a kid, but it was torn down years ago. 

I wonder if your buddy is lonely. Maybe he needs a giant pet, or a giant girlfriend (or boyfriend)?

ETA--Ooh! I had a thought! The Arndt fellas need to get a giant drone and deliver a giant stuffed penguin to him!!!:penguin-wink:

Edited by WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?

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Well, it felt like - 20 here today, so perhaps the lumberjack is just sad he has no coat, or trees to chop in his immediate vicinity....


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Aww. He’s sad because he’s in the wrong country. Send him to Aus. We have big everything. Big Banana, Big Pineapple, Big Lobster, and my personal favourite, the Big Merino. 


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@Blahblah--:laughing-rolling:The Big Merino is amazing! I take it from his horns (front view) and um, other bits (rear view) that he's a ram? :pb_lol:

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    • Lgirlrocks


      I got blocked because she posted, on her doodle about work place affairs, how 83% of affairs happen in the work place and I called her out on it. I posted proverbs 19:9 A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish. And told her she needed to check her facts it’s actually 36%. 

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    • anjulibai


      Alatheia is 14 in March. I imagine she's quite a sister-mom at this point, poor thing. 

    • Million Children For Jesus


      Bradley peaked in the 80's. I think because of Brad Pitt, born in 1963, and Brad from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (released 1982, Brad was a senior, that makes him born in 1964), I think of Brad as a 60's name. 


    • anjulibai


      I'm still bothered that they used Grace twice for a middle name. 

      Now I'm even more bothered by it since I now know Hannah means grace. 

    • 7 hours ago, chaotic life said:


      Thank you, and no it’s not better at all. But I have hope it will be one day and I would choose this over what I endured for too long every day and twice on Sunday. My advice to others now is to never do what I did and get out immediately. But fundie religion teaches you to ignore your gut instincts and to forgive at all costs, even when the cost is you.


      I am genuinely sorry to hear that. I just cannot understand that line of teaching and I'm glad to see people rejecting it when it makes no sense. Not that the alternative is simple (as you say).