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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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Where do I put this fear and sadness.

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Really I don't know.  Just don't know. I'm Jewish.  My daughter, brother-in-law, two nieces, many of my cousins and extended family are people of color. Where is this madness going? Where will it end? I've been listening to music songs which make me cry. Why you ask?  Because I need it as a cathartic release. Crying my eyes out right now to 


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It's overwhelming right now.

I am so angry. SO ANGRY.

Last night "protestors" pulled down a confederate statue here and even though we are this little progressive haven in the midst of all this red hate, all the crazies have come out today.

I wish I had words of wisdom. I'm sorry.

This has definitely been one of the worst days since 11/9. 


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All of this is disheartening,  sad, scary, embarrassing, horrifying......  so many sleepless nights.  I feel like my shirts should say " I'm not a trump loving racist asshole, and you?".  I don't know where to put it either.  I'm having a hard time in personal family matters the last two years.  Under President Obama, I didn't have this extra backwards racist running my beautiful country into the depths of a hell I don't believe in thing though.  With 45?  I have so much worry and fear for my fellow humans as well as everyday personal worries.  Like we all do.

Idk.  I'm rambling.  And it truly is 45's fault.  FN nazi love, really???!!!

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  • Posts

    • Glasgowghirl


      36 minutes ago, BabyBottlePop said:

      And honestly how many other girls has he been allowed to be around? Other than his siblings or other female relatives, not too many. All those other "NIKE!" girls he's only seen from afar when he happens to go out in public. 

      Well he did court Marjorie before Lauren, he is practically experienced in fundie circles.

    • Gobsmacked


      On 21 March 2018 at 5:17 PM, Ivycoveredtower said:

      cil turns 32 in July and no news of #4 yet. someone mentioned her wanting 10 kids I honestly don't see that happening with her current pattern I think they will reach maybe 8. 

      I agree although I totally hope not. :562479514c500_32(1):

      Davia looks so much happier sat with Aunt Lydia. Her smile was genuine, not the grimace/smirk she manages when on photos with her parents. 

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    • Fascinated


      On 2018-03-21 at 1:17 PM, squiddysquid said:

      My family is severely skinny (BMI around 16), the Rod kids look like they weigh even less, that's not genetics.

      I disagree. All the Rod cousins look the same ‘slimness’ to me. I’ve never really been on board with the idea that Jill’s kids are starved. I do think it is genetics. JMO, as always. 

    • luv2laugh


      I decided to get some pictures from the webisode on Jana's Garden. It's really impressive.










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    • Carm_88


      @singsingsing David's grandfather who passed away in October had the surname Blom, which sounds like it could be Dutch. I would think that they have some Dutch roots. 

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