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Baby Thor

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Holidays closed in along with the anticipation of finals & midterms. Thor's hair loss has slowed down but he's still got thin patches. He's been on a rip (literally) since the temps have dropped. All the animals seem frisky. This week since the Girl has been off we haven't needed to be up early. So obviously, that means kitties aren't getting the skritches & num nums at the proper time! Thor is obligated to sing & cry & fling himself at the door in hopes that we will come to our senses & let him in. The one night I let him sleep with us I was awoken at 2 am by big purrs & wet, sniffy kisses all over my face. When I attempted to roll over he simply threw himself across my throat in an attempt to access my face. I escorted him out of the room. At 6 he reminded me that he was still out there so into the bathroom he went. Later I discovered he wasn't pleased with that outcome. 


(I'm on mobile so I hope I did the spoilers right!)










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Him's was 'tacking mama's paws for trying to take his picture.  :my_biggrin:

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Bad baby Thor! You not do that to your mommy! 

(He's still adorable though!)

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  • Posts

    • SorenaJ


      6 minutes ago, singsingsing said:

      Who cares if random people "ASSume" the kid's a boy, though, especially at that age? What possible difference could it make?

      Seconded. So what if people assumed it is a boy? I mean, who cares? 

      Don't put something on your baby that it doesn't like having on, just for the sake of it. 

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    • iheartjnames


      On 12/15/2017 at 1:32 PM, VBOY9977 said:

      It must be hard for Joy to post about her baby bump because every time she does people comment on how huge she is and how it must have been conceived before marriage. It must be really hard to receive those comments bc I’ve always gotten the feeling Joy isn’t the most comfortable in her body and now she probably feels even more self conscious. 


      This! I was huge in my pregnancy, we moved and I had a new Dr.,  he had me verify date of my last period many times because of how big I was . I finally told him there was no way I could have conceived before a certain date because my husband was in the service and was overseas, he then questioned if he was really the father, yes I was really pissed at that insinuation.  So I can sympathize with Joy, pregnancy can be hell on short-waisted women.   

    • singsingsing


      1 hour ago, SapphireSlytherin said:

      Probably the bow/headband thing is in response to random people ASSuming the kid's a boy, especially if she doesn't have much hair. GryffindorDisappointment had no hair ... she was ALWAYS called "he/him" by perfect strangers. So. Bows & headbands and pink frilly shit ALL.THE.TIME.

      Who cares if random people "ASSume" the kid's a boy, though, especially at that age? What possible difference could it make?

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    • lilwriter85


      4 minutes ago, crawfishgirl said:

      This gem was in her blog comments from yesterday:

      Can you imagine her family disrupting their church service because the preacher discusses something that they don't agree with?  If they are unhappy with it, maybe they should change churches, or discuss it with the minister afterwards.  Disrupting a service is not the way to go - they'd probably be ostracized and/or asked to permanently leave the church afterwards.  That would probably be a good thing for the church, since they like to complain and don't like to tithe.

      Lori and Ken have changed churches before and I think she had a drama with a minister at her current church. If they disrupt a service I can imagine people either laughing or being disgusted. Some people at their current church have to know about Lori's blog and if a shit show happened at a service some church members could public with their stories on Ken and Lori. It's like Ken and Lori are just setting themselves up for a public shit show scandal.

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    • HermioneSparrow


      1 hour ago, SapphireSlytherin said:

      Parent law #1031:  your kid's Halloween candy is YOUR Halloween candy. 

      Okay Jimmy Kimmel:pb_lol: