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The Grimm Leaper

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Not DPIAT's Peanut Soup!

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I got this recipe from our very own @Palimpsest who shared her mother's recipe for West African Groundnut Stew  with us on a DPIAT thread. Apparently the Phillips family has special sacred peanut soup every year for Thanksgiving. I found Beall's recipe thinking it sounded interesting and was disappointed to see it was basically a cream of peanut butter soup, meh. If I were at a restaurant and they were known for it I would give it a try, maybe if it had tons of garlic it would be okay. The recipe was one of those a little of this, and some of that type recipes which I like. 


     I decided to skip the meat and I added tons of veggies.  It was delicious, and I will be enjoying it for lunch this week. We are expecting seven inches of snow tonight so a spicy hearty soup will hit the spot.

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That looks amazing, and I think we are going to need the recipe....   :)

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I'm so glad you tried it and eat it in good health.  That does look really good and I hope it tasted good too.  Yes, that recipe is distinctly a little bit of this and that and I usually leave out the meat too.

@MarblesMom my mother's recipe ended up in a DPIAT thread.  I managed to find it though.


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Posted (edited)

I still can't stand that DPIAT has soiled the memory of my native area's signature dish.

FYI: if anyone is every in Leesburg, Virginia, go to Leesburg Restaurant and have their peanut soup. Amazing. Maybe try one of their milkshakes too.  

Edited by nausicaa

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3 hours ago, Palimpsest said:

I googled to see whether they had a recipe online.  Have they changed their name?


Beall's famed recipe looked very bland.

Yes! They recently underwent a complete renovation and must have changed the name. 

Hope they didn't mess with the peanut soup...

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