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The Grimm Leaper

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Not Your Mother's Grilled Cheese



       Well, technically I guess it's a melt. At least that's what the people of Reddit would say. They are very particular and serious about their sandwiches over there.


    I used sea salt and rosemary sourdough bread and the filling is spinach, artichokes, green onions, sundried tomatoes, and a blend of goat cheese, smoked Gouda, and cheddar. I tried something new here, instead of buttering the outside, I used Mayonnaise, and sprinkled pepper over it. I liked it, butter is good- but i didn't want that butter taste.

     It was a darn good sammie!

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Thank you! I didn't have to cook for anyone else tonight so I didn't have to please anyone else but me.

@Palimpsest I still need to make that spicy peanut soup! I decided to make it three times but ended up making a spicy peanut sauce with noodles and veggies instead. I'm sticking to the plan next time!

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Well spicy peanut sauce with noodles and veg sounds good too.  I want to come round for dinner sometime. :)


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Posted (edited)

Sourdough bread + cheese + other tasty bits = me :: drooling in an embarrassing manner ::

You do realize that by posting this picture it is a clear invitation for all of us to show up for dinner tonight, right?  ;) 

Edited by LadyCrow1313

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If you guys showed up for dinner I would be thrilled as long as you don't look too closely behind the couch and at my other little clutter areas.

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I keep trying to reach through my Kindle to steal your sandwich!

*sighs dejectedly* Oh well. I guess I'll just gnaw on this old, cold tater I found.  :kitty-wink:

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