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Secret Garden Well



From The Secret Garden.  Using Frixion markers.  They're good for the little tight places, not good for the wider areas.  I finished this during my 3 day media deprivation exercise (on Sunday).  (ignore dirt please).  There are a couple of smudged spots (dumb hand)20170219_205509.jpg

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No, I won't ignore the dirt. I think it came out just fine (and so did the rest of it, too).  ;) 

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Very pretty.  I love the frixxon gel pens!   If you take your time, you can use them for larger areas.  You might like the inkjoy gel pens and I just got a set of 6 bic gel pens that I wanted just for writing in my new attempt at journaling and they are really nice so I've colored with them a bit as well.

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    • lilwriter85


      I also checked out the site of Steven's practice and there have been some changes. There was a male orthodontist listed on there a couple of months back in addition to Steven and the  older partner. Well, now that guy is no longer listed and a woman is now listed on there as having joined the practice last August and is close to finishing her orthodontic certification. She attended the same dental school as Steven. Now, it's possible that Steven doesn't have the same hateful views towards working women that Loriken do. But, will Loriken tell Steven that his colleague is horrible for having a career?  The colleague is a newlywed and if she has kids and continues working, poor thing will be bashed by Loriken.

    • InTheNameofRufus


      @Jessesgirl  Welcome to FJ! I was just trying to catch up on some of the threads after work, and ran across yours. I’m so glad you and your sister have a relationship with your brother, even if your mom is not ready to. It takes a strong person to see both sides of the situation, and support both sides instead of being judgmental or shutting out a family member. Your mom must have raised two great daughters. Thanks for such a heartfelt post, and please keep posting! I don’t usually post a lot, but I have learned so much on so many topics (thanks thread drift!!), it was nice to see a viewpoint that supported both sides. 

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    • luv2laugh


      I don't see any reason why Jana & Laura couldn't get their own apartment and be roommates like other women their age. I think Jana stays because she is "mom" to those kids and doesn't want to leave them.

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    • Ivycoveredtower


      I will say I feel badly for woman that choose  adoption. and what they have to go through  to make that decision but I can't really stomach the fact that people are saying that these women have a right to keep things from the adoptee. that it's their live and they don't have to justify the choices they made. 


      it's not just their life though. it's the adoptee's life. the choices the mother's made effect that child.  should they be forced to meet the child I will go with no but I do think the child has a right to know who their father is.  they have a right to know their medical history and if they have siblings out there. 


    • Glasgowghirl


      13 minutes ago, nausicaa said:

      Just to put some things in perspective. In Ireland in the 1970s, not only were abortions illegal, so was contraception. This woman really had no choice in the matter of bringing this child into the world. So basically you are arguing that anyone who has ever had sex has a responsibility for a child. Also, we don't know the circumstances under which this child was conceived, how much coercion happened, and how old the parties were. You are really painting people you've never met with a very broad, very severe, anti-woman, anti-sex brush.

      And...way to completely turn off new posters from FJ. 

      Women were also forced to give up children and placed in institutions.  Most women wanted to raise their baby's but were coerced or forced into adoption so if any don't want to relive that trauma and meet the child then who is anyone to judge them. The same way children placed for adoption shouldn't feel obliged to meet their birth parents.

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