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Baby Thor

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Thor, the Chubby Theif

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He's so cute when he's chubby!!! He gets all comfy by the bowl and grubs, it's kind of hilarious.  When he gets a belly it is usually followed by a growth spurt and he  leans out and gets all sleek.  He's taken to stealing Little Hoomans things from her room.  He used to go after the obvious small toys or things that cats just tend to like, I find her EOS ball all over the house.  These days he's far more ambitious, having started with her stuffed dog several weeks back.  She has a little rug in her room that he reeeaaaches under the door to steal and lately he's been stealing the bathmat??? I don't know what that's all about.  She's sacrificed several bouncy balls and a random tennis ball, but the one he really likes??  A light up rubber ball that he can barely get his teefs on!  I tell ya, it's rough being a housey cat, all that toy chasin' and fridge climbin'.  We tried the leash again last weekend, totally wasn't having it, outside is scary ya'll.  





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But...but....mama...I iz still a gwowing baby boy...Yew feedz me all kindz of gud grub and it makes me happee. I wike pwaying wif all da fun tings that little hooman haz. And mama...dat outside stuff...no. Iz too scawy for a lil kitteh wike me. I wike da inside...all mai toyz are dere and so iz mai mama, mai little hooman, mai daddy. 


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  • Posts

    • sunshine


      I wonder if today is the wedding.

    • Maggie Mae


      29 minutes ago, louisa05 said:

      But that is a far different goal than getting a degree or working in a certain field. You achieve those goals by going out and doing the work necessary to get them. It's all on you. Getting married requires another person agreeing to make a lifelong commitment.

      I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around the idea of getting married as a goal, TBH. A milestone, sure. A memorable event? Yes. But an actual goal? I mean, when I set goals - let's say I want to run a marathon. I have a plan for that. I determine which marathon I want to do, look at the course, determine my level of fitness and what I need to do for training. If it's hilly, I add hill repeats into my training schedule. Then I create a schedule and schedule my life around work and than. (Side note: I have not run a full marathon.) If I want to make more money, I create a plan - I figure out what value I'm bringing to my company and negotiate a raise. I schedule the meeting, I practice my ask. If I want to go back to school, I would figure out a plan to pay for it and the work out the scheduling. 

      If I want to get married I what? Beg my boyfriend repeatedly? Poke holes in the condoms? Break up with him and download Tinder?  


      29 minutes ago, louisa05 said:

      The notion that a girl not growing up and getting married is a devastating shock is, frankly, the exact patriarchy most people on this forum disagree with. 

      Preach it. 

    • louisa05


      14 minutes ago, Maggie Mae said:

      What exactly are these rights and privileges? And why? 

      You get some rights pertaining to the marital relationship. My mom could sign my dad into the hospital when he could no longer sign his own name. I could not without a Power of Attorney. A partner not married to someone would not be able to without a POA, either. A woman on a cancer caregiver support forum I use was devastated when her partner died and his father came and took the body for cremation against her wishes. Unfortunately, in the absence of legal documentation, with no marriage, the father was the next of kin and had that right. 

      But if there are rights pertaining to general life (rather than specific to a relationship) that a single person is denied, I'm not sure what those are. No one told me. 

    • CorruptionInc.


      3 hours ago, Jug Band Baby said:

      My ex-best friend told all of us chosen to be in her wedding party not to get pregnant unless we we willing to get an abortion before the wedding since she didn't want anyone looking fat or for any pregnant belly to take any attention away from her.  

      I knew a woman that was furious that her matron of honour was going to be pregnant at her wedding. Her exact words were: "this is MY day and it's not about HER! How dare she be pregnant at my wedding!".

      I didn't like that woman already, but after that comment...

    • Black Aliss


      On 4/18/2017 at 8:07 PM, Jellybean said:

      Thanks for sharing that recipe @mango_fandango. I've never seen a guacamole recipe with cream in it. Is that a US thing (anyone?), or is that just Erika? I use my brother's recipe - no idea where he got it, but it is just avocado, lime juice, red onion, red chilli, olive oil and coriander (cilantro). Not quite as easy as Erika's version, but pretty close, especially as we keep coriander in the freezer all chopped and ready to go - no defrosting required.

      No, it's not a US thing. Except for the olive oil your recipe is far more typical (read: that's how I make it)

      You've probably also never seen anyone try to stretch one avocado to feed 9 kids. . . . I know I haven't.