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Totally Not A Blog

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I'm getting married in the morning (ding dong)

The day is finally almost upon us. Tomorrow afternoon my fiance and I will say our vows in front of our immediate families and a small number of friends. All that's left to do is pack my overnight bag and have the shower to end all showers.


It's been a road fraught with anxiety but I love Mr. Vex with all my heart and even though I don't think weddings are a big deal, it means a lot to me to commit to him.  I never believed in soulmates, but I know that he's mine.

Here's hoping that it's worth missing the live airing of the new episode of The Walking Dead for (:

And ha. Beat Joy down the aisle.





Hooray! I'm happy for you and your mister. I hope it all goes the way you want it to and that you have many happy memories of the day. :my_biggrin: 

I was happy but very calm on our wedding day. I apparently got all my bitchy, bridezilla feelings out of my system the day before. 

Best wishes for you both! :my_heart:


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Congratulations! Enjoy your day. I hope it's full of happiness.

Gee, Walking Dead is starting to get good again, perhaps you can sneak off for an hour to watch it? Lol.

@WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo? I don't know you but cannot imagine you being anything but calm, thoughtful,and reasonable.  


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8 hours ago, Grimalkin said:

Congratulations! Enjoy your day. I hope it's full of happiness.

Gee, Walking Dead is starting to get good again, perhaps you can sneak off for an hour to watch it? Lol.

@WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo? I don't know you but cannot imagine you being anything but calm, thoughtful,and reasonable.  

Ha ha, unfortunately here. It's simulcast with the US so it airs live at 1pm and my wedding is at 3. Technically I'm not leaving until 2 but I'll be doing my makeup and getting dressed and alas there is no way of moving the tv into the dressing room or a mirror into the tv room. I'm totally recording it though! I don't understand the complaints about this season, I think the show has been great since it started following the comics more closely!

Thanks for all the well wishes, guys. I'm very calm about the wedding but definitely very happy too. Right now I'm just hanging out preparing for all hell to break loose later on. If FSM is good, my in-laws won't talk about politics again at the reception. Cross your fingers for me!


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  • Posts

    • Jucifer


      6 hours ago, LadyCrow1313 said:

      This reminds me of a movie where a young man (early 20s-ish) kept faking his death to surprise his family in all sorts of shocking/disgusting ways, but they were wise to his shenanigans & always shrugged it off. (Can't remember the name, but the movie may have been British.)

      It's 'Harold and Maude'. One of my favorites. :)

    • 2manyKidzzz


      A fifth person has died they took a 75 year old man off of life support.

    • Glasgowghirl


      18 hours ago, Emcee said:

      Glasgow residents, do you have hate preachers using your city as a personal pulpit, too?

      Not that I'm aware of, I hope not.

    • ChunkyBarbie


      3 hours ago, Black Aliss said:

      Bestiality is actually illegal in Washington (it's not in many states), so charges would have been filed.

      That said, I predict Kelly will be married to Natty Darnell within a year. Scott will insist on it.

      If that happens, Ol Scottie needs a new picker. God forbid, he let Kelly pick her own husband. Hey Scottie, I picked my own husband and we have had 24 years and counting of wedded bliss. The kicker, my husband isn't even Christian!  

    • Million Children For Jesus

      Posted (edited)

      42 minutes ago, singsingsing said:

      You're a perfect example of the vast limitations of these tests, and the reason why they should not be used to qualify or disqualify anyone as belonging to any particular group! It sounds like your great-great-grandpa was accepted as Apache by the Apache community, and that your great-grandma grew up in that culture. There's a reason tribes don't accept DNA results for membership. It's absolutely possible to be a member of a group via adoption, marriage, etc. rather than DNA. In fact, DNA (in the context of these tests) is just looking at patterns common to certain groups of people who inhabited certain areas at one time. It's basically telling you, "Your DNA matches about 17% with what we've discovered people from X region tend to show." 

      In the 18th and 19th century, many Irish people married French Canadians, and many more Irish orphans were adopted into French Canadian families. They were raised French, and the majority of them forgot their Irish heritage. Depending on the location

       and random chance, it's possible that a few generations later you could have French Canadians who were actually mostly of Irish descent - and yet culturally speaking, they were 100% French Canadian! 

      The tests are a lot of fun, and they can rule out certain things at a broad level (I remember one particular woman who was adopted and raised believing she was part Native American, but her test came back 50% Japanese, and she went on to discover that her birth father was, in fact, Japanese) - they can also provide clues ("Hmm, my test came back 25% Jewish, maybe that rumour about Grandpa So-and-So was right"). But they absolutely cannot define your identity! Reality is far messier than that!

      Yes, you do, to the extent that you would be able to draw a conclusion about their ethnicity (which is another issue altogether). 

      I love that you used the Irish/French Canadian example because that's the other side of my family! My dad is Irish, Quebecois, and German. He's much more Irish than German or Quebecois, but he qualifies for a German citizenship through a heritage Visa. We eat almost exclusively German food, even though we don't live in a German area. It's weird what things get passed on to the next generation. Like fry bread and pow-wows from the Jewish side, haha! 

      ETA: You're correct about Great Grandma. Culturally, she lived 100% Apache. 

      Edited by Million Children For Jesus