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Baby Thor

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Loungy kitty

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I think he's basically accepted that the dog is not leaving.  Sometimes she leaves with us to go to work....and then she comes back!  He lets me love on him again, well until she shows up then it hissy claws.  She sleeps in our room and he gets all fierce with her from behind the line of boots under the bed, so he doesn't sleep in our room anymore.  When I get up at night he comes to meet me and I give him cuddles and he purr purrs his butt off.  My truck is a little louder than it should be (yes there's still a little redneck left in me) and every so often he'll run to the window to watch and do his trill-meow when I pull up.  There's a bench under the window so it's perfect for him to sit and prop up in a cute kitty pose. 







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That's some serious side-eye in that first picture! And he doesn't look too impressed in the second picture either.


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The cat-titude is strong with this one :kitty:


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16 hours ago, Khan said:

I love his little bowtie!

Thank!  A generous FJ benefactor contributed to his care when he was still a bitty baby.  Those were a perk to go along with some kitten vitamins and food. He looks nice in a suit :kitty:


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    • mango_fandango


      Mike Pence has offered his condolences. I wish him and trump would keep out of this. The support is a nice gesture (in theory), but given who it's from, and the complexity of the case...

    • PumaLover


      Did anyone mention months for a theme? I've heard of January, April, May and June being used as names. I also went to junior high with twins named Autumn and Season.

      I'm glad my kid came with a name already because I'm bad at choosing names. It took me forever to name my kitten.

    • Dugg@rTime


      1 hour ago, nst said:

      Jill is at it again 

      jillmdillardWho is "the Word"? John chapter 1 verses 14-17 in the Bible go on to tell us! 
      Friends, what great hope this is! #hedweltamongus #Jesus#oldtestamentfulfilled

      she wants us to tell her what to do 


      I've not read her post yet, but is it wrong that I have Grease is the Word going round in my head now?:my_biggrin:

    • JermajestyDuggar


      They are all cute although frumpy. And Amanda and Russell seem well suited but it's too bad he's not 20-30 years younger.

    • nomoxian


      2 hours ago, Coconut Flan said:

      Currently I'm mostly in Adidas.  That probably doesn't help.  I'm retired so I can wear what I want.  Most/all of the supposedly orthopedic type dress shoes still hurt my feet. 

      I have super high arches (like enough that I was able to get prescription insoles) and the most comfortable sports type shoes I've found are the 'walking' type of New Balance.

      Thankfully I haven't had a job where I need to wear dress shoes for years. When I did, I just wore my regular shoes to work and switched to some cheapass Payless dress shoes to wear at my desk. I only walked for a few minutes over the course of a 10 hour shift, so it wasn't an issue.