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  • Posts

    • wotdancer


      I kept my maiden name as my second middle name, partly because I like having that tie to my family of origin, and partly because I work in higher education and my degrees are in my maiden name. So at work I'm Jane Smith, but my full email signature has Jane B. Doe Smith...but if and when I get a job at another place I'll probably do Jane B. D. Smith.

      I swear it's not as complicated as it seems by my description haha, and I really like the combination of my 4 initials.

    • NachosFlandersStyle


      Anything-- anything!-- that involves planning, schedules, decision-making and prioritizing will stress me out. Hell, booking a plane ticket stresses me out. If I ever get married it's gonna be an afternoon at the courthouse, get in and get out.

    • Lyle Lanley

      Posted (edited)

      2 hours ago, Jess said:

      A case like this is almost always on contingency which means they paying the lawyers 0 dollars and if it wins the lawyer gets 1/3.

      Even if they're working on contingency and win, that's still good money that is being paid to the lawyers out of the settlement awarded. I would be very pissed if my case was treated like a last minute project. It would signal to me that the firm isn't taking the case seriously for some reason.

      Granted I think it's on the Duggars and not on the firm itself, considering they run on "Duggar time". Any firm worth their salt would have had this processed and done in due time. I suspect the firm ended up working overtime to get everything together in order to file properly before time ran out. Which is scary considering the littlest mistake can cost them the entire case. YMMV and all that.

      Edited by Lyle Lanley
    • singsingsing


      Some people just hate wedding planning. I'm one of them. I also get extremely stressed out whenever I have to do something I hate. If I ever get married, I'll be keeping it very simple and low-key, and focusing on keeping my stress levels down, but I'm sure I'll still experience some level of stress. I can only imagine what it would be like if the Duggars were my family. I think I'd just elope.

    • HarleyQuinn


      I don't see my mother often but when we do travel to see each other she turns me into her personal shopper. lol she says she likes shopping with me because I help her find stuff that actually looks good on her.

      i had a really shitty relationship with my mother until I became a mother myself. I think a combination of that and moving far away made it easier for us to bond since we only see each other a few times a year now.