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Sims in Cult: Grifting Ministries

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Ranfords, Days 20 - 23: Beyond Blessed (No, Seriously,Too Many Blessings)

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Hello. Ranfords are back. :) I'm not sure how often I will update from this point on, but I hope for weekly posts. 


When we last left Ranfords, they had just welcomed their forth blessing. In case you forgot, Ranfords now have four sons: Reed, Forest, River and Huckleberry. Thanks to my not so well thought rules for this neighborhood, they will have many, many more. 
And it's though. Viola was so busy with kids, even Zachary had to participate in housework! His poor, fragile masculinity was shaking. 



Some... hey-hey-hey activities helped. (I'm so sorry.)



Look, something cute! Reed grew up. Nobody noticed, and he didn't ask for any attention. He likes to be outside, alone, doing something useful - his favorite activity is fishing. His new jurisdictions are: picking berries, nuts and mushrooms; planting tree saplings*; fishing for few hours a day. Homeschooling is so great, and teaches kids so many useful skills, not like evil liberal public schools!**



Twins grew up as well. Forest, victim of first-born syndrome, is a copy of Reed and wears brown outfit. River has similar looks, and his personality is almost the same as well. He wears green outfit. 



Soon Viola was expecting again. 



Unlike their older brother, twins did not enjoy their toddlerhood - they followed their parents, asked for attention, cried, refused to be potty trained, passed out in weirdest places and throw tantrums. Examples below. 
Dont worry, though, they were probably just being manipulative. 






Something good in it all: at least they were here for each other. 


Zachary finally reached enough mechanical skills to be registered as electrician. Ranfords now have electricity in their house. Yey! 



Viola used the new phone to get back in touch with her old friend. I thought her name was Lindsay, but it's actually Lyndsay with extra y. How neat and cool!



Lyndsay agreed to move in for a while to help Viola with kids and herself with... things. 



After getting Ranfords-approved makeover, Lyndsay purchased a computer and started to write a book about courting and marriage. Of course, she had never been in a romantic relationship.  



Two other things came with Lyndsay and electricity.
First, Zachary opened a home business and is now selling some homemade baskets and other things from his old van. (Twins are, of course, hanging near him, hoping for a bit of attention.)



Minus side - customers can wander around the house and talk to kids. 
"When I grow up, I'll be politician, and ban abortions!"
"That's... special."



Quick reminder: Huckleberry exists.



Some people were very upset about how Ranfords raised their kids. 
"Is this even legal?"

"Yeah, just morally questionable."


As Ranfords were not doing anything illegal, upset townies had to come up with creative ways to express their disapproval.



Secondly, Lyndsay encouraged Zachary to open a church! Crystal Archipelago Grifting Ministry is small and self-isolated church that definitely does not welcome all... or even most. But Zachary is sure that it will soon grow into important community center. Lyndsay told him that he is a great public speaker. His next sermon will definitely be about modesty. These outfits! 



They also sell Christian magazines and greeting cards to unaware townies.*** 



Church holds services every Wednesday and Sunday. It's first service was not very well attended. Still, one guy caught Lyndsay's eye - he was shy and cute, and not a Ranford, so definitely her type. 



Next day, she called him to... emm, encourage him to ask her out. Viola is happy for her friend, but a bit worried that things move so fast. 



Lyndsay took Reed to chaperone her. He didn't really care about the date, and it suited Lyndsay's needs. After a short argument about woman's rights to wear pants, Lyndsay and her new baaabe (his name is Jihoon Hsu, btw) found a common ground. 







"Look, you are shy and nice, and I can manipulate you... I mean, I already touched your shoulders, I guess there is only one thing we can do now."



It was a shotgun wedding. Lyndsay got married before Viola gave birth. 



“And now we can move into real house, and make cute babies, and run this place!”



And so they did. 



As soon as Lyndsay moved out, Viola went into labor. Giving birth in bathroom is a tradition in this household. 



Its a boy! Red hair, blue eyes! Who would have thought?
And, wait, theres another one!



And another one!



Aaand... yep, another one!



I guess, this illustrates their current season of life quite well. 
It's still nice to meat you all, Linden, Cedar, Oak, and Elm. Nobody will be able to tell you apart, because you all have red hair and blue eyes.  Just like all your other brothers. 



Question: do you want me to write about Hsu family as well? I will definitely play them, and they will be part of church plot either way, but do you want to see their everyday life? Alternatively, all updates can be just about Ranfords slowly turning into Arndts.

* You can get all that cool stuff at here: http://www.medievalsims.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=240
** Here is a mod that allows player-run schools and homeschooling: http://www.simlogical.com/sl/Sims2Pages/Sims2_School.htm

*** That's one amazing mod, let me tell you: http://modthesims.info/d/385962




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These just keep getting better. Looking forward to next week's installment. Love the name theme!

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  • Posts

    • SorenaJ


      6 minutes ago, singsingsing said:

      Who cares if random people "ASSume" the kid's a boy, though, especially at that age? What possible difference could it make?

      Seconded. So what if people assumed it is a boy? I mean, who cares? 

      Don't put something on your baby that it doesn't like having on, just for the sake of it. 

      • Upvote 1
    • iheartjnames


      On 12/15/2017 at 1:32 PM, VBOY9977 said:

      It must be hard for Joy to post about her baby bump because every time she does people comment on how huge she is and how it must have been conceived before marriage. It must be really hard to receive those comments bc I’ve always gotten the feeling Joy isn’t the most comfortable in her body and now she probably feels even more self conscious. 


      This! I was huge in my pregnancy, we moved and I had a new Dr.,  he had me verify date of my last period many times because of how big I was . I finally told him there was no way I could have conceived before a certain date because my husband was in the service and was overseas, he then questioned if he was really the father, yes I was really pissed at that insinuation.  So I can sympathize with Joy, pregnancy can be hell on short-waisted women.   

    • singsingsing


      1 hour ago, SapphireSlytherin said:

      Probably the bow/headband thing is in response to random people ASSuming the kid's a boy, especially if she doesn't have much hair. GryffindorDisappointment had no hair ... she was ALWAYS called "he/him" by perfect strangers. So. Bows & headbands and pink frilly shit ALL.THE.TIME.

      Who cares if random people "ASSume" the kid's a boy, though, especially at that age? What possible difference could it make?

      • Upvote 1
    • lilwriter85


      4 minutes ago, crawfishgirl said:

      This gem was in her blog comments from yesterday:

      Can you imagine her family disrupting their church service because the preacher discusses something that they don't agree with?  If they are unhappy with it, maybe they should change churches, or discuss it with the minister afterwards.  Disrupting a service is not the way to go - they'd probably be ostracized and/or asked to permanently leave the church afterwards.  That would probably be a good thing for the church, since they like to complain and don't like to tithe.

      Lori and Ken have changed churches before and I think she had a drama with a minister at her current church. If they disrupt a service I can imagine people either laughing or being disgusted. Some people at their current church have to know about Lori's blog and if a shit show happened at a service some church members could public with their stories on Ken and Lori. It's like Ken and Lori are just setting themselves up for a public shit show scandal.

      • Upvote 1
    • HermioneSparrow


      1 hour ago, SapphireSlytherin said:

      Parent law #1031:  your kid's Halloween candy is YOUR Halloween candy. 

      Okay Jimmy Kimmel:pb_lol: