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Truly, Lawfully, Evilly Yours

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Kitchen Organization Pt. I

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I'm trying to decide which kitchen appliances should go and which should stay- this month I'm evaluating the Kitchenaid. I used it a lot right after I got it (almost 10 years ago now) but not much for years now. It's easier than I remembered, maybe just from more practice in the kitchen in general.  So, pizza dough.


I've... I've ordered worse? That's not really a high bar, though- most of the veg pizza in town is a solid "meh".

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I call my KitchenAid mixer my "kitchen tractor" since I can add on other implements.  It lives in precious counter space and I use it at least once a week.

Pizzas look great!  When we have the FJCon you are on pizza duty :)

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I use my standing mixer at least 5x a month. I love making homemade whipped cream with it, as well as various doughs. But they do take up a lot of counter space, so it's definitely worth evaluating.

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I used to make bread/pasta/muffins/cookies/etc all the time but I stopped when my husband was diagnosed with type II diabetes. It's been nice to re-evaluate- I got a spiralizer-plus as a holiday gift, and I have some other attachments, but I always felt like its main use was carbs, and I don't feel that way now. It's just useful.

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Maggie Mae


Have you tried cooking your pizza on a pizza stone instead of on the baking sheets? I've also had good luck with a cast iron pan. 

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  • Posts

    • Knight of Ni


      Did Jill ever say that she wasn’t receiving prenatal care or was it inferred from her actions and other quotes? I don’t watch the show or really keep up with them on social media. Im asking because it seems a shockingly obtuse thing to say PR wise. Then again the Dillard’s don’t seem to be very PR savvy at all these days. Maybe she expected to be congratulated. 

    • Flossie


      Is it really making memories when you're just hanging out at your parents house and you do that several times a week, and there's nothing really unusual going on?

    • singsingsing


      23 minutes ago, jacduggar said:

      What im trying to get out is that all kinds of safe, well informed birthing options were modeled for them but somewhere along the line they bucked them. I know lay midwives are legal in Arkansas but it’s legal where I’m at to let a 5 year old ride in the front seat without a car seat. That doesn’t mean you ignore all other safety and professional recommendations just because you can. 

      And yet some people do. Jill and Jessa's birthing choices seem foolish and risky to me, but they chose them. Michelle didn't, so far as I know, choose for them. I don't know all of the reasons they decided to go with home births attended by unqualified midwives. Having different behaviour modeled to them doesn't mean much. Neither of my parents ever smoked, and yet my sister grew up to be a smoker. Why? I have absolutely no idea. People make decisions that seem nonsensical to us, no matter what examples might've been set for them.

    • delphinium65


      1 hour ago, EowynW said:

      I hope I don't sound like we are crazy. This is the first time I've told this to anyone. 


      Doesn't sound crazy at all to me. You're thinking ahead and making plans based on what works for you two, not just popping babies out like Lori commands. Have kids, don't have kids...either way, you're making a deliberate, thought-out choice, and for that I think you should be congratulated, not told that you're crazy, or selfish, or any of the other crap fundies are so fond of spewing forth. 

    • Emilycharlotte


      On 11/19/2017 at 10:06 AM, fluffy said:

      Today's post addresses how her views are nothing like those in Atwood's _The Handmaid's Tale_. Naturally, she hasn't read the book and read only a summary of the movie. I guess it's not a commentary of old.

      I'm pretty sure she didn't know it was a book until someone mentioned it in the comments.