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Truly, Lawfully, Evilly Yours

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Killing Time

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I got enough of a sanity break this weekend to look up and notice that the walls are still bare (I've been busy!). I looked around in some stores that have Arts. Everything was expensive, and I don't need a 3 foot tall EAT sign with blinking lights in my kitchen- I'm great at eating already. Everything I liked was expensive. Everything I thought was OK was still too expensive for the amount of OKness I felt. So I'm cobbling together some crappy DIY art with GIMP while I watch people yelling about politics. I've got a miter saw and some leftover molding from fixing up the old house, so frames won't cost anything.

I'm going to print this as 3 separate images and make some frames. That'll take care of... well, one smallish wall...


They go in the guest room, which is decorated in "I'm a terrible person and I like teal too much."

I'll hit up the good thrift store when it re-opens and the good consignment store later and cross my fingers.

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Looking at them again that petal in the upper right quadrant annoyed me, so I took it out. Ordered! Found a place that does $2 12x12 prints... I'm feeling a little more confident about doing these now, $2 isn't really much to gamble.

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I'm glad you mentioned the thrift and consignment stores!  Unless you're naturally crafty and artistic, those seem to be the best places for home decor.  I'm always astonished at what people have discarded, and the prices are so much better.  

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Funny to see this, I have been on Etsy for the past hour looking at art. There are some great prints for reasonable prices there . I like what you are working on too. I hope you share your finished project with us. My walls are also quite bare . I have a llama wearing glasses print in my entry way, and some heart leaf philodendron vines I'm going to train to grow up my wall. Now, I'm looking for bright and colorful with a mid century mod feel.

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    • 7 hours ago, chaotic life said:


      Thank you, and no it’s not better at all. But I have hope it will be one day and I would choose this over what I endured for too long every day and twice on Sunday. My advice to others now is to never do what I did and get out immediately. But fundie religion teaches you to ignore your gut instincts and to forgive at all costs, even when the cost is you.


      I am genuinely sorry to hear that. I just cannot understand that line of teaching and I'm glad to see people rejecting it when it makes no sense. Not that the alternative is simple (as you say). 

    • smittykins


      He is good to my Family. 

      He is good to ME.

      He is good to my Family and me.

      Take note, Bro Gary!

    • smittykins

      Posted (edited)

      1 hour ago, meee said:

      Anyone know if there is the possibility of death sentence for these two?

      Everything I've read says the maximum is 94 years to life.(Even if they were sentenced to death, odds are they'd still die in prison; California's last execution was in 2006.

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    • Lgirlrocks


      53 minutes ago, FecundFundieFundus said:

      One of the main reasons I began considering homeschooling when I was pregnant has only been touched on slightly- American schools have started to push academic study earlier and earlier to try and improve scores. While I highly value education, my preliminary research seems to indicate that homework is actually detrimental to education before around age 12. I want my kids to have play based learning while they're young and lots of time devoted to music, art, breaks to physically move their bodies, and opportunities to go outside.

      Have you looked into magnet school? Those tend to be more hands on learning.

    • Texas Heifer


      6 hours ago, MarblesMom said:

      Hey Folks.

      And ME.  And ME. 

      Grammar Police patrolling.  Rollin' on up and issuing a CIIIIIItation.

      HAY umen.   Good ticket writing, right there.  HAY umen.

      and me and me.jpg


      THANK YOU! I feel weak. Someone finally said it!