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Baby Thor

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And a pretty pretty Precious!  

They really do seem to sleep in the oddest positions!!  Totally separate naps on separate days. 

Precious, The Dog Thing, finally went and had her "do" did.   I'd let her grow out quite a bit because her fur was so brittle and thin due to a skin infection. Once it got to the 1982 Tina Turner phase, I called around and found a groomer.  She got a good bath and brush and the groomer tamed the mane and added some bows.  Those bows were out within an hour, she only looks prissy.  Thor was unimpressed.  And now there's another hooman in the mix??? Gaaaahhhhh.  At least he feels right, the kitties didn't take long to warm up.  He has a habit of leaving his bedroom door open and the boys are typically taking up space on his pillow and blanky.  




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The dynamic duo often sleep the same way and yes, I have pictures. 

it is now "fly season" here in the high desert. Big stupid has been throwing himself against the slider to try to catch the critters...and hits them so hard that the whole apartment shakes. 

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Bows on a dog will never look anything other than ridiculous.

Thor is how I feel most days.

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Cats are very bendy creatures, I am sure they are made of elastic and rubber under their fur.

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A friend described cats as furry liquids. A liquid will take the shape of whatever container you put it in. Cats do the same thing. Sinks, boxes, cubbyholes, chairs, couches...Right now, Leia is laying on the couch with her head leaning against the pillow and a paw under her cheek. Luke is laying between my legs, making sure I sweat my ass off. using my skirt as a hammock. 

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"1982 Tina Turner phase" made me wake my poor lap kitten.   I agreed that liquid cats are a thing.  I must invest in more metal bowls to keep my kitties cooler in the summer.  Your pupper does not look pleased about those bows. Excellent call on the removal.

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  • Posts

    • Nikedagain?


      23 minutes ago, Black Aliss said:

      Jodi needs to do some serious coaching here if she wants a cut of GaryNBecky's windfall.

      There's an upline on $5 jewelry?? 

      I agree, Becks is better than this. We need to get a hold of her and work on that self esteem! 

      It was hard to watch after a while. Gary is convinced he's going to make it big with this...

    • Glasgowghirl


      36 minutes ago, BabyBottlePop said:

      And honestly how many other girls has he been allowed to be around? Other than his siblings or other female relatives, not too many. All those other "NIKE!" girls he's only seen from afar when he happens to go out in public. 

      Well he did court Marjorie before Lauren, he is practically experienced in fundie circles.

    • Gobsmacked


      On 21 March 2018 at 5:17 PM, Ivycoveredtower said:

      cil turns 32 in July and no news of #4 yet. someone mentioned her wanting 10 kids I honestly don't see that happening with her current pattern I think they will reach maybe 8. 

      I agree although I totally hope not. :562479514c500_32(1):

      Davia looks so much happier sat with Aunt Lydia. Her smile was genuine, not the grimace/smirk she manages when on photos with her parents. 

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    • Fascinated


      On 2018-03-21 at 1:17 PM, squiddysquid said:

      My family is severely skinny (BMI around 16), the Rod kids look like they weigh even less, that's not genetics.

      I disagree. All the Rod cousins look the same ‘slimness’ to me. I’ve never really been on board with the idea that Jill’s kids are starved. I do think it is genetics. JMO, as always. 

    • luv2laugh


      I decided to get some pictures from the webisode on Jana's Garden. It's really impressive.










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