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Baby Thor

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National Cat Day or Something??



Sooo yeah.  Yesterday was apparently national cat day?  I didn't realize!  Well, until the end of the day of course.  Been a roller coaster month.  Husband can't seem to stay out of the hospital, my senior show is rapidly approaching, the girl got her car and has driven it allll over.  Now to just get her officially fully licensed and the Honey back to working order.  

I'm tired ya'll.  Like.....Tired.  Thor baby has been keeping me safe and warms.  His fur is falling out again in various places, I think it's a winter thing.  There's no fleas or anything on him and it seems to be fine during the hot months.  Seasonal alopecia anyone?  I gave him a bath with some shampoo for the fur the other day (got a nice perfect puncture would on my back for that), seemed to help a bit.  He doesn't seem to be itching as much.  Other than looking a little dorky, he's the usual sweet hellion kitty.  I nabbed a rare sweet pic of he and the Old Man.  

Texi and Thor.jpg

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So I wished my feline nieces and nephew a happy national cat day yesterday. 


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My cat Pelli just had this to say: "Don't you silly humans know that every day is Cat Day?"20170501_161226.thumb.jpg.0a5584fa1471e7d3a79402baf31fcd12.jpg

She's a very wise 12 year old kitty. :kitty-wink:

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Yep, every day is Cat Day here too!  Here is Zippy at the end of a long day of being important......


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    • Quinquagenarian


      4 hours ago, Marian the Librarian said:

       Inchorant (sic)"

      Incoherent? Inchoate? Who the hell knows?? In any case, he cites an article from Lifesitenews.com.



      Well. It's not Phil Doiglas so not completely surprising. This is the page he hopes most of the people who attended his son's wedding read or see. The piece is wordy. Nolan Manteufel would likely have some rational smackdown in such an instance. 

    • GreyhoundFan


      27 minutes ago, onekidanddone said:

      I have no plans.  I would not be able to keep the very vocal snark in check.:my_cool:

      can you imagine if you and I attended together? The snark would be flying. We'd probably be the first people banned for life! :Yes:

    • JillyO


      19 minutes ago, Petrel said:

      Why would they cut her finger off?  She obviously is capable of removing the ring if she left it at home, why wouldn’t robbers just make her take it off? Seems unnecessarily complicated to go out of one’s way to cut off fingers. 

      Yes, but "I'm worried someone might steal my ring" does not make it sound half as dramatic as "someone might cut off my finger just to get at the ring," now does it? ;)

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    • onekidanddone


      3 hours ago, Shouldabeenacowboy said:

      Uhm, nope. Not at the moment, at least.

      I initially thought about going, hoping for some fundie sighting and related snarking, but time is short and things to do are plenty! If you go please report back!

      I have no plans.  I would not be able to keep the very vocal snark in check.:my_cool:

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    • VBOY9977


      Joe and Kendra on Kendra’s parents fb pic... Kendra looks 14 :my_confused:



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