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Sims in Cult: Grifting Ministries

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Ranfords, Days 11 - 12: The Series of Unfortunate Events

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Ok, folks, 
Reed's birth was huge blessing and all, but Ranfords soon started to worry about Satans shenanigans. Because something was wrong, and it had nothing to do with them or their choices.  
First of all, Viola couldnt get pregnant right after giving birth, although Ranfords sure did everything they could about it. 
Poor tent can confirm. O.O



Zacahary was devastated. Will Reed reach his toddlerhood without being a big brother? Will Viola end up having less than 10 children?? Will Zacahary grow old without a quiver full of red haired arrows to show off as a sign of his manliness??? 



Second, even with only one child, parenting was hard. Like, baby sometimes cried and was stinky. Putting him in muddles didn't help. 



Admittedly, Ranfords practiced hands-off parenting, sometimes literally  



But can you blame them? (Well, I can). They had sooo much work, folks. Winter was coming, so they had to fill the refrigerator with food. I mean, Viola had. Zachary did manly work. 



But Ranfords still knew they were doing the right thing. They received small, encouraging blessings every day.
For example, Zachary got a fishing talent badge, although he had only catched one fish in his entire life. 
That does, of course, prove that they are Right Kind of Christians and everything will be provided for them. Somehow. 



Reed grew up into toddler (and Viola wasn't pregnant yet.). He looks like his daddy. He is somewhat neat, very active and outgoing, maximally playful and extremely grouchy. Oh-uh. Little cult leader in making. 
There was no cake or anything. As his birthday present Reed received a new outfit. A proper boy outfit, not that girly pink thing he grew up into. 





His parents, however, celebrated with sweat fellowshiping. And heard a chime! Stranger yelled on them again, just like when they got pregnant with Reed! Its a sign. 
Townie left angry and frustrated, probably to start #FreeReed movement. 



Although pregnant again, Viola still sometimes felt doubts about this lifestyle. As much as she tried to convince herself, count her blessings and control her own thought life, she didn't see a way for this to work out. To keep it sweat and submissive, she took her anger out on garden gnome. 

Viola (inside): "You will never be republican senator, idiot, you can't even figure out how to build a proper house!"


Did I mention that Zachary finished kitchen? Because he did. Viola now could grill their hotdogs inside. 
Only the first time she did, a fire started! (Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa - forgot that grills shouldn't be used inside.)



Fire! Fire! What do you do when fire starts at your home?! Zach had no clue. 



Reed, being smarter than his parents, left the room and entertained himself till it was over. 



Viola almost burned to death, but Zachary saved her. (Viola now can use it as metaphor to talk about Hell and Faith.)



Finally fire burned out. Ranfords lost a grill, a fridge and few old boxes. The biggest loss was food that burned with furniture. 

BUT GUYS! There is a great testimony in it all!!! The SIGN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS! THE TOTAL BLESSING.
 THE FIRST BUMP OF PREGNANCY! It sure means... Something.



Viola was so tired she fell asleep right there.  Zachary worried about her dangerously low needs, possible death and their lost furniture. 
This is going to be a looooooooooooong pregnancy.


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  • Posts

    • allthegoodnamesrgone


      17 minutes ago, Ivycoveredtower said:

      I will say I feel badly for woman that choose  adoption. and what they have to go through  to make that decision but I can't really stomach the fact that people are saying that these women have a right to keep things from the adoptee. that it's their live and they don't have to justify the choices they made. 

      it's not just their life though. it's the adoptee's life. the choices the mother's made effect that child.  should they be forced to meet the child I will go with no but I do think the child has a right to know who their father is.  they have a right to know their medical history and if they have siblings out there. 

      One thing you are missing here is the deep, deep guilt laid on these women by their parents and probably the nuns whom she lived with while pregnant who took her child. I'm assuming he parents sent her to a "house for whores" where the bad girls go to have their bastards and are shamed, punished and tortured for daring breaking the #1 rule, NOT getting caught sinning. These places were cruel to young scared unwed moms, some of whom had been sexually assaulted by family  members and were being cast aside for nothing they did wrong, some were rapped by strangers/boyfriends and some willingly had sex with their partners, but they were all treated like dirty sinners. In the end it may be too much for her mom to take, and it isn't fair to her to bring it back up as if she's obligated to relive it. she was forced to give birth and forced to give him away, this is the only CHOICE she's been allowed.  And unfortunately her son needs to realize that, it isn't him that is the issue, but he's not really the victim here, his mother is.

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    • JoytotheWorld


      1 hour ago, Audrey2 said:

      I feel sorry for whichever M kid who played teacher. My Mom knew from her first day of school in first grade (70 years ago) that she wanted to be a teacher, so she played school with dolls, and any siblings/cousins that she could corall to teach. (Her 2 or 3 closest female cousins reciprocated by making her play nurse. All 3 became nurses.) She taught in elementary classrooms, took a break to have kids, then went back for a Master's degree and taught junior high and high school students with learning differences. I knew I wanted to be in a school, and I also played school with siblings, dolls, and stuffed animals. How sad that a M kid seems to have such a love of teaching, yet will doubtfully be able to go to college to pursue this.

      If it was Mack, she’ll be expected to homeschool her own brood of offspring (and most likely help Anna with all her younger siblings), so she’ll get to play teacher long term. If it was Michael or even Marcus, well, they’re SOL.

    • TheRadleyPorch

      Posted (edited)

      I don't know why so many people are so convinced that Jana has no interest in getting married. She's said that she wants to be married but just hasn't met the right guy yet and I just kind of take her at her word. Honestly, it kind of bugs me that so many people don't because I feel like the assumption is if you've reached the dreadfully old age of 28 without finding a man and there's nothing glaringly, obviously wrong with you, then you must just not be interested! I'm almost 29 and single and even in secular society people make the same assumption about me--either that or there must be something wrong with me that they don't know about. I would love to get married and have kids but unfortunately I haven't met anyone that I want to marry yet, and at my age (as people keep reminding me) it's getting less and less likely that marriage and motherhood are in the cards for me. Fortunately, unlike Jana, I can have independence and a career and dating and sex. Plenty of people just don't get what they want in life and I don't think that's unusual enough that we need to toss around all kinds of theories why Jana isn't married when she has already told us why.

      Edited by TheRadleyPorch
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    • lilwriter85


      I also checked out the site of Steven's practice and there have been some changes. There was a male orthodontist listed on there a couple of months back in addition to Steven and the  older partner. Well, now that guy is no longer listed and a woman is now listed on there as having joined the practice last August and is close to finishing her orthodontic certification. She attended the same dental school as Steven. Now, it's possible that Steven doesn't have the same hateful views towards working women that Loriken do. But, will Loriken tell Steven that his colleague is horrible for having a career?  The colleague is a newlywed and if she has kids and continues working, poor thing will be bashed by Loriken.

    • InTheNameofRufus


      @Jessesgirl  Welcome to FJ! I was just trying to catch up on some of the threads after work, and ran across yours. I’m so glad you and your sister have a relationship with your brother, even if your mom is not ready to. It takes a strong person to see both sides of the situation, and support both sides instead of being judgmental or shutting out a family member. Your mom must have raised two great daughters. Thanks for such a heartfelt post, and please keep posting! I don’t usually post a lot, but I have learned so much on so many topics (thanks thread drift!!), it was nice to see a viewpoint that supported both sides. 

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