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Baby Thor

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Thor, Bathroom Savior Kitty

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Are you afraid to shower or bathe alone?  Need a companion to lay in your arms as you tinkle?  Terrified of closed doors?  Have No Fear!  Thor Is Here!  A kitten so full of vigor and sweetness, never afraid to get his furs sprinkled with shower over spray, will sacrifice the tip of his tail to the bathtub God for your protection!  Need an a close up kitten scan of your tooth brushing skills?  He's gotcha covered!   Can't hold a kitten in your arms on the pot?  No worries!  He'll drape gracefully across the back of your neck!  Thus freeing your weird human paws up to do whatever it is that you do! 

Thor.  The Bathroom Crusader.  Who loves the window.  





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Our junior kitty, Trixie, will let you dunk her tailtip in the water. Lucky, the Senior FurBoss, likes to corner people: while soaking, you get to see a TallCat (and a 17-pound maybe-Maine Coon Cat is *really* tall) reaching out and pawing your arm till he's petted. The FurKids are BRATS!

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I laugh at him, he just lets the tip drag in the water...totally doesn't pay attention....just....wet tail.  They are absolutely brats!  I was getting the bathwater situated and he was sitting on the edge of the tub.  I had to go around and over him to throw some epsom salt in.  Had to go around and over to Get In.  And then he was still blocked up the everything!  Looking at me.  Wanting some lovins.  Brat bratty brat brat.  I can't imagine a Maine Coon sized muffin taking up all the space...holy crap.

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Flora used to perch herself on the edge of the tub and she would get the tip of her tail wet.  Next, she would use her wet tail as a grooming aid.  She stopped doing it after I was given Junior, he liked to sneak up and pushed her into the tub.

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Big Stupid and Lil Sis have to spectate ALL showers and baths. Big Stupid usually whines and cries like someone's trying to kill him when I get in the shower...then he tries to dry me off when I get out of the shower. 

Right now I must have displeased them both...Big Stupid is crashed out at the other end of the couch (not laying on me) and Lil Sis is on top of the couch with her back to me. Earlier today, Big Stupid must have not been happy that I came home and got ready to leave again...he decided that jumping from a table to my shoulder would stop me. After he got on my shoulder, he stuck his big furry face in mine and meowed "damn mama, you just got home, you can't leave again!" This is like 3 feet up and 5 feet out...

Damn furkids...I STILL like them better than my human kids...

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If the Spook is not in the bathroom while I am doing things, she is loitering about immediately outside the door.  I do not believe I am allowed to be in this room without The Queen's supervision.

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Thor is so sweet!

I usually have at least one cat accompany me to the bathroom at all times.

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Sounds like my mother's Siamese cat. She used to jump on the back of my elderly aunt (when she was using the throne). She also haunts you if you don't let her in the bathroom when you're in there, & if you don't and she's sitting on the table in the other room, she will give you the hairy eyeball when you come out. She's a trip.  ;) 

But then again, so is HRH Thor.  ;) 

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    • libgirl2


      13 minutes ago, BabyBottlePop said:

      It really pisses me off that the Tudors tv show has Henry as a brunette, when the Tudors were known for their red hair. I refuse to watch the show for that reason. 

      Apprebtly people used to believe red hair occurred if you were conceived when your mom was on her period.

      I also had a hard time with several things. First they completely omitted a sister, Margaret, who's granddaughter was Mary queen of Scots. Then I thought the costumes, while gorgeous were not authentic. Finally, Henry really never got fat (actually he was obese). Still it was fun to watch. 

    • Rachel333


      35 minutes ago, nausicaa said:

      I wonder if I missed that. I went through every one of their likes on that page (there were a lot of food and coupon related ones). Why would Pentecostals like VF? They are two fairly divergent Christian belief sets. 

      They might have just liked some of the VF products or something.

      My family is Pentecostal too and doesn't share the same theology as VF, but we used to get the VF magazine because of the homeschooling stuff.

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    • anjulibai


    • libgirl2

      Posted (edited)

      18 hours ago, Mela99 said:

      This brings me up to an interesting discussion point about the Tudor era. Which of Henry the 8ths wives got the most screwed over by him and by history?

      Katherine of Aragon. She did nothing wrong except not produce a male heir that lived. She was sent here to marry Arthur and he dies. Her position was uncertain. Henry VII strung her along. She had very little money and had to sell some of her possessions. He dies and Henry VIII sees her as his princess and marries her. All those still births and miscarriages.... Henry strays one too many times and decides he wants to put her away. The husband that she adored no longer wants her, he also makes her life miserable. She can't see her daughter, she loses her position as queen, not to mention seeing Henry turn from Catholicism.

      She dies lonely, save for a few faithful, but without the lights of her life, Mary and Henry. She loved him to the end and in a letter to him said Lastly, I make this vow, that mine eyes desire you above all things.

      Edited by libgirl2
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    • BabyBottlePop


      It really pisses me off that the Tudors tv show has Henry as a brunette, when the Tudors were known for their red hair. I refuse to watch the show for that reason. 

      Apprebtly people used to believe red hair occurred if you were conceived when your mom was on her period.

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    • Captain Obvious

      Captain Obvious

      I've never done one of these before but I'm sad and I need to vent.
      We're on holiday at the moment and staying with my mum, 800km from home. While we're away, which is for 2 weeks, we're having a neighbour/family friend feed our 3 cats. She does this for us every year and is an experienced cat owner herself, so I trust her.
      We have 2 cats who are both senior cats but generally healthy, plus a third, Zayn (my stepdaughter named him, don't ask), who is a stray who turned up at our house 18 months ago and refused to leave. He's about 5 and has had a number of health problems related to being a stray, including being FIV+ and having no teeth (which we had removed due to gum disease as a result of the FIV).
      Before we left we noticed that Zayn wasn't eating that much but he still seemed enthusiastic about eating so I thought he was just being fussy and he'd eat better while we were away (because when we're away he gets shut away from the other 2 cats, who normally try and eat his food). 
      We've been gone for 6 days now and today I got a text from the neighbour to say that Zayn has barely eaten anything for the last 4 days and is now so weak he can barely stand. So I asked her to take him to our local vet straight away but that vet had just closed for the day so she would have to take him to the 24-hour vet which is about 15 minutes away by car. (She doesn't drive, but her husband does.)  She asked if she could just take him to the local vet first thing in the morning, I said I think he needs to go the vet now... but it sounded like she wasn't sure how she was going to get there so eventually I gave in and said she could take him in the morning. I guess I was feeling I didn't want to impose on her any more than I already had, even though all she needed to do was take him there, because I would pay for everything over the phone. 
      It's now about 7 hours before she'll go to our place to take him to the vet, 12 hours since she saw him in that bad condition, possibly 5 days since he ate anything and I have a bad feeling that he won't have survived the night - while I know that most cats can survive quite a long time without food (and he has been drinking his water at least) he was already underweight and the FIV makes him weaker than other cats. If anything happens to him I know I'll blame myself because I didn't push harder for her to take him to the 24-hour vet, and possibly also my fault that I didn't notice before we even went away that he wasn't really eating. 
      And part of me also didn't push for her to take him to the 24-hour vet because he's been a difficult (and expensive) cat to own due to his health problems, has never really been that affectionate towards any of us and we only kept him because there was nowhere else he could go... I know I didn't push as hard as I would have done for our other 2 cats... yet still... I'm fond of him and feel like I've let him down, and I feel so helpless because I'm so far away and I can't do anything. 
      · 2 replies
    • ViolaSebastian


      @Bethella, the lemon-scented lotion you recommended came today and I am hooked! It smells incredible and it's light enough that it doesn't bother me, so I can use it several times a day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You saved my hands!
      · 4 replies
    • 47of74


      I write Branch Trumpvidian so often now that when I write about Branch Davidians I have to stop and remember not to use Trumpvidians. 
      · 0 replies
    • Mela99


      I got my first court appointed case today. Eep. 
      · 5 replies
    • AnnC


      and why is that tool bar in the middle of my browser window? I can't park it, and nothing on it is clickable anymore.
      doh, not sure what I need to to do to make it work.
      · 1 reply
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