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Truly, Lawfully, Evilly Yours

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Killing Time

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I got enough of a sanity break this weekend to look up and notice that the walls are still bare (I've been busy!). I looked around in some stores that have Arts. Everything was expensive, and I don't need a 3 foot tall EAT sign with blinking lights in my kitchen- I'm great at eating already. Everything I liked was expensive. Everything I thought was OK was still too expensive for the amount of OKness I felt. So I'm cobbling together some crappy DIY art with GIMP while I watch people yelling about politics. I've got a miter saw and some leftover molding from fixing up the old house, so frames won't cost anything.

I'm going to print this as 3 separate images and make some frames. That'll take care of... well, one smallish wall...


They go in the guest room, which is decorated in "I'm a terrible person and I like teal too much."

I'll hit up the good thrift store when it re-opens and the good consignment store later and cross my fingers.

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Looking at them again that petal in the upper right quadrant annoyed me, so I took it out. Ordered! Found a place that does $2 12x12 prints... I'm feeling a little more confident about doing these now, $2 isn't really much to gamble.


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I'm glad you mentioned the thrift and consignment stores!  Unless you're naturally crafty and artistic, those seem to be the best places for home decor.  I'm always astonished at what people have discarded, and the prices are so much better.  


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Funny to see this, I have been on Etsy for the past hour looking at art. There are some great prints for reasonable prices there . I like what you are working on too. I hope you share your finished project with us. My walls are also quite bare . I have a llama wearing glasses print in my entry way, and some heart leaf philodendron vines I'm going to train to grow up my wall. Now, I'm looking for bright and colorful with a mid century mod feel.


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  • Posts

    • Anonymousguest


      I wonder if they requested Karen to leave.

    • 7 hours ago, [email protected] said:

      I read that the parents were, shall we say, upset during the court hearing today because the announcement in court that the new scans were disheartening and sad was the first that they had heard of this news. If this is true then that's appalling. Common courtesy should dictate that the parents are given the test results before a public announcement surely?

      I wondered about that too. If the relations between the doctors treating Charlie and the parents have broken down so badly that they are not getting test results then that is a major problem. I don't know what you do if the parents are basically refusing to talk with you though - find a neutral medical professional and get them to go through the results in a room with their lawyer?

      Even then I don't think the parents will accept anything they don't want to hear. 

      9 hours ago, EmainMacha said:


      Death threats and abuse directed at GOSH staff and impacting other patients and their families. This is just insane. 


      Insane is an understatement. Who the hell harrasses families of children who are undergoing treatment because they disagree with decisions made by the hospital about another unrelated child? Who the hell harrasses staff at a very large children's hospital to begin with? The likelihood that the staff being harrassed are treating Charlie is pretty low given how many staff and departments are there. I don't get some people.


    • Independent Spirit


      2 hours ago, lomo6 said:

      @Independent Spirit - Were any of these programs considered to be rehab of sorts for wayward teens? That's always how ALERT is referred to here, but not sure where that interpretation originated. 

      I didn't ever have the impression that ALERT was for wayward "fellas" (as Gothard called them.) Rather, it was more like a pseudo-military training program--perhaps a Gothard-approved alternative to the real military, which was outside of his control and sphere of influence. It was more like Gothard's attempt to have a program for everything, so that ATI members never had to live in the real world. There were several  other ATI programs that were known for being intended for troubled youth, though (either ATI students or not.) Pretty much all of the programs required hefty fees and lots of free labor on the part of participants. Such programs included Refine (for girls who needed to develop a "servant's heart" via lots of homemaker-type labor at one of the training centers,) Life Focus (for ATI boys,) and the Log Cabin program (for troubled youth outside ATI families.) There is more information about these programs on the blog Recovering Grace, which was very helpful to me as I recovered from  the toxic teachings of ATI.

      Anyway, Journey to the Heart wasn't necessarily targeted at wayward teens, but it seemed to me that its goal was to provoke confessions from people who had spent about ten days under intense peer pressure and emotional manipulation (when everyone around you is confessing sins such as a prideful heart or an independent spirit,  for example, it looks suspicious when you don't dig up something terrible from your own heart.) I was never required to go, but I could see why others might have been. If a parent sniffed out a whiff of an undesirable attitude, there might be a "heart problem" to be addressed.

    • LovelyLuna

      Posted (edited)

      My mom (62) is left handed but was hit with a ruler in primary school until she wrote with her right hand.  She now does a mix of both depending on the activity.  I thought this practice was phased out way before the 90’s.  I’m sorry for all of you. 

      Both of her children are Right handed.

      Edited by LovelyLuna
      added something
    • jqlgoblue


      It will only be a few years before she has some 'helpers' old enough to either sister-mom the kiddos or help Austin with the flips. 

      I will say I think she'll project manage the shit out of the family though. That's probably why Austin likes her so much.